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ESTS International 3-Day Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) Course

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Are you at risk of being robbed or kidnapped in South Africa? Wherever in the world you may be required to live or work, you have a duty of care to yourself and those around you to ensure you are fully prepared for the unique and more often than not, difficult challenges you may encounter.

How would you react if threatened at knifepoint in Indonesia? Know how to prepare for when visiting hostile environments? Do you know how to develop your security plan?

ESTS International run bespoke 3-day HEAT training courses designed to help educate individuals and groups in preparing for, and mitigating the risks and challenges inherent in operating in unfamiliar and potentially dangerous environments.

HEAT course key learning outcomes On completing the course students will be able to: •

About the ESTS International HEAT courses:

• • The content is tailored to your individual requirements and the types of challenges you and those around you are likely to face (e.g. Pre-deployment planning, personal security, types and levels of environment, surveillance & response to targeting, cultural awareness etc.) • Course duration and location - UK training offices and en-location (groups only) to suit your specific needs

• • •

Carry out due diligence and ensure pre-deployment activities in an organised manner Effectively assess the risks and perceived threats of travelling and working in potentially hostile environments Develop effective strategies to assist them in identifying and mitigating potential risks and threats Develop an understanding of personal security measures in residence, on the move and in location Develop their own Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) and Emergency Plan documentation

About ESTS International

• High instructor to student ratio to ensure quality in delivery

ESTS International is an independent specialist security training & consultancy company offering a range of tailored security training courses and risk mitigation services.

• Our instructors are selected for their breadth of knowledge and areas of expertise

Since 2003 we have worked in many hostile environments such as Iraq, Afghanistan, SE Asia and Africa, providing high-level security services and bespoke training solutions.

• Student / instructor interaction to develop confidence and understanding

We offer high-quality training courses in maritime security, close protection (all levels), terrorism awareness, counter terrorist training, site security & hardening, advanced first aid and hostile environment training.

• Interactive training through a combination of presentations, lectures and discussion exercises • Up-to-date and topical, country-specific briefings from ESTS International Consultancy Services Team • Instructors have experience living and working in high-threat environments all around the world including Iraq, Afghanistan, SE Asia and Africa

For more information If you wish to know more about our 3-day Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) course or to sign up for a course, you can view the relevant information at the following address:

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Hostile Environment Training  

Hostile environment training course for anyone living and working in a potentially dangerous environment. Courses run by ESTS International.