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December 2012



A supplement to the Estherville Daily News and Spirit

Financial aid night for seniors On Tuesday, November 27 there will be a financial aid informational meeting for all seniors and their parents. The meeting will be held in the high school little theater at 5:30 pm. This will be presented by a member of the ICAN (Iowa College Access Network). Child care will be provided to families if needed. The goal of the Financial Aid Program is to help high school seniors and their parent/guardian understand the process of applying for financial aid and scholarships, offer effective tools for college cost comparisons, and learn how they can access additional help. The following topics are covered during the presentation. ■ Financial Aid Process ■ FAFSA Application Review ■ Understanding the Results ■ Understanding Costs College Comparisons ■ Aid Options ■ Scholarship Process ■ Where to Go for Help

If you have any questions please call Mindy Brechwald, School Counselor at 712-3628422.

Joseph Sexe

Brittany Andrews

Trey Jacobson

Faith Lutat

Devyn Anderson

Morgan White

Collin Wodtke

Jossie Hanson

Brianna Birkland

Emily Shryock

Exploring the worlld of glue and chalk pastel ELC 7th grade art students are learning color mixing and painting techniques in the pastel medium. The students were asked to use higher level thinking skills and creativity to design an original composition with three-dimensional images from their imaginations. Before work was begun on the compositional outline drawing portion of the assignment, good rules of

compositional arrangement utilizing the visual Elements of Art and how the Principles of Design can be incorporated into their compositions were reviewed. Their simplified images were drawn on 12”x18” black construction paper and made to stand out boldly with white glue. The students had to imagine a strong light source coming from

above, and they had to visualize how that light would strike their images and create three-dimensional light to dark blending on the curvature of their surfaces, and how their images would cast shadows on themselves or their surroundings. After watching a demonstration in blending colors from light to dark with pastel pencils, and building up color richness and depth with layers

of multiple colors, the students tried their hand at emphasizing highlights and shadows in their work. The contrast of bold stained glasslike outlining with the glue and the dimensional qualities of the threedimensional blending from one color to another, and from light to dark, adds interesting visual variety to these works. Excellent work 7th grade!

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STUDENTS SELECT FAVORITE BOOKS, AUTHORS November was election month, and not just for politicians. Demoney Library held an election in conjunction with the national political event giving students in Pre-School through 2nd grade the opportunity to vote for their favorite book or author. The library was invitingly decorated by Mrs. Mavis King, elementary library aide, to help promote the activity and generate excitement. Each class received ballots from the library and children were encouraged to write or draw their favorite book or author. Throughout election week, teachers brought their students to the library to place their individual ballot in the voting box. After careful counting and evaluating to be sure all “legal” ballots were considered the following were declared the

winners. Books - #1-No, David! by David Shannon, #2-Star War books, and #3 Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney. Authors - #1-Dr. Seuss, #2-Mercer Mayer, and #3 Robert Munsch. Parents and grandparents,

as gift-giving time is approaching, you may want to consider this list in making purchases for your child. Books are wonderful gifts; they are good for you. The one sure way to get better at anything is to practice and one of the best ways to get information about any topic

is in a good book! They promote a way for you and your child to spend time together through reading the same book and by talking about what is read. You can share your favorite parts of the book, learn about a topic or skill that excites your child, talk about the decisions the characters made, reflect on how you are alike or different from the characters… Books are easy to give; you can find them everywhere. What other gift can you give that can last a lifetime, that creates fond memories, engages your child, helps educate, and helps form connections? If you would like further suggestions or information for any age reader, please contact Mrs. Lili Jensen, District Teacher-Librarian.

ELC seventh graders experience a theatre production The seventh grade students became part of the professional theatre “process” on Wednesday, Nov. 14, as they traveled to the Children’s Theatre in Minneapolis, Minn. This year the students saw How the Grinch Stole Christmas written by Dr. Seuss in 1957. This play was an excellent opportunity for all students in 7th

grade to enhance their fine arts background. The Children’s Theatre Company has continuously been “committed to creating theatre experiences that educate, challenge, and inspire young people through the presentation of themes that affect young people’s lives. These theatrical experiences can be a gateway into a greater

understanding of life.” This theatre trip has been an annual part of the 7th grade curriculum for well over 15 years. For many students, this is the first experience with a professional theatre production. The goal throughout this theatre field trip is that the students will benefit from it now and in the future.

