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March 2012



A supplement to the Estherville Daily News and Spirit

Reekers discusses tornado safety with fourth graders Terry Reekers, Emmet County Emergency Management Coordinator, spoke to all fourth grade students regarding the precautions to take to stay safe during a tornado. He showed several pictures

of the devastating tornado that hit Parkersburg, IA several years ago. These photos served as a reminder of why we need to be prepared and have a plan in the event of severe weather in our area. Mr.

Reekers’ explained to them how tornadoes are formed and what to watch for during a thunderstorm. Everyone enjoyed learning about basic facts and statistics about tornadoes as well as hearing stories about torna-

does that have hit Emmet County. In conjunction with this presentation, a story we read, and numerous activities, students created tornado safety brochures to be displayed in the hallways of Roosevelt.

ELC Communicator - March 2012  
ELC Communicator - March 2012  

Estherville Lincoln Central Communicator - March 2012