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An Introduction to Executive Security & Training Services Ltd:

ESTS Personnel are from Elite Military & Specialist Law Enforcement Units.

Instructors are Certified Antiterrorism & Master Antiterrorism Specialists (CAS/CMAS).

Accredited Ship Security Officers & Company Security Officers (Maritime)

Sound Operational Knowledge, Highest Quality Specialist Security Guidance & Unrivalled Professionalism

Executive Security & Training Services Ltd (aka: ESTS International) are a privately-owned, UK-based executive close protection & security training company. Our core personnel are made up of former Elite Military Forces, Specialist Law Enforcement and experienced Security Specialists. Many of our staff are accredited with the Anti Terrorism Accreditation Board (ATAB) in the United States of America achieving Certified Antiterrorism Specialist (CAS) and in some cases Certified Master Antiterrorism Specialists (CMAS). Our core trainers are also City & Guilds accredited trainers. We have representation in countries such as Canada, the USA and most recently in India. We are market leaders at providing our clients with professional Physical Security and Consultancy Services including but not limited to: • • • • • • •

Bodyguards (BG) Protective Security Details (PSD) & Security Escort Teams (SET) Armed Escort Services (AES) Residential Security Teams (RST) Maritime Asset Security Teams (MAST) – Including qualified SSO / Team Leader Ship Security Officers (SSO) / Company Security Officers (CSO) Security & Risk Management & Health & Safety Consultancy Services

We also provide high-quality, bespoke security training courses such as: • • • • • • •

Static & Roaming Site Security Training Close Personal Protection Officer / Bodyguard Training (CPPO / BG) Protective Security Detail / Security Escort Team Training (PSD / SET) First Aid Training – Remote Medic / PSD Medic Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) Maritime Security Training – Ship Security Officer (SSO) / Company Security Officer (CSO) Close Quarter Battle (CQB) and Hostage Recue Teams (HRT)

We are ranked amongst the most experienced security consultancy companies specialising in security management, risk management & mitigation services, contingency planning, threat assessment and Occupational Health & Safety Assessment Specification (OHSAS) consultancy services.

Corporate Overview: Through sound ongoing operational experience, our broad scope of knowledge in Executive Close Protection and our international reach, we provide only the highest quality specialist security guidance and Risk Management Solutions. Taking into consideration the specific requirements of each of our clients on an individual basis, we provide our Clients with a complete 'service in a box' incorporating Security Consultancy and Management, Threat Assessment & OHSAS Consultancy Services backed up by quality bespoke Security Training courses and our extensive security specialists contractor database. ESTS endeavour to involve our Clients from the very beginning at the planning stage of all their Close Protection and Security operations to ensure that the risk assessment, risk management & mitigation and allied security service measures are covered at the earliest stage in order to afford the most costeffective, seamless and rounded solution. All of ESTS activities are conducted with the highest degree of Client confidentiality. ESTS is listed on the Data Protection Act Register protecting all privileged information supplied by our Clients. ESTS is fully committed to providing the best of industry practice to our Clients.

ESTS International Mission Statement: Truly Excellent Customer Service & Value for Money in all Areas of Training & Physical Services

Executive Security & Training Services Ltd (ESTS International) is a market leader in the close protection services and specialist security training industry. We strive to exceed the Client’s expectations utilising well-trained, highly-experienced and learned close protection professionals and security managers who are subject matter experts. It is our primary objective to afford, only the highest quality of service, along with a corporate management structure that is well versed in the industry. This allows us to provide excellent customer service for the most cost-effective price. These primary objectives will be accomplished through an honourable and earnest methodology with both our employees and our Clients. Our growth will be controlled in a manner that is consistent within our industry and in-line with our business philosophy of delivering quality and service excellence. For all media and business enquiries, please email us at:

Security Guard Force Training Course Overview: We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality and relevant training.

We understand the need to offer only this quality of service on order to provide only the very best courses.

“They were incredibly flexible with regards to the training and streamlined it so as to address the areas that they needed to focus on”

“The training I received has been a very eye-opening experience indeed”

The ESTS Security Guard Force Training Course has been specifically designed by ESTS for security officers working in areas such as holiday resorts, hotels and other high-visibility areas. Each tier of the course is designed to increase the quality and capability of the officers’ personal security skills until he or she has been trained to the highest level of professionalism. It has been widely viewed by people working in the security industry at every level that far too little emphasis is placed on the personal development and training of security guard force officers. Many of these security officers have received insufficient training from either their employer or the company contracting or employing them. The security officer carries much responsibility, especially the safety and security of the area in which they work and for any of the staff, guests or residents in that area. With today's ever-growing terrorist threat, not to mention the every-day criminal elements in today's society, high-quality, effective and capable security is of paramount importance. Security officers naturally, are there for a reason and their training must be of the highest standard and must be provided by experienced and capable security trainers such as those at ESTS International. Our programme is one of the best available on the commercial market and can be implemented in conjunction with the following listed beneficial services in order to deliver maximum effect. Our core instructor cadre are Certified Antiterrorism Specialists (CAS) as well as Certified Master Antiterrorism Specialists (CMAS) through the US-based Anti Terrorism Accreditation Board (ATAB).

