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Friday, October 26, 2018

Trick Or Treat! October 31 , Halloween At It’s Best st

In Downtown Estes Park! See page 3 and 23

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Next Mayor’s Chat Thursday, November 1 Estes Park Mayor Todd Jirsa invites community members to join him for a Mayor's Chat Thursday, Nov. 1 at 8 a.m. at The Egg & I, 393 E. Elkhorn Ave. Mayor Jirsa holds regular Mayor's Chats, generally dur- Mayor Jirsa ing the first week of each month, with varied dates, times and locations throughout Estes Park.

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Bicycling As A Viable Transportation Alternative Whenever Estes Park residents get together and the conversation gravitates to the major issues facing the community, inevitably the same key issues float to the surface -- housing, traffic, cost of living, parking and childcare. These are all difficult problems with no easy solution. They require tradeoffs and compromise and sometimes the solutions are expensive. Let’s look at just two of these issues: parking and traffic. The Town is working hard on both parking and traffic. The solutions aren’t easy and aren’t without controversy. Projects such as the Downtown Loop, the Visitor Center Parking Structure, and possibly paid parking in the Downtown area, have either been implemented or are in the planning stages. None of these are cheap or easy to implement. As with most wicked problems, there is no one solution, but there is one option that is fairly inexpensive, easy to implement, has little or no lead time and is good for you -- bicycles. Communities all over the country and the world are seeing how encouraging and enabling bicycling as a viable transportation option can make a noticeable difference. With the growth of pedal assist ebikes, bicycling is a viable option for more and more people. I ride a bike to work most days yearround. I don’t consider myself a hardcore cyclist, and I do ride an e-bike, which is really helpful in flattening out all the hills in town. In the summer, I can get around just as fast, if not faster, than driving. Parking is never an issue (although we could use more bike racks in town). For the space that I use to park my car when I drive, we could park more than 10 bicycles. Considering that surface parking costs about $3,000 per space and structured parking can cost $30,000 per space, just a fraction of us riding bikes can save all of us tens of thousands of dollars. Bikes take up less space on the road, can help with traffic congestion and don’t pollute the air. For cycling to be a viable transportation alternative, there needs to be cooperation between cyclists and drivers. Drivers: please understand that bikes have the same right to the road as you do. In Colorado, the law requires drivers to share the road and give a three-foot buffer to bicy-

cles. Understand that sometimes bikes do have to veer into the traffic lane to avoid debris or pot holes that are on the side of the road. Bicycles are supposed to follow the same traffic rules as cars, including using left turn lanes. I’ve been yelled at by a driver because I was in a left turn lane, where I was supposed to be. Please be careful when parallel parking and then opening your driver’s door. Cyclists have been severely injured or even killed by being “doored� by a driver and hitting the door or being bounced out into traffic. Be patient -- where shoulders are narrow, slow down and wait until there is room to safely go around the cyclist or until the cyclist has room to pull further to the right. Rather than getting frustrated and angry at cyclist, remember every bike on the road reduces traffic for you and is one more parking space at your destination. Cyclists: remember you are considered a vehicle and you need to follow the same rules of the road as a car. Don’t “salmon.� Salmoning is going against the stream on the road or a bike path. Ride with the flow of traffic. Yes, you have a right to the road, but be courteous to drivers and try to stay as far to the right as possible, preferably on the paved shoulder or bike lane, if it’s there. Never intentionally impede traffic unnecessarily. Don’t be a “ninja�. A bike ninja wears dark clothes and has no lights on their bike at night. If you ride at night, use a headlight, flashing taillight and wear reflective clothing. Just because you can see the cars, doesn’t mean they can see you. Red lights do not come with asterisks that say “*bicycles excepted.� Follow all the traffic rules, including using turn lanes and stopping at red lights. Remember there are two types of cyclists; those who wear a helmet and organ donors. As the old saying goes, “Whether the pitcher hits the stone or the stone hits the pitcher, it’s going to be bad for the pitcher.� You have much more to lose than the car that hits you. By becoming a Bike Friendly community, we have one more tool in our toolbox to help reduce traffic, address parking shortages and reduce impact on the environment, while improving our health as well.

