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Phonics Progression for Kindergarten Reference Sing a Song of Poetry Grade Kindergarten

First 9 Weeks 1. Sounds of Language Only – aural - work through groups with this focus only – rhymes COS 4b, songs COS 4b, poetry, read alouds, clapping syllables COS 4a

Reference Fountas and Pinnell Phonics Phonological Awareness Section:       

Recognize pairs of rhyming words. COS 4b Produce rhyming words. COS 4b Identify initial consonant sounds in single-syllable words. COS 6b Identify onsets and rimes in single syllable words. COS 4b Blend onsets and rime to form words. COS 4b Introduce separating phonemes in words. COS 4a Recognize and name most letters. COS 5

Second 9 Weeks 2. Environmental Print – Print Awareness - Connections with initial sounds and print using “Real World” text– Work back through letter groups with sound/initial consonant focus – sound to print. COS 2a and 2b, COS 7d

Reference Fountas and Pinnell Phonics Letter Knowledge and Letter/Sound Relationships Sections:     

Recognize and name most letters. COS 5 Recognize and say the common sounds that are connected to most letters. COS 6a Write many letters to match spoken sounds. COS 20c Use their knowledge of sounds and letters to produce early approximated writing. COS 3e Identify separate phonemes in words. COS 6a

Group I M F S P A

Group II T K B G I

Group III N W D J O

Group IV L C H U

Group V R V E Q Y X Z

Third and Fourth 9 Weeks 3. Sounds to Print – Alphabetic Principle (Phonics) – Work back through letter groups with making words focus.

Reference Fountas and Pinnell Phonics Spelling Patterns Section:   

Recognize easy spelling patterns in words (we, me). COS 8c Use letters and sounds to figure out a few simple, regularly spelled single-syllable words. COS 8c, COS 20d Read a small core of high frequency words quickly and automatically. COS 7a

Third 9 Weeks Group I M T S Short Vowel A Short Vowel A Rimes N D P F Short Vowel A Rimes


at, am

at, am, an, ap

Group II J G H B Short Short Rimes W Short Short

Vowel O Vowel O


ob, ot, og, op

Vowel I Vowel I Rimes id, it, ig, in, ip, ing

Fourth 9 Weeks Group III L R C Short Short Rimes K V Y Short Short Rimes


Group IV



Vowel U Vowel U

ug, ut, un, um, ub

Vowel E Vowel E

et, ed

Additional Resources Wright Skills and Red Brick Phonic Readers COS 7a and 7c, COS 8b

Kindergarten Phonics  

Hoover City School's Phonics expectations for kindergartners

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