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Should You get a Phone Case Are you one of those people who have just bought a brand sparkling new Samsung Galaxy S3 and are looking for ways to ensure that it lasts as long as other phones. Maybe before this, you were using an older and less expensive phone that also was not a smart phone. If this is the case you may be worried that your new Samsung Galaxy S3 might not be as hardy as your old phone. Of course there are high chances that at some point of time you will drop it and then you will wonder if the screen has cracked or not. This is not just the case with you alone; in fact so many people drop their expensive and often delicate phones that they are very commonly inclined to find covers or cases for their smart phones, even when they are using a Samsung Galaxy S3. So if you are one of those Samsung Galaxy S3 users and are afraid of breaking or damaging your phone then you should try getting a cover or a case like a samsung galaxy s3 case. Some critics on the internet complain that covers often make phones look unappealing and that you do not need a cover for your smart phone, even a samsung galaxy s3 cases and covers. These critics often say that using a cover or case adds to the bulk that already comes with using a heavy smart phone. This might not be the case if you are using a far lighter case, but it is for you to decide how much bulk you are comfortable carrying in your hand. If you do not think it is heavy enough already then you should be okay with adding a cover or a case to it. Remember though that covers are prone to get dirty very easily, especially if you are using a very light color such as white and yellow and if your cover has a cloth lining. Even though the cover might be easy to clean with some cotton and some water, doing it repeatedly can be annoying if you do not need the cover in the first place. But here are some reason why you should use a cover or case for your smart phone, especially your Samsung Galaxy S3, instead of listening to critics on the internet: first of all, it will make absolutely certain that even if you do drop your phone, the screen will not crack and if will have lower chances of internet damage. Although this will not make sure that you do not drop your phone, the chances of you damaging it will obviously be less. Additionally, the chances of you scratching the phone very badly from the back will also go down by a lot. Not only will the phone end up looking better and newer when you are using it, but if and when you decide to resell your Samsung Galaxy S3 for a new phone, then the value of the phone on the market will be higher if you are using a samsung galaxy s3 cases. Stephen Berke is the author of this content has vast experience on Phone accessories. Here he describes

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Should You get a Phone Case