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Advanced Clinical Esthetic Diploma Program


Advanced Clinical Esthetic Diploma Program Program Synopsis

The esthetic and cosmetic industry has evolved and significantly advanced in recent years providing clients with countless technology based skin and body treatments. The continual improvements in technology and clinical/medical esthetic treatments have positively and dramatically impacted the consumer providing them with procedures that are effective, safe and efficient with proven results. Ultimately, these advancements have opened up doors and created countless career opportunities for those individuals looking to assist clients with addressing their skin and body care concerns. If you are considering a new career in the profession of Clinical Esthetics or perhaps are looking to broaden your current service offerings, the time is now. TEI has created the most comprehensive, accredited and licensed, Clinical Esthetic Diploma Program for you! Our program is taught by our highly qualified and experienced team of specialized, expert educators. You will receive extensive, theory and practical training in all areas of advanced esthetics using professional, clinical skincare lines and advanced, state of the art, Health Canada approved medical devices. Our program will give you the knowledge, credentials, skills and confidence to successfully run your own Clinical spa, work alongside a Dermatologist or Physician, or advance your career in the best medi spas in Canada.

DIPLOMA: Advanced Clinical Esthetician


21 weeks I Monthly start dates I Student loans available I Nationally recognized Individual certifications will also be issued for each module Includes training manual, student kits & Esthetician jacket (value $1,200) Prerequisite for Acceptance - students must be one of the following: Facial Therapist, Esthetician, LPN or RN Certified in the following modules:

Facials - Level II - Advanced


Laser Hair Removal

Derma Needling

IPL/Skin Rejuvenation - Level II - Advanced RMD: Structual Remodelling Laser Tattoo Removal

Body Contouring with Radio Frequency

Chemical Peeling - Level I

Vascu Lyse 2G/RF (Thermo Coagulation)

Chemical Peeling - Level II

Serene Professional Skincare Workshop


Cara Skincare Workshop

OPTION Add the Electrolysis, 100 hour certified program and become an Electrologist! Includes: Silhouet Tone - ST 250 Electrolysis machine Fee $5,995 (value)

Become a professional Clinical Esthetician with our 21 week program and begin a career as a: Clinical/Medical Esthetician Electrologist Laser Hair Removal Technician Skin Care Representative Skin Care Therapist Entrepreneur/ Business Owner Assistant to Dermatologist

Financing/Student Loans FINANCINGE The Esthetic Diploma Advanced Clinical Esthetician Program is licensed for AVAILABL Student Loans from Student Aid.

Program Syllabus Facials Level II – Advanced This class is for those with basic facial certification that would like to expand on their knowledge. Theory will include additional information on the circulatory, lymphatic and nervous system. Students will gain a thorough understanding in the uses and safety of electrotherapies such as rotary brush, vac spray, Lucas pulverizer and high frequency (direct and indirect). Practical application will provide the opportunity to expand on skin care knowledge and protocol with Repêchage skin care kits, including eye treatments, specialized masks, acne, anti-aging and skin lightening treatments. Additionally, students will learn about pressure point massage, cosmetic ingredients and adding holistic aspects to facial treatments such as chakra work and more.

Laser Hair Removal This intensive 5 day course is designed for students with no prior laser experience. The course objective is to thoroughly learn permanent hair reduction on all areas of the body. Students will be introduced to and utilize IPL and Diode Laser and Nd:YAG equipment. Students will achieve a thorough understanding of all aspects of the use of medical Esthetic lasers. This class will teach laser physics, laser safety, skin types, hair biology and growth cycles. Practical training will focus on students determining the proper amounts of energy and treatment protocols in hands on directorships, positioning, room set-up, equipment and tips.

IPL Skin Rejuvenation - Level II Advanced This 6 day course is designed for practicing Esthetic professionals wanting to further their laser and IPL knowledge / training in skin rejuvenation. The course emphasis will be on the effective patient treatment of the following: wrinkles, skin rejuvenation, acne, acne scars, stretch marks, milia, anti-aging moisturizing factor, pigmented lesions, sun-damage, rosacea and telangiectasia. In addition, students will learn in-depth skin biology. A focus on the importance of applying combination therapies to achieve ultimate results for clients is studied. Upon completion of this module, students will be fully trained and confident in all practical applications including procedure and safe techniques currently used with most laser / IPL equipment.