Security Guard Force Training Subjects: The Security Guard Force Training Course covers subjects on a classroom instructional and practical basis such as (but not limited to): • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The Student Brief Introduction to the World of Security Security Guard Etiquette Physical Security – Manned Positions Physical Security – Patrolling Physical Security – Mobile Patrolling Drafting Official Reports The Security Log Book The Visitors Book Issue & Rotation of Security & Passes Standard Operational Procedures Effective Vehicle Searching Effective Searches on Personnel

• • • • • • • • • • •

Correct use of Communications Ground Coding of Area of Operation Improvised Explosive Device (IED/VBIED) Awareness Introduction to First Aid Restraint Techniques Asp & Baton Techniques Control Room & Reception Security Security Routines Incident Control & Cordoning Related Occupational Health & Safety Issues OHSAS Regulations

"Steve & Dave from ESTS spent 10 days with our Security Team here in the Maldives at our resort. During their visit with us they identified various areas for improvement in our security team and conducted indepth training with our guards. They were incredibly flexible with regards to the training and streamlined it so as to address the areas they needed to focus on. I would recommend their services to other resorts as the company is professional and deliver what they say they will." Reference: Ashleigh Christie (Training Manager, Reethi Rah Resort; the Maldives)

“I hope to receive more training from them in the future, thanks for everything”

Tailored & Bespoke Security Courses: In order to provide our customers with relevant courses for their security staff or students, we are able to tailor our existing courses or design and build bespoke courses to meet with their exact requirements. By remaining adaptive in our approach, we deliver what is required, when it is required and where it is required. Many other security training companies only offer one set course which they expect to meet with the varying and sometimes unknown requirements of customers operating and living in various threat level and geographical environments. ESTS International understands the need to offer this level of bespoke service and remaining proactive and adaptive in order to provide only the highest quality courses to our customers. If you wish to discuss your requirement with us, we will provide you with the ideal and final training solution.

For all media and business enquiries, please email us at:

Hostile Environment PSD & SET Training Courses: ESTS International is extremely skilled and experienced in the area of training Local Nationals in various forms of static and site security.

We build an excellent rapport with our students and are regularly contacted by former students for ongoing advice and progressive training.

Our Instructors know exactly what is required and deliver it with enthusiasm, dedication to task and a professional attitude, unrivalled by any other company.

All of our security training courses are structured in order to meet the specific needs of the customers.

ESTS International also run specialist courses for bodyguards working in high-threat-level environments such as Iraq, Afghanistan, South America, South East Asia and Africa. These courses are designed to school the bodyguard in the more advanced elements of close protection including weapon-handling skills. ESTS International Instructors are made up from former UK Special Forces, UK 14 Intelligence Group, UK Elite Royal Marines Commando Comacchio Group (now Fleet Protection Group) Counter-Terrorism & AntiTerrorism Marines, Police Anti-Terrorist Units, NATO Security Detachment and PSD, SET, AES and RLT Team Leaders (Iraq, Afghanistan, SE Asia).

PSD & SET Training Course Training Subjects: ESTS International The following subjects (but not limited to) are covered on the PSD & SET courses in both theory and practical session. • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Introduction to Close Protection Introduction to the PSD Objectives of Close Protection Protocol of a PSD Team Leader PSD Team Organisation Planning Operations Concept of Close Protection Introduction to Personal Security Food Security The RST Team Residential Security Requirements Security Routines in the Residence Static Guard Training Communications Skills

LGF Presentation Site Surveys Part 1 Site Surveys Part 2Surveillance Training Counter-Surveillance Training Anti-Surveillance Training Protective Surveillance Training Standard Operational Procedures Security Post Training Personnel Searching Vehicle Searching Assessing the Risk & Threat High Risk Personal Surveys Risk Evaluation Training Risk Management Training The Threat Assessment Conflict Management The PES Team Basic Foot Formations Advanced Foot Formations Body Protection Drills CP Formations Foot Escort Presentations Rules of Engagement

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Security Advance Party Route Planning Part 1 Route Planning Part 2 Route Planning Part 3 Route Selection Security IED Presentation – IED’s IED Presentation – Suicide Bombers IED Presentation – VBIED’s IED Presentation – ICD’s IED Presentation – Threat Mitigation Ambush Awareness Training Motorcade Ambush Drills Embus Training Debus Training

