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I am currently studying fashion at Belfast Met. I have always had an interest in fashion and art. I have completed my A levels, I studied Art French and Biology. I’m not sure what area of fashion I want to major in at the minute but I want to study a fashion degree. I love travelling and experiencing different cultures. I would love to work in New York some day. I love working with people particularly disadvantaged . I play the trumpet. I am a Christian. I enjoy being with my friends and meeting new people.

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The fifties era was freed from the restrictions of rationing materials for clothes. This meant more luxury materials were used for garments. Clothes started being mass produced and sold in shops. Many women still made their own clothes. Dress patterns were produced in womens magazines. This meant complicated couturier designs could be produced by normal people.

Rock n roll music became popular in the mid fifties and Elvis Presley started toping the charts with his rendition of rock n roll. European films experienced a renaissance in the '50s following the deprivations of World War II. Drive in cinemas were at their peak. Grace Kelly was a star of this era and has won several

Audrey Hepburn is one of the most famous British actors of all time. She was born on the 4 May 1929. She has acted in films such as My Fair Lady and Breakfast at Tiffany's. She has acted in Broadway. Pop art became popular in the mid fifties. Andy Warhol became famous for his pop art work of Marilyn Monroe which he produced in the early 60’s. Pop art first emerged in Britain in the fifties and uses popular culture, mass media and advertising for the theme and inspiration for the art work e.g. A famous piece is a tin of Campbell’s soup.

Wide circular skirts were worn in the day time. Often they would have motifs like a poodle sewn on to them. They were made in the fabrics gingham and printed cottons. For the evening these

Shoes in the 50’s were pointed stiletto low heels. These would be worn with circular and pencil skirts with ankle socks or barefoot. They were also worn with Capri pants. Ballet style shoes became popular in the 50’s particularly in Europe and America.

Trapeze coats were designed to accommodate the post war baby boom. They were also designed to accommodate the wide skirts. These are a triangular shape and were sometimes called “tent� coats. Bold buttons were

The sheath dress was very fitted. It was made in satin or silk material . They were usually knee length. Wide belts were worn on the waist to emphasise the waist. The belt was a must

After the Second World War Christian Dior created a “new look” in 1947. This New look defined women’s features with its small waist and padded bosom unlike the boyish look women had worn during the war. This was a sign of new hope and prosperity for Britain to become great again. The war meant that Britain hadn’t much money so some people didn’t like the idea of a new look because this was a symbol of extravagance and luxury, some of the skirts required a lot of material so only the middle class could afford the new look. I think some women had forgotten about feminin-

1950s fashion  

this is a catologue on the subect of 1950s fashion

1950s fashion  

this is a catologue on the subect of 1950s fashion