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Oracle’s Industry-Leading EPM and BI Solutions Agility, scalability, and the ability to discover and optimize new business opportunities –these are the prerequisites for your business to survive in today’s volatile markets. To thrive in today’s market scenario, you should be able to identify new ways to strategize, plan, and optimize your business operations. This is where Business Analytics Solutions can make a huge difference. Oracle’s Business Analytics Software is one such comprehensive and integrated solution designed to help you gain better insight into every aspect of your business. With the most efficient Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) applications, and Business Intelligence (BI) applications, this solution gives your business a definite advantage over your competitors. Oracle’s market-leading performance management applications deliver great value to your business by integrating processes for strategic financial and operational management, while also reducing cost of ownership at a minimal deployment cost. Also, Oracle’s Business Intelligence solutions help you leverage the power of information to make well-informed, strategic decisions. With Oracle’s BI applications, you can decide what information you need and in what form you'd like to see it. Thus you can easily answer critical business questions, identify priorities and always stay on track. Eighty-plus Oracle Business Intelligence and Performance Management applications are available today, which enable you to go beyond traditional boundaries of data analysis and help you extract relevant business insight from huge volumes of data in no time. These applications can benefit your business in many ways:     

Oracle’s business planning solutions help you plan and forecast with greater precision Help align finance and operations Accelerate decision-making, financial close and reporting processes Provide greater transparency and confidence in your numbers Support goal-setting, operational and financial planning, profitability management etc.

While Oracle’s EPM and BI solutions offer multiple benefits to your business, you should also remember that these benefits can be fully enjoyed only when these applications are put to their best use. And this requires effective implementation and technical support. Hence you may need the help of an Oracle technology partner who can offer the expertise and experience needed for effective deployment and use of these applications. Moreover, by partnering with an Oracle technology expert you can ensure that your Business Intelligence and Performance Management applications are completely customized to meet the specific requirements of your business. This can translate to enhanced performance, better productivity and bigger opportunities, leading to greater profits. Read more about : Oracle E-business Suite, Oracle Peoplesoft Enterprise

Oracle’s Industry-Leading EPM and BI Solutions