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Is It That Cold Out?

Mason Yunick, left, and Carter Yunick were bundled up as they tobogganed down the hill in Estevan’s Westview subdivision on Jan. 7. The temperatures were cold that day, just as they have been throughout the month of January, but that didn’t stop Mason and Carter from braving the temperatures and having some outdoor winter fun. Photo by David Willberg.

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Oxbow’s Jim Galloway releases five songs with his latest EP Fly Away By David Willberg

Jim Galloway knew that he was going to eventually release a second album, thanks to the success of Good Times, which was released in the fall of 2014. His new release is Fly Away, a five-song EP that has been available to the public since late November. “In the back of my mind, I wanted to get back and write and create,” Galloway said in an interview with Lifestyles. “I think that’s something I have to do artistically is write and create at any level.” Galloway describes Fly Away as a continuation of Good Times. He admits that he hasn’t had the time to sit down and go all out on a full-length album during the past couple of years, but he was able to sporadically record a few songs. “After the Good Times album, I was out playing live, and between work and life sometimes getting in the way, it was about a year-and-a-half later, that I thought ‘Man, I haven’t started anything,’” said Galloway. So every few months, he would record a song

The cover art for Fly Away. Image submitted.

that he had penned. “I don’t really do a lot of planning when I’m going to do the recording,” said Galloway. “My home studio is set up so that sometimes when I get home from work, or get a weekend … I’ll start doodling on my guitar, and just like an artist with a paintbrush, you start filling in all the spots and colours, and start building something.” Still, he was pleased with the EP and how it turned out. Fly Away was recorded and produced at Galloway’s home studio

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and mixed by Allen Hunnie Audio out of Winnipeg. And while he said there are similarities between Good Times and Fly Away, the new album is a little heavier than its predecessor. “I was experimenting with different drum sounds and guitar textures, and a different approach to vocal phrasing with this one,” said Galloway. But he recognizes that the way the listener hears the album can be different from what he will hear. Two songs on the album stand out to him: the title track Fly Away, and another, Free, which was first released for internet radio. Those are the songs that have been getting the most attention from consumers, and, according to


No Frills Pharmasave M & M Food Market Wal-Mart Peavey Mart Sobeys Cabela’s Leon’s Southern Plains CO-OP Home Hardware Menards UP TO

Oxbow’s Jim Galloway has released a new EP titled Fly Away. The five-song collection has been available since the fall. Photo submitted.

Galloway, the songs receiving the strongest reviews. The EP has been played on CBC Radio, an internet independent music station out of Regina named QC Indie, on college radio stations and other broadcast mediums. Perhaps the most interesting fans, though, are surfers from Dublin who travel the world, heard

the Fly Away song, and quickly became fans. “They’re going to be using Fly Away in one of their films this upcoming summer,” said Galloway. People in the Oxbow area have been very supportive, he said, but he has also received excellent support from those in and around Estevan. Galloway

This week’s

New Arrivals Drahun: Born to Justin Drahun & Kassie Krunick on December 29, 2016, twin daughters, Jordynn Acea Drahun, weighing 5lbs 13oz & Journee Hailey Drahun, weighing 5lbs 11oz. Proud grandparents are Delores Dukart, David Krunick and John & Blanche Drahun. Proud siblings are Hayden & Amrie Drahun.









is part of two bands, Two Sharps and a Flat, and Jimmy G and the Cable Guys, and they have made numerous appearances in Estevan in recent years. Galloway hopes to record another full-length album at some point this year. He hasn’t decided on a format yet, as he wavers between acoustic music and edgier sounds. “My problem is I love so many different kinds of music,” said Galloway. At some point, he’d love to create an album with the members of his bands, since Gallaway views them as fantastic musicians, but he also recognizes it can be tough to find the time to get everyone to record, and to find space for that many musicians.










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Whittaker incorporates love of reading and writing with faith for her first novel By David Willberg

The first novel for Estevan resident Brenda Whittaker is not only a testament to her lifelong love of reading and writing, but it reflects her work ethic and her commitment to see the book published. And it incorporates the faith that she holds so dearly. Whittaker released her self-published novel, The Arc of God, late last year. And while the process in getting it published proved to be lengthy, it’s one that she is glad she experienced. The idea for The Arc of God came to her in 2008, when she was going through some difficult times. Whittaker was a flight nurse who was injured on the job, and couldn’t return to work. She was battling chronic pain and fibromyalgia, as well as the anxiety of not knowing if she could resume her career. “When I started writing this, it was just a therapeutic thing,” said Whittaker. “I didn’t know why I was supposed to write it, but it was in my mind, and I just started writing it, and it was something that I was doing during my time on disability.” A devoted Christian, Whittaker prayed about the novel, and the story kept returning to her mind. She felt God was telling her to proceed

with the book. Whittaker also had the encouragement of her husband, John, and friends, who told her to pursue the novel. “I started reading the book to John, and then he started talking to me about how I should get it published,” said Whittaker. The Arc of God tells the story of a 15-year-old girl, Karen, who leaves her home in a big city after the suicide of her mother, and moves to the fictitious northern mining community of Gardner Pass to live with her grandfather. Even though she is a teenager, Karen has already had some brushes with the law. “He’s basically the first one who shows her a lot of love,” said Whittaker. But Karen’s grandfather is murdered, and she is blamed for the crime. Karen not only wants to find the real killer, but to clear her name. The name of the book is based on a legend in Gardner Pass, stemming from its gold mining days. Karen’s ancestors were pioneers in the community, and among the early gold miners. “There was a legend that on their property, there was a big gold deposit in the mountain, and this is what was called The Arc of God,” said Whittaker. While it’s a work of fiction, some of the experiences in the book are

Brenda Whittaker holds her first novel, The Arc of God, which she released late last year. It tells the story of a young woman, Karen, who is trying to solve the murder of her grandfather.

based on what Whittaker and her husband have encountered in real life, particularly when it comes to wildlife and the outdoors. Whittaker has been an avid reader since she was a child, and she has always loved adventure and mystery novels. She dabbled in writing, but never tried a novel until working on The Arc of God. She isn’t looking to

make money off her novel. Rather, she wrote it because of her interest in the genre, and her belief that this is what she is supposed to do. The publication process was a challenge, from the proofreading to the editing to the overall appearance of the novel. Her husband was heavily involved through the process, as he spent about six

months finding the right publisher. The Whittakers eventually went with a company named Create Space. John Whittaker said they had to do all of their document setup, graphic design, file formatting and corrections. “They show you onscreen what your document is going to print and look like,” he said. “You must go through your whole book one line at a time, and read the whole thing online.” He has also been responsible for the marketing the novel. “It took about two years from the start of the process to the point where we are here now, with print copies coming off for sale,” he said. He also stressed that most people who opt for self-publishing are printing books between 250 and 300 pages, not 483page novels. And The Arc of God was close to the maximum size that the printer could handle. Brenda Whittaker noted the encouragement they have received thus far has been encouraging. A friend who works with a publishing company read the book and was surprised by the ending. “She said to me ‘The only thing that bothered me about it is I could not figure out the ending of the book until I got to the end,’” said Whittaker. “And she said ‘Normally

I can get halfway through a book, and I can already tell you what the ending is going to be for a mystery.’” Another friend told her that it’s a very wellwritten book, and he’s looking forward to getting a copy of his own. He was particularly impressed with the strength of her characters. “I was really surprised by that, because I think that’s one of my weaknesses, is getting my characters distinguished, and getting good character descriptions,” said Whittaker. Whittaker has already started working on a sequel for the Karen character. Obviously, Whittaker won’t divulge too many details involving the plot, since it would give away too much information regarding the conclusion of The Arc of God, but the writing process is going well. “I’m only a few chapters in, but I’ve got a lot of it in my mind already,” said Whittaker. “The sequel is prompted by the epilogue of the book.” They suspect they will likely go through the selfpublishing route once again. The Arc of God can be purchased at Henders Drugs in Estevan, and is available at local libraries. A book launch will be held at the Estevan Public Library on Feb. 4, and Whittaker is looking forward to reading excerpts of the book for the public. 

