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THREE A long term photoessay about three totally differant people.... Three different characters, three different generations, related to me in different ways but all of them are very important for me!

JOJO The half-brother

MIRI The roommate

GABY The mother


It was an interesting experience to take these pictures. I really started to think about what is special about these persons, what makes them the way they are. But even if I can name their characteristics doesn‘t mean that it makes it easy for me to show them in the pictures. For me personally it is quite difficult to do that because the pictures shouldn‘t look arranged but on the other hand there wasn‘t enough time just to follow the people and wait for shots they show how they are and what they do. I tried it in the time I had and I hope the pictures can give a hint of how these three people are. I chose pictures that show what they like to do and how they look like with different emotions.