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Efficient Test Data Management with IBM Optim Huge volumes of data are produced in the testing environment. Test data is highly crucial for an enterprise because it represents a great investment. However, converting the test results into readable data and analyzing them can be quite time consuming. Moreover, to put test data to best use, it is important to process test data and create reports in an efficient manner. Reliable, realistic test data are critical to an organization, and therefore effective management of test data is highly essential. It is important to remember that in every application lifecycle testing procedures account for nearly 60% of the process. Hence test data management should be one of the top priorities of an organization. Test data management refers to managing the data that goes into specific test cases for specific test scenarios. Most organizations find it difficult to retrieve test data for use when required. And manual retrieval of test data is not only a tedious process, but it also ineffective because it is impossible to produce high-quality test data from enormous production databases. Hence a robust test data management process is a prerequisite for all applications and databases. And this is possible only when an efficient test data management solution is adopted. Several industry leaders have come up with efficient test data management solutions to help organizations gain better control over test data. One such is IBM Optim test data management. It helps deliver faster time-to-market, higher quality for both package and custom enterprise applications, and dramatically brings down development costs. Typically, IT organizations maintain multiple clones of the production environment for backup, development, upgrade assessment, quality assurance, training, etc. for each production instance. This gives rise to a number of complications including uncontrolled investments in hardware and increased maintenance costs. To reduce the cost and overhead of test management, sub-setting production data for test purposes proves effective. IBM Optim test data management solution helps organizations achieve these goals. By using IBM Optim test data management, organizations can create realistic, right-sized databases, protect data privacy in the development and testing environments, and effectively validate the test results. This can help in eliminating expensive cloning processes and in correcting defects early in the development process thus avoiding potential issues. Also, IBM Optim test management meets the testing requirements of a wide range of applications, operating systems, databases, and hardware platforms thus making it the right choice for effective and proactive test data management. Read more about : - IBM consulting service

Efficient Test Data Management with IBM Optim  

Test data management refers to managing the data that goes into specific test cases for specific test scenarios. Most organizations find it...

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