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Author : Khaled Hosseini Pages : 371 pages Publisher : Riverhead Books Language : eng ISBN-10 : 159463193X ISBN-13 : 9781594631 931

The Kite Runner The unf org etta ble, hea rtbr eak ing stor y of the unli kel y frie nds hip bet

we en a we alth y boy and the son of his fath er's ser van t, The Kite Run ner is a bea utif ully craf ted nov el set in a cou ntr y tha t is in the pro ces s of bei

ng des tro yed . It is abo ut the po wer of rea din g, the pric e of bet ray al, and the pos sibil ity of red em ptio n; and an exp lora tion of the po wer of fath

ers ove r son s—t heir lov e, thei r sac rific es, thei r lies .A swe epi ng stor y of fam ily, lov e, and frie nds hip told aga inst the dev ast atin g bac kdr op of

the hist ory of Afg han ista n ove r the last thir ty yea rs, The Kite Run ner is an unu sua l and po wer ful nov el tha t has bec om ea bel ove d, one -of-

akin d clas sic. The 10t h ann iver sar y edit ion of the Ne w Yor k Tim es bes tsel ler and inte rna tion al clas sic lov ed by mill ion s of rea der s. The Kite Runner

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The Kite Runner  

The Kite Runner