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Allergy To Perfume: Annoying Problem Allergy to perfume: annoying problem Toilet paper and eye drops as an allergen On average we use about five different scented products, a total of up to eleven times per day. No problem, if you're not sensitive to it. But excessive use can cause perfume fragrance allergy i.e. allergic contact dermatitis. And perfume is in more products than you think. Allergy, perfume allergy, allergic contact dermatitis, eczema, eyelids, fragrance, lira cinnamon Excessive use of perfume can cause allergic contact dermatitis, or a perfume allergy. But research ( Panel Wizard, 2011 ) shows that we Dutch are poorly informed of the amount of perfume that we use every day. We think we daily use only three scented products. However, women come out to about six scented products per day, with thirteen perfume moments. Men use daily for about four products, with nine perfume moments. For 24 percent of respondents irritation fragrance products a reason to switch to fragrance-free προδυκτς However, more than half of this group gets when the irritation is gone, again on their familiar perfumed product. Remarkably, for a perfume allergy is not usually about: reactions may temporarily disappear, but often stabbing the head again when the skin comes into contact with allergens.

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