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Bio I was born in San José, Costa Rica. I have always lived in the city, and being surrounded by all of its influences, I learned to love all of the sounds, textures and people in it. Design and creativity have been my passion ever since I can remember. I always liked to create and draw from the moment I could express myself. My second passion is travelling. I am fascinated by other cultures, history, traditions, food and landscapes. I believe travelling is one of the best ways to learn about the World and yourself. I am also an animal lover, vegetarian and physicall activities like crossfit.


Curriculum Vitae


My passion for design came from a very early age. I was always participating in high school set design for projects, painting, drawing, sculpting, among others. In University I studied architecture, developing a passion for interior design and installations. I believe that design should always include the user and their feelings. If something doesn’t cause anything on a person, it’s probably because it didn’t create an experience or impression on them. I think taking into consideration the past to be able to create or rethink a design is also one of the most important things we can do. I enjoy team work and leadership, combining what each individual can bring into the design. I am a driven person that works hard for what I love.

phone: +(506) 8836-5579 ig: @estrellasalas


Education Universidad VERITAS - Licenciate in Architecture 2011 - 2016 Universidad VERITAS - Bachellor in Product Design with Emphasis on Fashion 2016 present VERITAS is a design focused university. It is one of the best and well respected universities on the region, offering an integral education in Graphic / Advertising design, Architecture, Fashion, Film, Photography, Interior Design, Product Design and Digital Animation. BICC (Beijing International Chinese College) - Basic Mandarin - 2016 (scholarship)

Languages Spanish (native), English (Advanced), French (Basic) and Mandarin (learning).

certificates Publications:

Certificates (40 hours)

- Light Waterfalls -Domus Latin America Nov Edition 2014 -World Architecture “Flashes of Light” - Protection - LOLA Mag 1st Edition Oct 2017

• Experimental Draping • Scenic Dressing • Shoe-making • FabTextile (applied technology in fashion) • CoolHunting • Events production • VR and Augmented Reality

Work experience INBIO PARQUE ( Nov 2014 - Mar 2015) Professional Practice Internship I worked in the Farm section of the park, in charge of restauring structures, moslty painting, and creating enhancements for the workers and animals needs. Fab Lab VERITAS (Apr 2015 - July 2016) Social Media Manager - Designer - Fab Textile Coordinator - Customer Service I worked directly in the Fab Lab in charge of several areas, from customer service helping students with laser cutting and 3d printing, to developing commercual projects for the organization. I also was in charge of giving and creating workshops related to Fab Kids and Fab Textile Network. International Program of Fashion Design in VERITAS University (July 2016 - present) Assistant - Fab Textile Assistant I currently work as an administrative assistant for the Fashion Design School in VERITAS, I am coursing the same career with a scholarship from the University. I am also in charge of any project related to Fab Textile and technology. Free Lance Designer (July 2017 - present) Architect - Branding - Interior Design I work on my own with interior design and architecture projects. I have also done furniture design during this time, as well as some branding projects for several clients.

Skills Drawing and illustration - Fast accurate sketching and idea generation. - Technical plans. - Digital or manual fashion illustration.


- Apple and Microsoft OS literale. - Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint. - Vectorworks 2008 - 2014 - Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. - Rhinoceros 5 and Vray. Modelling - Great 3D modelling and rendering - Grasshopper (basics) - Google Sketchup abilities. - Great modelling skills, from quick - AutoCad conceptual to final presentation models. - 123d Make - 123 Design - Make Human Communication - Cura 3d Printing - Great verbal presentation skills. - Arduino - Good team and leaderships skills. - Fritzing - Punctual and reliable. - iMovie - Sketch Book Pro - Corel Draw - Laser cutting programs.

Research - Writing and creating comprehensive design report. - Creating ad designing presentations for ideas or projects.

Other skills - User Experience (UX) course with BrainStation Costa Rica (2016). - Fashion event planning. (2015,2016 & 2017) - 3D printing, modelling and scanning. Laser cutting and CNC Milling. - Soft electronics and arduino experience.


Architecture L i g h t W a t e r fa l l s Hierbabuena Juicebox

dig.Fab Pe r i p e t e i a Fa b Z O O



Fashion Havana Homesick Te k n é F r i e n d s n o t Fo o d SobriArch

8 10

14 16 18

22 24 26 28






This is the result from a workshop called “Building the essence”, that was meant to explore with different materials to create an installation that included a sense of space and human interaction. The material chosen for the project named “sondaleza” comes from Costa Rican memory of rocking chairs. From this idea of rocking chairs and rest they provide, the design was born, thinking of a space that could bring back memories from the material and also allow the user to rest and enjoy the sky and given surroundings. It almost creates a “capsule” that makes the user wander in their thoughts. In this case, the project was placen in a local abandoned park with a few trees. The results from neighbors or drivers by were surprising, as they stopped to go inside the plastic waterfalls. It provided a whole experience from watching it from the distance, to actually go through the layers of strands and lay in the bed to watch the sky. It made users feel safe and private, but being watched the whole time because of its transparency. To frame the environment and vanish from it at the same time became a rule for the imagination, a escape from the city that takes you into a world to dance with the wind, that absorbs the light through its strands and plays to catch an ever chancing scenery.

