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Author : Melody Beattie Pages : pages Publisher : Phoenix Audio Language : ISBN-10 : 1597773255 ISBN-13 : 9781597773 256

The Language of Letting Go Milli ons of indi vid ual s hav e rec ove red fro m cod epe nde ncy thr

oug h the gui dan ce of this per enn ial bes tsel ler. The Lan gua ge of Lett ing Go, writ ten by the aut hor of Cod epe nde ncy No Mor e and Bey ond Cod epe nde

ncy , refl ect s on the cor e issu es of cod epe nde ncy and enc our age s list ene rs to trus t the ms elv es on thei r jou rne y to self car e. Bea

ttie fills eac h me dita tion wit h per son al war mth and insi ght , allo win g peo ple to con tinu e cre atin g hea lthy rela tion shi ps and rec ove r fro m

thei r gra ppl e wit h cod epe nde ncy . The Language of Letting Go

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The Language of Letting Go  

The Language of Letting Go