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Viewpoints A4

Friday, January 13, 2017


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Let your opinion be heard this year It’s that wonderful time of the year, in which the City of Estevan has released its budget for 2017, and is seeking the public’s input on the vital document. Readers of this publication know that we implore people on an annual basis to send their thoughts to the city about the budget document. Our preference would be that people appear before council at the budget meeting on Jan. 30 to offer their thoughts on the document. But even if they Email their opinions to council, or call city hall to offer their opinions, it’s an encouraging sign. Just keep those thoughts in good taste. Feedback has been sparse the last couple years. Two years ago, a few people sent letters to the city. Last year the Estevan Chamber of Commerce was there to offer their opinions. People often complain when they find out there is a property tax increase coming, and yet when they’re given an opportunity to articulate their concerns in the most legitimate public setting, they’re nowhere to be found. We hope that the people who are upset about the three per cent municipal property tax increase, or the five per cent increase over water consumption rates, will share those concerns with council, rather than leaving the complaints for the workplace water cooler or coffee row. And if they want to share their opposition, then hopefully they have some solutions as well. It adds legitimacy to their argument if they have an idea for how the city can make up for the $441,000 that the property tax increase would generate. There are other issues in the budget as well. King Street will finally be resurfaced from Souris Avenue North to Arthur Avenue. And King will be widened to four lanes between Bannatyne Avenue and Pine Avenue, ending one of the city’s most ridiculous traffic flow problems. The budget also calls for money for the Civic Auditorium, which means the 60-year-old barn will likely be with us for a few more years. Council’s decision to seek more public feedback on the budget has been an encouraging development in the last few years, just like their willingness to seek input on other fronts has been a step forward. It was good to see council hold a couple public meetings last year to discuss the business licence bylaw. And it was a positive development when so many people stepped forward to share their thoughts. Hopefully, the budget will generate a similar number of responses as the business bylaw debates or the speed limit discussions. After all, you would hope people would be as concerned about their property taxes or the condition of King Street, as the speed limit on Wellock Road or Fourth Street. When the community is engaged and elected officials are held accountable, it only adds to the health of the community.

Nerf shoot

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Monique Willms ifamily

Turning over an aviation NewLeaf Embarking upon my first Pro: Landing flights with NewLeaf ’s disIt’s almost inevitable count airline was a learning when flying on major airlines experience. I have emerged that take you through Onmuch the wiser as to how it tario that you end up landing works, after taking it basically at and enduring a layover in halfway across the country. the sprawling, crowded abject I’ll dispense with being cesspool of stress and misery so opaque and give you my that is the Toronto Pearson discoveries, distilled down to International Airport. the heuristic by which I make Not with NewLeaf. Part most decisions: a pro and con Sam’s Soapbox of their strategy is to utilize list. smaller Canadian airpots Pro: The price (like Hamilton’s, in lieu of Toronto’s) for Everyone to whom I’ve spoken about lower landing fees, which translate to lower my plans to fly with NewLeaf already will costs for passengers. I have no problem roll their eyes at reading this, but I literally with this. paid half of what I would normally pay to Pro: Options fly home for Christmas, booking at a time I love to travel light. NewLeaf encourat which it’s usually not cheap to book ages that, because the amount you pay for flights. luggage depends on how much you bring No matter how many inconveniences on the plane. I realize that is a significant there are on a round trip from Winnipeg impediment who don’t have the privilege to the Maritimes and back, the price fully of being able to bring everything they need justifies each and every one of them. in a bulging carry on and a small piece of This is a game changer for a lot of people checked luggage, but it sure as hell works who probably wish they could to fly more. for me. Pro: The young families Con: The delays There were a lot of young families who There were significant delays every time availed themselves of NewLeaf ’s far more we landed. That really sucked. I understand affordable services. Instead of spending that this is a problem that’s basically intrinthousands of dollars to bring themselves sic to how all airliners operate in the winhome to granny and grandpa for Christ- ter, in Canada, but sometimes the causes of mas, they finally had an alternative. delays were absolutely foolish, during my It warms my heart to think of how outgoing and returning flights. much stress they were probably able to During what ought to have been a brief avoid, in doing that. stop in Hamilton, the pilot of my flight Con: The young families threw what amounted to a hissy-fit because I’m going to sound like a jerk admitting there purportedly was a little ice on the this, but there was a cloud for the silver lin- steps up to the plane. ing I wrote about above. By “young famiOf course, the staff of the airport took lies,” in this case I am specifically referring his expression of anger to heart and refused to the ones with the screaming, howling, to get a new ramp for almost two hours, to caterwauling, shrieking, babies prone to let the handful of passengers that needed to defecating at the worst possible times (I.E. get off, off the plane. when all the washrooms were occupied Pro: The service with lines, so they couldn’t be changed right Despite the litany of quirks and metaaway.) phorical speed bumps along the way, from I understand that screaming malodor- people who don’t seem understand that ous babies are just an inevitability of life. “This flight boards at 11:30 a.m.” means So really, the only problem I had was that they have to be at the gate before 11:30 I was seated in their immediate proxim- a.m., to families wanting to switch seats ity—between three families, in fact—with to sit together at the front of the plane and babies that literally created a symphony of that one tipsy passenger demanding why a screams, sobs and other awful discordant discount airliner doesn’t offer its booze at a vocalizations headphones can’t drown out. cheaper price, the staff with NewLeaf don’t Next time, I’m paying the extra $15 and miss a beat and maintained impeccable picking a seat. professionalism throughout.

I feel like every holiday we have added another Nerf (or some other foam dart) weapon to our arsenal. We have had some epic Nerf wars where dad is left a gun, some ammo and a note to brace himself at the door. It’s fun and intense. Sometimes we are a little slower paced in our fun with Nerf though. Random fact about me: I love hitting targets. Targets of any kind. I actually have a somewhat innate ability to eyeball stuff and hit it with little to no practice. We love target shooting with our Nerf guns, and bows and I think it’s time we step it up and have a more thought out shoot in our home.

Sam Macdonald

I love hearing of the fun archers have at their 3D shoots and I think setting up a similar course in your house would be awesome. With foam darts we like to use light objects that topple as our targets so that there is no second guessing if something was hit or not. We find that empty two-litre plastic bottles, empty paper towel tubes and cereal boxes all make fantastic targets. If you wanted to up the aesthetics of your course you could have the kids draw or print out pictures to attach to the targets. Perhaps wild animals, Pokémon or storm troopers. For your Nerf dart shoot, set up several areas of targets and use

masking tape to mark shooting distances on the floor. We always let the younger ones start a little closer but if they’re making all of their shots they have to graduate and move back. Some target areas can just a competition based on shooting five foam darts from a specified distance and the one who knocks over the most targets wins or gets the points for that round. Some rooms can be set up in such a way that you have to hit targets from spots in a timed run. You can reload as much as you want and the winner is determined by speed. Mix it up, make a night of it and don’t forget a trophy.

