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Editor // Writer // Photographer Esther Koh Cover: Greenery Series, Rauxe Acknowledgements to some creative heads and the backbones of making this happen. ALL content belongs to Rauxe unless openly stated. Photographers: Karin Danielsson / Emily Benziger / Skinny Nicky / Rui Ferreira / Josh Reinecke / Samuel Richard / Allison Winters / Carolyne Allen / Burger Island / Julian Bialowas / Andrea Cheng / Valeria Spring / James Lacroix

Reference: Zara Pictures / Topshop / VSCO Publisher: Issuu Online Publishing

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Rauxe journal documents photography, art / design and life in line to individuals who seek out of the stream. ONE is our curated collection focused on greenery, portraiture and streams of consciousness. Like any person sharing out there, prerequisites should not limit. Anything can start and be planted somewhere without a degree. We do not compete for legitimacy. It is a neat option to publish online, a soft copy with no page clipping remorse. It’s quite green. And it’s free!

Our journal to you, – Esther x






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Experimenting with different environments can be foreign, however when you put two together you can create an out of place mood but it is seamless; like being surprised by the new and it flows. It is refreshing to work with natural features such as flowers and vegetation to bring an organic element to a subject. It is also a reminder that in a place of urbanisation we are surrounded by life, and our need is to embrace it. 1. Thursday Plantation rosehip oil, Lush sea spray / 2. Lush bubble gum scrub / 3. Chanel chance eau tendre

Shirts, skirts and one pieces are outfit templates of the spring season. It hasn’t taken the layering fun way since anyone is quite happy throwing a piece of clothing on and presto, an outfit. Hence the versatile romper: an item to clothe your toddlers and an intergenerational piece also. The seamless, basic silhouette and how it will still be wearable from last night’s takeaway. Shirt and skirts are timeless and transitional. However, effortless may not be what it is when in the search for the flattering point and at once, avoiding the 50’s housewife. Overall, both styles emanate a simplistic and suggestive woke up like this aura. 1. Topshop / 2. Hailey Gates for Zara

Zara Pictures

Here featuring delicious crockery at a delicious price, the muted colour collection in the kitchen home. Though it appears transitional with some summer to autumn hues, and gives a good time to bust it out then, it settles as an eclectic piece for spring. The warm tones and with little punches of blue conveyed in a geometric ensemble. It is also a good time to declare the love for mustard. Perhaps as the condiment may not be tasteful, it shines a delicious colour with its hidden deceit. The biscuit and tea waits, happy times. 1. Freedom furniture / 2. Wood mug: thrift

There was a speculation that Frankies were really difficult to get a hold of, and I truly believed the rarity of the issues that lived in obscure, or less, handful of places. I also begged my sibling to see if it would be at the airport because I’d given up on local newsagents. Out of sheer impatience, I went to purchase it online.

I love online shopping though, I really do. However hovering through digital clothing in your pyjamas in a yoga position has some consequences. (a) One does not achieve extreme elation overnight, because it takes around 5-10 business days (b) A shipping fee is not complete without (c) GST. After this time you might have seen a person clutching onto her package like a new born outside the post office. If so, that might be me. Though by serendipity, issue #62 was discovered at a local supermarket Coles. 4 minutes away from the yoga position I mentioned earlier. It nearly felt like it shed its specialty. Maybe it is also good thing; that I don’t have to wait out business days, or queue at the post office. The struggle is no longer real.

“ Never thought I’d sit with my Dilmah and indulge in a Frankie off the supermarket shelf I once overlooked.”

VSCO has to integrate a like system so we’d be hitting those hearts simultaneously. The universal VSCO grid curates fine mobile imagery and is a great vacation for photogenius input from the usual adobe string entangle. It’s clean and seamless interface employs a professional quality with no interruptions to photos, emulating an art gallery with nothing but LED lights and an ottoman at your leisure. With engrossed creative individuals out there there’s no logic or level of adventurous: a pot plant or jumping off a stack in the ocean. It still makes sense. 1. Karin Danielsson / 2. Emilybenziger / 3. Skinnynicky / 4. Rui Ferreira

Wood brings a certain mood to a subject, distracting coldness or to subdue. Perhaps its common familiarity draws from personal encounters, reminiscent to a forest or a dining set in your parents’ house. It is warm and honest. It is difficult to mimic intricacy that naturally forms, otherwise known to convey as mid-century vinyl flooring. Non-fiction The Architecture of Happiness explores how buildings can communicate to us. Whether it is triggering a memory from the meeting of lines or perceiving ideals of home. “We seem incapable of looking at buildings or pieces of furniture without tying them to the historical and personal circumstances of our viewing.” 1. Thankyou sanitiser / 2. Lush sea salt spray / 3. Dermaveen facial moisturiser / 4. Topshop blush / 5. Frankie #63 / 6. Kikki K stationery

