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IBM Optim Solution - Data Growth & Archiving An incredible growth in technology brings with it an exponential increase in data. Of course, the most apparent solution to having too much data is to get rid of it, but for many businesses, in a variety of industries, one cannot simply delete data or information; there are numerous regulations that require longterm retention of data. To adhere to these regulations, many businesses increase the size of their storage, but as they do so they increase their cost. With businesses looking to curb expenses, it is no wonder many are looking for resources to help manage the life cycle of data. One resource to manage data is IBM’s Optim Data Growth Solution. Not only does IBM’s software address the issue of cost-related data storage, it works to improve many other areas of data performance. After all, if the size of your data grows out of control, the performance of your applications would suffer as your applications become bloated and weighed down by unnecessary data. With IBM Optim your business has the ability to properly archive all that data and keep applications running effectively and efficiently. Once recognizing the clear benefits of data management, the next step is to implement. But how is the IBM Optim Solutions implemented? Typically, a business will apply Optim throughout its enterprise system in phased approaches. Some examples of this phased approach are as follows:

● A business’ objectives are reviewed, along with any storage, access, etc. requirements ● Find the data that can be retired, this includes analyzing the potential results of data archiving and recognizing any additional customizations needed

● Testing the process, which includes archiving, removing, and restoring specific sets of data After all of the steps above have been completed, the process becomes automated and archiving can be set to run on a routine basis. This process is performed for each set of data and can be applied to other applications throughout the enterprise system. Throughout implementation, maintaining data integrity and context is of the utmost importance; if data is not 100 percent accurate, it is of no use to anyone. This is especially true when it comes time for an audit or when your business needs to comply with standard regulations. Optim data management will keep your data in compliance, retain accuracy, and never will corrupt or pollute your data, even if the data is extremely complex. Using a data management system to manage data growth and archiving will improve operations and save money, all while ensuring compliance and protecting data integrity. Read more about : IBM consulting service

IBM Optim Solution - Data Growth & Archiving  

An incredible growth in technology brings with it an exponential increase in data. Of course, the mostapparent solution to having too much d...

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