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Halloween Closure On Elkhorn Avenue Allows Safe Passage Of Trick-Or-Treaters, Young and Old To provide safe passage for trick-orwill be throughout downtown for treaters during Estes Park’s annual com- added safety. munity Halloween festivities, the Town of Estes Park will close Elkhorn Avenue from Spruce Drive to Lots of generous people Recognize anyone? Riverside Drive and Moraine The Town of Estes Avenue from Park encourages resiElkhorn Avenue to dents to bring their Rockwell Street from children downtown for 5 p. m. until approxia safe and fun Halmately 8 p. m. loween celebration proWednesday, Oct. 31. vided by the commuSide street traffic will Some of the best costumes nity’s local businesses, be detoured accordorganizations and resiingly. The Town will dents. Trick-or-treating also close the curbfamilies are encouraged side lane (eastto follow these safety bound) of East tips: Elkhorn Avenue • Costumes should be from Riverside Drive highly visible with reto 390 East Elkhorn flective materials. Families dress in themes Ave. (Ed’s Cantina). Two-way vehicle traffic will be maintained on the inside lane in this section of East Elkhorn Avenue. The lane closures More candy please! Super heroes to the rescue! are in• To prevent tripping, costumes tended to should not drag on the ground. increase • Props should not have sharp safe areas edges that could cause injury. for pedes• Carry a flashlight after dark. trians, • Walk, don’t run. while at • Unless there is a designated the same Happy Halloween! street closure, only walk on sidetime imwalks and use designated crosswalks. proving the ability of adjacent businesses to participate in the Halloween To receive Town news in your email festivities. Traffic cones will delineate inbox, visit the curbside lane closure on the south For more Town news, please visit side of East Elkhorn Avenue. Officers from the Estes Park Police Department and

EVFPD firefighters gen- (EVFPD) responded to 13 calls for serverally respond to medical ice. This included: calls in their personal vehi• Motor vehicle crashes: 1 cles, allowing for a faster re• Emergency medical (assist EPMC): 5 sponse. On other incidents, firefighters • Smoke/odor investigation: 1 respond to a fire station to respond in • Alarms: 4 department apparatus with specialized • Possible Illegal Burn: 1 equipment. • Fire: 1 During the week of October 14, the Estes Valley Fire Protection District

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Drug Collection This Saturday, October 27 Police encourage safe disposal of unwanted prescription and over-thecounter drugs This Saturday, Oct. 27, from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. the Town of Estes Park Police Department will offer Estes Park’s Drug Take Back Day to collect unused, unwanted and expired prescription and over-thecounter drugs for safe disposal — no questions asked. “Now is a good time to mark your calendar and start collecting everything you want to get out of the medicine cabinet,” commented Officer Gregg Filsinger, who manages this free service for the community. The collection will be held in front of Rocky Mountain Pharmacy, located at 455 East Wonderview Ave. in Upper Stanley Village. Police officers will collect the drugs, which will remain in the custody of law enforcement officers until they can be incinerated. Estes Park’s Drug Take Back Day is part of the Drug Enforcement Administration’s national campaign to provide a safe way for people to empty their medicine cabinets of unwanted and potentially harmful prescription drugs. To find participating collection sites in

other communities, visit Misused and abused prescription drugs containing controlled substances can lead to cases of accidental poisoning, overdose and addiction. The most recent National Survey on Drug Use and Health indicates that prescription medicines are the most abused drugs by Americans, next to marijuana. Seven of the 10 drugs most commonly abused by teenagers are prescription medicines and three quarters of teen prescription drug abusers obtain the drugs from family and friends — often from a home medicine cabinet. Ridding homes of these substances greatly reduces the potential for abuse and accidental poisoning. Items which cannot be accepted at the Drug Take Back Day collection sites are needles and sharps, mercury thermometers, oxygen containers, chemotherapy/radioactive substances, pressurized canisters, marijuana and illicit drugs. For more information, please contact Officer Gregg Filsinger of the Estes Park Police Department at 970577-3868 or at 970-586-4000.

The charge(s) are merely an accusation and the defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.

a summons. On October 14 at 11:43 p.m. police were called to a theft in the 400 block of E. Wonderview. Upon arrival they charged a 47 year old Estes Park male with theft, he was issued a summons and released. On October 17 at 11:10 p.m. police were called to a disturbance in the 900 block of Big Thompson Ave. Upon arrival they arrested a 39 year old female from Estes Park and charged her with a violation against a restraining order and she was transported to the Larimer County Jail.