Laser Tattoo Removal This 2 day course is designed for the Esthetic professional or tattoo artist wanting to begin or further their laser training in Tattoo Removal. The course objective is to educate students in the art of Laser Tattoo Removal on all areas of the body. Students will receive comprehensive theory training, including anatomy and biology of the skin and the history of tattooing. Thermal, chemical and mechanical methods of tattoo removal are studied. Students will be introduced to Nd:YAG (1064) and (532) Q-switch nano-second format lasers. A final focus on treatment pricing, tips, contraindications, complications, pre and post skin care and room set up will be reviewed.

Chemical Peeling Level I This 3 day class is designed for those previously certified in Facials. Theory will include a discussion on enzymes, AHA’s and BHA’s used in skin care and chemical exfoliation, contraindications, product knowledge and extensive practical hands on training using professional pharmaceutical skin care lines. Beginning with light peels, each student will receive a chemical peel on day 2 and will require two models with skin care concerns on day 3.

Chemical Peeling Level II This class is meant for those with experience in glycolic peels that want a more in depth peel. The workshop will include product knowledge and treatment protocols for higher percentage AHA peels, blended peels and self neutralizing peels such as Salicylic, Jessner Lite and TCA’s. Models will need to have experienced lighter peels and be used to AHA’s in skin care.

Microdermabrasion This 2 day class will include a review of basic facial knowledge and will be focused on theory of microdermabrasion; including contraindications and a discussion on the differences between crystal projected and diamond touch professional systems. Students will obtain hands on practical experience with various Microdermabrasion machines and will be introduced to LED light therapy, micro currents and ultrasound.

Dermaplaning This two day course will introduce you to one of the hottest trends in the medical and Esthetic industry today. Dermaplaning is a method of exfoliation that consists of using a 10 gauge scalpel to gently scrape off the top layer of dulling dead skin cells and vellus hair in order to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion. It allows for greater product penetration of skincare products and creates a flawless canvas for makeup. Class theory includes review on skin and skin typing, contraindications and indications. Students will work on body, each other and two models.

Derma Needling Finally, a clinically proven method of collagen induction without laser! Derma Needling (Micro Needling) is perhaps the most successful treatment available for aging and acne scaring. This technique causes minimal invasive precision micro-injuries of the epidermis and the dermis. In turn, Derma Needling induces the skins own healing process and collagen production is proliferated. This 2 day class will teach the principals of Derma Needling and will review skin anatomy focusing on the circulatory and nervous system and collagen production. Students will learn different methods including the InnoPen, a revolutionary patented medical grade device that surpasses all others. This course is comprised in the teachings of the science behind Micro Needling, theory and practical application, client consultation, application of topical anesthetics and after care. Students will be trained on the only CSA/FDA/Health Canada approved 13 point InnoPen device which consists of surgical stainless steel needles. Students will leave the course feeling confident to provide this exceptional service on their own.

RMD Structural Remodeling Introducing the newest award-winning, medical grade technology from Silhouet Tone; RMD – Structural Remodeling System, known as a “workout for your face”. This technology aims to deliver noticeably improved skin appearance through the combined use of 5 unique and proven technologies that work synergistically together. Technologies include: Ultrasound, High-Voltage Pulsed Currents (HVPC), High-Voltage Short Pulsed Currents (HVSPC), Galvanic and Micro-Currents. This one day class will provide you with knowledge and hands on expertise of this multi-technology system that tones facial muscles, improves texture, decreases pore size, plumps the skin and smooths wrinkles. Clinical trials prove the hands of time are turned back as much as 7 to 10 years. This technology will provide your clients with outstanding immediate results.

Body Contouring with Radio Frequency This two day course will provide students with the knowledge and practical hands on experience using the power of the latest, cutting edge technologies combined for cellulite reduction, skin tightening and body toning. The basic science of non invasive modulations and modifications of the adipose tissue as well as generalized figure and shape is reviewed. The course further expands on the differences between technologies and how they will address and correct various body contouring concerns of the client. Students will understand indications and contraindications of non invasive body contouring and review clinical results and outcomes of specific technologies. The newest and latest study of radio frequency energy devices is explored as well as suction, massage and Endermologie. Practical training will demonstrate the importance of proper patient preparation and the utilization of combination therapies with multiple devices to achieve maximum results for the patient.

