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A FRESH LOOK Come and see the wonderful changes taking place at Eston College. We praise God for His provision! What an encouragement it was to see the thirty-five year old carpet replaced in the dining hall and rec room over the Christmas holidays. There was a good crew of staff, students and alumni to help carry out and haul away the old carpet. It was equally exciting to watch new paint be applied to the walls in the dining hall and lounge. This gives such a boost to staff, faculty and students as they see much needed improvements taking place. It really looks good! Those who generously supplied the carpet asked to remain anonymous but we know they will one day be rewarded. Wayne Lowenberg was smiling because he knew that there would be no more carpet to fix for a long time and Evelyn Dolan breathed a sigh of relief knowing that her “bleach spot” of thirty years ago was finally gone. (Youʼll have to ask her how it got there...something about cleaning shower curtains). There is nothing like the look and smell of new carpet! A mere two weeks after the carpet had been laid some alumni from Saskatoon arrived with some fresh paint for the walls of the lounge and cafeteria. Because the board meetings that were being conducted the same weekend finished early, some members who joined the crew on Friday night and part of Saturday morning, grabbed a brush and started painting. With all the staff, students and alumni we finished the huge lounge area and dining hall by 4:00 p.m. on Saturday and

were even able to get one of the offices painted. Everyone had a great time and the laughter was only interrupted once when some scaffolding collapsed taking our president along for the ride. From out of somewhere could be heard the voice of his seven year old son saying, “Wow Dad that was totally wicked!” Brian was fine and thankfully the paint container that fell from his hand did not land on the new carpet! We are very grateful for all who have contributed to the completion of these tasks and we want you to know that there are still many more projects to be tackled. Please pray that we will find a remedy for our very leaky roof. When it began to thaw last week, Wayne could be seen rounding up buckets to capture all the drips. Continued on next page ...


ESTON COLLEGE is an Evangelical, Pentecostal community whose mission is to develop disciples of Christ - faithful men and women educated in the wisdom of the Bible who walk in obedience to the Holy Spirit and who extend God’s grace by serving as His ambassadors in the home, Church, and marketplace.

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CONT INUE D F ROM F RONT PAG E : … Offices also had to be rearranged to ensure minimal water damage to furniture and equipment. There are many ways to be involved in the college, please call today and ask how you can be of help. - Shelly Fuller Thank you to all who helped with the carpet and paint: Alumni - Marian & Don McLean, Doug & Sandy Mortensen, Kurt & Kelly Bolan, Dave McLeod, Zach McLeod, Cliff Mutch, Wade Liknes, Russ Melle, Shelly Fuller, Derek Wilson, Students - Kaleb McLeod, Melody Krieger, Melissa Kroker, Alex Pezzutto, Troy Kirkpatrick, Staff – Wayne Lowenberg, Brian Fuller, Jeff & Brenda Frost, Levi Simpson, Dean Pinter, Josh Chalmers, Damien Kurek, Community – Aubrey Day, Board Members – Lyla Veinot, Rhonda Deagle and finally thanks to the carpet layers from Canada Rug.


ESTON COLLEGE’S 64th CONVOCATION This is our official invitation to you - come and join with us as we celebrate Godʼs faithfulness in the lives of our graduates over the weekend of April 29 - May 1, 2011. Friday, April 29 5:00 pm Supper (available in the cafeteria) 7:30 pm Evening Service - Ben Kirkpatrick Saturday, April 30 10:30 am Brunch 1:00 pm Praise & Worship Gathering 1-4 pm Grad Photos 5:00 pm Banquet 7:00 pm Graduation Celebration & Awards

Sunday, May 1 10:00 am Graduation Exercises " Valedictory Address " Graduation Address - Steve Atkins Presentation of Graduates 12:30 pm

Lunch (available in the cafeteria)

NOTE: Class reunions will not be held over graduation weekend. Rather, we encourage you to attend the Praise & Worship Gathering at 1:00pm on Saturday, April 30 as well as our Alumni & Friends Weekend later this year! Details will be announced soon.