On October 12 at 11:05 p.m. police were called to a disturbance in the 1100 block of Big Thompson Ave. On scene they arrested a 37 year old female from Thornton, CO and charged her with child abuse and criminal negligence. On October 14 at 6:26 p.m. police checked out a suspicious person in a vehicle in the 1100 block of Woodstock Dr. Upon investigation police charged a 24 year old Estes Park male with DUI and DUI per se and he was later released on

Glen Haven Town Hall Grand Opening The Community of Glen Haven is proud to announce the completion of the new Town Hall building. The Grand Opening is scheduled for Saturday, November 3rd from 2 p.m. until 4 p.m. Live music will start at 4:30 and go until

evening. Everyone who has so generously supported the rebuild of the Town Hall is invited to come see the finished project and help us celebrate the last major flood recovery effort in Glen Haven.

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Help The Blue Santa Program At This Year’s Halloween Celebration The Estes Park Police Department Auxiliary will have a special collection for the Blue Santa program at the 2018 Halloween celebration taking place downtown Wednesday, Oct. 31. The Estes Park Police Department Auxiliary need your help to fill the backseat of the police vehicle on display with non-perishable food and hygiene products. The largest current need for the Blue Santa program is individually wrapped rolls of toilet paper or paper towels, boxes of tissues, and canned or boxed non-perishable food items. A jar will be available for monetary contributions. Every holiday season, the Blue Santa program collects non-perishable food, gifts and hygiene products for disabled, shut-in and elderly community members that need a little extra holiday cheer.

Blue Santa is sponsored by the Estes Park Police Department Auxiliary. It is anticipated that Blue Santa will assist nearly 100 people this year, and it’s not too late to nominate someone in need of assistance. To nominate a disabled, shut-in or elderly community member in need, please contact Captain Corey Pass at 970577-3828 or More information on the 2018 program, including drop-off locations for donations, will be available soon. For more information, contact Captain Corey Pass at the Estes Park Police Department, at 970577-3828 or To receive Town news in your email inbox, please visit More Town news is available at or

2018 Collector Holiday Ornament Available The 2018 Helping Hands ornaments are available for $12 each at the Finance window at Estes Park Town Hall at 170 MacGregor Avenue, the Estes Park Visitor Center at 500 Big Thompson Avenue, and Peaks Hallmark in Upper Stanley Village. This year's ornament features a photo of a sunrise over Twin Sisters mountain by photographer Boris Lucky. The 2018 ornament may be viewed at Ornaments may also be ordered by mailing your request and payment (no cash) to the Town of Estes Park Helping

Hands Committee at P.O. Box 1200, Estes Park, CO 80517. Please calculate your order total to include shipping costs. Shipping for one ornament is $6.00, shipping for two ornaments is $6.50, shipping for three ornaments is $12.50, and shipping for four ornaments is $13. Payment with a card is an option; however, additional fees will apply. For more information or to pay with a card, please contact Kim McEachern at or by calling 970-577-3567.

A reader came across this and wondered if the background or the building was familiar to anyone in the area. It was likely taken around 1925, and it is possible the long low building was located in a neighboring community.

TELLER APPRECIATION WEEK OCTOBER 29 - NOVEMBER 2 Please join us as we celebrate our amazing tellers! Stop by the Estes Park branch to share in our appreciation of our front line staff and enjoy light refreshments with friends. Thank you Dorothy, David, Diane, Jessica and Olga for all your hard work and commitment to Bank of Colorado and the Estes Park community! ESTES PARK 533 Big Thompson Ave., 970.586.8185

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AMUSE-BOUCHE: Colorado Lamb Meatball ONE: Smoked Quail Poblanos Rellanos TWO: Charred Rare Bison Tartare THREE: Sous Vide Pork Belly DESSERT: Preserved Palisade Peach Cake



Quality Inn Estes Park Recognized For Special Halloween “Business Bright Spot” Jennifer Scott, Owen Scott, Nayomy Pacheco, Abbi Scott, Rhonda Jurgens, and Daniel Lyell. Courtesy photos