Vascu Lyse 2G/RF (Thermo Coagulation) Learn the latest advancements in the treatment of vascular skin conditions with the latest, cutting edge Thermo coagulation system, Vascu Lyse 2G/RF. Many clients experience Telangiectasia, which occurs when blood capillary vessels are permanently dilated producing tiny red lines visible at the surface of the skin. This technology is a product of recent innovations in the field of electronics. The Vascu Lyse 2G/RF produces perfectly targeted ‘heat energy’ resulting in a thermal lesion. Heat is generated in the capillary vessels resulting in the disappearance of vascular blemishes. In this one day course, students will learn theory and have demonstrations and hands on practical training removing broken capillaries, telangiectasia, spider veins, ruby points, skin tags, milia, cholesterol deposits and other forms of pigmentation. Training will be facilitated by Ingrid Gibson, a master Electrologist and Vascular Treatment specialist with over 30 years experience.

Serene Professional Skin Care Workshop This workshop includes complete product knowledge training of the clinical skin care line Serene. The importance of Serene’s active ingredients (including: glycolic, lactic and salicylic acid) along with discussions on its professional treatment protocols are reviewed. Course time will guide you through the steps on how easy and flexible the Serene Professional Skin Care is to use and prescribe as well as additional details on the skin care industry and the foundation for Serene’s development.

Cara Skin Care Workshop Spend a day with one of our passionate, knowledgeable Cara Skin Care experts and discover what differentiates this exceptional clinical line from many others. Developed by Inge Patton and her team of skin care experts, Cara Skin Care came to fruition as a superlative product range, providing customized treatments and regiments for a broad range of skin conditions. You will learn and experience how Cara Skin Care products are designed to complement one another and work synergistically to achieve optimal results for every unique skin condition. Discover how the blend of innovative bio-botanical compounds and clinical-grade active ingredients come together to transform and improve many skin conditions. Protocols and how to retail Cara will also be discussed.


Includes Electrolysis Machine


Add to Advanced Clinical Esthetic Program $5,995

This intensive course is designed to prepare you for a rewarding career in permanent hair removal. Students COLOURS FONTS will receive comprehensive theory and practical applications in all areas of Electrolysis. Topics covered include; client education, the structure and dynamics of hair and skin, causes of hair problems, practical analysis of the hair and skin, bacteriology and disinfection and the principles of how electricity works. All Champignon three modalities of Electrolysis which includes; Electrolysis, Thermolysis and The Blend will be discussed at length and how to incorporate them into the treatment of specific areas as well as general treatment procedures. It will further prepare you for the final examination to achieve the designation of Certified Professional Electrologist. Green PANTONE 361C

Cara Century Gothic

Black PANTONE Hexachrome Black C 80%

Skin Care Swiss 721 Light Extended Script

Clinical Specialized Equipment & Medical Devices Globalcure SC6

$69,000 LASER TATTOO REMOVAL / LASER SKIN TREATMENTS This versatile, reliable laser is engineered for the highest energy possible in a Q-Switched laser. Paired with a unique wide beam profile and 4 wavelength ability, the new SC2 allows multiple treatment possibilities from just one system. Redesigned to the new tattoo removal standards of today’s technology, and with the help of top US based scientists, Silhouet Tone has achieved a system with peak energy that can remove most tattoos in only 4- 8 sessions. This is part of what makes this system one of the highest pulse energy lasers available on the market today. All of these great features, and still more affordable than any other comparable laser available. Take advantage of four Q-switched wavelengths in one system. 1064, 532, 585, and 650nm.

FEATURES: - Highest Energy, Shortest Pulse Width. The shorter the pulse width, the higher the peak energy delivered. (Minimized Thermal Damage) with up to 2mJ laser power it is one of the safest and most powerful Q-Switched lasers in the world. - LED Backlit touch screen display and easy to use interface - Proprietary Pulsar Lens Array. Wide top hat beam profile eliminates hot spots and a wide even beam to the edge of the spot. - 7 Position Titanium articulated arm. Made in the USA.

