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November 2012



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ELC Middle School Library Presents:


The public is invited to attend the ELC Middle School Scholastic Book Fair which will be held the following days and times in the Upper Commons Area in the Middle School: Wednesday Oct. 31 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM Thursday Nov. 1 8:30 AM - 7:00 PM (Open through Parent-Teacher Conferences)

Friday Monday

Nov. 2 Nov. 5

8:30 AM – 3:30 PM 8:30 AM - 7:00 PM

(Open through Parent-Teacher Conferences)

Tuesday Nov. 6 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM The book fair will offer specially priced books, new releases, award-winning titles, childrenʼs classics, and current bestsellers for middle school students from more than 100 publishers. Students will come to the book fair with their class at some point during the days we are open. Parents, grandparents, family, and the public are invited to attend the fair as well any time during our operating hours. Books make great Christmas presents!! The proceeds of the book fair go to the Middle School Library. Book fair customers may purchase a book for a middle school teacherʼs library through the Classroom Wish List program. They also may donate their extra change to the All for Books program to help purchase additional books for our school. The elementary book fair will still be held in February featuring books for the younger children. For further information contact Mrs. Lili Jensen, District Teacher-Librarian, 712-362-8403.

ELC sixth grade Challenge students take part in some of the activities at Camp Foster during a recent field trip.

Students learn to work together Eleven 6th Grade Challenge students spent a very rewarding day at Camp Foster. The activities of the day were geared to helping the group build trust, teamwork, communication and problemsolving skills, while helping individuals gain self-awareness, confidence, positive risk-taking, and leadership skills. Study after study shows that social intelligence and emotional maturity are important to the success of a person. That’s what the program at Camp Foster gave to the students who attended on Friday, October 12. The educational value of this challenging day taught the students how to work together; how to lead, communicate, and think critically; how to take posi-

tive risks; how to rely on themselves; how to be a person of character, and so much more. The best part is that all these skills play an invaluable role in academics. The zip line was the favorite part of the students’ day. When asked what they gained from their experiences the students responded with: team work, communication skills, confidence, friendships, courage, and how to face challenges. The students felt the Camp Foster field trip taught them skills that will help them in the classroom, life, and the future. The students should be very proud of the fact they faced their fears and overcame their fear of heights to climb up 40 feet to the zip line. Then

they took the leap of faith to step off the platform and fly down the zip line. It was heartwarming to hear how all the students were encouraging each other to take the step. The students felt the Camp Foster field trip taught them skills that will help them in the classroom, in their lives, and in their futures. The students are very proud of the fact that they faced their fears and overcame the anxiety of heights while climbing up 40 feet to the zip line. Upon reaching the top, each took a leap of faith to step off the platform and fly down the zip line. It was heartwarming to hear how all of the students were encouraging and supporting each other in the challenges they encountered.

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Grain dust is always a health concern for Iowa farmers and those working in the grain industry. Drought conditions this year may elevate human and animal health concerns because of increased dust and mold exposure. The drought has also created conditions favorable to the production aspergillus mold and associated aflatoxins. Exposure to low levels of grain dust during normal working conditions often causes reactions that are nuisance, such as cough, sore throat, nose and eye irritation, or feeling stuffed up or congested. People with chronic breathing problems or asthma may experience more

symptoms or asthma attacks when exposed to high dust and mold levels. Many farmers are reporting “black mold” in their crops. This is usually saprophytic fungi- microorganisms that feed on dead plant material. Individuals with allergies or respiratory problems are encouraged to wear respiratory protection to reduce breathing in masses of spores. While tractors and combines with cabs may offer some protection, it may not be enough to prevent respiratory problems. Exposures to moldy and dusty grain, especially large exposures, may also cause two specific medical conditions with similar symptoms. ■ Farmer’s Lung or Hypersensitivity

Pneumonitis (FHP) – a fairly uncommon condition (one in 20 famers) caused by delayed allergic reaction to the dust. Repeated exposures can lead to permanent lung damage or limitations to work. A medical provider should be consulted. ■ Organic Dust Toxic Syndrome (ODTS) – a more common toxic response to dust, molds, bacteria, or toxins in the grain dust. Recovery is usually in a few days, but a medical provider should be consulted For more information Iowa Department of Public Health has created a Question and Answer sheet available at