Cheers & Jeers A5

Friday, January 13, 2017

Cheers to the employee of a local grocery store who used his personal four-by-four vehicle to deliver groceries to the elderly who were storm stayed last month.

Jeers to the property tax increase that is coming for Estevan this year. Many people’s finances are stretched enough as it is; they can’t take more increases.

Cheers to the SMILE Services bus driver who stopped to help a person trap their little dog that had run off. The dog could have been lost and eventually would have frozen to death.

Jeers to the single regional health authority that is coming in Saskatchewan. The province can promise that the quality of care won’t be compromised, but the care will eventually suffer.

Cheers to the amazing snow removal crews who have managed to keep the streets in Estevan safe. In one instance, their prompt action allowed a senior to keep a cancer-related appointment at St. Joseph’s Hospital.

Jeers to whoever was responsible for the theft of the power tools northeast of Estevan late last year.

Cheers to the Estevan Prairie Mud peewee A Bruins on winning a couple of recent tournaments. Good luck in provincials.

Jeers to the people who are constantly complaining about the snow and the cold temperatures. Did you really expect a third consecutive tame winter?

Cheers to Kyle Mulligan for the great work that he has done at the TS&M Woodlawn Golf Club the last two years, and for his contributions to the Power Dodge Estevan Bruins.

Jeers to those who are upset with the rising gas prices. It’s largely a reflection of the price of oil. When oil goes up, we win, even if we have to pay more at the pump.

To submit a cheer or jeer email:

Bringing scripture to life No one does everything that the Bible commands them to do. This has nothing to do with being sinful (though, of course, our sinfulness does cause us to fall short at times), rather it has to do with how we interact with scripture. For example, Romans 16:16 says, “Greet one another with a holy kiss.” I do not know anyone who does this. In fact, in our day and age, uninvited kissing may get you charged with harassment.  Therefore, we have changed this command so that it includes a “holy handshake.” Sometimes we follow scriptural examples to the letter of the law and other times we ignore them completely. For example, in Matthew 26, Jesus starts what we call “The Lord’s Supper.”  He takes bread, blesses it and tells his followers to remember his body that was to be sacrificed on the cross

Tim Pippus

of the Estevan Church of Christ (verse 26). Then he takes a cup, blesses it and tells the disciples to drink it and remember his blood (verse 27). In some form or another, most Christians take those examples seriously and continue to follow them to this day.  However, the end of that paragraph says, “When they had sung a hymn, they went out to the Mount of Olives” (verse 30). Many churches sing a hymn after the Lord’s

table, but no one suggests that we must then fly to Jerusalem and climb the Mount of Olives. We completely ignore that part of the example. Of course, those are silly examples but they make the point that scripture is not always as “cut and dried” as we would like it to be.  However, that is a good thing. Interacting with God’s word ought to make us to think and ask questions like, “How does this apply today?”  or, “What does this verse require me to do?”   Scripture comes alive, not when we read it, but when we wrestle with it. As this new year begins, may I encourage you to dig into the word of God. It may not always be easy, but I promise that your effort will be rewarded. “Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth” (2 Timothy 2:15).

The complexity of puzzles Someone recently asked me if I had any hobbies. I responded by saying, “I really enjoy playing my piano,” but afterwards I wondered why I hadn’t added, “I’m also addicted to crossword puzzles.” Since that conversation, I’ve been thinking about the relationship between those two activities, and I’ve come to a conclusion: playing the piano releases my creative side while figuring out the right answers to what often are the most complex of subjects exercises my brain. (Okay, on occasion I admit to sneaking a look at the answers found in the back of the book.) Settling into my current challenge of semi-retirement, there are times when the only thing that relaxes my tensed body is to go to my Bachman piano, and

Linda Wegner

Words of Worth pour out my heart through my fingers. I will never cease to be thankful for the innate ability to play, even before taking lessons. Now crosswords, on the other hand, are often far from relaxing; in fact, I honour the skills of whoever came up with the ideas of designing a grid, creating words that

inter-link and selecting answers that often have the most bizarre of definitions. They activate my brain and pull me out of lethargy or a feeling of incompetence. My heart has been stirred in the past weeks at how the Psalmist David addressed both sets of emotions. A mighty king and warrior who stooped to the sins of adultery and murder, he knew how to appropriate the grace and forgiveness of God. While in his rationality he acknowledged and confessed his horrific sins, he cried out for forgiveness, then simply rested his case in the hands of a God of mercy. “He heard my cry; He also brought me up out of a horrible pit…and set my feet upon a rock” (Psalm 40:2 and 3). Thank God for grace.

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Mon-Fri 8am-6pm • Sat 9am-5pm

Faces A6

Friday, January 13, 2017

Fun At the Library Lyndon Sauder, left, and Mason Gervais contemplate a Lego design.

Breanna Michel participated in the pillowcase workshop.

The Estevan Public Library was a place to be during the first weekend in January, thanks to a couple of programs. The library’s Lego Club met on Saturday, with families turning out to play with the popular building blocks. The following afternoon, there was a do it yourself pillowcase session for teens. Photos by David Willberg.

Katie Sauder was among those at the Lego Club.

Zachary Wilkie works on his pillowcase design.

Nevaeh Tierney shows off her pillowcase.

Tayla Gervais had fun with Lego.



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Support For New Initiative From the left, Rotary Club of Estevan president Jeff Ward presented a cheque for $5,500 to Fresh Air Fitness co-founders Debby Knight and Peggy Rohatyn during Rotary’s meeting on Jan. 3. Fresh Air Fitness has been fundraising to purchase exercise equipment that will be installed on the northern edge of Woodlawn Regional Park. Photo submitted.

Fundraising supper tops expectations The event exceeded expectations and it was a fun evening for all according to organizers of the Wade Bye fundraising spaghetti held held at Gibby’s Pub on Jan. 7. Bye, who is in the midst of a challenging battle against Stage 3-4 lung cancer was the recipient of the evening’s good will as well as some financial donations. “Wade is not a member of our motorcycle club, but he is a friend. He’s a friend from work, and beyond,” said Ken Hoste, a spokesman for the Heretics Motorcycle Club who helped co-ordinate the event. “I guess it shows something special about the motorcycle community in Estevan, as well as just our club. “There were 90 people at the dinner and the silent auction and door

prizes went over well. Wade was able to make it there and was in great spirits,” said Hoste. More than half the people who attended had never met Bye, said Hoste, but they knew people who knew him, so they came out in full force to support the event. “There was $5,988 raised that night and 100 per cent of it went to Wade and his family,” said Hoste. The money will be used to help defray expenses for Bye, the father of two teenagers. An online post noted that Bye had been fighting what was first thought to be a simple case of bronchitis since April of 2016 which was later diagnosed to be pneumonia in mid-summer and ultimately the diagnosis of Stage 3 cancer came in

mid-November after he spent more than an hour in a trauma unit following a dizzy spell after a lungdraining procedure. A series of tests and a CT scan eventually led to the more serious diagnosis of adenocarcinoma, a form of lung cancer. The money, the family said, would be used to cover unexpected expenses associated with such things as frequent travel requirements, hotel accommodations, food and lost wages during the battle. The motorcycle community sent out their appreciation to all those who attended the dinner and have since lent further support to the Bye family through Bye’s GoFundMe page which had reached a total of $7,425 in support as of Jan. 10.

Estevan’s Wade Bye, left, benefited from a fundraiser on Jan. 7. Photo submitted.