APPLICATIONS: 532nm Wavelength: Light ink (Red, Tan, Purple, and Orange) Tattoos, Epidermal Pigmented Lesions, Minor Vascular Lesions, Lentigines, Cafe-Au-Lait, Seborrheic Keratoses, Post Inflammatory Hyper-Pigmentation, Becker’s Nevi, Freckles and Nevi Spilus. 1064nm Wavelength: Dark ink (Black, Blue and Brown) Tattoos, Nevus of Ota, Lightening of unwanted hair with or without adjuvant preparation, Common Nevi, skin resurfacing procedures for the treatment of acne scars and wrinkles. 585 and 650nm Wavelength: for treating green and light blue tattoo ink.

Angelite IPL HAIR REMOVAL & IPL SKIN REJUVENATION With simultaneous control over multiple operating parameters, the Angelite IPL system delivers optimal performance on multiple skin types. Variable Synchronized Pulse Control (VSPC) selectively heats the target tissue while maintaining surrounding tissue at a safe and comfortable temperature. It aids greatly for treatments on darker skin types or treatments requiring more energy.

Full Range of Esthetic Treatments - Fast, effective permanent hair reduction on all skin types, including tanned skin  - Photo-rejuvenation reduces appearance of fine lines & uneven pigment  - Benign epidermal pigmented lesions (sun damage, age spots)  - Vascular treatments (spider veins, rosacea)  - Active acne/speeds clearance and minimizes reoccurrence

Angelite SDC (includes Sapphire 560/700) $29,995.00 IPL Handpiece - Sapphire 700/1200 $4,995.00 IPL Handpiece - Sapphire 560/1200 $4,995.00 IPL Handpiece 400/NM 1 $4,995.00 *Please note pricing is subject to change.

$39,985 - $44,980


$3,495 REINVENTING THE FACE OF MICRONEEDLING The INNOPen™ is a revolutionary, patented medical grade precision tool with a unique, dual spring loaded disposable needle cartridge (InnoTip™) that uses an automated, vibrating stamp-like motion to cause micro injury to the skin. The gentle stimulation of fibroblast promotes natural induction of collagen and elastin without the stress of pain and lengthy down time associated with ablative treatments. Micro channels resulting from the needles piercing through the skin layers aid in infusing therapeutic serums for greater penetration and enhancement of overall efficacy. INNOPen™ is an ideal choice for non-surgical and non-ablative treatments of various skin conditions. It is also the only CSA/FDA/Health Canada approved 13 point device, which consists of surgical stainless steel needles that safely retracts immediately after usage to avoid micro tearing of the skin, epidermal scratching, and cross contamination. Made in the USA.

InnoTip™ Cartridges $275/10 pack

Cirrus 500 Combo with Steamer & Magnifying Lamp ADVANCED FACIALS Complete all of your advanced facial skincare treatments with this six function device. The Combo Cirrus 500 includes: High Frequency, Micro Stimulator/Galvanic, Rotary Brush, Desincrustation, Iontophoresis, and Body functions in one compact skin care unit. In addition, the unit features the Cirrus Steamer 02, on a convenient column base with wheels and one accessory holder. Cirrus Blue Stream Steamer features dynamic ozone system and integrated system for essential oils.

Combo Cirrus 500 $3,770.00 As shown with Blue Stream Steamer, LED Magnifying Lamp Omega, Modulex Base, Accessory Holder, Small and Large Stainless Steel Bowl, Double Bowl Holder & Adapter for Steamer. Individual Modalities Cirrus Iontoderm $549.00 Cirrus Rotary


Cirrus Ultraderm $469.00 Cirrus Vac-Spray $499.00

MPR Toroidal RF (Radio Frequency)


BODY CONTOURING The MPR Toroidal RF System provides a natural method to fight aging while firming and tightening the skin using radio frequency. This unique concept allows harmonized and targeted heat distribution across several skin tissue layers.

KEY INDICATIONS: FACE AND NECK - Improves moderate slackening - Smooths wrinkles and fine lines BODY - Tightens the skin of the belly, arms, thighs, knees and buttocks - Triggers a loss in volume (arms, belly, thighs) - Improves cellulite appearance and stretch marks

TECHNOLOGY THAT OVERCOMES THE LIMITS OF EXISTING SYSTEMS - Only technology world-wide allowing harmonized and targeted heat distribution across several skin tissue layers - Provides an equal and continuous distribution of energy that is crucial to reshape the connective tissue - More tissue treated at a time due to the toroidal configuration of energy fields - Increase in power and efficiency of the MPR system = volumetric energy - No pain or discomfort

PR Cell 2G BODY CONTOURING The PR Cell 2G is a deep-tissue device that combines a skin fold and vacuum massage to reach deep into sub dermal tissue. It reduces the dimpling and “orange peel� effects of cellulite. Its treatments are easily adaptable to different body shapes and can be tailored to treat all problems encountered by the client.