Quality Inn Estes Park received a special Halloween edition of the Estes Park in Bloom steering committee’s “Business Bright Spot” award Oct. 19. The committee presented a traveling sign for the property, a fall-themed display, a window cling and a framed certificate of recognition to owner Rhonda Jurgens. The Halloween “Business Bright Spot” recognizes a business that puts effort into festive displays, activities, or landscaping. Quality Inn Estes Park has been owned by the Jurgens family since 1972. This year they won the prestigious Choice Hotels Ring of Honor for ranking number ten out of over 1,500 Quality Hotels. This award is given to properties that are in the top one percent of all Quality Inns in the United States. The Halloween décor on the property is located in the lobby and exterior of the hotel and is the creative vision of Jennifer Scott, an employee of the hotel. The front entrance features a large spider web, summer planters full of spooky figures, and the front entrance sign has been adorned with scarecrows and elk, handcrafted by Scott. To learn more about Quality Inn Estes Park, visit For more information or to become involved in the Estes Park in Bloom project, contact Keri Kelly at 970-577- 3782 or

email To receive Town news and/or meeting agendas in your email inbox, please visit More Town news is available at and

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An Intimate Dinner With Estes Park’s World War II Veterans Please join Flinch Forward and Ameri- dance as well as their bios. can Legion Post 119 at An Intimate DinWWII Veterans in attendance inner with Estes Park's WWII Veterans. clude: This will be an unforgettable, once in a Les Foiles - US Navy lifetime evening where we will be honorHarry Livingston - US Navy ing and giving tribute to our Greatest Mary Livingston - US Army Generations Heroes. Don Corey - US Navy The date of this honorary dinner is DeRey Olson - US Navy th th cember 7 , 2018, the 77 anniversary of Nita Raines - US Navy Pearl Harbor Day, at Mama Roses Restaurant from 6 to 8 p.m. Bob Brunson - US Navy Unfortunately, less than 3% of the heJim White - US Navy roes that served in WWII are still with Don Gallup - Army Air Corps us today, and it's expected that we will Harvey Beishman - US Navy lose another 85% of them in the next five Stan Jones - US Army and to seven years. So this truly is a once in a Robert Jacker - US Army lifetime opportunity to be in the same Seating is limited so please room with them for an purchase your tickets early and reserve your place at the table at or at If you or your organization are interevening of honor and felested in sponsoring this event or you lowship. have any questions, please contact Tickets are limited and cost $50.00 Adam Shake at each. Each ticket includes your place at All proceeds the table and plated dinner with one of help pay for the event as well as supour 12 remaining WWII Veterans who porting programing and services for will all be in attendance. Your ticket Veterans and First Responders through helps to pay for the Veterans' dinner as Flinch Forward and American Legion well as each one of their chaperones. Post 119. For more information on these Adam Shake, Ken Zornes, and Dick Life will be your Masters of Ceremonies organizations, please visit and and will offer a brief introduction of Thank you for joining us for this speeach of the 12 WWII Veterans in attencial event!


Subway® restaurants in Estes Park and Northern Colorado have helped local schools, teams, churches and charitable organizations raise over $2 million dollars in the past  decade  and given  away  more  than $500,000   in donations.  Contact your local participating Subway restaurant to support your great cause!

Subway® is a Registered Trademark of Subway IP Inc. ©2018 Subway IP Inc.

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Bringing a new level of care to you and your family. At Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center at McKee Medical Center and North Colorado Medical Center. Visit to learn more.

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Some people think it is a scandal to use the words white and chocolate in the same sentence. I used to be one of them. But then I went to an Estes Park Garden Club meeting where Holly Wright gave a presentation about all things chocolate and my sweet little world tilted a little. Holly introduced us to real white chocolate, which is made with three ingredients: cocoa butter, milk and a wee bit of sweetener. Dark chocolate also consists of three ingredients: the same cocoa butter as in white chocolate, cocoa particles instead of milk, and sweetener. There isn’t much difference as long as we’re comparing quality white with quality dark. We’re not talking hollow Easter bunnies here. We’re looking at the expensive stuff—like Valrhona. I’ve become a premium white chocolate fan so now, when someone wrinkles their nose and snubs, “Really? You like white chocolate?” I stand up for the underdog. “Give it the respect it deserves,” I say. And then, if they unfurrow their brow and don’t express any further foodie scorn, I’ll get a fine bar of white chocolate—not a block of the stuff that has a chalky texture, feels like wax, and tastes like powdered milk, but the luscious, buttery kind—and offer samples. As Holly did for the Garden Club, I’ll suggest they take a small piece, place it on the tongue, close their eyes, and let it melt into rich cocoa butter ooziness. Good white chocolate will send you just this side of heaven. (Remember, it’s simply cocoa butter, milk and a bit of sweetener) Unfortunately, I don’t think you can get the real goods in Estes Park. A Lindt bar from Safeway is the closest there is. I go to the higher-end groceries in Boulder to get

