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bringing forgotten children from the edge to the centre

everyone needs a childhood “Childhood...is the first precious coin that poverty steals from a child.� - Anthony Horowitz

Too many children are leading forgotten lives in barren, dangerous places. They are scratching for a living without parental care. Many are neglected or even persecuted by their own governments, ignored by international media and missed by large overseas aid agencies. These children are being robbed of their childhoods. They are children on the edge of society.

Forgotten, but not by us.

we are Children on the Edge For over 20 years, we have been a charity that returns childhood to forgotten children.

You can help us bring hope, life, colour and fun into the lives of children living on the edge of their societies across the globe. You can be a catalyst for change, joining us in making a difference to the lives of children who are overlooked, ignored and forgotten. Those who partner with us never forget their experience with Children on the Edge.

“Children on the Edge looks after those young lives who are marginalised – it is life changing, raw and makes a critical difference to those who need us the most. I so admire their work.� Bear Grylls

forgotten children in forgotten places As a small charity we simply can’t be everywhere. You will find us in the places where the cameras do not click, where many aid agencies do not venture; places as forgotten to the world as the very children we try to help. Finding these places, getting into these fragmented communities, is never easy. We can often meet resistance. Sometimes, we have to go against the flow.

a conversation not a clipboard We value each person as an individual so a relational approach is at the heart of all that we do. To develop work which genuinely meets the needs of forgotten children, we build vital networks of like minded people, global experts and local partners. Utilising creativity and expertise is essential. We resource local partners, nurture independence and encourage community ownership.

one size does not fit all

Our programmes give these children a safe environment where they are protected. Our work ensures that their rights to shelter, nourishment, education and play are upheld. By restoring the ingredients of a full childhood - hope, life, colour and fun - we give them the chance to thrive and an opportunity to be children again. These are the tenets of what we provide, but nothing is offthe-shelf with Children on the Edge. Each project is innovative, bespoke and built on extensive research. We’ve been doing this for over two decades. We’re realistic, trained and experienced. Our programmes are often used as models of good practice, leading to change on a larger scale and creating an impact that punches far above our weight.

partnering with children on the edge “Children on the Edge is the most efficient and effective organisation we have ever had the pleasure of working with.” Simon Pattinson, Co-Founder, Montezuma’s Chocolates

If you visited a Children on the Edge project, you would see the ingredients of a full childhood being restored. You would recognise how your support is helping to provide a highly effective solution for children living in some of the most difficult and hard to reach situations. You would be part of a project that is tailor-made to the situation, locality and culture. No cookie-cut mould for us. We respond to each circumstance in its own right. One thing you would be absolutely aware of is your personal connection with the work to which you are contributing. We are a targeted, discreet and transparent organisation. That’s how we like to do things. If you would like to partner with Children on the Edge, please read the enclosed information, contact us directly or visit our website.


Back to our roots Dame Anita Roddick sparked the beginnings of Children on the Edge in 1990, in response to the Romanian Orphanage Crisis. After witnessing the appalling conditions in Romanian orphanages firsthand, Anita mobilised her company, The Body Shop International, to help these children. Since then, Children on the Edge has expanded its reach across 4 continents to develop expertise working with:

l Children without parental care, young migrants, refugees and internally displaced peoples

l Children traumatised by war or natural disaster l Children who have been institutionalised and those with special needs

l Working children l Children living in slums and ghettos

Children on the Edge became an independent charity in 2004 and continues working to this day with the same passion and daring with which it began.

Children on the Edge 5 The Victorias25 St PancrassChichester, West SussexsPO19 7LT T: 01243 538530 F: 01243 697343 E: office@childrenontheedge.org twitter.com/cote_uk facebook.com/coteuk Children on the Edge is a UK registered charity no 1101441


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Profile for Children on the Edge

Children on the Edge Prospectus  

A brief description of the work and values of Children on the Edge.

Children on the Edge Prospectus  

A brief description of the work and values of Children on the Edge.