KEY INDICATIONS: - A variety of relaxing, energizing and rebalancing massages - Electronic rhythm control: circulation, medium and deep massage - Ergonomic multi directional treatment head that allows easy and precise subcutaneous rolled massage

PR Cell 2G Base $425.00

*Please note pricing is subject to change.


RMD: Structural Remodeling System


SKIN REMODELING The RMD is a unique rejuvenation system which aims to satisfy the need to improve ones wellbeing by significantly reducing the signs of aging through non-invasive, non-surgical means. This device is designed to distinctively support the treatment of skin texture, the smoothing of age-related expression lines, the tightening of pores and the toning of facial and neck muscles. This device makes optimal, safe and effective use of 5 recognized electrotherapy technologies exclusively designed to work in synergy to deliver outstanding results. Ultrasound, Galvanic Current, HVPC (High Voltage Pulsed Current), HVSPC (High Voltage Short Pulsed Current), Pulsed Micro Currents. The RMD operates with an exclusive Synchronized Treatment Head (STH) that effectively delivers energy to the dermis and muscle tissue, where it safely elicits muscle toning and skin rejuvenation responses.

KEY INDICATIONS: - Firms sagging muscles - Increases local blood and lymph circulation - Stimulates fibroblast activity - Increases the synthesis of new collagen, repairs existing collagen & regenerates the homeostasis of skin cells

Soli-Lite (Light Therapy) LOW LEVEL LIGHT THERAPY Over the last decades, LLLT (Low Level Light Therapy) also known as LED technology has become highly popular in esthetics and body care. Safe and painless, LED therapy is the preferred method whether to relieve pain in case of muscle injuries, or to improve skin imperfections. With phototherapy pioneers findings, LLLT has been studied to better understand light healing effect on the cells. Choosing the right wavelength is crucial in light therapy while cells reactions are different depending on the wavelength they’ve been exposed to. The Soli-Lite system is the most powerful LLLT unit available in the industry.

Used Alone: The Soli-Lite Galileo system allows a comprehensive cure for: - Rejuvenation  - Significant reduction in acne - Temporary relief of pain associated with arthritis, arthrosis or simply muscle injury by increasing momentarily blood and lymph stream in the target area  - Promotes faster healing times and more esthetical scarring following an invasive procedure

Or combined to other treatments : The Soli-Lite system may be combined to a variety of treatments for enhanced results and faster recovery. While used as an adjunct to anti aging treatments, the Soli-Lite promotes a better outcome and brightens the complexion. It also promotes a better absorption factor to benefit from anti-aging active ingredients *Please note pricing is subject to change.


Vascu Lyse 2G RF (Thermo Coagulation)


A STATE OF THE ART SERVICE FOR YOUR EXISTING CLIENTELE: THERMO COAGULATION Your clients no longer “live with” unsightly and unpleasant vascular skin imperfections. They can move freely and confidently, without the self-consciousness that blemishes can bring. Your clients will look better and feel better.

SKIN CONDITION Telangiectasia occurs when small blood capillary vessels are permanently dilated, producing tiny little red lines visible at the surface of the skin. It is a condition that develops as we age, usually appearing in the mid-40s, sometimes earlier on those with fair skin. Extreme cold weather and excessive sun exposure are the most recognized causes.

BENEFITS Small capillary vessels are responsible for cell nutrition. Their impairment can affect the appearance and function of the skin. During Vascu Lyse 2G RF treatments, the blood into the damaged vessels is coagulated. The appearance of the skin noticeably improves.

SAFETY During treatment, the probe simply touches the skin surface, following the dilated capillary. Vascular blemishes disappear on contact.

HOW VASCU LYSE 2G RF WORKS? Vascu Lyse 2G RF thermo coagulation is a product of recent innovations in the field of electronics. It produces perfectly targeted “heat energy” resulting in a thermal lesion. Heat is generated in the capillary vessels resulting in the disappearance of blemishes without risks of epidermal damage. Fully computerized controls, user-friendly features, PREPROGRAMMED FUNCTIONS and simplicity all in one.