ELC School Foundation donation funds new computer software Students at Demoney and Roosevelt Elementary Schools are excited about new reading software available in their computer labs thanks to a gift from the Estherville Lincoln Central School Foundation. Last year computers in both of these labs were upgraded with money from the Microsoft Settlement which was wonderful, but left our students with very few software choices as most of the current software was so dated it would no longer run on the new equipment. Last spring Mrs. Lili Jensen, District Teacher Librarian along with Mrs. Kris Schlievert, Elementary Principal at the time, went to the ELC School

Foundation with a request for assistance. The Foundation generously responded and helped with the purchase of reading software for these updated labs. Mrs. Jensen added some funds the library had raised from past book fairs and that provided the resources to purchase new reading programs for both buildings. Roosevelt received Reading Blaster as did Demoney. Additionally Demoney received Jump Start World Learning and Alphabet Interactive. ELC Schools is fortunate to have the Foundation provide many types of support throughout the school year. The Foundation is a

group of ELC citizens, professionals, and business owners who work to raise funds for investing in the future of our schools. They receive bequeaths through wills, donations, and pay-roll deductions, and conduct an annual Champions in Education Banquet each fall which was held Tuesday, Oct. 16 where they will honored Mrs. Kris Schlievert as this year’s champion. The ELC School Foundation stewards the funds with which they are entrusted to grow investments to benefit our students. Without the ELC School Foundation, our students would have far fewer advantages.

ELC fourth graders take part in ʻWalk Iowaʼ event On Oct. 3, ELC fourth graders of Roosevelt Elementary School gathered at Library Square to “Walk Iowa” for better health. Last year the 4th grade participated in this great opportunity with the rest of Emmet County. We decided to continue the tradition this year and join Iowa on their “Walk Iowa” day at noon. The students walked the square for about 25 minutes and their parents or relatives were invited to join them. Once the walk was complete students and teachers enjoyed a healthy school lunch on the grass with


opportunities to move the fourth grade provides a health unit each year. The health unit consists of learning various body systems including: nervous, circulatory, and digestive systems. There are also lessons designed to teach students about eating healthy along with understanding the new food guide pyramid. It is the hope of the fourth grade team that our joint efforts with the community and parents will provide students with the proper education and opportunities they need to make successful health choices in the future.

Mark W. Hanson

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• Life • Health • Disability • Annuities • Long-Term Care Insurance

friends and family. The walk was a success and 4th grade looks forward to continuing the tradition. Along with this great opportunity and the initiative for healthier kids our students are mandated to have a certain amount of exercise opportunities provided to them during the school day. Each day a fourth grader has 20 minutes of recess following their lunch and a 15 minute recess in the afternoon. Two out of every six days in the cycle each fourth grader has 35 minutes of PE. Along with this push to provide students with

10 South 5th Street Estherville


Estherville, Spirit Lake, Emmetsburg, Spencer, Algona


The ELC High School Art Department we are always looking for things that we could use to create or display our artwork. Below is a “Wish List” of the items that could be used in the art department. n Big Picture frames w/ glass – we have artwork that we want to share with the school and the community, but we need a way to protect it while it is on display. Any size that can frame a small 9x12 drawing… up to a 6 foot painting would be welcomed…. I can refinish or repaint anything that you might find. n Used Electric Skillets – something that has a little depth to it (2 inches or so), we use these to heat up bees wax for batik “prints”. They need to be electric so that we can control the temperature of the wax to avoid smoking the entire building out. ■ Ceramic Casting molds – you know the ones… they make the little figurines or even useable dishware… pour the clay in… let it set… . Pour the clay out…. Presto!

■ ■ ■ ■

Old Painting Canvases Paint Brushes Opaque Projector Still Life objects for Drawing and Painting – Pot and pans, old taxidermy items, plastic plants, cleaned and sanitized animal bones, old leather bound books, etc…. ■ Along with many other items. If you think it could be used, contact Mr. Hewitt to see if it might have a use. Any of these items can be older, used items that someone may have sitting around in a box in their garage, basement or attic. It doesnʼt need to be pretty, it just needs to work. If you have, or you know anyone who might have one or some of these things, please let that person know where their old item may find a new life. Contact Dan Hewitt via email at daniel.hewitt@estherville.k1 to arrange a pick-up or just to see if something can be used. We would like to thank you in advance for your support of the Fine Arts at Estherville Lincoln Central.

