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Manage Data Growth: Take Control of Application Data More isn’t always better- especially when it comes to data. Overgrown, unmanaged databases can bring about a number of challenges. It can impair your system, affect mission-critical applications and jeopardize the quality of your products/services, putting your organization at risk. Your ERP and CRM applications may also suffer as a result of unkempt data, and consequently your business may be negatively impacted. You should remember that as your business grows, so does your data. Accumulating large volumes of application data adds complexity and risk to your business and increases your storage and management costs. While information is a valuable asset to your organization, unorganized or unmanaged information is worthless and can prove hazardous for your business. So, managing data growth is vital. However, data growth management is not an onetime task. It’s an ongoing process that requires dedicated effort and commitment. In order to manage data growth more efficiently, data growth management solutions have come about. These solutions are being offered by leading players in the market. IBM Optim Data Growth Solution is one such. It controls your unmanaged data growth at the source, by proactively managing your enterprise application data. How does Optim Data Growth Solution work? The Optim Data Growth Solution archives historical data safely to a secure archive. This archive can be maintained as a database or as a compressed file, and can be stored on any hardware device. The solution comes with predefined built-in templates that define the most common business objects within leading ERP and CRM application products such as Oracle JDE EnterpriseOne, Oracle E-Business Suite, etc. Based on your functional requirements or data retention regulations, certain criteria are listed. IBM Optim identifies transactions that meet these criteria and moves them into the archive. However, implementing this solution is not as simple as it may sound. Without enough expertise and bandwidth, Optim Data Growth solution may not be implemented effectively. In such cases, resorting to an Optim consulting service consultant may prove highly beneficial. An Optim consultant can fully understand the functional requirements, data retention policies, application logic and validation rules of your business and apply it to IBM Optim's Data Growth Solution, thus helping you gain complete control of your unmanaged data, while also ensuring that application integrity is maintained. By effectively implementing IBM Optim Data Growth solution you can mitigate the adverse effects of rapid data growth. Read More on IBM Optim implementation IBM Optim solution

Manage Data Growth: Take Control of Application Data