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TRAINEESHIP IN SPAIN  Welcome  to sunny and spirited  Spain! Whether  you are placed  in Balearic,  Canary Islands or on Mediterranean coast, you will find  the excellent climate,  wonderful   beaches,   a   rich   cultural   offer   and   the   unusual   hospitality   of   the  inhabitants. Moreover, our partner hotels offer    great opportunities to train in  hospitality   sector.   They   offer   genuine   teamwork   and   camaraderie,   and   an  inviting   environment   that   makes   your   stay   during   traineeship   useful   and  unforgettable. The internship program in Spain is ideal for students wishing to gain work experience in 3­5* hotels  abroad.    It  gives the unique chance to change your life for several months, improve your knowledg of  foreign languages and enjoy sun & sea! There are 3 options of traineeship in Spain (applicants can choose): PROGRAM




Hospitality positions   in   3­ Pocket money: 300­400 Eur/month,  It   is   suitable   for   students   and   non­ 4*   hotels   in  Balearic,  40­48   working  hours/week.   Places  students   wishing   to   improve  150  Canary   Islands   or   on  are mostly available from April to  knowledge   of   foreign  languages,   gain  EUR Mediterranean  coast:  October,   there   are   also   offers  work experience abroad and earn some  money.  F&B,kitchen,housekeeping,   throughout the year. reception.

Hospitality positions   in  Pocket money: 150­200 Eur/month,  This   option   is   ideal   for   ambitious  luxury   4­5*   hotels  with  40 working hours per week. Places  students and young people wishing to  75  world­known   names   in  are   available   mostly   in   Canary  improve their CV, gain practical skills  EUR Canary:  F&B,   kitchen,   islands   throughout   the   year.  in international environment and make  Suitable   for   students   and   fresh  a   good   career   in   hospitality   in   the  housekeeping, reception.  graduates. future.  Office   positions   in   luxury  Pocket money: 100­200 Eur/month,  This   option   is   ideal   for   ambitious  4­5*   hotels  with   world­ 40 working hours per week. Places  students and fresh graduates wishing to  100  known   names:  Finances,  are   available   mostly   in   Canary  pass   a   traineeship   as   a   part   of   their  EUR HR,  Administration,   Sales,   islands   throughout   the   year.  studies,   take   a   gap   year/semester   or  Suitable   for   students   and   fresh  gain international experience and start  PR­Marketing etc. graduates with very good Spanish. a good career.

Duration of traineeship  is  3­6 months. Start  dates  are  all­year  round.  Summer   placements   are   from   April­June   till  September­October   (the  latest start date is 20 June and it is necessary to stay at least till mid­ September   for   hospitality   positions).  Meal   (full   board   every   day  including   days   off)   and   accommodation   in   2­4   bedded   rooms   for  personal are always provided by a hotel. Uniform except shoes is usually  provided by a hotel for hospitality positions. If not, applicants will be  informed  additionally.  All applicants  must bring black/dark  shoes  for  work in reception, bar and restaurant and any confortable shoes to work 

SWS GROUP, s.r.o Tel.: 00 420 234 678 338 Fax: 00 420 234 678 218 E-mail: URL: INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION & PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT

Vaníčkova 7, 169 00, Prague, Czech Republic

in kitchen ih housekeeping.  We   offer   placement   of   2   (sometimes   3)   people   together   in   the   same   hotel.   We   don't   guarantee  accommodation  in one room for couples. We don't offer choise of location,  however applicants  can  metion   their   preferences   in   application   form.   Some   hotels   require   stamp   and   sign   of   school   on   the  traineeship agreement. Requirements: • • • • •

18­30 years old; Communicative English. Spanish / German / French / Italian is an advantage;  Very good Spanish for reception and for all office positions; Relevant work experience and/or education is a plus but not necessary;  Desire to work.

Required documents: • •

CV in Word/Open Office format or Application form in English; Passport­sized and full­body photo (with smile). Application procedure:

• • • •

Send us by e­mail required documents; As soon as one of the employers confirms a candidate,  we will send  the contract or confirmation   from a hotel stating  internship conditions.  Inform us about arrival details. The hotel provides transfer from the airport or we inform how to  get to the hotel. A candidate should take pasport/ID card, health insurance,  signed traineeship agreement.  

Tööpraktika Hispaanias  

Tööpraktika Hispaanias