GRAD WEEKEND RESPONSE FORM: Please order your tickets by April 15, 2011 by completing and sending us this form or by phoning the office toll-free at 1.888.440.3424. Mr/Mrs/Ms. ______________________________________________ Address: ________________________________________________ City: ___________________________________________________ Province: __________________ Postal Code: __________________

MEAL TICKETS will be available for purchase upon arrival. FRI Supper: $9.50 SAT Brunch: $9.50 SUN Breakfast: $4.00 SUN Lunch: $9.50

Grad Banquet Tickets: _______ Adults @ $14.00, _______ Ages 6-12 @ $7.00, _______ Ages 5 & Under = Free Accommodations: (A limited number of rooms are available in our dorms. Be sure to book early.) Dorms

# of Men _______ # of Women _______ For the nights of _______________ to _______________

Trailer Parking Making own arrangements

For Your Information: ESTON HOTELS Coach House Motor Inn 306.962.4888 Double T Motor Inn 306.962.3639

Amount of cheque enclosed (non-refundable) $__________________ B OX 57 9 E S TO N S K S 0 L 1 A 0 • P H : 3 0 6 . 9 6 2 . 3 6 21 • F X : 3 0 6 . 9 6 2 . 3 810 • W W W. E S TO N C O L L E G E . C A




This is our favourite time of year, where we are able to welcome young people into our college home and provide for them a place where they can meet with God and grow in a deeper relationship with Him. Join us for a great weekend of fun activities, powerful services, dynamic dramas, excellent worship and captivating speakers.






MAY 6-8

AGES 15-22

AGES 12-15

T H E S E D AT E S :




Visit our website, under News & Events, for registration forms. For more information about SR HIGH weekend contact Laura Chalmers at 1.888.440.3424 or For information on JR HIGH weekend please contact Mavis Mulder at 1.888.440.3424 or







Sr High Encounter Weekend Speaker: Tim Sheppard CONTACT: Laura Chalmers 1.888.440.3424

College Experience Weekend CONTACT: Sean and Melissa Stevenson-Douglas 1.888.440.3424

Jr High Encounter Weekend CONTACT: Mavis Mulder 1.888.440.3424



Reading Break

Graduation 2011 CONTACT: Judy Olyowsky 1.888.440.3424

LISTEN ONLINE: Tune in to great messages weekly through our website! We are excited to now be offering our chapel services online. Go to and click on ʻNews & Events - Mediaʼ to enjoy our speakers and learn with our students! Along with our regular chapels, you will be able to listen to special services that happen throughout each term - Deeper Life and Opening Services, Festival of Missions, Encounter weekends, and more!

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Jemima Ake GO Discipleship

Caleb Davis Sophomore

Gina Flett Freshmen

Clayton Hayden GO Discipleship

Su-Young Jang ESL

Landon Lavigne GO Discipleship

LOOKING FOR AN INTERN? Do you think that your church or ministry

CONTACT TEAMS This term our students are heading out in teams to connect with surrounding churches. It is a valuable experience for our students as they interact with the body of Christ in a tangible way - serving and learning. FEB. 4-6 FEB.18-20      Edmonton: North Edmonton Christian    Kipling: Peopleʼs Church " Fellowship    Weyburn: Youth Centre & Salvation Army    Veteran/ Sedalia: Full Gospel Church " Church      Hanna: New Life Community Church FEB.11-13      Strathmore: Full Gospel Church FEB. 25-27    High River: Full Gospel Church    Saskatoon: SK Home Based Educators    Prince Albert: Apostolic Church " Convention    Lethbridge: Misericordia Fellowship          Redberry Bible Camp: Youth Retreat    Saskatoon: Rock of Ages Lutheran Church         Edmonton: Missions Fest    Humboldt: Bible Church     MARCH 11-13 FEB.18-20    North Battleford: Mogul Mania Youth Retreat    Grenfell: Apostolic Church  

CONNECTING I was given the opportunity to go to North Edmonton Christian Fellowship with a contact team this semester. The most memorable part of the weekend was spending a morning with Pastor Donna Cross and the church board. We were blessed to hear about the history of the church and the involvements of each one as the church grew. On a personal level, as someone who wants to be involved in the ministry, I found it very helpful to hear Pastor Donnaʼs story and her journey of becoming a female lead pastor. It was a great time of encouragement and fellowship! - Autumn Johnston, Sophomore

OUR INTERNING STUDENTS: Jonathan Bueckert Interned at the Full Gospel Church in Swift Current, SK from MayDec 2010 under Rev. Wendell Quincey.

Daniel Cole Interned at Nipawin Apostolic Church in Nipawin, SK from SeptDec 2010 under Rev. Rod Barks.

Jordan Duncan Is currently interning at Eston College under Rev. Dr. Dean Pinter in the academic dept.