STUDENT SEEKS INTERVIEWS WITH VETERANS, PEOPLE WITH A MILITARY DRAFT CARD OR LOTTERY NUMBER My name is Bailey Adolph and I am a National History Day student. National History Day is a program in which students create historical projects that pertains to the year’s theme. Project mediums range from a website to a documentary to an exhibit. This year’s theme is “Turning Points in History:

People, Ideas, and Events”. I am doing a project centered on conscription or the military draft. To obtain as much information as possible, students in National History Day are greatly encouraged to do interviews. To help with my project, I would love to get as many interviews as possi-


contact me, please email my teacher, Jean Hoffman, about an interview at jean.hoffman@estherville.k or call Jean Hoffman 712-362-2335 at the Estherville Lincoln Central Middle School. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon!

Mark W. Hanson

Insurance Services

• Life • Health • Disability • Annuities • Long-Term Care Insurance

ble to be filmed (or not if you are not comfortable being filmed) to use as the media portion of my website. I am particularly interested in people who were involved in the military draft from World War II to present time and the stop loss policy. I will provide questions in advance. To

10 South 5th Street Estherville


Estherville, Spirit Lake, Emmetsburg, Spencer, Algona


Students learn causes of the Revolutionary War During the month of October, the 8th grade was studying about events that contributed to the start of the Revolutionary War. One of the things that angered colonists was when Britain and Parliament taxed them without their permission and without anyone to represent their interests to Britain. When making this idea relevant to the present, the 8th grade students thought about what would be unfair for them to be taxed on. Ideas ranged from student’s chewing gum and leaning back in their chairs to requiring students to pay extra taxes for not having work completed or being late to class. Students were issued tickets that represented taxes. They were taxed daily on what the Queen (Mrs. Bowden) felt necessary to tax them on. In all actuality, the students had absolutely no say in what they were going to be taxed on and they had no one that would speak on their behalf to the Queen. When a student (colonist) ran out of tickets, they were put in jail for the length of time that was specified by the Queen. The kids really liked this activity and were excited to participate. The students felt that their favorite part of the activity was when some of their fellow classmates were sent to jail. They learned a lot about how the colonists would have felt during this time and most all commented that they were relieved that they didn’t have to live during this period.

First grade fall festival The ELC first graders had a great time Oct. 31 enjoying five different stations in the morning as part of a fall festival. Mrs. Solberg had Halloween bingo, Mrs. Christensen made a candy corn craft, Mrs. Peters had a math activity, Mrs. Thelen organized mummy wrapping, and Mrs. Kilgore made slime. The students were spilt into five groups and rotated from room to room enjoying all of the fun activities. It also provided an opportunity for students to work with others from different classrooms. The first grade has several more station days planned for this year.

826 N 8th St. Estherville


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December 2012 Sun






Sat 1 NCIBA HS Jazz Band Festival @ Webster City 9:00am Quiz Bowl @ Spirit Lake 10:00am Wrestling-B/Varsity/J.V. Away vs. Jefferson-Scranton 4:30pm Basketball-B/Freshman Away vs. Graettinger/Terril 5:30pm Basketball-B/JV Away vs. Graettinger/Terril 7:00pm Basketball-B/Varsity Away vs. Graettinger/Terril

Information on this calendar from

4 4:15pm Basketball-B/8th Grade Away vs. Martin County West 4:15pm Basketball-B/7th Grade Martin County West 4:45pm Basketball-G/JV Emmetsburg 4:45pm Basketball-B/JV Emmetsburg 6:15pm Basketball-G/Varsity Emmetsburg 7:45pm Basketball-B/Varsity Emmetsburg