my white chocolate. News stories these days tell us that dark chocolate is good for us. It can lower our stress levels, help us lose weight, and cure cancer. Drink some heart-healthy red wine with it and you’re likely to run a marathon the next day without training. But if you get a good bar of white chocolate—pale yellow, smooth and satiny, without too much sweetener (that ruins it), you won’t just run that marathon, you’ll break records! Once you’ve become a convert, then you’ll want to advance to something even more amazing: caramelized white chocolate. Relatively new on the market, this “blond’ or “toasted” confection tastes butterscotchy, toffeeish, or like browned butter. It is pure bliss and worthy of obsession. Obviously you have to go to the valley to find this fine fare as well. Have I convinced you? Are you going to get yourself a bar of quality white chocolate and let it melt on your tongue? Here’s the perfect excuse, which I prefer to think of as an opportunity: this Sunday, October 28, in National Chocolate Day. Celebrate! Get a bar of top-shelf white chocolate and share it with a friend. If you need another excuse, consider this: the cocoa bean comes from a tree (the species Theobroma cacao). A tree is a plant. Plants are used to make salads. Therefore, chocolate counts as salad, and you can never eat enough salad. You may let The Thunker know what you think at her e-mail address, © 2018 Sarah Donohoe

CROP Walk A Great Success! To The Editor: I would like to thank The Estes Park News for their support in the Estes Park CROP Walk for the hungry. To date $2,780 was given to Church World Service for hunger and world relief and development. Twenty five

percent of the proceeds from the walk will be returned to Crossroads of Estes Park for needs in our community. Thanks to all the walkers, recruiters and those who made donations. Peter Vanderveen CROP Walk Coordinator



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Our 2018-2019 Board of Directors: Mike Richardson - CAR Director, Mike Aldrich - Affiliate Seat, Gene Whannel - Treasurer, Alissa Anderson - Director, Javier Gomez - President-Elect, Alison Gilbert Director, Mindy Stone - Secretary, Abbey Pontius - President, Julia Daley - Past-President, Not Pictured: Jeremy Collinet - Director, Stacy Huyler-Fisher - Affiliate Seat Installed by Justin Knoll - CAR 2019 Chair.

Estes Valley Board Of REALTORS® Installation Of Officers & Awards The Estes Valley Board of REALTORS® (EVBOR) celebrated our annual Installation of officers and awards banquet Thursday, October 4th, at Nicky’s Steakhouse. Justin Knoll, 2019 Chair of the Colorado Association of REALTORS®, officiated at the swearing in of the 20182019 Board of Directors: President – Abbey Pontius Affiliate of the Year: Carrie & Ilan Levy with Exodus Moving & Storage (2017 Affiliate of President Elect – Javier Gomez the Year) and Mike Aldrich with MJ Aldrich Treasurer – Gene Whannel Builders (2018 Affiliate of the Year). Secretary – Mindy Stone Director – Jeremy Collinet Director – Alissa Anderson Director – Alison Gilbert C.A.R. Director – Mike Richardson Affiliate – Mike Aldrich Past President – Julia Daley Several members received special recognition for demonstrating a devotion to service within their profession and the EVBOR, as well as the larger Realtor® & Rookie of the year: Javier Gomez Estes Valley community. (2018 Realtor® of the Year) & Mindy Stone Awards & Recipients were: (2018 Rookie of the Year). REALTOR® of the Year - Javier Gomez, RE/MAX Mountain Brokers Bank of Estes Park Rookie of the Year - Mindy Stone, Bird & Jim Mountain Paradise Real Estate Dawna & Micaiah White Affiliate of the Year - Mike Aldrich, MJ Elements of Touch Aldrich Builders Estes Park Brewery Longtime member Judy Nystrom anEstes Park Chiropractic nounced her retirement, saying that she Estes Park Pie Shop has had many wonderful years in Real Fidelity National Title Estate and has made many wonderful Glow friends. She thanked all her peers for IRES their support through her career here in Estes Park. John Lynch The Estes Valley Board of REALTORS® Julia Daley also expresses appreciation to our outgo- Mortgage Solutions Financial ing Board of Director members for their The Rich Flanery Team years of steadfast service, dedication, Mountain Dew Liquors and integrity. Thank you! Nepali Bazaar Thank you to our Sponsors, who Nicky's Steakhouse helped raise nearly $3,300 for the Estes Valley Housing Initiative. We are incred- Raven's Roast Coffee Lounge Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory ibly grateful for your generosity. Rocky Mountain Escrow & Title Abbey Pontius The Warming House Alison Gilbert Thirty Below Leather Anderson Realty Twin Owls Steakhouse Bank of Colorado

