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Connector December 2012

A Message from Dr. Bell My goodness! It’s hard taking the ESU 10 sleigh off blocks this year because of the nice weather. Mike Miller, the ESU 10 route driver, is definitely not complaining. He travels about 800 miles each week ferrying a wide variety of things throughout the ESU 10 area. He would be our version of Santa Claus – and just as jolly! His routes are just another example of how “ESU 10 partners with our customers to meet changing needs through professional expertise, training, and support.” The miles driven over the years have slowly decreased due to other methods of delivery – but Mike provides a valued service. Speaking of valued service – I was fortunate enough to accompany three staff members to the Association of Educational Service Agencies Fall Conference held in Tampa, Florida. Kelly Clapp, Nate McClenahan, and Denise O’Brien did an excellent job representing Nebraska. They provided a learning opportunity for other ESAs in the nation by highlighting the new ESU 10 plan for Teacher Evaluation & Data Collection: A Collaborative Process. The key to the whole plan is the continued participation by building principals in our area. Folks around the nation were impressed by the intelligence and culmination of effort by this collaboration. It is great to hear again and again how lucky we are to work with such a dedicated group of professionals in the school districts served by ESU 10. Nate handed out candy to those asking questions at the session. I think those of you involved in this collaborative process should make note of that and receive a reward as well when you attend the next meeting. It’s time for all of you to be putting together your ESU 10 wish lists. Please tell any ESU 10 staff member if there is some program or service you would like to see delivered that has not been provided. One thing I find out consistently is the fact that it’s hard to know everything that is provided by the service unit. You will find more consistent, intentional public relations efforts in the future which will highlight all of the opportunities available through this agency. Shoot, there are times that I even need to be reminded of things that we do and I’ve been hanging around here for 19 years.

December Workshops 07 Planning Social Skills Instruction for Jr/Sr High 12 Art Teachers Network Day 12 High Ability Learner Programs 13 reVISION for Career & Techn. Education Program 14 Corrective Reading Training 18 Principal & Guidance Counselor Forum


January 08 Digital Citizenship Symposium 18 Early Childhood Workshop for Educators & Service Providers 19 Early Childhood Workshop for Childcare Providers & Parents 21 Comprehensive Planning for ASD 23 Secondary TIER II/III Reading Interventions

The holiday season is hectic. Here’s hoping that each of you have some time to relax and reflect about all of your blessings this year as you look forward to the future. I wish each of you a Merry Christmas. Enjoy your holiday hiatus and we’ll all hit it especially hard when 2013 rings in a new year.

24 Science Teachers Network Day

Here’s a final toast for you. May all your troubles last as long as your New Year’s Resolutions!

29 Social Media in Education

25 iPad Basics: Getting to Know Your iPad

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Technology Tips for Teachers

by Jamey Boelhower, Remote Learning Specialist

Holiday Cheer For this month I thought I would share some holiday cheer by giving you some of the fun sites you might enjoy using in the classroom or for yourself. Think of it as a T3 present for you, so Happy Holidays. YTTM The idea is simple; watch YouTube videos from a specific year. The videos are mostly pop culture type of videos, but there is a “current events” category that could be used for a history class. Tag Galaxy is a visual Flickr search engine based on the tags users leave for their photos. The specific keyword and related words are planets that then become blanketed in photos. Acapela TV is a cool site to create quick talking cards thatcan be shared or even embedded on your site.


Big Huge Labs, as the site says, “Helping you do cool stuff with your digital photos since 2005.” You can make puzzles, motivational posters, or even a photo cube. Toy Theater is a great collection of learning activities. There are so many things to do on the site that anyone can find something they enjoy. All My Faves is a site that collects the best and newest websites for you. I check the Weekly Favs every week. PicMonkey is an online photo editing sites that is fun and simple to use. Musicovery is a great site to discover new music. The heart of the site is using a mood map to set your playlist. You can do some customizing of music by selecting genres and year range. And the perfect site for this month Faux Fire. Sit back and enjoy some music as the fire crackles on your screen. Happy Holidays and hope the new year is a great one for you.