5 7:45am Middle School Student Council 5:15pm Elementary Site Council

6 4:15pm Basketball-B/7th Grade Spencer Middle School 4:15pm Basketball-B/8th Grade Away vs. Spencer Middle School 6:00pm Wrestling-B/Varsity/J.V. ELC vs. Multiple Schools 6:30pm Basketball-G/Freshman Away vs. Graettinger/Terril 7:00pm Middle School 5-8 Vocal Christmas Concert @ Roosevelt 7:30pm Basketball-B/Freshman Away vs. Graettinger/Terril

7 4:30pm Holiday Gift Shop & Cookie Walk @ DeMoney 4:45pm Basketball-G/JV Spencer High School 4:45pm Basketball-B/JV Spencer High School 5:00pm Wrestling-B/Varsity/J.V. Away vs. Algona 6:15pm Basketball-G/Varsity Spencer High School 7:45pm Basketball-B/Varsity Spencer High School

8 9:30am Basketball-B/Freshman Okoboji vs. Multiple Schools 12:00pm Wrestling-B/Varsity/J.V. Away vs. Emmetsburg

10 4:15pm Basketball-B/7th Grade Away vs. Spirit Lake Middle 4:15pm Basketball-B/8th Grade Spirit Lake Middle 4:45pm Basketball-B/Freshman Away vs. North Union 6:00pm Basketball-B/JV Away vs. North Union 6:30pm 1-2 Christmas Concert @ Roosevelt Auditorium 7:30pm Basketball-B/Varsity Away vs. North Union

11 7:00am HS Site Council @ HS ICN Room 4:15pm Basketball-B/8th Grade Away vs. Spirit Lake Middle 4:45pm Basketball-G/JV Away vs. Storm Lake 4:45pm Basketball-B/JV Away vs. Storm Lake 6:15pm Basketball-G/Varsity Away vs. Storm Lake 7:45pm Basketball-B/Varsity Away vs. Storm Lake

12 Early Dismissal-Pro. Dev. @ District Wide 7:45am Middle School Builders Club

13 4:00pm Basketball-B/8th Grade Away vs. Okoboji Middle 4:15pm Basketball-B/7th Grade Okoboji Middle 6:00pm Wrestling-B/Varsity/J.V. Sibley-Ocheyedan vs. Multiple Schools 6:30pm Basketball-B/Freshman Away vs. Algona

4:45pm Cherokee 4:45pm Cherokee 6:15pm Cherokee 7:45pm Cherokee

14 Basketball-B/JV

16 11:00am Wrestling-B/Varsity/J.V. Away vs. Spencer High School


17 5:15pm School Board Meeting @ ELC High School Media Center 6:30pm Basketball-B/Freshman Emmetsburg

18 7:00am Middle School 5-8 Band Christmas Concert 6:00pm Basketball-G/Freshman Away vs. Forest Ridge 7:00pm 5-8 Band Christmas Concert @ Roosevelt Auditorium


20 10:00am Preschool Winter Program @ Roosevelt Auditorium 5:00pm Middle School Site Council

21 End of 2nd QTR/1st Sem @ District Wide 4:45pm Basketball-B/JV Spirit Lake Community Schools 4:45pm Basketball-G/JV Spirit Lake Community Schools 6:15pm Basketball-G/Varsity Spirit Lake Community Schools 7:45pm Basketball-B/Varsity Spirit Lake Community Schools









2 3 2:00pm HS Band/Choir 5:30pm Patrons of the Fine Arts Christmas Concert @ Roosevelt Meeting @ ELC High School Auditorium Media Center 6:30pm Basketball-B/Freshman Martin County West


Basketball-G/JV Basketball-G/Varsity Basketball-B/Varsity

Merry Christmas

10 N. 7th Street, Estherville, IA


NorthStar Bank & Agency 2202 Central Ave. Estherville 418 Central Avenue Estherville, Iowa 51334-2237 712-362-7272


403 4th Ave., Armstrong 712-868-3500

The Insurance Center

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Happy Fall YʼAll!

Fifth grade students Annel Canales, Ian Schell, Kaylee Rosburg, Cora Brant, and Blake Abrahamson display their Everglades banners. Students created these banners to mind map the story “Everglades”, by Jean Craighead George. Our mind maps helped students decipher the authorʼs viewpoint of the Everglades.