Basic First Aid Training CP Planning Process FLW Planning Process Operational Orders HRP Considerations HRP Survey High Risk of Capture Awareness CAT Vehicle Training CPP Motorcades Load Crossing Vehicle Drills Vehicle Escort Drills Vehicle Escort for Principals Venue Security Teams VIP Movement Principles Unarmed Combat Part 1 Unarmed Combat Part 2 Unarmed Combat Part 3 Terrorist MO Awareness Afghanistan Brief WMD Presentation HEZMAT Presentation Funding of Terrorism Security Management Training

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“..... I was immediately impressed with Steve’s knowledge of security operations especially those concerning executive protection. His ability to instruct on this subject is unsurpassed by other instructors that I've attended classes with. His ability to keep a student focused on the subject being taught is unrivalled. His ability to add humour and wit to class subjects makes retention of subjects easier for students. I learned a great deal from him and would love to have him working with my team here in Iraq as Team Leader ....." Reference: Chris, former US Military (PSD Manager, Iraq)

For all media and business enquiries, please email us at:

Bodyguard Training Courses: We are market leaders at providing our customers with professional Physical Security Training and Consultancy Services.

We continue to develop our existing training programmes in order to remain current.

Our courses are adaptive to the environment we are training our customer’s security teams to operate in.

Our courses range from Site Security to Hostile Environment PSD Courses.

ESTS International also offers low to medium-threat-environment bodyguard training courses. The training of students is a very specialized field especially when the student speaks very little English or the Instructor speaks very little of the students native language. In these circumstances training is extremely difficult and requires great time and patience by the instructor. The Directors of ESTS International and their associated consultants are very skilled in this area and have trained many local nationals in countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo and other environments. They have built excellent rapports with these students and are regularly contacted for advice and information. Having served in these environments for many years the instructors know what is needed that will work in that particular environment. ESTS Ltd have structured their training courses to meet the needs of the individual, from those with little or no security experience to those who have good experience in some of the CPP areas of expertise. We have found that the professional CPP Operator cannot stop learning all their lives, as quite simply the lives of their clients and themselves are at risk.

Bodyguard Course Training Subjects: The following subjects are covered on the Bodyguard Training courses in both theory and practical session. Note: Additional lessons and presentations are added as required.

Close Protection Duties Tactical Manoeuvres and Operations Anti-Ambush Driving Drills Unarmed Combat & Weapon Disarming Pressure Point Fighting Restraints Take-Down Techniques Police Defensive / Evasive Driving Residential Security Team Training Contingency Planning Controlling Checkpoints Psychology of Terrorism Information Gathering Asp Batons Techniques Intervention Model and Riot Control Bomb Search Procedures Medical Procedures Threat Analysis Communication Skills

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Negotiation and Conflict Resolution. Incident & Risk Management (local lawenforcement officials) Arrest and Release of Prisoners Target acquisition with Assault rifle Hand to hand CQB Route reconnaissance Communication skills (VHF & HF) International Law Statement & Report writing Travel planning for Clients Map reading SOPs (writing and coordinating) Route cards Client briefing Resistance to Interrogation (client brief) House plans (RST protection) Counter Terrorist Searching

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

"..... The moment Steve starts teaching you realize that he is extremely professional. His operational knowledge is impressive and the ability to pass on the skills to the student is excellent. I can say that he performs in an outstanding manner and would love to work alongside him anywhere in a hostile environment ....." Reference: 'Chip' Former UN PSD Teams (PSD 2ic, Iraq)

Our courses are designed so that we can identify any weaknesses in the students in time to affect the outcome of their training.

3-Day Trauma Skills for Security Operators: This course can be instructed to all field operators and they do not require prior medical training. The Trauma Skills course will give each team member the basic skill set to manage traumatic injuries in a hostile operational environment. By training all operational team members in basic tactical combat casualty care we will increase the unit’s combat effectiveness and its survivability. If we can make some minor changes in the teams trauma care skills training and equipment, we can improve the overall survival rate. Prerequisite / Current CPR. • • • • •

Tactical Combat Casualty Care Field Medic Assessments Open and Manage a Casualty's Airway Bleeding Control & Blood stoppers Treatment of Blast Injuries

• • • •

Burns and Gunshot wounds Initiate a Field Medical Card Evacuations Range Work with TCCC.

For all media and business enquiries, please email us at:

7-Day PSD Medic Training – Intermediate Level Course: Our Consultancy Services can be utilised to identify weaknesses in the customer’s existing security or to deliver a Security Management Solution.

Our Security Management Consultants are experts in designing effective Security Procedures and Protocols.

