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01 July - 01 November

The London Design Museum presents “Drawing Life” showing a selection of works by Javier Mariscal and Estudio Mariscal produced throughout his career

Design Museum Shad Thames London SE1 2YD Open

daily 10 a.m. to 5.45 p.m.Teléfono de Information

020 7940 8790 Bookings

020 7940 8783

The press visit is scheduled for 30 June from

The Design Museum, devoted to design in every form, is

12 midday to 2 p.m. Javier Mariscal will be available

set on the banks of the River Thames next door to the Tate

for interview during the visit.


To request an interview on this or any other day or ask for images, please contact

Drawing Life is not a retrospective, in the sense that the

Estudio Mariscal, tel. +34 93 303 69 40

work is not organised chronologically. Grouped by concepts,


it is spread over six exhibition spaces, some in installation


form, and invites viewing in random order. Collage walls, graphic curtains, objects, drawings, sketches, audiovisuals and small displays illustrate the key elements, the evolution and the methodology of Javier Mariscal’s personal language. The exhibition was created after an exhaustive trawl through his physical and digital archives to select the more than 2,000 objects and images on show. Drawing Life was approached as a reflection on the more than thirty years work that spans the professional life of Javier Mariscal. It expresses how his language and iconography evolved, how he used his obsessions and approach to life to bring shape and content to his artistic work, indeed to all the design disciplines in which he has been involved.

It also uses the syntax of his work to explore the limits of the designer’s trade. The design of the exhibition itself reflects the ease with which this work crosses the frontiers between art and design. How the artistic spirit enriches the design solutions, while treating design not as an art but as a trade. The exhibition provides an insight into Mariscal’s creative processes, where everything starts with a drawing and nothing ever seems definitive. The form chosen to display the projects and contents selected is a celebration of joie de vivre, the emotion of colour, Mediterranean sensuality and the simplicity of drawing and landscape. The hope and expectation of everyone invoved in this exhibition is that through it, visitors to Drawing Life can experience the vital spark generated by the Javier Mariscal’s creativity. For information about Javier Marsical and Estudio Mariscal please consult the web site, our blog or Facebook. The press visit to Drawing Life is scheduled for 30 June, from 12 midday to 2 p.m. Javier Mariscal will be available for interview during the visit. To request an interview on this or any other day or ask for images, please contact Estudio Mariscal tel. +34 93 303 69 40 Eva, Àngels,

Mariscal Drawing Life Dossier  

Mariscal Drawing Life Dossier

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