Congratulations! to all student winners of

Peet re-appointed in Alida Margaret Peet has been re-appointed to the Alida Housing Authority’s board of directors. The Alida Housing Authority is a communitybased organization that provides daily management of four housing units constructed and operated under the terms of a costsharing agreement involving municipal, provincial and federal governments. Other members of the board of directors are Brenda Junk, Brenda Boutin, Edel Cowan and chair Glenda Nielsen.

Individuals interested in volunteering to serve on the authority’s board of directors are encouraged to contact Alida Mayor James Boettcher. A local nominating committee recommends board members. Applications for accommodation are available from the manager of the Alida Housing Authority. Social Services Minister Tina Beaudry-Mellor paid tribute to the volunteers who manage the social housing projects in Alida and other communities. “This local hands-on

Robbie Burns' Night Banquet & Dance Saturday, January 21st • Roast Beef Dinner • Piping & Highland Dancing • Music by Dave Elliot

Open to the Public - Children Welcome - Bring the Whole Family

Tickets: Adult $30.00 Children under 10: $15.00 To be held at The Wylie Mitchell Hall. Tickets available at Home Hardware Paint Desk - Ask for Angela Performance by: 2901 Estevan (Elks), Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry Royal Canadian Army Cadet Pipe Band.

Pick up tickets early - Tickets advance sale only

approach ensures that the Saskatchewan Housing Corporation responds effectively to the needs of each community,” said Beaudry-Mellor. Saskatchewan has a network of 260 housing

authorities and more than 1,400 volunteer members who assist with management of housing units throughout the province for seniors, low income families and people with disabilities.


240 students in southeast Saskatchewan developed & wrote about their business ideas, and competed for $2,000 in prize money!

Grade 6 - 8 Winners 1st Place:

Skyler Kreger, Weyburn

Rock & Roll Skate Park

2nd Place: Andrew Altwasser, Yellow Grass

Hat Trick Hockey Training


3 Place: Denae King, Weyburn

Kozy Kings Clothing

Grade 9 - 12 Winners NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING OF ELECTORS The Annual Meeting of Electors of the South East Cornerstone Public School Division No. 209 will be held in the Board Room at the South East Cornerstone Public School Division Office, 80A-18th Street N.E., Weyburn, SK on Thursday, February 16, 2017 at 2:00 p.m. for review of the 2015-2016 Fiscal Year as prescribed by The Education Act, 1995. All electors are welcome.

MEETING DATES The dates and location of the regularly scheduled public meetings of the Board of Education of the South East Cornerstone Public School Division, as well as the Annual Meeting of Electors and the Organizational Meeting of the Board, are listed on the school division’s website at under Board  Agendas and Meetings. DISPOSAL OF STUDENT CUMULATIVE RECORDS

In accordance with the December 2012 Records Retention and Disposal Guide for Saskatchewan School Divisions, South East Cornerstone Public School Division will be disposing of student cumulative files for students born in 1990. The records will be disposed of after March 31, 2017. Dated at Weyburn, SK this 5th day of January, 2017. Shelley Toth, Superintendent of Division Services/CFO

1st Place: Paris Lyon, Jessica Christopherson & Jordan Byrns - Yellow Grass Triple J Food Service


2 Place: Megan Guest, Yellow Grass Tack in the Box Pet Supply

3rd Place: Megan Ebel, Weyburn

3, 2, 1 Capture It Photography

Achievement Winners

Macoun School students, - group award Tierra Fichter & Alyssa Jacques - Customer Service Princess Agbon & Bethany Montebon - Operations Rilyn Murray - Going the Extra Mile

View the winning 2016 YouthBiz entries: Sponsors:

Affinity Credit Union BDC SaskEnergy SaskTel



Local snowmobile club is nearly finished their trails proximately 20 centimetres that covered the city in late November. The snow has been a source of frustration for local motorists and others, but for the snowmobile club, they now have their thickest snow cover since 2013. “According to Environment Canada, there

By David Willberg

A record amount of snow in December proved to be good news for some, including members of the Estevan Snowmobile Club. Estevan received about 52 centimetres of snow last month, which followed ap-





l Va











ary 1

7 t - 31s 201



Booking Specials

are more than 20 inches of snow out there,” said Estevan Snowmobile Club president David Heier. “In a lot of places, you can’t ride. It’s too hard and too rough, but the trails are nice and smooth.” According to Heier, the club has been working hard since early December to get the trails ready. About 90 per cent of their trails were staked and groomed, as of Jan. 10, and he hopes the work can be finished this weekend. The snowmobile club has about 265 kilometres of trails that connect with those maintained by the Moose Mountain Snowmobile Club, allowing local snowmobilers to safely ride through much of eastern Saskatchewan. Some trails are a higher priority due to the number of users. The trails that extend north of the city to Benson, Lampman and Wilmar are the most travelled. The next-busiest route is the one that runs west of the city to Outram and Torquay. “We just have a little bit of work to hook up Macoun with Rafferty, but it’s not travelled nearly as much as the rest, so we got the priorities done first,” said Heier. Once the Macounto-Rafferty route is finished, the club will freshly groom all their trails.

The heavy snow last month has been a welcome development for snowmobilers.

Due to the abundance of snow, people from other parts of the province and Western Canada have been coming to the Estevan area to use the trails. It’s a far cry from recent years, when local enthusiasts have to travel elsewhere in the province or the Prairies to enjoy some sledding. “There’s been quite a bit of traffic on the trails,” said Heier. Temperatures are supposed to warm up this weekend and into next week. As long as the temperatures remain below

e v o L

zero, the trails will be in good shape, and Heier expects the warmer temperatures will entice more to hit the trails. The snow will also allow the club to run several derbies this winter. The first will be on Jan. 21. Participants will meet at the Estevan Archery Club between 10 a.m. and noon, and then they will hit the trails until 5 p.m. Food and refreshments will be served, and prizes will be handed out. They will also help out with a snowmobile derby


Enga We’re

Just Married!

s e i tor


in February that the Macoun Parks and Recreation Board is organizing. Heier is optimistic they will be able to have a derby in Lampman and another in Estevan before the end of the winter. He is also urging snowmobile users to have licence plates for their sleds. It’s illegal to use trails or Crown land without plates, and $100 from the sale of the licence plates goes to the Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association, which then divides the money with the clubs.

Together For 35 Ye ars

Cute Couple



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REDRIVER LUMBER LTD. 481 Devonian St. 306.634.2114 or 306.634.2143

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Three Farmers snag three Dragons The Three Farmers made their return to the Dragon’s Den night, and for the second straight time, emerged with a deal. Natasha Vandenhurk and her sister Elysia appeared on a second chance episode of the CBC series, which aired on Wednesday night. Natasha, who is the company’s chief executive officer, and Elysia, the chief operating officer and a red seal chef, came in looking for $400,000 for 15 per cent of their company, which means they pegged their valuation at more than $2.6 million. They received two offers during their latest appearance on Dragon’s Den. Jim Treliving, who is an owner of such companies as Boston Pizza and Mr. Lube, offered the Vandenhurks close to what they wanted, with $400,000 for 16 per cent of the company. But Elysia and Natasha went with an offer from a trio of Dragons: Michael Wekerle, who is a leading Canadian investor; Joe Mimran, who is an owner of the Joe Fresh clothing com-

pany; and Manjit Minhas, who is an owner of Minhas Breweries, Distillery and Wineries. The three dragons will receive a seven per cent royalty from the sale of The Three Farmers’ products. The Three Farmers is a company that sells camelina oil and chickpeas. It was founded by Midale-area farmers Colin Rosengren, Ron Emde and Dan Vandenhurk. Natasha and Elysia form the management team and also own part of the company. When the Vandenhurks were in the Den for the first time back in 2012, they received an investment for $180,000 for 20 per cent of the company from marketing expert Arlene Dickinson. The deal didn’t close, although the Vandenhurks had favourable comments regarding Dickinson and the overall Dragon’s Den experience. At that time, they only had their camelina oil, which received praise from the dragons. Since that time, the Three Farmers have added chickpeas to their product

Three Farmers management team representatives Natasha Vandenhurk, left, and her sister Elysia snagged an investment from three venture capitalists on Wednesday night’s second chance episode of Dragon’s Den on CBC. File photo.

lines. During Wednesday’s episode, The Vandenhurks stressed to the Dragons that not only is Saskatchewan a leader in chickpea production, but the Three Farmers are the only ones with Canadian grown and made chickpeas.

