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INTERNATIONAL STUDENT REQUIREMENTS DIPLOMA PROGRAMME ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS 1) Students must formally submit an application to the International Diploma Programme. Applicants to the CIDESCO programme are required to have completed secondary school, including grade 10 mathematics and grade 12 English and must be over the age of 18. While there are no other specific academic pre-requisites, biology, chemistry, and electrical physics will be featured strongly in this programme, therefore an adequate background in these subjects would be an asset to students. The Esthetic Institute (TEI) may request applicants to provide transcripts supporting previous education. Applicants over 20 years of age may have different application requirement, please contact us for further information. Applicants are required to be proficient in written and spoken English. The Esthetic Institute conducts all classes in English and does not have the capacity to offer language assistance. Students must be proficient enough to participate in classes, study, communicate with students, educators, and clients, write client notes and essays, as well as be examined in English without assistance. Please note that international students are personally and solely responsible for acquiring any required visas to study in Canada. 2) International students must complete a one hour personal interview via Skype session with the diploma programme director. At this time, they will also go through a detailed orientation regarding the structure of the program, fees required, and refund policies. 3) In order to assess applicant’s English proficiency, a TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) exam is required to be completed by the applicant in their home country with final scores submitted to TEI for consideration. 4) Students are required to pay a $35.00 application processing fee. 5) Students are required to secure their own living accommodations as TEI does not support campus housing.

STUDENT DISPUTE RESOLUTION PROCESS The Esthetic Institute (TEI) has a full-time student adviser on campus to discuss any concerns or disputes regarding the academic programmes we offer. Students are invited to speak directly to the student adviser or may submit a confidential evaluation form should a situation arise that requires resolution. In addition, the education school director is also available to assist both the student and adviser should additional support or action be required. The student adviser is available during regular school business hours of Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. Student Adviser Cheryl Newton 403.263.2204 ext 232 POLICY FOR TUITION FEES AND REFUNDS TUITION FEES Self Funded Students For students who choose to pay their own tuition (self fund), TEI requires a $2500 non-refundable deposit . This deposit is used to purchase all required textbooks, student kits and uniforms that are required to begin the program. Students may work out a payment plan with TEI from the time of acceptance to the start date of their programme. All fees are due on the official first day of the program for International Students. TEI always provides a formal letter of acceptance to students, which outlines all particulars including the start and end dates, total tuition fees, etc for the programme. This letter may also be used to request withdrawals of RESPs or any other funding a student may wish to use for the diploma programme. Student Aid (Students residing in Alberta or British Colombia) TEI is able to assist students with an application to obtain student aid via the Alberta Government and British Colombia Government. Students must meet the government requirements for student aid. This will be reviewed with students in advance to ensure that the qualifications are met. We do provide a complimentary service of assisting students with their online application. Upon acceptance, students are required to fill out and promptly return the required signed paperwork to Student Aid. This documentation is required for the school to complete the student’s registration.

It is entirely the student’s responsibility to pay back their student loan in its entirety. Should an extension be needed, please ensure that this is discussed with Student Aid, prior to your first payment becoming due. REFUND POLICY As outlined by the Alberta Private Vocational Training Act (PVT ACT) Refund and retention of fees before training begins : 16(1) If a student terminates a student contract before the vocational training begins, the licensee is entitled to retain any registration fee that has been paid, regardless of who paid it. (2) The licensee shall refund any registration fees that have been paid if (a) a licensee terminates a student contract before the vocational training begins, or (b) subject to subsection (1), the vocational training does not begin on the commencement date set out in the student contract. (3) The licensee shall refund any tuition fee that it has accepted pursuant to section 14(2.1) if the student contract is terminated before the vocational training begins. Refund of tuition - after training begins 17(1) If a student contract is terminated after the vocational training begins, the licensee is entitled to the following amounts of the tuition fees: (a) when 10% or less of the vocational training has been provided, 25% of the tuition fees; (b) when more than 10% but 50% or less of the vocational training has been provided, 60% of the tuition fees; (c) when more than 50% of the vocational training has been provided, 100% of the tuition fees. (2) If a licensee has received tuition fees in excess of the amount that the licensee is entitled to under subsection (1), the licensee must refund the excess amount

ACADEMIC POLICIES TEI Academic Policies are clearly outlined in the Student Handbook. This is updated each semester to ensure accuracy of information.

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