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How much can an esthetician make

ď śWhen starting down any new career path any person wants to make sure that they are going to make a good living at it. When y you spend p a lot of time and energy into becoming certified in a specific field you want to know that when you are trained you will be able to find f employment and make enough money to support yourself and your family. family

ď śThere is a very broad range of pay in the field of esthetics. esthetics Before starting your training you should research what estheticians make in y your area. If y you are in a smaller, more rural area chances are you will make less money then if you were working in a larger, more populated area. However, even if you are in a small area, area there is still the potential to make good money as your skill level increases.

ď śThe amount of money you make as an esthetician will rely heavily on how much time you have put in as a certified esthetician. If y you are working g in a spa p you will more then likely start out at a lower salary level until you have the opportunity to build clientele. Once you have more hands on experience, you will start to see more income. income

This is typical with any career field that you get into so don’t don t be discouraged if you don’t start off making as much money y as other esthetician’s in the same spa or salon as you. The more you work at it, the better your skills will become and the more money you will make with a higher client list.

However, if you are looking to make a larger income right out of school then it would be in your best interest further your education experience y p so that you y can work within the medical field. You are guaranteed to make more money then a person that chooses to work within a salon or spa.

ď ś However, while you may make more money as an esthetician within the medical field, your salary does not increase based on the amount of experience or clients that you take on. While you will receive raises from your employer, more then likely your pay will not increase like it would if you were taking on clients of your own in a spa setting.

ď śThere are definite benefits to both spa and medical estheticians. estheticians It It’s s a personal decision whether you choose to start at the bottom in a spa p and work hard to gain clientele or whether you choose to gain more certification as a medical esthetician and start at a higher salary.

If you are unsure of which direction to go you can always try both and see go, which one best fits your personality. You may y find that you y enjoy j y working g in a spa p over a doctor’s office or doctor’s office over a spa or salon setting. The amount off money you make after f receiving your education is all up to you and the hard work you choose to put into your career. career Find out how much do estheticians make and read about esthetician salary here: 

What Salary Does an Esthetician Make? shows how much you can expect to make with a career in esthetician. Find out what salary range to expect as well as h...

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