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Common Obstacles to R12 Upgrades Organizations today work in a much more complex environment than ever before. Digitization and globalization have completely changed the way they operate. The use of technology has become a crucial part of their functioning, and hence enterprises are willing to invest in technology and software applications which can make their tasks easier. Catering to these needs, technology leaders like Oracle have developed advanced platforms to help enterprises simplify their day-to-day operations. Oracle E-Business Suite is one such platform designed to handle all aspects of business. By adopting this solution businesses can benefit in a number of ways, including cutting down TCO, enabling better decision-making, improving responsiveness to market demands, etc. With a view to providing superior capabilities, Oracle EBS upgrades are being offered. The latest release Oracle EBS R12 is a much more advanced version and can dramatically improve performance. However, for businesses which are already using Oracle EBS, upgrading to this version may not be so easy. There are two common obstacles they may face and should be prepared to overcome: Firstly, it is important to understand that maintaining Oracle E-business Suite means continuously customizing applications to the specific needs of the business. In this process documenting all the changes can be a tedious task, and not documenting the changes can end up causing some serious issues, especially at the time of upgrading. While upgrading to Oracle EBS R12, the lack of such documentation can be a major shortfall because without the knowledge of the exact state of the existing EBS implementation, mapping it with the upgrade can be a strenuous and long-drawn process. And if the implementation has already started before this hurdle is faced, then there is likely to be considerable wastage of time and money, causing undue delay and loss. Such a scenario can lead to major disruption of critical business applications and loss of key functionality. Secondly, most organizations often struggle to determine which of their customizations in the existing version are upgradable, and which ones they have to give up in the R12 version. It’s important to note that businesses have to find a way to overcome these obstacles in order to enjoy the multiple benefits that Oracle EBS R12 can offer. The question is ‘how’? The key is to adopt the Oracle upgrade services offered by Oracle technology experts who have great experience and expertise in resolving issues that may arise in the process of upgrading to the new version. Moreover, some of these experts have even developed tools that can automatically evaluate and document the configurations of the existing version, which can help overcome the first potential obstacle. Also, the vast experience of these experts helps them identify potential challenges well in advance, and provide valuable details including exactly what customizations will be supported by EBS R12 and which are the ones that are upgradable, thus overcoming the second potential obstacle too. Oracle EBS R12 has the capability to add great value to a business, and it may not be worth forgoing this version for mere fear of possible challenges. All that is needed is to get the help of Oracle experts, to fully enjoy the enhanced functionality of the latest release and to improve ROI. Also read more about : oracle peoplesoft & Oracle technology

Common Obstacles to R12 Upgrades  

Organizations today work in a much more complex environment than ever before. Digitization and globalization have completely changed the way...