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Introduction to Oracle E-Business Suite The Oracle E-Business Suite brands itself as a complete package for business solutions. But what is in this “package?” The answer – there are numerous enterprise applications within Oracle’s suite, and each has a unique purpose. Oracle E-Business Suite’s applications service the areas of business listed below: • Asset lifecycle management • Customer relationship management • Enterprise resource planning - Financial management - Human capital management - Project portfolio management • Advanced procurement • Product lifecycle management • Supply chain management - Supply chain management - Value chain execution The areas of business listed above only provide a general overview of what Oracle’s applications service. To go into each application would require much detail, but the purpose of Oracle’s E-Business Suite is to bring all of Oracle’s applications together to create a comprehensive business application strategy; the suite was created to provide the owner with an overview of the entire business. After all, it is information that a business thrives on, and Oracle technology is proud that its applications ensure that operational, financial, and all other information is accurate and consistent. Other features of Oracle’s E-Business Suite include the following: • The E-Business Suite is adaptable to almost any platform, especially a platform operating in an international business. The suite allows you to continue your operations overseas, while still complying locally. • Oracle provides the tools for implementation and integration of Oracle and non-Oracle applications • Oracle E-Business Suite’s applications are not focused solely on creating opportunities in your business model, its applications work to protect the investments you already have, i.e. your customers. • Oracle handles complex processes in any industry to reduce cost and time to market. • A lifetime support policy guarantees that upgrades will always meet the needs of your business. The Oracle E-Business Suite is a complete packaged solution that gives businesses an opportunity to take advantage of the latest advances of technology and improve their market share. Learn more about : oracle business intelligence & IBM Optim solution

Introduction to Oracle E-Business Suite