Katy Haydon Is currently interning at Eston College under Brenda Frost in the Resident Director position.

would benefit from having a Bible college student on-site for a season? Do you have skills and opportunities which would be beneficial to a young person exploring options in ministry? Visit our website (under ʻAlumniʼ) for details, or contact our Internship Director : 1.888.440.3424 or

Kurt Langerud Is currently interning with Bridges of Hope in Lethbridge, AB under Rev. Dr. Daniel Zopoula.

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Matthew 28: 19-20

B OX 57 9 E S TO N S K S 0 L 1 A 0 • P H : 3 0 6 . 9 6 2 . 3 6 21 • F X : 3 0 6 . 9 6 2 . 3 810 • W W W. E S TO N C O L L E G E . C A


GORDON FEE COLLECTION RECEPTION Dr. Gordon Fee, respected Pentecostal theologian, and his wife Maudine generously donated Gordonʼs extensive personal library to Eston College. At a reception held in the Eston College Library on January 20, 2011 the college students, staff, faculty and board expressed thanks for the contribution. Gordonʼs daughter, Dr. Cherith Fee-Nordling, was present to convey the familyʼs intent that the collection of books be available to young students who are disciples of Christ so that the books would continue to impact lives and shape the world into the future. Dr. Dean Pinter, professor of New Testament at Eston College, worked with Gordon while studying at Regent College in Vancouver. Dean acknowledges the senior scholarʼs impact on his life as Gordon demonstrated that a Christian can be a scholar who passionately engages biblical truth with both mind and heart. As Dean spoke to the gathering at the library reception, he indicated that the Fee Collection increased the quantity of holdings in the library significantly (15%) and added quality to our library collection. Since Gordon Fee participated in the committee which translated the New International Version (the most widely read English Bible), his resources are those of a master. Dean challenged current students not only to pick up the tools and learn to use them effectively, but also to catch Gordonʼs passion for the Gospel and desire to transmit it to others, becoming ʻscholars on fireʼ. Eston College gratefully accepts this gift and acknowledges its benefit to faculty, students, alumni and the larger body of Christ. - Mavis Mulder, Faculty



Soo-Jeong Baek Brett Barks Brenden Branscombe Daniel Cole Nicole Deagle Jenny-Rae Diggins Jordan Duncan Rev. Masaru Fujii Adrienne Mason Jesse Miller Sarah Myers Alexander Pezzutto Damaris Rottier Akiko Yamana Nickolas Yoner

HONOURABLE MENTION (85 - 89.9%) Michela Adlem Shelby Bachtold Danielle Bober Byron Frank Katy Haydon John Hogan Steve Karhunen Troy Kirkpatrick Joanna Korchinski Brent Mason Autumn Merrill Joel Povey Alana Schmidt Jason Schmidt Kirstie Seier Jesse Switzer Lea-Arin Warkentine

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BIRTHS Jason (96-99) and Jennifer Sheppard welcomed a daughter to their family. Avery Jaye was born on November 10, 2010 in Regina, SK. She weighed 6lbs 4oz and is a sister for Reagan.

Byron (04-05) and Jasmin (Wagner, 05) Frank welcomed a son to their family. Israel Holdon Hayden was born February 2, 2011 weighing 8lbs 1oz.

DEATHS Alvin Block (53) Predeceased by wife Ruth. Survived by second wife Vivian and d a u g h t e r s B e r y l A n n a n d Te r r y Rasmussen and Heather (82-84) and Dave Day, as well as five grandchildren.

Ron Hooper (55-57). Survived by wife Barb and children Dave (83-86) and Vicki (Stevenson 88-91), Esther (87-88), and John as well as two grandchildren. Ron was the founder of the Full Gospel Indian Bible School in Fort QuʼAppelle, which celebrated their 50th Anniversary just shortly after his death. Ron served as visiting faculty in 1980 and 1982. He graduated with the Post Basic Degree in 2003 and received the Merit Award in General Studies.

GENERATIONS SEEKING DEEPER LIFE At the start of each semester we have special services to “kick start” the new term. This January we were privileged to have Rev. Rod Barks from Nipawin Apostolic Church join us.  Rod and his wife Cheryl attended FGBI in 1984-87 and both returned for a semester of courses and graduated with Bachelor Degrees in Biblical Studies in 2004.  Rod and Cheryl have 4 children.  Their son Brett is a freshmen student this year.  Brett had this to say about his father speaking at the Deeper Life Services: “The Deeper Life services at the beginning of this second semester were truly inspiring. When you have such an awesome God, such a great speaker (I am a little biased), and such an attentive audience (once again, a little biased), Godʼs presence is inevitable. It was in His presence that we were taught about “Stepping in the Footsteps of God” and “Seeking the Presence of God.” Our student body has been putting into practice the application of these principles in searching for Godʼs plans for this semester as well as the next. In our practice of seeking God, we have found His presence consistently in our chapel services, but also in our day-to-day lives. These “kick start” services truly deepened our relationships with God.” If you would like to hear the services please go to and click on “News & Events - Media”.

