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Author : John Muir Laws Pages : 303 pages Publisher : Heyday Books Language : eng ISBN-10 : 1597143154 ISBN-13 : 9781597143 158

Laws Guide to Nature Drawing and Journaling The ulti mat e gui de to nat ure dra win g and jou rnal ing. Thi s is the

ho wto gui de for bec omi ng a bet ter arti st and a mo re atte ntiv e nat ural ist. In stra ight for war d text co mpl em ent ed by ste pbyste p

illus trat ion s, doz ens of exe rcis es lea d the han d and min d thr oug h cre atin g acc ura te rep rod ucti ons of pla nts and ani mal s as well as lan dsc

ape s, skie s, and mo re. Thi s boo k pro vid es clea r, pra ctic al adv ice for eve ry ste p of the pro ces s for arti sts at eve ry lev el, fro m the bas

ics of cho osi ng sup plie s to adv anc ed tec hni que s. Whi le the boo k’s adv ice will imp rov e the skill s of alre ady acc om plis hed arti sts, the em pha sis on

seei ng, lear nin g, and feel ing will ma ke this boo k val uab le— eve n rev elat ory —to any one inte rest ed in the nat ural wor ld, no mat ter ho w rudi me nta

ry thei r arti stic abil itie s.W ays to use you r jou rnal to enh anc e curi osit y, cre ativ ity, and sha rpe n you r nat ural ist’s eye .Si mpl e tec hni que s to

imp rov e you r vis ual me mo ry and hel p you dra w wh at you see .Le sso ns on ho w to use gra phit e, pen , wat erc olor and gou ach e for fast

fiel d ske tch es. Les son s on ho w to dra w wild flo wer s, tre es, mu shr oo ms, ma mm als, bird s, rep tile s, am phi bia ns, ins ect s, lan dsc ape

s, sea sca pes , and skie s.P ape rba ck, 8.5 x 11, 368 pag es, wit h fullcol or and bla ckand whi te illus trat ion s thr oug hou t. Laws Guide to Nature Drawing and Journaling

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Laws Guide to Nature Drawing and Journaling  

Laws Guide to Nature Drawing and Journaling