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Ph: 306-634-5111 • 407 Kensington Avenue, Estevan 37th YEAR


Shop online at: Monday - Friday: 7:30 - 5:30 | Saturday: 8:00 - 5:00 | Sunday: Closed

Keep our environment looking



1102 4TH STREET• ESTEVAN, SK • 306-634-1800


ESTEVAN LEISURE CENTRE January 4 - March 31, 2017







6am - 9am






Help us keep your kids safe!

9am - 10am






10am - 12pm

MOM & BABY AQUAFIT 10:15am - 11am


MOM & BABY AQUAFIT 10:15am - 11am



All children under the age of 8 must be supervised by someone 16 years or older, within arms reach.

12pm - 1pm






1pm - 3pm






3pm - 4pm






4pm - 5pm

RED CROSS LESSONS 4pm - 5:15pm

5pm - 6pm

MINI MERMAIDS | 5:15pm - 6pm AQUASTEP | 5:15pm - 6pm


RED CROSS LESSONS 4pm - 6pm AQUASTEP 5:15pm - 6pm

RED CROSS LESSONS 4pm - 6pm AQUASTEP 5:15pm - 6pm


6pm - 7pm 7pm - 8pm


8pm - 9pm 9pm - 10pm


Weight Room & Walking Track (except stat holidays)

6am - 10pm

Affinity Rink



6am - 9pm




6am - 10pm

6am - 9pm

PARENT & TOT | 11:15am - 12pm PARENT & TOT | 11:15am - 12pm PARENT & TOT | 11:15am - 12pm sponsor: Estevan Strippers Hockey Club

sponsor: Estevan Strippers Hockey Club








Hot tub and steam room may be available during LANE SWIM, SCHOOL LESSONS, and RED CROSS LESSONS, please call 306-634-1876 to check.

6am - 9pm sponsor: Estevan Strippers Hockey Club

16+ NOON HOCKEY | 12pm - 1pm 16+ NOON HOCKEY | 12pm - 1pm 16+ NOON HOCKEY | 12pm - 1pm




PARENT & TOT | 11:15am - 12pm

sponsor: Estevan Strippers Hockey Club


16+ NOON HOCKEY | 12pm - 1pm

9am - 9pm

9am - 9pm

* FAMILY SKATE begins January 8th ** PUBLIC SKATE begins January 5th

PUBLIC SKATE is unsupervised. Participants MUST wear skates, helmets are recommended

PARENT & TOT | 11:15am - 12pm

Power Dodge Ice Centre

sponsor: Estevan Strippers Hockey Club

16+ NOON HOCKEY | 12pm - 1pm PUBLIC SKATE** | 7:15pm - 8:15pm

701 Souris Avenue North | Estevan, SK | Tel: 306-634-1888 |

FAMILY SKATE* | 5:15pm - 6:15pm

Follow us!


Economic Development Board Committee Members at Large Needed! Prosperity is a result of a coordinated, cooperative effort of many individuals and organizations in the public, private and civil sectors. Serving as a Member at Large will permit you to join in the exchange of ideas and information that becomes a part of our strategic plan and development as well as participate in the decision making process of this organization. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Economic Development Board Committee please submit a letter with your past and present experiences that would be relevant to this board and your qualifications that would help lead the community to:




Jeff Ward, City Manager 1102 4th Street, Estevan, SK, S4A 0W7 Email : Applications will be considered and chosen at the discretion of the board of directors based on best fit for the Community Strategy and applications received.

City of Estevan Bylaw 2016-1963 53(3) - “The occupier of property in the City of Estevan shall remove any snow, ice or other obstruction from the public sidewalk adjacent to such property within twentyfour (24) hours of the time such snow, ice or other obstruction appears on such public sidewalk. As an effort to keep our City sidewalks clean and safe for pedestrian use, we ask that you please attend to removing any snow / ice from the sidewalk adjacent to your residence within twenty-four (24) hours of snow fall. 34(1)(b) - No person shall park a vehicle on any street for a period more than twenty-four (24) consecutive hours. Please move vehicles off the street to assist snow removal crews.

Police Bylaw Bylaw 2016 – 1963 Section 34(1)(b) No person shall park a vehicle on any street for a period more than twenty-four (24) consecutive hours.

Message From

The Mayor

In 2017, Canada and our community will celebrate the 150th anniversary of Confederation. The countdown is on!

Dynamic and Versatile, Flûte Alors! 4 new-generation recorder players.

Monday, January 23rd 7:15 PM - Prelude by local recorder students

7:30 Trinity Lutheran Church 738 2nd St. Advance Tickets Available at Henders Drugs For more information contact: Estevan Arts Council (306) 634-3942 –

Single Ticket – Advance Adult/Senior - $20 Teen (13-18) - $15 Child (3-12) - $7

Single Ticket – Door Adult/Senior - $25 Teen (13-18) - $18 Child (3-12) - $8

Children under 3 - Free

Shirley Andrist


Energy NEB announces panel members A11

Friday, January 13, 2017

The National Energy Board (NEB) has announced the new three hearing panel members who will undertake the review of the Energy East and Eastern Mainline pipeline projects. The panel will be composed of Don Ferguson, Carole Malo and Marc Paquin. The new panel members are bilingual, and bring considerable knowledge and experience. In the coming weeks, they will determine how to move forward with the review process. “While the details have yet to be determined, Canadians can be assured that the Energy East hearings will be fair, transparent, timely and accessible,” the NEB stated in a news release.

Ferguson enjoyed a lengthy career in the public service with the provincial government in New Brunswick until he retired in 2014. Malo resides in eastern Canada, and in her 25year career, has focused on the development, procurement and implementation of large energy and infrastructure projects, including oil and gas pipelines. Paquin, who also lives in eastern Canada, has focused on environmental and sustainable development law during a 29-year legal career. The NEB will communicate details on the next step for the hearing process as soon as they become available. The three former members of the panel were dismissed last fall due to

concerns over a potential conflict of interest. Public meetings over the two pipeline projects were shelved until a new panel could be appointed. Energy East is a 4,500-kilometre pipeline proposal to carry 1.1-million barrels of crude oil per day from Alberta and Saskatchewan to refineries in Eastern Canada and a marine terminal in New Brunswick. The Eastern Mainline is a proposal to build approximately 279 kilometres of new gas pipeline and related components in four sections, beginning near Markham, Ontario, and finishing near Brouseville, Ontario. The Eastern Mainline would enable TransCanada

to continue to meet its commercial obligations should the Energy East pipeline be approved. Also, the NEB has announced that it will require companies to provide additional emergency response detail during the pipeline application phase of a project. The NEB says Canadians can expect the agency to amend the NEB Filing Manual after considering the public input received during a 60-day online public comment period that was launched on Wednesday. The NEB Filing Manual provides direction to companies on the extent of information required during the application process. “When implemented into the NEB Filing Man-

ual, company applications could be deemed incomplete if the additional emergency response information is not included, or companies could be required to submit additional information before a hearing begins,” the NEB stated in a press release. This is a significant change that addresses increased requests for company emergency response information, from the board and other hearing participants, during recent application and hearing processes. The proposed changes will require: detailed company consultation regarding emergency management; increased technical information regarding emergency response impact assessment and mitigation;

project-specific emergency preparedness and response detail; project-specific safety and environmental protection measures; and revisions that reflect the NEB’s requirement for company emergency procedures manuals to be posted online. “Canadians have told us that they want more information about a company’s emergency response information at the earliest stages of a proposed project,” said Peter Watson, the chair and the chief executive officer for the NEB. “These changes will foster increased understanding among stakeholders, hearing participants, NEB experts, and panel members regarding a company’s plans to respond should an emergency occur.”