Initial Sketches


light waterfalls

This project was one of the 2 chosen between 25 different student proposals, and it took around 9 km of strand to hand knit in the metal frame structure.

Proposal Render Photography by Andrés García Lachner


HierbaBuena JuiceBox & Store is a commercial project for a Crossfit Box, that consists of a mini-store and juice bar. It includes a small kitchen, and storage space for the products, as well as a bar space for clients that want to stay during consumption of their smoothie. The design is inspired by the word “box” which is usually used to call crossfit spaces. The bar was designed in Rhinoceros and cut via CNC Milling. It is inspired on the name “Blacksteel” (the name of the crossfit box) and it’s an abstraction of the letters fading into each other. It is all done in Honduran pine wood and a steel frame.

Proposal Render


hierbabuena juicebox & Store

The JuiceBox also features a “gate” on one of its sides, to protect it from the rain, but it can me opened in case of events and competitions, making the space bigger and included into it.

Proposal Render


fondo de la pileta

Plan 0.80 mt 0.25 mt

2.90 mt refrigerador pequeĂąo incrustado


0.40 mt

0.13 mt

0.13 mt

0.30 mt 0.13 mt


estanterĂ­a de 3 niveles

0.13 mt 0.13 mt 0.13 mt

0.30 mt0

.30 mt 2.90 mt


Dig. fabr icati on


MBFW SJ 2016


This project is a collaboration for jewellery design between local fashion designer Bryan Cecas and myself. This was part of his graduation project, and also his debut in the local fashion week event, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week San JosĂŠ 2016. Cecas received best revelation designer of the whole event, and got to present the project in Guatemala as well. Several of the pieces have been used in editorial publications and received mentions in Vogue Mexico as well. Cecas decided because of his theme for the project that involved technology, that he wanted to have details in his collection that made it complete. It was agreed that statement jewellery would be a must, and it was done using 3D modelling and printing, under the design and supervision of Estrella Salas. Photography by At.Pier

The project involves several sets of rings, ear cuffs, necklaces, details in the clothing itself, as small 3D printed details and laser cut patterns. It’s a process that took around 3 months of completition, from design to 3D printing and testing. It took around 100 hours of printing to complete the collection. This was done thanks to our local Fab Lab VERITAS help in lending the space and 3D printers.

Photography by Matías Bolívar


Fab ZOO is a project done for the Fab Lab Network and Fab Lat Kids. It was debuted in VERITAS University’s Encuentro de Diseño e Innovación yearly event in 2015. The project consisted of 2 workshops, “Set your dinosaur” and Fab ZOO, (CatFAB, RhinoFAB and EleFab), all for kids between 5 and 12 years old. The first workshop consisted of 2 different kinds of dinosaurs laser cutted in 3 mm acrylics like a puzzle.

EDI Encuentro de diseno e innovacion event 2015

Fab Zoo

The second workshop included three different animals, a rhinoceros, an elephant and a jaguar. They are 3d models downloaded from open source sites, and then processed though a program called 123D Make. This programs allows to cut the models in different techniques via laser cutting. A geometrical design was selected to be set up like a giant puzzle.

The animals were cut in 9 mm cardboards, and took around 4 hours each to put together. Laser cutting all of the pieces took around 3 working days. The biggest one was 3 meters long, resembling a real sized baby rhinoceros. The idea of the workshop was to take the animals in parts, and put them together with the children, and create this sense of seing non regular animals in real size next to them. They have no need of glue, as they’re ensambled together with plastic cable holders.


An abstraction and analysis was done to the fruit, and a module was designed from it. This module was then laser cut around 400 times, to create a texture that can be used in different ways. It can be a dress, a shirt or an abstract piece.



Protection is a school design project in fashion school, that comes from identifying yourself and comparing with a fruit. In this case the designer chose a pineapple, for its tough and intimidating exterior yet sweet and soft insides.

The project took around 20 hours to hand put all the modules together. It is done in a rough white shoe sole material that gave stiffness to the design, creating volumetric architectural looks. It was featured in LOLA Magazine first’s publication.