Due to the Christmas break the last day of delivery routes will run on December 13, 2012. Offices at ESU 10 will be closed during the holidays December 24, 2012 - January 1, 2013. 76 Plaza Blvd • PO Box 850 • Kearney, NE 68848-0850 • Ph: 308.237.5927 • Fax: 308.237.5920 •

Student Spaceflight Experiments Program Alison Buescher, Science Teacher at Pleasanton Public School, and Lynette Svenson, of Callaway Public School, wanted to inspire their students in science and give them the opportunity to experience science firsthand. When they received an email invitation to participate in the Student Spaceflight Experiments Program (SSEP), they were excited to be able to team up to provide that opportunity and more for their students. The National Center for Earth and Space Science Education (NCESSE), in strategic partnership with NanoRacks, LLC. created a program to be a keystone initiative for U.S. National STEM education and to help inspire and teach America’s next generation of scientists and engineers more about the space program. The SSEP is open to five categories, which include students in grades 5-12, 2-year Community Colleges, 4-year Colleges and Universities in the U.S., Informal Education or Out-of-School Organizations, and International Communities. There are 24 communities and 9,557 students across the United States and Canada currently participating in the program. Funding of $20,000 was obtained for the Pleasanton and Callaway schools to enroll in the program through grants with the assistance from the National Center for Earth and Space Science Education in securing significant resources. Pleasanton and Callaway students have combined into teams, which range from 3-5 people on each team. The teams form one community that is participating in the program. Each student team will be vying to fly an experiment in low Earth orbit in a real research mini-laboratory reserved just for their community. Student teams

by Carol Smith, Marketing Associate

will propose experiments designed to assess the impact of microgravity (the apparent absence of gravity, also called “weightlessness”) on a physical, chemical, or biological system. Mirroring how professional research is done, student teams will submit formal research proposals, which then go through a 2-step proposal review process to select the flight experiment for the community. Teams are in the process of writing their formal proposals for their experiments now.


A team of 7th grade students from Pleasanton is working on their first research project, The Effect of Ampicillin on E-coli. Their hypothesis states that e-coli will be more resistant to ampicillin in microgravity than to Earth grown e-coli. Pictured left to right are: Madison Stubbs, Makenzie Metz, Hunter Paitz, and Keegan Lindner.

On Thursday, November 15, 2012, the students involved in the Student Spaceflight Experiments Program (SSEP) had the chance to talk to NASA astronauts Suni Williams and Kevin Ford on the International Space Station. Williams has been involved in activating the latest round of SSEP experiments brought to the station aboard the SpaceX Dragon in October. The NASA inflight downlink was a cooperative effort between the U.S. Department of Education, NASA, Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum and the National Center for Earth and Space Science Education. The downlink was established so that students could ask their own questions of the astronauts about living and working in space. Each student wrote a question to the astronauts and their teachers then picked three questions to send to SSEP program leaders. Program Leaders chose one question from each community and that person had the opportunity to ask their question during the downlink. Mariah Zwiener, Senior at Pleasanton High School, was chosen as the second person in line to read

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Student Spaceflight Experiments Program Continued

by Carol Smith, Marketing Associate

her question from the Pleasanton/Callaway community, “We read that being in space causes the fluid to swell in your brain and increases pressure on your eyes. Could you describe this feeling for us?” Astronaut Kevin Ford responded, “The blood pressure increases in your head and you have some congestion, but your body compensates after you have been in space for a while.”


Mariah Zweiner, Pleasanton Senior, asking her question to Astronaut Kevin Ford during a live downlink.

The live downlink portion lasted about 20 minutes with questions ranging from “What happens if you have a serious medical emergency during your flight?” to “Have you seen anything that surprised or scared you while in space?” The questions and answers were all very interesting and informative. NASA Associate Administrator of Education Leland Melvin; Deputy Secretary of Education Tony Miller; and National Air and Space Museum Director General J.R. “Jack” Dailey were among guest speakers that addressed the students following the question and answer portion of the program. Taylor Geiser, a junior at Callaway High School, says, “This program has really made us step out of the box and taught us what research is all about. I have learned so much through this program that will I will use throughout my life.” “The Student Spaceflight Experiment Program provides a unique and engaging opportunity for students to learn science content, inquiry process, and writing skills. For me, the highlight of Pleasanton’s participation in SSEP over the past two years is the student growth. Participants morph from science students to student researchers by the end of the process.”--Alison Buescher

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Nebraska K-12 Digital Citizenship Symposium Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Educational Service Unit 10 • 76 Plaza Blvd • Kearney, NE Registration: 8:25 – 8:50 am • Dismissal: 3:00 pm Overall Premise and Charge The increased use of technology in the last several years has caused a dramatic change in the way people communicate and the way students interact with each other. How can we use this change to affect students and the digital footprint they leave behind? Participating districts will send a team consisting of an administrator, teacher, parent, technology coordinator and two students (maximum of six members). The symposium will offer several breakout sessions for each diverse group with a culminating activity bringing district teams back together to discuss, share and develop their own district vision statement to guide local policy development.