Former North Portal resident Ross King is on the shortlist for the RBC Taylor Prize, which is Canada’s most prestigious non-fiction award. King, an acclaimed art historian and author who now resides in England, has been recognized for Mad Enchantment: Claude Monet and the Painting of the Water Lilies. It’s the fourth time he

has been on the Taylor Prize shortlist. He has yet to win the award. The shortlist for the award was released on Wednesday. “Claude Monet’s Water Lilies in the Orangerie des Tuileries rank among the greatest masterpieces of world art,” stated the jury for the Taylor Prize. “Their creation came late

in Monet’s life when cataracts marred his sight, death struck his wife and son, and war raged close to his lily ponds at Giverny. “Ross King brilliantly captures the furies of Monet and the enormous challenges he overcame in painting the 22 panels of lilies that surround L’Orangerie. An exceptional art historian, King grasps the political tem-

pests of wartime France and his portrait of Monet’s close friend, French Prime Minister Georges Clemenceau, will be essential reading for all who want to understand the intersection of politics, nationalism, and culture in France during the First World War. “In this elegantly written and superbly researched book, Ross King

illuminates Water Lilies and Monet as no one has before.” The finalists are Matti Friedman for Pumpkinflowers: A Soldier’s Story; Marc Raboy for Marconi: The Man Who Networked the World; Diane Schoemperlen for This Is Not My Life: A Memoir of Love, Prison, and Other Complications; and Max Eisen for By Chance

Alone: A Remarkable True Story of Courage and Survival at Auschwitz. A total of 101 books were submitted for consideration this year, and 11 books cracked a long list that was revealed late last year. The winner of the RBC Taylor Prize will receive $25,000. The recipient will be announced on March 6.

King cracks Taylor Prize shortlist


1 bedroom


2 bedroom

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Fridge Stove Washer Dryer

CRANES & TRUCKING All types of hoisting-tip heights to 350’

15 – 245 Ton Mobile & R.T. Cranes 27 – 45 Ton Pickers 15 Ton Carrydeck - 3.2 Ton Mini Crawler Tractor Trailer Units Pile Drivers, Telehandler Office Trailer Rentals Manbaskets & Concrete Buckets

Woodlawn Regional Park Box 1385 Estevan, SK S4A 2K9.

Utilities included references required


Holdings Inc.

306-634-6030 | 306-421-0252

Woodlawn Regional Park is accepting tenders for lease of 35x17 building located at the Boundary Dam location for the 2017 season. The lease is for concession/convenience store. Please submit tenders and description of services to be offered in writing to

Frontier Place, Estevan 306-634-5555

Tenders must be received by February 13, 2017. Highest or any tender not necessarily accepted. Any questions please contact Business Manager Aaron-Lee Soparlo at 306-634-2324 or 306-471-7782.


Thirteen new licenses issued to Monday, January 9, 2017 67202 67201 67235 67246 67272 67277 67136 67183

Spartan Energy HZ .......................................................................................................................... 13-26-1-31 Spartan Energy HZ ............................................................................................................................ 3-26-1-31 Highrock Resources HZ ..................................................................................................................... 15-10-6-7 Midale Petroleum Vert...................................................................................................................... 10-31-6-31 Midale Petroleum HZ ....................................................................................................................... 10-31-6-31 Astra Oil HZ........................................................................................................................................ 16-13-7-8 Astra Oil HZ.......................................................................................................................................... 9-14-7-8 NAL Resources HZ ............................................................................................................................ 14-2-6-33

67184 67301 67300 67312 67354

NAL Resources HZ .............................................................................................................................15-2-6-33 Crescent Point HZ .................................................................................................................................4-2-3-13 Crescent Point HZ .................................................................................................................................4-2-3-13 Crescent Point HZ ...............................................................................................................................2-25-1-12 NAL Resources HZ .............................................................................................................................15-2-6-33

62691 66159 64179 55400 65889

Horizon 34 .................................................Crescent Point .................................................................12-18-8-8 Horizon 29 ................................................Spartan Energy ..............................................................12-30-1-32 Betts 4 .................................................... Steppe Petroleum ..............................................................3-16-1-11 Red Dog 4 .................................................Crescent Point ...................................................................4-23-7-1 Horizon 33 .................................................Crescent Point .................................................................4-27-1-12






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CELEBRATE CANADA 150 WITH SASKATCHEWAN EXPRESS! Singers and dancers needed for our 2017 Oh! Canada Summer Tour Performers must be 15 years of age or older. Summer includes extensive touring. Applications at www.saskatchewan or contact Michele Glaze at 306.522.3403 michele@ for further information.

COMING EVENTS Saskatoon Farm Toy and Collectible Show January 13-15,2017 at the German Cultural Centre, Saskatoon, SK. Friday 5pm-9pm, Saturday 10am-5pm, Sunday 10am-4pm. Special features include farm toys and scenes, construction equipment, vintage toys, die-cast models, collectibles, replacement parts and more!

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LAND FOR SALE FARMLAND WANTED NO FEES OR COMMISSIONS! SUMMARY OF SOLD PROPERTIES North - 10 1/4’s North East - 14 1/4’s North West - 12 1/4’s East - 57 1/4’s West - 50 1/4’s Central - 219 1/4’s South - 100 1/4’s South East - 46 1/4’s South West - 65 1/4’s PURCHASING: SINGLE TO LARGE BLOCKS OF LAND. RENT BACK AVAILABLE Call DOUG 306-955-2266 PrairieSky Royalty Ltd. is a publicly-traded company in Calgary that acquires oil & gas fee title and royalty interests at fair market value. To receive a cash offer, call 587293-4055 or visit

Friday, January 13, 2017 FOR SALE - MISC

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AUCTIONS LAND AUCTION VAL VEROBA, KELLY FLECK, DALLAS FLECK & SHERRY MOFFAT THURSDAY, MARCH 23, 2017 DAYS INN ESTEVAN, SASK. 7:00 P.M. Please join Mack Auction Company on March 23rd for your chance to own 12 quarter sections of prime farmland in the RM of Browning #34. There is over $60,000.00 of Surface Lease Revenue being sold with the land which is located in the center of the Lampman/Steelman gas and oil fields! For details go to or call 306-634-9512 PL 311962

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Canada comes up short at juniors Team Canada lost to Team USA 5-4 in a shootout in the gold medal game at the World Junior Hockey Championships. Team Canada finished the round robin with a 3-1 record and in second place in group B. Canada won both playoff games to reach the final. The Most Valuable

player of the tournament was defenceman Thomas Chabot of Team Canada. In the WHL, the Regina Pats split their games over the weekend, beating the Calgary Hitmen 6-2, and then suffering their first home regulation loss of the season, 4-1 to the Moose Jaw Warriors. In the Ontario Hockey




