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CHARCOAL Is produced in the north of our country where native forests are located. The different species that grow enable us to offer mixtures with different characteristics. We can guarantee an excellent quality matching our customer´ s needs as we are the producers of the charcoal we export. The selection among species is made before the ovens are filled and as a result we have two divisions:

SPARKLING CHARCOAL: This charcoal is used as fuel by many industries. It is also accepted by companies that consume medium size bags (bolsas de 10, 15 y 20 kg)

NON SPARKLING CHARCOAL: It is the famous gourmet charcoal. It´ s main consumers are the restaurants and they demand a non-sparkling mixture with a high calorific value. Species: Quebracho Blanco – Aspidosperma Quebracho Blanco Guayacan – Caesalpinea Paragarensis Mistol – Zyziphus Mistol Vinal – prosapis ruscifolia

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