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Horadada Información • Diciembre 2013

Horadada CF three victories and a draw INFORMACION

Rescue of a 87 years old man in Campoverde Four local police officers 14.11.2013 rescued a 87 seven years old German man from the inside of a burning house in Pinar de Campoverde. A neighbour raised the alarm to local police headquarter on seeing black smoke coming out from the house. The officers broke the window

and found the unconscious man lying on the floor. He was transferred to Torrevieja Hospital by ambulance. Civil Protection vehicle of the Forest Fire Service, Fire Fighters from Torrevieja and Guardia Civil from Torre de la Horadada also attended the emergency.

Barbara Ellis Horadada CF visited CD Thader. Abraham scored a goal in the 23rd minute. Thader scored in the 90th minute and they had a draw. In the first part of the match neither team had any chance to score. The first occasion of danger came in the 38th minute when Alfonso moved into the area and with a high goal. After the break the picture changed completely. In the 46th minute a goal from Salinas was to be left. The equalizer came for on their on the first match. The locals began, Samu scored in the 82nd minute. Final score: Horadada CF 2 – CD Cox 1. Horadada went to UD Petrelense. Horadada CF 2 and Petrelense 0. Horadada CF took the three points against Crevillente Depotiva CF for the

excellent first half. Abraham scored from a corner in the 7th minute. Alicante CF is first place with 31

points; the Horadada CF is second place with 28 points and CFFCV Benidorm FB third with 25 points.

Remembrance Day celebrated in Mil Palmeras

Biker’s Brunch. Loud roaring engines around the municipal tent

heralded the start of the bikers’ brunch. Every type of motorised two-wheel conveyance was there from the smooth 1,000 cc cruisers through the nattering small calibre motor scooters down to the modish miniatures as well as a bunch of four-wheel quads. They rolled in all morning from Alicante, Cartagena, Murcia, the Vega Baja and points in between until almost 1.000 of them were parked among groups of enthusiasts, some in trademark black leather, chewing the fat about bore size, customising and all that fascinates this special breed. The climax of the one day bikers’ assembly was a drive through Torre de la Horadada.

Christmas Masses Parish Church

24th December: At midnight Rooster Mass 25th December Birth of Christ 12 p.m. noon and 6 p.m. 7 p.m. Apparition of the Holy Virgin 6th January Three Kings give gifts for children 12 noon

A dog wearing a “Royal British Legion” blanket

25th December 10 a.m.

Mil Palmeras

25th December 11 a.m. Torre de la Horadada 25th December 11:30 a.m.

government team and not spending more than what is entered”. The annual estimated vehicle tax revenues for the town are around one million euros. After this reduction Pilar de la Horadada becomes the town with the lower vehicle tax cost among all municipalities around.

Donations Barbara Ellis The catholic charity Caritas is taking care of 200 families all year round. There are Spanish, Moroccan, Ecuadorian, Ukrainian families and other nationalities, among them. To pass a relatively carefree Christmas celebration, like every year, Caritas will hand each family a bag of food. President is asking for cans of tuna, fried tomatoes, dried chickpeas, lentils and beans. Some

The ceremony was attended by members of the British community to commemorate the contribution of British and Commonwealth military and civilian servicemen and women in the two World Wars. Armistice Day is on November 10th and the ceremony

Pinar de Campoverde

Drop 20 percent on vehicles taxes An extraordinary council meeting recorded the drop, next year, of a 20 per cent on tax vehicles. Mayor José Fidel Ros explained this did not comprise compromise the economic stability of the town finances “considering that we have sufficient margin thanks to the effort made since the arrival of the new local

Barbara Ellis Remembrance Sunday was celebrated by about three hundred people in the municipality of Pilar de la Horadada with a service at the church of Mil Palmeras by the Branch of the Royal British Legion Orihuela Costa.

sweets for children are also welcome. Donations of non-perishable food can be brought to the parish house from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The parish house is in the left corner of the church square when the church is to your right, or asks for the “casa parroquial”. There is also a Caritas donation box in the parish church to leave money to buy other items. It is also possible to leave food in all municipal churches near to the sacristy at times of masses.

Veterans carried the Spanish Flag, Union flags and military standards

takes place on the nearest Sunday. A band of bagpipes and drums started the ceremony. Veterans carried the Spanish Flag, Union flags and military standards into the church, followed by a piper who performed the Last Post. For the last three years the former Mayor, José Fidel Ros, attended the ceremony and laid a poppy wreath in the Garden of Remembrance. The Orihuela Costa Branch of the Royal British Legion was formed in February 2008. It covers Orihuela, Orihuela Costa, San Miguel, Pilar de la Horadada and goes as far as San Javier.

Solidarity Paella Barbara Ellis For €10 you can eat and drink to your heart’s content on December 6th. The charity Manos Unidas is organising for the third time a paella and barbecue lunch at the municipal tent. It starts at 11 a.m. and goes to 4 p.m. Beer and soft drinks are available. On the last one held, about 400 people filled the municipal tent, paying their €10 to show that in times of a deep financial crisis Pilar de la Horadada demonstrates their solidarity with the Third World. The Spaniards arrived at about 2 p.m. British and many other nationalities wanted to contribute to a good cause. Behind the big tent several cooks prepared two big paellas. 25 volunteers helper arranged salads, sandwiches

and bread on plates and distributed sausages, meat and the paella. Charity Manos Unidas was collecting

money for the Third World as Africa, South America and Asia. The theme is “Campaign against the hunger”.

A journalist for alleged libel Barbara Ellis/Editor A journalist, Ana Martín from TV Horadada, accused the Mayor of Pilar de la Horadada, José Fidel Ros, of alleged libel on the internet using an alias to urge journalist. The journalist Martín, accompanied by her lawyer, gave a press conference to present the report and to urge journalist not to give in to “under an alias politicians who

hide in social networks to dismember our work and enter the personal and familiar”. Mayor Ros was to file charges with the Guardia Civil of “harassment” and “libel”. Mayor Ros “if the image of my town becomes involved in any matter that that violates both my honor or personal or family privacy or image”.

He explained what happened in detail at the Council Meeting on the 29th November, saying that he was only repeating street rumors in a private conversation and that was a personal attack because he didn’t interfere in a confrontation between two media companies. He also asked for excuses if someone was offended by his comments.

Horadada informacion dic2013  
Horadada informacion dic2013  

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