Melda "Ruth" Dixon 1923 - 2016 It is with heavy hearts we announce the passing of Melda Ruth Dixon (nee Quigley) at the Misericordia Health Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba on Friday, December 23, 2016 at the age of 93. Ruth was predeceased by her husband Walter Dixon; sisters, Grace, Elsie, Nina, Eileen and her brothers, Don, Jim, and Frank. She is lovingly remembered by her daughter Wendy (Leland) and son Wayne (Penelope); cherished grandchildren, Christy, Brad, Chelan (Ryan) and Geoff (Rachel) and great granddaughters, Lily, June, Quinn and Mila. She has a great many nieces and nephews across Canada, England, Scotland and in the USA. Ruth was born in Mawer, Saskatchewan and lived in the following Saskatchewan communities: Bemersyde, Corning, Ryerson, Maryfield, Estevan, Moose Mountain Provincial Park and Carlyle. She spent the last two years in Winnipeg. For several years she was a teacher in several schools, and spent several years on a farm at Bemersyde. She was active in line dancing, and loved listening to music as well as playing her piano. She loved cross country skiing and curling. She enjoyed playing card games and shuffleboard. She also loved to feed her birds and did a bird count for the Western Producer newspaper. With her husband, Walter, they built a cabin in Moose Mountain Provincial Park which was initially a weekend/vacation escape but ended up being a permanent home for many years. Throughout her life Ruth had a tremendous work ethic and an open heart for anyone needing a helping hand. She sponsored a child through World Vision for a number of years. She was a enthusiastic hockey fan and never lost hope that her Toronto Maple leafs would once again win the Stanley Cup! She and Walter made numerous trips to watch their grandchildren, participate in their sports of choice. She also loved baseball and was a huge Toronto Blue Jays fan and cheered them on at every opportunity. Family was always important to Ruth; as a loving wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother she organized and hosted many family gatherings. She loved seeing her grandchildren and great grandchildren. She always greeted them with a big smile when they arrived for their visits. The family would like to thank the home care staff while she was in assisted living at Devonshire House II, the staff at the St. Boniface Hospital and the staff at the Victoria General Hospital for their care and support. A special thanks to all the nursing staff and health care aides of Cornish 6 at the Misericordia Health Centre in Winnipeg for the excellent care provided to Ruth. There will be a Celebration of Life gathering for Ruth in Carlyle, Saskatchewan in the summer of 2017. Details will be posted at closer to that time. Funeral arrangements are entrusted to Hall Funeral Services, Estevan.

wildcard weekend. The Packers are off to the next round, where they will face the Dallas Cowboys. Other wildcard scores were: the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Miami Dolphins 30-12, the Houston Texans beat the Oakland Raiders 27-14 and the Seattle Seahawks beat the Detroit Lions 26-6 In the NBA, the Los Angeles Clippers defeated the Sacramento Kings 106-98, and then they edged the Miami Heat 98-86. The Clippers are in fourth place in the Western Conference. That’s all folks!

Kyle Kapiczowski

From the Sidelines

League, the Windsor Spitfires split their games on the weekend. The Spitfires are in fourth place in the Western Conference. As for the American Hockey League, the Ontario Reign lost to the Bakersfield Condors 3-2 in the Outdoor Classic game. The Reign are in first place in the Pacific Division.

In the National Lacrosse League, the Calgary Roughnecks lost to the Vancouver Stealth 12-11 in a close game to open the season. The Roughnecks record is 0-1 and their next game is against the Vancouver Stealth. The Green Bay Packers hammered the New York Giants in the NFL’s


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show. Ron Hawkins and the Do Good Assassins will be the opening act.

the Estevan Public Library at 5 p.m.: An ongoing program for children interested in technology and computer coding. *Estevan City Council Meeting at City Hall at 6 p.m.: Council’s first meeting of 2017 will feature the Mayor’s annual address and numerous topics for discussion.

Monday, Jan. 16: *Seniors’ Movie Day at the Estevan Public Library at 2 p.m.: This month’s movie will be Homeward Bound. *Kids Who Code at


Canyon is hosting a Career Fair with Beef  on  a  Bun Date: Wednesday, January 18, 2017 Time: Noon—6:00PM Location: Canyon Technical Services Shop 548 Bourquin Road Estevan We  are  hiring  Class  1  and  Class  3  Drivers  for  the  following  positions:  Cement & Acid Equipment Operators  Cement & Acid Supervisors Stop by for beef on a bun and bring your resume and a driver’s abstract for an on the spot interview. For more information or to view full job postings visit our websites:

Friday, January 13, 2017

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Jan. 17 and 18: *Toddler Time at the Estevan Public Library at 10:15 a.m.: A weekly program for those ages 19 months to three years. *Story Time at the Estevan Public Library at 11 a.m.: A fun gathering for children ages three to five years. Thursday, Jan. 19: *Baby Time at the Estevan Public Library at 10 a.m.: A fun time for those 18 months of age and under. *Cover-to-Cover Book Club at the Estevan Public Library at 6:30 p.m.: Participants will

Friday, Jan. 20: *Lifelong Learners Club at the Estevan Public Library at 10:30 a.m.: For people 55 years of age and up who are interested in learning new things. This month’s activity will be cubelets. *Reception at the Estevan Art Gallery and Museum at 7 p.m.: The EAGM will celebrate the new exhibits that will be on display this month. *Power Dodge Estevan Bruins Game at Affinity Place at 7:30 p.m.: The Bruins will return from a nine-day break to host the Humboldt Broncos.

discuss the thriller The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins.

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is currently accepting applications for

PRODUCTION WORKERS • Required Immediately

Duties include:

• Assembling and installing modular components Send, fax, e-mail or drop off resume to: Box 845 #200 Hwy. 18 West, Estevan, SK S4A 2A7 Fax: 306-634-7597 E-mail:

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Applicants must be physically fit, hardworking and convey professionalism when dealing with customers. Drivers provide our customers with exceptional delivery service and value in exchange for ongoing business success in this fast growing industry.

Qualifications: • Will be required to pull a flat deck trailer. • Class 1A motor vehicle license. • Applicants must have a safe Drivers Abstract. • Applicants must be hard working, self-motivated and consistently display superior customer service skills. Pre-employment drug and alcohol testing a must. Preference will be given to those who can enter the US

Send resume to: Fax: 306-634-4258 • Email:

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Friday, January 13, 2017

Bruins left wing Jake Fletcher attempts to spin around North Stars defenceman Connor Sych.

#2 - 938 Eva Street, Estevan

Estevan Power Dodge Chargers forward Bailey Farr moves the puck into the Blues zone.

Three Losses, One Tie And One Win Apex Bruins forward Liam Rutten tries to keep control of the puck while battling along the boards.

Success at the rink came slowly for Estevan’s hockey teams this past weekend. The Estevan Power Dodge Bruins began the action on Friday losing 6-3 to the Battlefords North Stars. On Saturday, the Estevan Westmoreland Coal peewee AA Bruins started things off losing 6-4 to the Yorkton Canadian Western Bank Terriers before the Estevan TS&M bantam AA Bruins dropped a 4-2 decision to the Saskatoon Stallions. Later that night, the Estevan Apex midget AA Bruins tied the Lumsden/Bethune Lions 0-0. The Estevan Power Dodge bantam A Chargers finally got a win for the home side on Sunday beating the Regina Blues 5-2. Photos by Jamie Harkins.

