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Colorful Daily Details Esther Emma Jongste

Colorful Daily Details Ever heard of SoFoBoMo? Well, this is my very first one. Solo Photo Book Month. In the time of 30 days making a book of your own images, shot in the same 30 days. And why Colorful Daily Details? Some things may be very ordinary in our eyes, but let’s look a little bit closer. Esther Emma Jongste

Still not fu

ully awake

Baking s fo

some bread or breakfast

Pick up y

your things and go

There is s

some work to do


ave a break

Laundry drying a

y; washing, and all that stuff

Let’s de sur

ecorate our rroundings

Timesched and

dules, mail d other lists

Let’s c

cook dinner

We’ll do

o the dishes

Let’s ge

et personal


me to study

Sit down

n and relax

Having the eyes of your heart entlightened

Enjoy, Esther Emma

SoFoBoMo 2008 - Colorful Daily Details  

My First SoFoBoMo. It's a lot of fun joining the SoFoBoMo-project. More of the SoFoBoMo-projects you 'll find here:

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