Keynote speakers will set the stage for group discussions. Lead by facilitators, each diverse group will share perceptions, knowledge, and insights as they learn about legal issues and responsibilities that each audience has in promoting good digital citizenship. Keynote & Featured Speakers Karen Haase, H & S School Law, Lincoln, Nebraska Josh Gunderson, Actor/Comedian in Educational Theater, Boston, Massachusetts SuAnn Witt, Erate Coordinator, Nebraska Department of Education, Lincoln, Nebraska Nebraska Attorney General’s Office Registration Contact Graci Gillming ( or 308-865-5664 ext. 229) at ESU 10 for registration information. Registration deadline: December 10, 2012. Registration is limited to the first 20 school teams. Cost: $100 per Team (team of six maximum) Continental breakfast and lunch is included.

Sponsored by: Nebraska Educational Service Units

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5 Things I Learned at the Google Summit Recently I attended the Midwest Google Summit in Wisconsin. What an incredible conference! I was overwhelmed and excited by all that I learned at this conference. I am not even close to being a Google Guru, but I have been working with Google for several years. One of the reasons I attended was to seek out potential presenters for our Great Plains Google Summit in Nebraska. (Watch for it in July). I wasn’t positive I would learn anything new; boy, was I in for a treat! Due to space and time, I will try to wrap this conference into a nice little package and talk about the five favorite things I learned. 1. Google Story Builder - This is a sweet tool! Create characters and your story, add in some free music from the short list available to you, and you have a beautiful story. Check out the one I just did for you - Another similar tool you should check out is Google Search Stories. 2. Teaching with Images - This session often reminded me that having images for students also helps you, the teacher, to have a focus of the lesson, a common starting point, and also prompts questions for both you and the students. I think that is what makes teaching with images such a success! ThingLink is a site for posting or searching images and allows linking of other connected information. An example is one I created for ESU 10. (Login is required.) Along these same lines, adding a video is another idea to add to part of your instruction. Use YouTube to make super quick videos for almost anything; leave a video for your substitute or an instructional video for students, or record an entire lecture if you want. You just need to sign in to YouTube with your Google account, create a channel (one per account), and click “Upload”. Once you get to this screen you can choose to upload files, record from your webcam, or start a Google Hangout. Check out the YouTube video I created for you. Note about Google Hangouts: Education domains are coming soon - this is a great way to video communicate with others. Each session can be recorded. You will be able to share desktops as well as collaborate on docs while you are conferencing/recording. 3. Timer - In Google Chrome you can find extensions and add-on applications (or you can go right to the website). One of the best ones I have seen is the Timer. The simple

by Deanna Stall, Tech Integration Specialist

layout of this timer alone sold me. This timer opens in a new tab, which also shows the time as it is counting down. Additionally, mousing over the information in the bottom right corner allows you to add a video that will play when the time runs out. You might cue up an instructional video of yourself or the next item on your lesson plan. This tool rocks for any classroom. 4. Google Voice and Google Groups - These tools are oldies but goodies and have been improved along the way. I was surprised to hear how teachers and schools are using them, so I wanted to include them in this article. Google Voice is a voicemail and telephone hub. You first have to sign in and then it will have you get a phone number. You can redirect this number to your cell phone, school office or home. Any messages left on this phone number will go into your “inbox” and will also transcribe the message. This won’t be perfect all the time, but you can usually figure out what was said. As they talked about this, they explained that teachers were getting their own classroom phone number. The teacher would forward that number to the classroom phone for daily use or to the teacher’s cell phone when they were on a field trip. It can also be used to do audio recordings for reading fluency or presentations. This tool has massive potential! I just got my own number and plan to try it out soon.


