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equally notable are more subtle cues taken from: Invention of Writing the use of text

Invention of Printing Press and Moveable Type printed material, original origin of dissemination

Commercial Revolution

popularity of commerce, mass media

Industrial Revolution

highlight manufacturing, consumerism and capitalism, advances in printing

Post Modernism

layering of unrelated photographic images to create meaning

Digital Revolution making this possible


Corporate Identity, Branding, Visual Systems showcasing identity Image Analysis designed by Erica Stivison

black bar with title

Suprematism and Constructivism

brightly colored type

focus on a simple, bold geometric form of a rectangle

Pop Art

demands attention

neutraface typeface sans serif typeface | simple line of text

International Typographic Style

lack of ornamentation | cleans lines call for legibility and cleanliness

Art Deco

type takes on pure, linear geometric form

wide range of bright colors


broad use of color in the image

overall composition


celebration of youth and industry | rejection of the past

image of a woman

Art Nouveau

the woman as mysterious and a symbol of the modern era

illustration focused on use of color and quality of line

Expressionism and Die Neue Sachlichkeit

representation of the musicality style to express feeling of music | use of expressive feeling through color choice

gdes history image analysis  

breakdown of rogue wave record to signify historical influences of design

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