Vortex Peel MICRODERMABRASION The Vortex Peel Microdermabrasion unit features Silhouet Tone’s patented turbo-flow projection system, delivering a safe procedure with the highest level of comfort every time. Utilizing a 1 horsepower motor engine, the Vortex Peel is the ideal machine for Estheticians seeking a more advanced microdermabrasion unit that can be used to treat the face, neck, décolleté, and large areas of the body. Crystals are projected at a consistently high velocity producing a perfect outcome. A unique crystal-free system can be easily integrated into this system. Microdermabrasion is a proven method for relieving the effects of various skin conditions such as sun damage, aging, acne scarring, black heads, and enlarged pores.

*Please note pricing is subject to change.


Versalis Peel

$6,495 The Versalis Peel is a new, powerful and affordable microdermabrasion device that offers the versatility functions of the crystal-free system and the highly pure corundum crystal application, which can be precisely performed thanks to Silhouet Tone’s unique Turbo Flow Projection System. The Turbo Flow System propels crystals onto the skin, safely and evenly, while keeping a circular, vortex-like motion. This offers a constant linear and rotational velocity, without causing any discomfort or irritation of the skin.

Essential Peel


A new, highly effective professional skin rejuvenation device operating with a unique Turbo Flow Projection System. The unique Turbo Flow system projects crystals onto the skin, safely and evenly, while keeping a circular, vortex-like motion. This offers a constant linear and rotational velocity, resulting in no discomfort or irritation of the skin. A corundum crystal microdermabrasion device intended for professionals looking for an affordable unit that allows them to optimize their cost-benefit ratio by minimizing their costs.

Silver Peel

$2,195 A Crystal-Free device aimed at professionals seeking an advanced, but affordable unit offering optimal cost-efficiency based on minimal consumables. Silver Peel features the new CRYSTAL-FREE SYSTEM for a variety of face and body applications using either any of 4 biocompatible, high quality, stainless steel abrasion tips (product code 416690) or abrasive mode with diamond tips (product code 416681). The unit allows to perform a uniform exfoliation suitable for a wide range of microdermabrasion treatments.

Diamond Tip Kit The synergy of the crystal free system combined with the diamond tips provides an excellent solution for all skin types and problems. The “diamond tips” being smaller, will complete the abrasion process by focusing on smaller areas such as nasolabial folds, crow’s feet, labial wrinkles and ultimately result in increased treatment results. - 9 convenient sizes - Ideal to work on small areas - Compact and easy to use “Diamond Tips” are selected according to blemish size. Diamond Tips: * Face (1 fine, 1 medium, 1 coarse) * 1 Eye, 1 Nose * Body (2 medium, 2 large) *Please note pricing is subject to change.


Crystal Free Starter Kit 4 pack


A unique, affordable, biocompatible, and ergonomically designed device. The Crystal Free System will provide increased customer satisfaction as well as added value to your skin care offering.

Key features of components include: - Hand held instrument engineered for optimal NATURAL FIT, ease of use - An integrated, easy to replace HEPA filter to minimize consumables - 4 types of biocompatible tips ranging from fine to coarse for a variety of rejuvenation applications - Tips are manufactured in North America using SURGICAL GRADE stainless steel and are tested following ISO-10993-05 MEDICAL DEVICE BIOLOGICAL STANDARDS - Tips are easy to clean and STERILIZABLE, ensuring safety for both users and patrons COMPATIBLE WITH ANY SILHOUET-TONE MICRODERMABRASION UNIT

CARA 3 IN 1 Diamond Dermabrasion


Combines 3 functions in one: 1. Microdermabrasion 2. Ultrasonic with 2 probes 3. Warm/Cold compress - High-quality fine diamond encrusted heads are used to gently remove dead skin cells, improving texture, tone & firmness. - The ultrasonic function with face and eye probe option makes it possible to treat very small or large areas. - The ultrasonic frequencies allow serums to penetrate into deeper skin layers for increased effectiveness. Furthermore, ultrasonic increases blood circulation of the skin & activates lymphatic flow. - The warm/cold compress can be integrated into every cosmetic treatment. - The cold function cools & calms stimulated skin after microdermabrasion. - The warmth function is soothing, invigorates circulation and relaxes the skin.