Reading celebration Fourth grade at Roosevelt Elementary School are once again using Accelerated Reading as a supplement to the reading curriculum. Students work with their teachers to set realistic goals based on the number of points they earn through reading accelerated reading books. Students see the goals as personal challenges and work hard at achieving them. To celebrate their 1st trimester successes, students were invited to a tailgate lunch consisting of hot dogs, chips, bars, and drinks. The fourth grade class and teachers would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Daybreak Foods of Estherville for donating the money to buy the food for the celebration and to Hy-Vee for giving us discounted prices. We also want to thank parents for reading with your children. Together we can create better readers!

Talon Bull – Elected! Over the last month, the the issues that a president sixth grade students have has to decide on and they been doing a campaign unit chose what side they were in social studies. Each class leaning towards. The stuhas been studying what all dents had to raise fake camentails in a government paign funds by doing projelection. ects and assignments. They began learning about Earning money allowed the the earliest parties all the classes to put posters up, way up to what we have give speeches over the today. They learned about intercom, and campaign the qualifications needed to before school. After three be a government official, weeks of raising money and what it takes to run for campaigning, Talon Bull of president, and what hapthe 6-3’s, was voted the pens during a campaign winner of the election. run. During this time, each George Cutler, of the 6-4’s, of the sixth grade classes were “campaign- came in a close second. By winning the ing” to have the school elect the person they election, the 6-3’s have won a party for created. The students in each class looked at their class. Congratulations to them!

ʻHats Off to Readingʼ E.L.C. second graders enjoyed a day of reading to celebrate their reading accomplishments during the first trimester. Students brought sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, and snacks to school to make their reading

day comfortable and cozy. Students were also allowed to wear hats inside Demoney to signify “Hats Off to Reading.” Throughout the day, guest speakers from the school and community shared their love of reading

by reading stories to the second graders. Besides reading to themselves and reading with a partner, students listened to recorded books, too! The students enjoyed their reading day and are looking forward to another one!!

1736 Central Ave., Estherville, Iowa


Kindergarten students celebrated fall on October 31 with station activities. Each kindergarten classroom had a different activity and students traveled between the classrooms to participate in each one. Mrs. Evans taught a song about a scarecrow, discussed Veteran’s Day and did different exercises with Slim Goodbody related to the different branches of the armed forces, and did a song and movement activity about falling leaves. Mrs. Witzke read the story There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves, with students finishing each page with the appropriate rhyming word. Students were given different colored leaf cut-outs and when their color rhymed with the word in the song “Colored Leaves”, they had to do different actions. Mrs. Origer taught students how and why leaves change colors and fall off the trees and students acted out a rhyme about trees. In Mrs. Seylar’s room, the students played number bingo to practice number recognition. A pumpkin glyph activity was done in Mrs. Hersom’s room. Students had to draw specific features on their pumpkin based upon responses to questions, for example a square nose if you are a boy or a triangle nose if you are a girl. When asked which station was their favorite, “All of them” was the majority answer.

Third graders use the library On Nov. 27, third graders, teachers, and volunteers walked to the Estherville Public Library to do state research. All third graders have an adult pen pal from another state and that’s the state students research. We will use the information gathered to prepare for the States Open House in April. The students are learning all about one state’s geography, government, history, famous people, culture, and other interesting facts. The students have been writing to their pen pals and receiving all kinds of good information. They also are learning research skills such as using a glossary, index, table of contents, and using key words.

STUDENTS IMPROVING WITH INTERVENTION In Reading Intervention at the Middle School, we have been busy with new books in our classroom and reading a lot of non-fiction passages from the Read Naturally program! Already students have been showing great improvements! Each student starts out by choosing a non-fiction passage to read at their level. They time themselves reading a story, listen to the story while following along with a CD of it being read to them, practice the story on their own, answer questions about the story to test their comprehension and then time themselves again to see if they have met their goal! When they meet their goal, the students then go back and have five minutes to write a summary of the story they read. We graph progress on fluency, comprehension and summarizing of the story and their hard work is paying off as we watch the graphs go up! Keep it up! -Mrs. Day

1202 Central Ave. Estherville


ELC Communicator December 2012  

ELC Communicator December 2012

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