Financial aid night for seniors On Tuesday, Nov. 27 there will be a financial aid informational meeting for all seniors and their parents. The meeting will be held in the high school little theater at 5:30 pm. This will be presented by a member of the ICAN (Iowa College Access Network). Child care will be provided to families if needed. The goal of the Financial Aid Program is to help high school seniors and their parent/guardian understand the process of applying for financial aid and scholarships, offer effective tools for college cost comparisons, and learn how they can access additional help. The following topics are covered during the presentation. ■ Financial Aid Process ■ FAFSA Application Review ■ Understanding the Results ■ Understanding Costs - College Comparisons ■ Aid Options ■ Scholarship Process ■ Where to Go for Help If you have any questions please call Mindy Brechwald, School Counselor at 712-362-8422.

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November 2012 Sun







1 2:30pm One hour early dismissal @ District Wide 2:30pm Parent/Teacher Conferences @ District Wide

7:00pm Fall Play/Musical @ Roosevelt Auditorium

9:00am Quiz Bowl @ Algona 7:00pm Fall Play/Musical @ Roosevelt Auditorium




5 2:30pm One hour early dismissal @ District Wide 2:30pm Parent/Teacher Conferences @ District Wide 5:30pm Patrons of the Fine Arts Meeting @ ELC High School Media Center

6 4:00pm Basketball-B/7th Grade Away vs. North Union 4:15pm Basketball-B/8th Grade North Union

7 K-4 Report Cards sent home @ DeMoney Elementary ILCC Jazz Band Festival @ Iowa Lakes Community College 7:45am Middle School Student Council 5:15pm Elementary Site Council

8 4:15pm Basketball-B/8th Grade Away vs. Spirit Lake Middle 4:15pm Basketball-B/7th Grade Spirit Lake Middle

9 Augustana College Honor Band @ Sioux Falls, SD No School @ District Wide

10 NCIBA Honor Band NCIBA MS Honor Band @ Forest City


12 3:30pm Wrestling-B/Varsity/J.V. practice begins

13 7:00am HS Site Council @ HS ICN Room 4:00pm Basketball-B/8th Grade Away vs. North Union 4:15pm Basketball-B/7th Grade Emmetsburg

14 Early Dismissal-Pro. Dev. @ District Wide 7:45am Middle School Builders Club 1:30pm 2 hour early dismissal @ District Wide

15 All-State Band/Choir Festival @ Ames 4:15pm Basketball-B/7th Grade North Union 5:00pm Middle School Site Council

16 Midterm 2nd Quarter @ District Wide 4:15pm Basketball-B/8th Grade Away vs. Emmetsburg



19 4:00pm Basketball-B/7th Grade Away vs. Okoboji Middle 4:15pm Basketball-B/8th Grade Okoboji Middle 5:15pm School Board Meeting @ ELC High School Media Center

20 6:00pm Basketball-G/JV Manson N W Webster 7:30pm Basketball-G/Varsity Manson N W Webster

21 1:00pm National Honor Society Inductions @ District Wide

22 No School @ District Wide

23 No School @ District Wide TBD Basketball-B/Varsity Estherville/Lincoln Central vs. Multiple Schools 6:30pm Basketball-G/Varsity MOC-Floyd Valley

26 4:15pm Basketball-B/7th Grade Away vs. Spencer Middle School 4:15pm Basketball-B/8th Grade Spencer Middle School 4:30pm Wrestling-B/Varsity/J.V. Away vs. Sheldon Community School District

27 4:15pm Basketball-B/7th Grade Away vs. Emmetsburg 4:15pm Basketball-B/8th Grade Emmetsburg 6:00pm Basketball-B/JV Harris Lake Park 7:15pm Basketball-B/Varsity Harris Lake Park



10 N. 7th Street, Estherville, IA


29 5:00pm Basketball-B/Freshman Away vs. Spencer High School 6:30pm Wrestling-B/Varsity/J.V. Humboldt

30 4:45pm Basketball-B/JV Forest City 4:45pm Basketball-G/JV Forest City 6:15pm Basketball-G/Varsity Forest City 7:45pm Basketball-B/Varsity Forest City

NorthStar Bank & Agency 2202 Central Ave. Estherville

Information on this calendar from 418 Central Avenue Estherville, Iowa 51334-2237 712-362-7272


