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The word ‘golden’ has been written in a different font in order to make this word stand out. This dennotes how the hip hop is obsessed with being wealthy and able to access what is necessary. Bold writing to substitute as coverlines however it is still easy to read and also fitting the colour scheme so it makes it all come together and look professional. My subject will also attract many ethnic minorities due to the fact that my subject is black so he will also be seen as a role model. So this will have a positive outcome. As shown the most popular results show that 18 to 34 olds are most likely interested in hip hop, this is stereotypical and the evidence from the diagram reinforcethis stereotype. Researching the age made it easier for me to figure out who my target market would be

Dark colours in this case connote By using popular artists names my au- Large bold font for my mast head will elegance, power and mystery. Black dience will be more convinced to buy draw the target market it will lead to them purchasing the magazine. typically has a negative connotation my product. but can be seen as a good contrastThis magazine reflects the nature ing colour and stand out well on the of hip hop/r&b as the housestyle page id gold, white and black, specifically the colour gold dennotes wealth and materialistic values which are prominentin the hip hop genre.The black background keeps the housestyle the same however it is perfect as it makes the artist stand out and will help to draw the target market in. ‘The showdown’ draws the attention of the audience as it has a design to emphasise the word thicken the gravity. This twist is thoughtfull and the audience will be taken aback.

My subjects attracts those of the same ages as him. Because he is the same age as them they will start Has a barcode is used to identify to make him The fact that the artist is looking straight into the the item and trace it back so this is their role camera suggests that he has a sense of dominance beneficial to my target audience as model as he This is how most of the audience/fans dress it shows and wants to almost intimidate those around could provide extra information will be the that they look to artists as their role models. It also Bearing in mind he will be peoples role models so for example how successful the point of intershow that they aspire to be like them. product was after marketisation. est as a result he is a hard worker

Due to my target markets intrest in these artists I uses the title ‘the life of Efeke’ the most known artist to draw thye audience i9n and so that they can see Efeke asa role model and be compelled to read the rest of the article

The dominant image has been made to seem as if it’s a polaroid this makes it more realable to reality as normally people do possess these

In have used high key lighting on my subjects to make sure their faces are seen clearly and the main focus is on them, so that the audience will see this and it will lead them to buy the magazine.

As shown we can see that my artist has kept it quite simple

Dominant images has been included to fit in with the article.

I have continued the same design for all my magazines so the lines are kept the same The housestyle of my magazine has stayed the same I hacve used gold black and white which conote wealth and power. This would attract my target audience because even though the artists seem as if they don’t care they have materialistic things which is what ther youth(my audience) aspire for.

I have included a pull oput quote to catch the audiences eye. I used the colours of the housestyle. I also highlighted key parts of the quote using stroke and this made it stand out and suggests that the quote carries value/importance.

The collom is a key code and convention because my target audience are fans of these artists I have written plenty about there lives as well as the colabs where they meet to meet the audiences needs.

The double page spread addresses my audience the young adult and teenagers because my artist is using verbal communication that most of my target market are familiar with

Evaluation 4 5 1  
Evaluation 4 5 1