Estevan TS&M bantam AA Bruins forward Joey Meredith fires a shot on the Stallions net.

Peewee Bruins goaltender Jackson Miller protects the side of his net during a game against the Terriers.

Bruins make pre-deadline deals The Power Dodge Estevan Bruins added a big defenceman and a couple of assets for the future prior to Tuesday›s trade for the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League (SJHL) and other junior leagues across Canada. The Bruins acquired 20-yearold defenceman Evan Scott from the Valley Wildcats of the Maritime Junior A Hockey League for future considerations. Scott,

who stands six-foot-three and weighs 212 pounds, is in his fourth and final season of junior hockey. He had seven goals and 19 points in 32 games for Valley this season. Scott is in his first and only year of junior A hockey, as previously he played 113 games over parts of four seasons in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League.


The Bruins also made a pair of moves involving a veteran forward. They acquired Teal Sobkowicz, 20, from the Melville Millionaires on Tuesday afternoon. Sobkowicz represented the future considerations in the trade that sent forward Logan Foster to Melville last month. A few hours later, Sobkowicz and a third round pick in the 2017 SJHL draft were dealt to

the Flin Flon Bombers for prospect goaltender Matt Lenz, a first round pick in the 2017 SJHL draft and future considerations. Sobkowicz had seven goals and 11 points in 17 games with Melville this season. He was part of the Melfort Mustangs when they won the SJHL›s title, the Canalta Cup, in 2015 and 2016. Lenz, meanwhile, is a 17-year-old rookie goalten-

der with the Moose Jaw midget AAA Generals. He has a 12-3 record, with a 1.69 goals against average, which is the second-best in the Saskatchewan Midget AAA Hockey League, and a .938 save percentage, which leads the league. After the trades, the Bruins now have the maximum 23 players, with two goaltenders, eight defencemen and 13 forwards.

‘Em WE mEnd ‘Em Owners - Lance Mack & Yancey Hagel

Call 306-634-6060

Sports A16

Friday, January 13, 2017

Panthers have lacklustre effort against Weyburn’s Drillers By Jamie Harkins

The Estevan Power Tech midget AA Panthers took most of the night off during their 1-1 tie against the Weyburn Aaron Well Servicing Drillers at Affinity Place on Tuesday. “I’m disappointed,” said Panthers head coach Trevor Morrison. “We didn’t have any finish. Sure we had some shots, but we just weren’t hungry around the net and we didn’t have a very good effort for the majority of the game.” Both teams came out of the gate slow with the Drillers (7-10-3) earning the first good opportunity to light the lamp on a shot from the top of the circle by defenceman Haley Labbie. Panthers wingers Tasia Trobert and Jasynn Monteyne teamed up for Estevan’s best chance early with both players converging on the Drillers net 13 minutes into the opening

frame in an attempt to whack in a rebound only to be stymied by goalie Taryn McKinney. Drillers forward Rhys Englot broke the goose egg 1:42 into the second period jamming the puck past Panthers goaltender Morgan Fayle’s pad and the post off an offensive zone faceoff. The goal seemed to wake the Panthers up with the team generating more shots on goal, but most were still of the low-quality variety. “We were shooting high, giving her easy saves,” said Morrison. “So the shot total was running, but not the shots we wanted or the rebounds. Lots of times it was one shot and done.” The Panthers had a quality opportunity to tie the game midway through the third period with two Drillers sitting in the penalty box for 1:25, but the only scoring chance the team could muster was a shot from the point by As-

ton Magotiaux with Karli Colpitts waiting at the side of the net for a rebound that never came. Makenna Morrison scored the equalizer five seconds after the Drillers second penalty expired by picking up a pass in the slot from Kenzie Balon and firing the puck top corner glove side. Both teams went back and forth over the remaining nine minutes of the contest with Weyburn’s Kaycee Mullinger gaining the best chance to score with a shot from the top of the crease off a pass from Jocelyn Mish only to have Fayle turn her away. The Panthers (12-24) travel to Swift Current this weekend where they’ll play two games against the Swift Current Full Line Ag Broncos (6-8-4). Morrison said the Broncos are a well coached team that works hard, so the girls will have to bring a good effort to come away with two wins.

“Tonight we had effort at times, but not always a smart effort,” he said.

“So going forward heading into playoffs and provincials we need to have

1, which is good for 17 points putting them just two back of the leagueleading Red Devils and Bienfait Coalers. The Red Devils (9-4-1) kept their top ranking intact by beating the Carlyle Cougars 4-2 at the Carlyle Sports Arena on Jan. 7. Carnduff ’s Trevor Geiger played a big part in the win by recording two second period goals as well as one more late in the third period. The Cougars (2-11)

entered the game against Carnduff 24 hours after losing a squeaker to the Mustangs (4-8-1) on the road. Down 3-0 shortly into the third period, Carlyle’s Ben Johnstone helped lead his team back to within one on two quick markers, but that was as close as they would get. The Yellow Grass Wheat Kings (7-4-3) also occupy a top-four spot in the standings thanks to a big 6-5 win over the Redvers Rockets (8-5) at the

Redvers Rec Centre on Jan. 6. The Wheat Kings would have advanced into the third spot if not for a poor showing against the Oxbow Huskies (5-7) the next evening. After jumping out to a 3-1 lead after the first period, the Wheat Kings gave up three unanswered markers to Brycen Mayer and Brody Haygarth, with two, over the next 40 minutes. The Rockets didn’t fare any better in their second contest of the weekend

losing 3-2 to the first place Bienfait Coalers (9-2-1) at the Bienfait Memorial Arena on Jan. 7. Coaler Riley Tetreault notched the game winner with 9:31 left in the third period, while Jackson Walliser picked up the win between the pipes. This weekend is set to be another busy one in the Big Six Hockey League with all eight teams getting into action. The Coalers start things off with a trip to Yellow Grass to

Panthers left wing Marci LeBlanc breaks past a Drillers defenceman during the second period of Estevan’s 1-1 tie with Weyburn at Affinity Place on Tuesday. Photo by Jamie Harkins.

a smart effort and play as close to 60 solid minutes a game as we can.”

Flyers move up in the standings The top of the Big Six Hockey League standings got a little more crowded last weekend. The Wawota Flyers captured a big four points beating the Carnduff Red Devils 4-1 at the Wawota Community Forum on Jan. 6 thanks to two-goal performances by Ryan Taylor and Devin Stewart before the club knocked off the Midale Mustangs 9-4 at home the next evening. The two wins bring the Flyers record to 8-4-

Help the humane society find these animals their fur-ever home and let me find your forever home!

I’m Lucy! The girls at the shelter think I’m such a little doll. I’m a typical kitten who loves running, climbing and playing and when I’m tired out I would love to curl up in your lap for some pets and a snooze.


Lorna Pylychaty

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play the Wheat Kings on Thursday before heading home to face the Flyers on Friday. The Cougars and Red Devils also have home games on Friday with the Huskies heading to Carlyle and the Rockets travelling to Carnduff. The Huskies then travel to Midale on Saturday for a date with the Mustangs, while the Red Devils hit the road on Sunday for an early evening tilt against the Flyers.

This young, playful fellow is Rex. Rex is waiting to be someone’s best buddy! He gives the most exuberant, happy greetings and wants to follow you and be with you. He is looking for an active family to call his own.

Spayed and neutered pets are much happier pets.

The Estevan Humane Society reserves the right to refuse any adoption.



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