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Before the Industrial Revolution, most of people lived in villages and worked on the land. They grew their own food and made their own tools and clothes. Artisans usually worked at home

After the Industrial Revolution, factories used equipment like steam engines and machines to make goods.Factories were very big buildings with lots of workers. Thounsands of people moved from the country to the towns to work in the factories. New towns often grew around the factories.

Men, women and children worked in the factories. They had to work for very long hours and there were many accidents. Children often had to work more than ten hours a day. They didn't earn much money.

The new factories needed a lot of coal to make steam to power the machines. So coal mining became an important industry. Men, women and children worked in the coald mines. These were very dangerous places.

The new factories needed transport for the goods they manufactured. In the 18th century the roads were very bad so the factory owners used boats on canals to transport the goods. Then, in the th early 19 century, the steam train was invented. Trains were much better than canals because they were faster and it was easier to transport goods.


I think that the children are very little and should not work in mines or in dangerous places. I think that factories in the new towns are not good because expelled smoke and the smoke is not good.

Industrial revolution