Google Groups is often confused with contact groups in Gmail. You can use Groups to create email lists and discussion forums. Districts are using this within as well as outside of the building. You can have many lists to communicate with tech committees, retired teachers, bus drivers, administrators, PLCs, classes and much more. Set your preferences to have those messages go right to email or have them set for read only on the web site. This is a nice flexible tool. 5. Speak to Text with your Android, iPhone 4s/5, or new iPad in Google Docs - This was my favorite idea, hands down! On your smart phone open Google Drive and then open a new document. After you set a title your new document will open and your keyboard will pop up. On that keyboard you will find a microphone, click the microphone and listen for the signal. Begin speaking what you would like to type, and tap on done to end your paragraph. Watch Google type what you continued on next page

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5 Things I Learned at the Google Summit (Continued)

by Deanna Stall, Tech Integration Specialist

spoke! Speak/type your lecture, shopping list, lesson plans and even your blog. Google does a great job with speech to text. There will still be a few mistakes but not as many as you might think. Speaking the punctuation while you are talking will also help with final editing. For added emphasis, project the document you are speaking by loading that document on your laptop. You will see an almost instant development of your doc! This is not a comprehensive list of all the great things I saw at this conference. YouTube is a popular tool that I hope to write my next article on. There were tons of great YouTube videos shared. For fun, check out this student sharing How to Tie Shoes Super Fast. You can find presentations and materials for each session at the Midwest Google Summit Site.


Academic Quiz Bowl Competition Dates Set!

Grades 6-8: March 11, 2013 Grades 9-12: March 14, 2013 UNK Student Union Deadline for registration is February 1, 2013. Grades 6-8 Registration Grades 9-12 Registration

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Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship


by Graci Gillming, Tech Integration Coordinator

Poster and PSA Contest Guidelines Sponsored by the Nebraska Attorney General and Educational Service Units of Nebraska


The ESUs of Nebraska in partnership with the Nebraska Attorney General’s Office are sponsoring an Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship Poster and Public Service Announcement (PSA) Contest for students in K-12 Schools in Nebraska.

1. Eligibility Any public or private school/district within an ESU may participate. 2. Categories Each school or district may submit one entry in each category from each grade grouping: K-4, 5-8, 9-12, i.e. three entries per school for each of the five categories.

3. Entry Formats Poster High quality computer generated (pdf, tiff, jpg, or png) Poster Hand drawn Audio PSA Submit on labeled CD (mp3, aiff, or wav format) Video PSA Submit on labeled VHS, DVD, or CD (QT, WMV, or RM format) Open A submission which does not fit a poster or PSA category above—could be a brochure, video documentary, etc.

4. Rules • No real names used on posters or in audio or video PSAs • Copyright laws must be followed, i.e. images, sound, etc. • 29 second target time on PSAs (audio and video) • Label CDs and DVDs with ESU Internet Safety Entry Form info. (See next page.) • Put ESU Contest Entry Form on back of posters • Poster Size: minimum – 8.5” X 11”, maximum – 16” X 22” (recommended delivery in protected mailer, such as tube or flat box. Do not bend.)

5. Deadline Entries must be submitted to ESU 10 by February 1, 2013. Send entries via media route or mail to:


Graci Gillming Educational Service Unit 10 PO Box 850, 76 Plaza Blvd Kearney, NE 68848 6. Award One entry in each grade grouping from each ESU will be selected and given state ESU recognition. Winning posters and PSAs, audio and video, will then be eligible for awards and/or use by the ESUs and the Nebraska Attorney General’s Office. A winning entry in each category will be selected and sent on to the Attorney General’s office for special recognition. Entry form on following page 76 Plaza Blvd • PO Box 850 • Kearney, NE 68848-0850 • Ph: 308.237.5927 • Fax: 308.237.5920 •

Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship

by Graci Gillming, Tech Integration Coordinator

2013 ESU Internet Safety Contest Entry Form Complete this form and place on the back side of each poster entry and submit along with each audio and video entry. Please label CDs and DVDs. Student(s) Name(s): ______________________________________________________________________ Student(s) Age(s): _______________________________________________________________________ Grade(s): ________________________ Circle Category: Poster (HD or CG), PSA (Audio or Video), Open School Name: ___________________________________________________________________________ School Address: _________________________________________________________________________ School City, State, Zip: ______________________________________ School Phone: _________________ Teacher Name: __________________________________________________________________________ Teacher email address: _____________________________________________________ ESU: __________