Shan Gross (80-83) of Calgary, AB, passed away January 6, 2011.

HAVE NEWS? Alumni/ae news items are welcome. For details on how to submit your update, visit our website alumni. You may also give us your news by emailing: or calling 1.888.440.3424. Please indicate “Eston College LIFE Alumni/ae News” when submitting. If you have a photo to accompany a birth or wedding announcement, please include it and we will print it as space permits.

Rod and Cheryl with children, Brett, Britney, Tiara, and Mikayla.


ALUMNI Eston College is updating our alumni data base and needs your help! Do you know of someone who has changed their contact information - mail, email or phone? You can help us by letting us know! Call 1.888.440.3424 or email

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GIVING BACK: I count it an honour and a privilege to be able to give back to Eston College by serving on the Board of Directors. Over the course of the past year I have been able to see firsthand the work that God is doing in the lives of students and the world around them. I spent 3 years at Eston College (1998-2001). As I moved on to university, I soon realized the experience, knowledge and spiritual growth that I had gained at Eston had prepared me to face a world that I was not ready for as an 18 year old. Our mission at Eston College is to train and develop disciples of Christ that will be prepared to positively affect the world around them. Many times this will lead to full-time ministry, or for those that chose a different path, to become Christʼs ambassadors in the workplace and their homes. In my interactions with students since last April, I know that these are not just words. The students at Eston truly care about living a Christ-like life and I am inspired each and every time I walk through the doors. We depend on the support of our Alumni and donors to ensure that these doors remain open. To all of you that currently support the College, thank you so much. To everyone that has a place in their heart for Eston College and has been thinking about making a donation I say, “the time is now”. We are on the verge of great things at the school. I believe God will move mightily as we listen to his direction. Thank you for your support and may you receive and experience the amazing grace of Jesus Christ. - Graham Toth, Board Member 2010-Present Pictured with wife, Carla (Schlamp, 99-01) and children, Ellis and Hunter


There are many ways to support the college and our students! Here are just a few ideas: Donate household goods and exercise equipment to the college, volunteer time and services for special projects, mentor or disciple a student, provide employment for a student or a learning opportunity for an intern, pray for our students and staff, help a student fundraise for a WAT trip or their tuition, support the college with a financial gift, and more!

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LIFE March 2011

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JOIN US IN PRAYER ... • • • • • • •

that as Christʼs willing servants we will partner closely with our churches, ministries and missionaries to achieve His will for this world. that our WAT teams (going on short-term missions trips to Burkina Faso, Quebec, and England) will raise the funds they need by May. for our professors to be filled with Godʼs wisdom to faithfully impart the ways of Christ to their students and that the Holy Spirit would speak resoundingly through them. that our students will learn what it means to die to self and live for Christ. that our student body will increase next year. Our goal is to have between 80-100 students! that our faculty and staff will be united in the Spirit and bound together with peace. for our alumni. Our desire is that they will seek first Godʼs Kingdom and His righteousness, and that they will be productive and useful in their knowledge of Christ.

VOLUNTEER THIS SUMMER AND EARN TUITION! This past summer we offered a discount in tuition and fees to students who would volunteer 80 hours of service with a Christian organization. With the incentive, students had the opportunity to minister in many ways. Some of the involvements chosen by students were mission trips, camps, Street Invaders, VBS and youth groups. We will be offering this $1600.00 incentive again this summer. At Eston College we strongly believe that that every person should have a minimum of one year of Bible education."W i t h t h e rising cost of education across the country, it is becoming difficult for students to make that investment and we hope this opportunity for tuition assistance helps those students who also have a desire to spend part of their summer volunteering in various ministries. Please contact the admissions department at 1.888.440.3424 or




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March 2011 LIFE  
March 2011 LIFE  

OUR MISSION STATEMENT A mere two weeks after the carpet had been laid some alumni from Saskatoon arrived with some fresh paint for the walls...