1. Zara stripe tee / 2. Thrifted midi skirt / 3. Lovisa necklace / 4. Stella McCartney perfume / 5. Frankie Magazine #62

Start the morning with Hobba, home of the wolf pack and authentic aura specialising in brekky and lunch. Invite yourself to hearty meals of the season and enticing artisan coffee! 428 Malvern Road Prahran VIC 3181

Josh Reinecke

It is the first inclination after a wedding to think, I’d like to get married tomorrow. I’m overwhelmed by every facet of beauty that happens to encompass a wedding. The setting, the nicely dressed people, and of course the happiest birds in the room: The bride and groom. There is this full capacity of happiness when seeing especially a best friend or brother evolve out of their singlehood. It feels synonymous to Lester Burnham’s narration, even with that being another context. “I feel like I'm seeing it all at once, and my heart fills up like a balloon that's about to burst... And then I remember to relax… And then it flows through me like rain and I can't feel anything but gratitude.” American Beauty (1999) A wedding is not a period of joy that is simply attainable and mundane; for when time and commitment have amounted gracefully it has become a moment that is beautiful.

Samuel Richard

Allison Winters

Carolyne Allen

It was Monday evening and it was shift. I drew a pattern in the foam, and think about how a person would look at it and drink with no remorse. I think about how the person would down it either because they are late to work or an impatient person or both. Or they’d prefer extra hot so they could sit down a while and talk. You can tell about someone by their coffee. Truth. Beverages clatter as I navigate to a table of 5, high schoolers, with their highly sweetened lattes. Later that night I went to the grocers since I thought I could make a meal again. People were dispersed under the pavilion, their faces shadowed under the dim shed of street lights and terrible outdoor lighting. My neighbours were there too, selecting mushrooms while their kid hung at their ankles, another woman tested out grapes before dismissing. Everyone knew one another. Because we inhabit the suburban miniscule of Melbourne and there’s only so much distance you can be away from people.

Val Spring

Our monthly tunes have compiled to a year. Condensed into classics of 2014, here it is, woken long overdue in the festive season. We also listen to music, in case the mass of wit and greenery appears to be a sole theme. This remedy of winding down also comes with a specific mood to embrace and soundtrack the minutiae in life. 1. House, Kindness / 2. Solitude Is Bliss, Tame Impala / 3. Holocene, Bon Iver / 4. Inside Of Me, Montmartre (Robotaki remix) / 5. Open Season, High Highs / 6. You Already Know, Bombay Bicycle Club / 7. Don’t Summarise My Summer Eyes, Bibio / 8. Fiona Coyne, Saint Pepsi / 9. Talk Is Cheap, Chet Faker / 10. Insane, Flume / 11. Thinking Out Loud, Ed Sheeran

If you don’t already smell the pine trees nor have the wanderlust for camping, look closer. Can’t sense the oozing petrichor? Look closer. These people have experienced the goodness of the earth and were able to share it online to make indoor people jealous, I’m convinced. It makes me want to rethink my travels to sprawling urban cities because in fact, serene places like this still do exist. I’m sure Norway looks better than the postcards; Slovenian mountains are equally just. Why not holiday in the woods and not the concrete jungle? Feast on figs and not KFC. Climb a Swedish mountain whilst listening to Bon Iver. I would one day… and I’ll send a postcard. 1. Burger Island / 2. Julian Bialowas / 3. Andrea Cheng / 4. Valeria spring

Holiday gift ideas dedicated to the sole lovers of red. 1. Wooden tree ornament / 2. Kikki K apple stamp kit / 3. Travel A5 notebook / 4. Metal jewellery stand / 5. Wood shoe ornament / 6. Japanese coaster / 7. Tooth brush holder FOR pencils / 8. Kikki K felt tip & pencil

These items were separated at birth, we think anyway. Frankie #63’s cousin happens to be a lean Tony & Guy sea salt spray bottle. Blissful is the marriage of a strict Kikki K powder hue work book with a notably playful, light pen. A wooden tea light holder is a sister of three, but from another tree.

A collation of green imagery by feature photographers and of our own


Flowers are in subject to each a different quiet moment a variation of warm, soft light and crisp palettes

Rauxe Journal ONE  
Rauxe Journal ONE  

A melting pot of imagery, art & design for those who seek out of the stream. Volume I focuses on greenery, portraiture and streams of consci...