The Protective Security Detail - Medic course can be instructed to all field operators and they do not require prior medical training. This course will give each team member the basic skill set to manage traumatic injuries in a hostile operational environment. It is a comprehensive program that incorporates didactic material that is emphasized through practical scenario application. Students will develop life saving skills. In this 50-hour course students will be introduced to the most up to date critical life-support interventions. The primary focus will be on the management of traumatic injuries that a casualty may suffer in a hostile environment. With proper training and equipment operators can decrease preventable death while on high-risk operations. The PSD-medic training will increase the unit’s combat effectiveness and its survivability. • • • • • • •

Equipment Selection & Considerations Tactical Combat Care Care under fire Critical field interventions Patient assessments Airway management (NPA, OPA & King) Hypovolemic shock

• • • • • •

Soft tissue & Wound care (H-Bandage, CAT Application & Combat Gauze) Thoracic trauma (Decompression) Penetrating trauma CASEVAC set-up Thermal Injuries Environmental emergencies.

Students will have a chance to practice skill application in multiple field scenarios. The course is concluded with a practical integration scenario which includes sound and light distractions and a written confirmation.

12-Day Combat Medic – Advanced Level Course: The Advanced Combat Medic course must be preceded by the PSD- Medic course. It is an intense two week program that enhances the field medics’ capabilities and expands on trauma management and casualty care. This course consists of pre-readings and extensive lectures, labs and integration scenarios.

Contact us today to enquire about any of our Training Services or Security Consultancy Services; we are ready to help you.

• • • • • • • • • •

Equipment Selection & Considerations DRABC & CPR Primary & Secondary Surveys Airway Skills Surgical Airways Baseline Vitals Patient Assessments Bandaging & Splinting Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS) Kinematics of Trauma

• • • • • • • • • • •

Blast Injuries (IED’s) & Burns Multi-System Trauma Lifting & Moving Medical Emergencies Shock & Sepsis Anaphylaxis CASEVAC Intravenous Therapy AEDs Pain Control & Antibiotics Triage / MCI’s.


14-Day CQB & HRT Training: The 14-day Close Quarter Battle / Hostage Rescue Team training course was designed to instil the basic NSP’s and SOP’s associated with tactical firearms teams in a close or confined hostile environment. The course teaches the students the drills, tactics and procedures, instructing the students on the use of 4man and 8-man teams. Due to the sensitivity of this course, only a limited list of course content has been provided below. • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Secondary Weapon System NSP’s Primary Weapon System NSP’s Room Entry Drills Room Clearance Drills Arcs of Fire & Use of Cover Advance & Clear Training Restraint & Secure Techniques Confined Entry Training Breaching Training Marksmanship Training Long Range Cover Team Briefing Use of Intelligence Assets

• • • • • • • • • • • •

Use of Flash Grenades in Confined Areas Identifying & Removing the Threat 4-Man Team Entry 8-Man Team Entry CQB Techniques Clearing & Marking Equipment Selection Equipment Care Planning & Coordinating Close Target Reconnaissance Debriefing Hostages Unarmed Combat / Hand-to-Hand

For all media and business enquiries, please email us at:

ESTS Mobile Training Teams: Our Consultancy Services can be utilised to identify weaknesses in the customer’s existing security or to deliver a Security Management Solution.

In order to provide the customer with an effective, yet cost-effective training solution, ESTS have provided their very own version of a Mobile Training Team (MTT), ready to deploy to the customers own facilities anywhere in the world. The MTT is a truly effective means of delivering high-quality training courses, whilst keeping the cost down. The reality of a Mobile Training Team is that training can be conducted in a region or area that the students feel comfortable in. It has been found that students learn faster if they feel secure in their surroundings. The ESTS MTT is secure in any surroundings and will always give 100% to the students and the course they provide If you wish to know more about the ESTS MTT, please email us at the address provided at the end of this document in the Contact Information stating ‘ESTS MTT Enquiry’ in the subject field of the email.

ESTS International Contact Information:

Our Security Management Consultants are experts in designing effective Security Procedures and Protocols.

To discuss any of the Training or Consultancy Services contained within this brochure or any bespoke Security Training or Consultancy Service you may require, please contact our International Operations Director on the information provided below. Stephen Richards CMAS International Operations Director Executive Security & Training Services (UK) Ltd Certified Master Antiterrorism Specialist Accredited Ship Security Officer Accredited Company Security Officer (Maritime) Mobile: +44 (0) 7753 769 224 Email:

Contact us today to enquire about any of our Training Services or Security Consultancy Services; we are ready to help you.

URL Company Website: URL Training Website:

For all media and business enquiries, please email us at:

ESTS International Training Courses Brochure  

Current training courses for 2009 from ESTS International. New brochure due for release in January 2010.

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