Photography by Juan Calivรก


Fash ion


Havana Homesick is as twelve outfits collection inspired in Havana, Cuba, but mainly in its Art Deco architecture and traditional cuban music. The main purpose of the collection was to evoke a nostalgia in the user as in the person who observes it. This graduation project is dedicated to my father. It has very strong architectural lines in the designs based on Art Deco studies, and the color palette is inspired the rhythms of traditional music, the life and joy that Cubans in general are known for. A combination of nostalgia and joy is also shown through the pattern designs created for the collection. The user for this project is a strong woman, who is not afraid to wear anything that makes her feel empowered and wishes to stand out from the rest. The collection ranges from formal to casualwear, and also from swimwear to resort. A line of accessories was also designed, with the help of 3d printing and laser cutting, a range of hats, turbans & sunglasses, the pieces were 3d modelled and printed directly on the material, while others were laser cutted and then crossstitched all over to have a huge amount of manual work into it.

The patterns are an important part of the collection, as they bring joy and nostalgia to it. These were created digitally by hand painting them directly on Photoshop and also collaging pictures from actual buildings in Havana.


Havana homesick

Photography by MatĂ­as BolĂ­var

The art direction of the photoshoot aims to make observers feel like they are in Cuba, enjoying themselves and living this nostalgia.


Tekné comes from the greek meaning of technique, technology and arts. This collection has an architectonic approach to the construction of some pieces, and is also inspired by Jackson Pollock’s work. It looks so combine these concepts with manual work on the pleads to achieve its “tekné” meaning. This project looks to re-think the way formal-wear is normally approached and create some comercial pieces as well.

A specific user was studied to look for its right consumer, and this was achieved via interviews, taking likes, dislikes, goals, desires, needs and mobility map of the person interviewed.



This collection was eventually thought for two kinds of events, a formal one, for example a gallery opening, and a casual one, that would be traveling. This shows certain necesities for the outfits, for example being comfortable while traveling, yet still stylish. It also plays a bit with a gender-less concept in some pieces.

The print is inspired by Jackson Pollock’s work, by digitally creating a painting in Adobe Photoshop, with a palette that is ambigous enough yet strong for both genders.

Photography by Matías Bolívar

The illustrations were digitally done in Sketch Book Pro by the designer as well. Also the pieces were sewn by the designer, including pleads, patterns, illustrations, art direction and styling.


“Friends not Food” is a Kidswear Design Project, that comes from the creation of an illustrated kids story. The story, of the same name, tells the journey of an alien family that needs to come to Earth to find the most delicious food, human children, but the youngest of the family befriends a tiny human. When his family says they’re going to eat her, he tells them that he doesn’t eat his friends, and that every living creature has the right to live. The short story tries to give children the sense of compassion, and encourage vegetarianism by respecting other living beings on Earth. The illustrations were made in collaboration by local graphic artist Verónica Blanco. The collection looks to show some of the colors and settings in the story, as cold weather, the spaceship, and galaxy. This is done by using soft and warm fabrics, and also creating hand made woven pieces, such as socks and short-coat.


friends not food

Some of the pieces are thought to be fun for the children wearing them, giving them pockets in shapes of planets, the print inspired in aliens and space, and textures such as faux fur. Some of the pieces are planned to be reversible, so they can combine with other outfits, or mix and match in the collection itself.

In total the collection consists of 4 outfits, of 3 pieces each, top, bottom and complement. These were all sawm by the designer, including the woven pieces. Many color schemes were made to reach the final color palette in the clothing, and this was thought to be bolder yet elegant for the average 5 - 6 years old girl.

Photography by Matías Bolívar

Some pieces feature hand embroidery, inspired by space, such as planets, stars and rocket ships. These were commisioned to local artist María José Núñez and gave them the perfect final details to some of the personal favourite outfits.


This Activewear Design Project comes from the study of a determined sport, in this case Thriathlon, and the subsecuent body lessions you can get from it. This was consulted with a specialized professional doctor in sports, and a shoulder and knee lession were chosen to work in. The collection is meant to help athletes with these lessions in their trainings or events. This was also accomplished by using different fabrics in these body parts, to create compression in them and not only help, but reming the user to be careful when working out.

A specific user profile was studied to get the results, studying their daily and free time mobility range, to their work, university and frecuent practice locations. Also their personal tastes, desires, habits and need were taken into consideration. In this case, a user between 20-27 years old was chosen, an architecture student and wishes their training clothing wasn’t so average, and reflects her influence of design into the clothing.



An architectural pattern was created on photoshop, inspired by different concrete textures and geometrical effects. This was meant to reflect the user’s likes and to highlight the structural construction of the outfits.

The collection consists of four outfits, all of them are 1 piece. Also a cape was designed, meant to be gender-less and give an elegant feel to the outfits.

The thinker

Color tests

Several color tests were done before The trend “The Thinker” from WGSN choosing the final one on all outfits. was used as influence to the designs as well, for its architectural characteristics and user study.

Photography by Matías Bolívar



phone: +(506) 8836-5579 San JosĂŠ, Costa Rica - 2018

ig: @estrellasalas

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