All images and music are original, are royalty free, or copyright permissions have been granted for broadcast and display. I hereby grant permission to use this entry for positive recognition, display, publication, or broadcast by the Nebraska Educational Service Units and/or the Attorney General’s Office of Nebraska. __________________________________________________ Student Signature __________________________________________________ Student Signature __________________________________________________ Student Signature __________________________________________________ Student Signature

____________________ Date ____________________ Date ____________________ Date ____________________ Date

__________________________________________________ Teacher Signature

____________________ Date

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Early Childhood Workshop

Supporting Young Children’s Social/Emotional Development and Positive Behavior Toto, we are not in Kansas anymore! As times change, so must our strategies for supporting our youngest learners. In this training, we will examine all the factors that are shaping the behavior of children in today's society and then discuss both prevention and intervention strategies for helping them find success both at home and school.

Location: Educational Service Unit 10 76 Plaza Boulevard, Kearney Nebraska Please Note: You are welcome to attend either day.

January 18, 2013: 8:30-4:00 Lunch Provided. CEUs 6 hours Primarily targeted for early childhood educators and service providers This full day training will cover: Mixed Messages! (The Changing Face of Discipline in Early Childhood) Participants will learn how behaviors have changed and how we might adjust our perspective about behavior from a compliancebased approach to a self-regulation approach. He's Just Going Through a A Stage! (Understanding and Supporting Developmentally Appropriate Practices in Early Childhood Education) Participants will learn about typical behaviors associated with young children in all areas of development including implications for best practice, working with parents, encouraging independence, and designing appropriate interventions.


Do You Need to Move Your Clip? (RTI/Positive Behavior Supports) In this interactive session, participants will learn about individualized ways to support positive behavior change in the classroom.

January 19, 2013: 8:00-11:00 a.m. Coffee/Rolls Provided. CEUs 3 hours Primarily targeted for child care providers and parents Mixed Messages! (The Changing Face of Discipline in Early Childhood) Participants will learn how behaviors have changed and how we might adjust our perspective about behavior from a compliancebased approach to a self-regulation approach.

No registration fee, but pre-registration is required. The deadline for registration is January 11, 2013. Space is limited. Please register for either session online at:

For questions, contact Roxanne Vipond or Karen Verraneault at 308-237-5927 or email: ( or ( Dan St. Romain is an Independent Educational Consultant from San Antonio, Texas. After receiving his Masters of Education, Dan worked in both private residential and public school settings. His work as a selfcontained behavior unit teacher, Educational Diagnostician, and Director of a Learning Resource Center has afforded him experience at all levels, in both general and special education settings.

Sponsored in partnership with Planning Region Team 10, ESU 10, and the Central Region Early Learning Connection Partnership

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Technology Workshops

by Graci Gillming, Tech Integration Coordinator

iPad Basics: Getting to Know Your iPad iPads. You’ve heard about them, seen them, maybe even used one, but now you’re going to have to teach with one. If so, join us for a one-day workshop on “Getting to Know Your iPad.” You’ll learn about buttons, swipes, and apps, as well as how an iPad can assist you personally and professionally. Bring your iPad with the latest iOS updates and know the Apple ID you’ll use to download apps. If you’re not sure about either of those, visit with your administration or LAN Manager before you come.

Date: January 25, 2013 Time: 9:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Location: ESU 10 Register here

Using Social Media in Education A recent survey showed that 61 percent of teachers, principals, and librarians are active in at least one social media space. Many use those spaces for professional development. What’s frustrating—particularly to many younger teachers—is that the same social media spaces widely embraced outside schools are routinely blocked within schools by district firewalls. In this workshop participants will explore how social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) can be used in schools as effective and quick communication tools with parents and the community as well as professional resources for educators. Similarly we’ll explore how these same tools can be utilized by students for educational purposes.

Date: January 29, 2013 Time: 9:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Location: ESU 10 Register here 11

76 Plaza Blvd • PO Box 850 • Kearney, NE 68848-0850 • Ph: 308.237.5927 • Fax: 308.237.5920 •