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Easily introduce multimedia software into the classroom!

Kerpoof provides FREE multimedia software for educators, with no advertising and no hidden costs. You can use Kerpoof from any browser, on any computer with Internet access. • No software to install • No licenses to buy Kerpoof is being used in elementary and middle schools world-wide to create original artwork, animated movies, greeting cards, t-shirts and much more. Kerpoof provides thousands of ready-to-use objects and characters, with new art created daily. It also provides tools for students to create new content from scratch. Kerpoof is a great way to introduce broad concepts about computers, the Internet, and technical fluency, all while meeting educational standards. Visit the Kerpoof Teacher’s Page:

to find much more including: • Lesson plans • Ideas for classroom use • A free, monthly e-newsletter • Contests

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In truth, it is one of the most powerful online resources I have seen in quite a while.... Friendly controls provide an easy interface for creating images, books and even movies.... a very highly recommended site.

While there had been a few open source programs similar to Kid Pix… they don’t hold a candle to one of my new fave’s… Kerpoof! And what’s the cost of Kerpoof? Oh yeah… Free. - Steve Dembo, "Kerpoof! Eat your heart out Kid Pix" Discovery Educator Network Blog (10/4/07)

When I first reviewed a few months ago, I was very impressed with the potential for creativity and literacy explorations. [Now it’s] an even better choice.... It includes many of the aspects of traditional PC-based drawing and creativity applications for children, while adding in new social tools. - Chris Harris, "Kerpoof - All that and MORE!" School Library Journal Blog (2/8/08)

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- Chris Harris, "Kerpoof - All that and MORE!" School Library Journal Blog (10/2/07)

Kerpoof lets you create animated stories (movies).... makes this process incredibly easy and fun... allows students to work together in a collaborative manner.... [And] if you click on the "For Teachers" link, you'll find more information on how other teachers are using this amazing site. - James Hollis, "SMARTBoards and Kerpoof" Teachers Love SMARTBoards (2/16/08)

Educational Content Including: • Artist inspired: - Van Gogh, Picasso, Escher, Dali • Culturally inspired: - Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) villages - Traditional Japanese scroll work - Fairy tales and nursery rhymes • Tools to inspire technical fluency in the classroom • Biology, Geometry, Ecology, Literacy and more Kerpoof’s Movie Studio is supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 0741208, the BizWorld Foundation and the National Center for Women and Information Technology.

Contact: Caryn Gracey Jones, Director of Education Services, 720-220-7824


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