November 18 Salud Open House Will Thank Eileen Flaherty For 27 Years Of Service Patients, colleagues, board members Salud Family Health Center Nov. 30. and community members are invited to “We extend an invitation to all Estes an open house Sunday, Nov. 18 from 2Valley residents, who have been the fo4 p.m. to celebrate cus of Eileen’s Eileen Flaherty’s career work at the Estes at Estes Park Salud FamPark Salud Family ily Health Center. FlaHealth Center for herty, Family Nurse the past 26 years,” Practitioner and Medical said Salud FounDirector, will retire Dedation President cember 31. She joined Jack Boatman. Salud in May 1991 and “We are so lucky opened the Estes Park that she agreed to clinic in June 1992. open the first The event at Presbyteclinic in 1992 and rian Community so very thankful Church of the Rockies, for her dedication to the commu1700 Brodie Ave., Estes nity’s health and Park, will include light wellbeing.” refreshments and a brief Eileen Flaherty program. The program The foundation is scheduled for 3:30 is collecting cards, notes and other writp.m. The Estes Park Salud Foundation ten wishes, which will be given to Flais sponsoring the event. herty at the open house. A basket for In addition to thanking Eileen for her written messages is located near the service, guests at the open house will be front desk at the Salud Family Health able to meet and welcome Dr. Hannah Center, 1350 Red Tail Hawk Drive. Field, MD, MSPH, who will become the For more information, please call Jack Medical Director of the Estes Park Boatman at 832-623-5647.

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Rocky Mountain Craft Spirits Festival This Saturday You Knew Me When

Distillers: Elevate Your Expectations The Rocky Mountain region is home to a booming craft spirits industry. Distillers and consumers of fine spirits are invited to celebrate this craft at a tasting festival in Estes Park this Saturday. Admission includes a souvenir tasting glass, complimentary pours from a variety of distillers, bar games and live music. The event takes place this Saturday, October 27 from 2:00-5:00 p.m. Tickets are $45 for a single, $80 for a pair with a $5 DD ticket available at the door only. Organizers are pleased to be bringing two talented artists to the Event Center for this event. You Knew Me When will be playing for the first half of the tasting festival, and Hunker Down will close it down for the second half. Pairing Dinner: Latitude 105 will be offering a pairing dinner the weekend of the event. Join Executive Chef Jacob Tew on Friday, October 26 as he presents an outstanding culinary experience featuring pairings with regional craft spirits by Breckenridge Distillery and Elkins Distillery. For more information, or to purchase tickets, visit the pairing dinner website at‌ /craft-spirits-festival/. Please note that the dinner and the tasting festival each require a separate ticket.

3 Hundred Days of Shine Anvil Distillery Copper Muse Distillery Breckenridge Distillery Deviant Spirits Idlewild Spirits Black Bear Distillery Bear Creek Distiller State 38 Distilling Longtucky Spirits Elkins Whisky Spirit Hound Distillers Black Canyon Distillery Colorado Vanjak Vodka Old Town Distilling Co. Distillery Tour: Elkins Whisky is the tasting festival's presenting sponsor, and these folks are pleased to offer a behind the scenes tour of their distillery the day of the tasting festival. Arrive at 1 p.m. and take a peek at the processes used to bring you the first and only spirits made (legally) in Estes Park. Talk to the distillers, try out a sample in the tasting room, and then catch a free trolley over to the festival. The trolley will bring you back to Elkins at the conclusion of the event for a chance to say hi once again to some of your new friends in the craft spirits