403 4th Ave., Armstrong 712-868-3500

24 2:00pm Basketball-G/Varsity Sioux City North

The Insurance Center

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Reading is 1st Rate in 1st Grade

Second graders begin Daily 5 and CAFÉ adventure We have just begun our Daily 5 and CAFÉ adventure! This is the reading program implemented in our classrooms. Daily 5 is the structure we will use to plan our reading day. Children will be busy completing meaningful literacy tasks. Their choices are be: ■ Read to self ■ Work on writing ■ Word Work ■ Listen to reading ■ Read to Someone Daily 5 is how we schedule our reading block. CAFÉ is what we study during this time. CAFÉ is an acronym for the four major components of reading. They are: ■ C for Comprehension ■ A for Accuracy ■ F for Fluency ■ E for Expanding Vocabulary The children will learn reading strategies within each category. These strategies will become tools for the children to use to help themselves become better readers and writers. It is going to be exciting to watch 2nd grades reading skills blossom throughout the year.

Third graders write to pen pals Dear Readers,

Greetings from Estherville 3rd graders. We have started a unit on letter writing skills integrated with our social studies unit on states. We are busy writing letters to a pen pal in another state to compare Iowa to their state. We have already received some letters from our pen pals. Examples of things sent are postcards, brochures, decals, bumper stickers, even a coconut and many other unique items from their state. We look forward to sending and receiving mail all year. Sincerely, ELC Third Grade Students

LEARNING ABOUT THE 13 ORIGINAL COLONIES The fifth grade students are creating a Colonial Pop-Up Book for Social Studies. They will be learning about the 13 Original Colonies. A fun way to remember the names of the colonies is through the use of a silly little story. There was a Jersey (New Jersey) cow named Georgette (Georgia). She was wearing a pair of yellow polka-dot underwear (Delaware). She climbed to the top of the Empire State Building (New York). She


P.S. We hope to see everyone at our pen pal states open If you found yourself alone house in April. and stranded in deep water, would you know what to do to improve your chance of FROM THE 8TH GRADE TEAM dents have been watching survival? The sixth grade Did you know that cock- CNN Student News and read- students had the opportunity roaches may be used in the ing articles on various topics to learn water safety and future for search and rescue that are making headlines. survival tips following the missions? Do you know Students are also encouraged reading of the novel Bridge which states are the “swing to access an article from a to Terabithia in which one states” in the Presidential elec- news source, like the Daily of the main characters tion? If you talk to an eighth News, and are asked to report drowns in a river. grader have them fill you in on this article. We feel this is Thanks to Abbi Nitchals on the details. As part of our important in staying current and the RWC staff, sixth grade students learned starcurrent events class, the stu- on the events of the world.

Staying in tune

begins singing Christmas Carols (North and South Carolina). Under her left “arm”, Georgette is holding a Virginia (Virginia) Ham (New Hampshire). In her right “hand”, she has a pen (Pennsylvania). With the pen, Georgette is connecting (Connecticut) dots. These dots form a picture of a road (Rhode Island). On the road, is Marilyn Monroe (Maryland) on her way to Mass (Massachusetts). Did this silly little story help you remember the 13 Original Colonies?

tling statistics regarding the amount of drowning incidents this past summer, boating rules and regulations for kids, and survival methods in the water. One of the survival methods students tried out first hand was the making of a flotation device using their own clothes. The students gained valuable real life skills while connecting with the characters and the novel.

1736 Central Ave., Estherville, Iowa


The start of first grade means the start of reading for most students! First grade has many opportunities for students to learn to read. The first program that every student is involved in is Guided Reading. In Guided Reading the students work in small groups at their reading level. During the classroom’s Guided Reading time a school-wide Title I reading teacher comes and helps instruct students in reading groups to give some students more practice. Along with Guided Reading time, the classroom teacher incorporates whole group reading, DEAR time (drop everything and read), reader of the day, read aloud, reading partners and many other reading activities. In addition, I.R.I.S. (Intensive Reading Intervention Strategies) is another program that is offered through a grant to first grade students. I.R.I.S. is one-on-one reading support with a paraprofessional that supports the student’s reading learning for 30 minutes each day. The key to early reading success is the involvement and collaboration of parents, paraprofessionals, and teachers. These reading programs at school, and your support at home work together to give every child reading success!

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