The unit includes: - 3 Hand pieces - 9 Diamond-Bit attachments - 1 Filter 25 pcs - 2 Ultrasonic probes

- Warm/cold compress - Stand on wheels - One Year Manufacturing Warranty - Excludes Diamond Bits

Evolution 7HD Sequential



Green PANTONE 361C

Cara Century Gothic

Black PANTONE Hexachrome Black C 80%

Skin Care Swiss 721 Light Extended Script



The Evolution 7HD sequential gives you full control of your treatments. Whether it’s with the manual or pre-programmed mode, this highly efficient device ensures a comfortable treatment. The power of a 6.78mhz frequency with the comfort of a mechanism based on the exclusive concept of vector modulations offers wellbeing and high precision. These modulations, which are the fastest on the market at 2/1000 of a second, optimize energy transfer thanks to greater wavelength accuracy and stability.

Key features of components include: - Permanent Results - Easy To Use Touchscreen - Free WiFi Software Update - Manual Mode - Energy Savings / Green Energy *Please note pricing is subject to change.

TEI Custom Furniture Packages




Standard Facial Bed

Hydraulic Facial Bed

Electric Spa Table

Only $925.00

Only $1,225.00

Only $1,625.00

Value $1,095.00 SAVE $170.00

Value $1,575.00 SAVE $350.00

Value $1,975.00 SAVE $350.00

All Packages Include the Following: 3 Shelf Trolley Facial Steamer with Ozone CSA approved Auto shut-off Adjustable height stand Sturdy 5 point base Metal steamer arm

*Please note pricing is subject to change.

Side mag lamp attachments Metal caster wheels

Gas Lift Stool Available in White or Black Chrome metal base Soft round cushion Adjustable height

LED Mag Lamp LED/3 diopter lens 2 setting dimmer Includes table c-clamp

Your Training Experience

Our primary goal is to ensure your success as an Esthetician! Your training experience will take place in a professional, clean and modern spa-like ambient environment. Our philosophy includes limiting class sizes and running courses frequently to ensure every student receives the attention they deserve and best experience possible. Your education will consist of extensive theory and hands on practical training. In most classes, external practicums must be completed followed by a final exam, upon which a certificate will be given. Students will also receive thorough training in proper hygiene and sanitation practices in accordance with Federal and Provincial requirements and standards. Our training centers feature all of the latest and best equipment professionals use in the Esthetic and Spa industry. In fact, our students train with some of the best product lines currently used worldwide in elite spas, including LCN, Repéchage, Serene Professional Skin Care, Silhouet-Tone and Cara Skin Care.

Students are offered support in job placement, and are encouraged to take additional business classes by our expert educators to help empower them with knowledge, opportunities and success with their own ventures. Our mission is to ensure that our student’s expectations are exceeded in every facet. Our promise is to offer continuous mentorship and recommendations to assist you in a successful, long-term rewarding career in Esthetics. The Esthetic Institute has opened the doors to many and continues to offer a new world of opportunity to aspiring and experienced Estheticians.COLOURS Expanding your current services FONTS or looking for a career change, The Esthetic Institute is your premier choice.

Student Testimonials

Green PANTONE 361C

Cara Century Gothic

Black PANTONE Hexachrome Black C 80%

Skin Care Swiss 721 Light Extended Script


“I love Betty Ann so much!! She is an amazing instructor! I have learned so much in such a short time. I feel confident enough to go out there with confidence to provide this service.” Kim “Professional, you feel at ease! The instructor was great at explaining and answering questions.” Marnie “I love the school! Tamara is amazing, by far one of the best educators I’ve had.” Kayla “All of my classes through TEI have been the highest quality of instruction. Moving into the professional industry was easy due to the confidence in my learning. Nancy

“I feel fantastic about my choice choosing The Esthetic Institute. The professionalism I was greeted with put my mind at ease about choosing TEI among a sea of choices. I researched my options carefully and decided that I would be receiving top of the line education, information, theory and knowledge that would set me apart. I am so thankful that I contacted them.” Elizabeth

P 403.263.2204 TF 800.665.6520 Apply Online estheticinstitute.ca info@estheticinstitute.ca To arrange a tour, please call 403.263.2204 ext 3 or 1.800.665.6520 4110 - 7005 Fairmount Drive SE, Calgary, Alberta

Profile for The Esthetic Institute Training Center

Clinical Esthetic Diploma Program Brochure  

Clinical Esthetic Diploma Program Brochure