Vapor Distillery Cockpit Craft Distillery Axe and the Oak Distillery Blue Fish Distillery Branch & Barrel Whiskey Sand Creek Distillery Tower 56 Distilling Wood's High Mountain Distillery Wyoming Whiskey Angel Fire Vodka Feisty Spirits HogBack Distillery Syntax Precision Spirits Art of the Spirits Colorado Whiskey

industry. Tickets to the tour are offered here, and are only offered with the purchase of a festival ticket. Transportation: The Town of Estes Park will be providing a free shuttle the day of the event. This service will make stops at a variety of locations around town, including those of our lodging sponsors. Book yourself a hotel, don't worry about driving, and head for the festival. Tickets are available at or Tickets will also be available at the door, but by buying online in advance, and using the coupon code EPNEWS will get you 20% off.

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Estes Conservative HQ Located beside Ed’s Cantina 400 B E Elkhorn Ave. This is the most important midterm of our lifetime. Free yard signs and information on conservative candidates

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The Spitfire Grill Is Looking For Singers/Actors Calling all singers, experienced actors, and people who have always wanted to sing or act but never tried it! The Fine Arts Guild of the Rockies is excited to announce our annual, community musical: The Spitfire Grill. Based on a page from an old travel book, a feisty parolee follows her dreams to a small town in Wisconsin and finds a place for herself working at Hannah’s Spitfire Grill. The grill is for sale, but there are no takers for the only eatery in the depressed town, so newcomer Percy suggests to Hannah that she raffle it off.

Entry fees are one hundred dollars and the best essay on why you want the grill wins. Soon, mail is arriving by the wheelbarrow-full and things are definitely cookin’ at the Spitfire Grill. This charming musical features Ap-

palachian style music and singers with a country/folk style are encouraged to audition along with musical theatre lovers. Performances are March 8th, 9th, 10th, 15th, 16th, th and 17 , with rehearsals starting January 14th. Auditions will be held November 4th, from 2-4 p.m. and November 5th, from 7-9 p.m. Prepare one song that best shows your vocal and acting abilities. Please email director, Denise Stookes-

berry at: for an audition time. Performing in a musical is a great way to beat the winter blues and make new friends in the community. For details on roles, music, schedules and more, please visit the Fine Arts Guild website at: or visit our Facebook page. Listen to music from the show on YouTube at: list=PLMHLcWZUXlEOQXqtgP0_ZKqe pnTrYYoy9.

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Physician Recruitment Moves Forward At Estes Park Health Ongoing physician recruitment to provide access to care is a top Strategic Initiative for Estes Park Health in 2018, and an area where there has been substantial success. New physicians for Internal Medicine and Pediatrics To increase our access to high quality care in the Estes Valley, Estes Park Health has successfully recruited Joseph Lee, MD, and Julie Schneider, MD, Internal Medicine, and Patti Aldridge, MD, Pediatrics. Dr. Lee has been working in the Estes Park Health Physician Clinic for several months and officially joined Estes Park Health on October 23, 2018. Dr. Lee is a graduate of Northwestern University Medical School and did his Residency at Georgetown University. He is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine. Dr. Lee credits his father, who grew up in a poor, rural town in South Korea, as the inspiration for his career choice. “He was raised in a traditional Asian culture,” says Dr. Lee about his dad, a pediatrician. “He cared about others and wanted to help his family and community. And he imparted those values and goals to me.” Dr. Lee takes an educational approach with his patients, teaching them about their health to facilitate their decisions. “I always try my best to understand my patients,” he adds. “If they know that I am sincere and come to trust me—that’s a relationship that’s very gratifying.” To make an appointment with Dr. Lee, call 970-5862200. Dr. Schneider graduated from the University of Kentucky, College of Medicine and did her residency at the Medical University of South Carolina. Dr. Schneider believes, “Life is a gift, and maximization of one's health and functional status the foundation for living it to its fullest. It is a privilege to be a part of a patient's journey in pursuing their individualized health goals, but also helping relieve fears and guide a patient and their family through the physical, emotional and spiritual challenges in the face of chronic and sometimes insurmountable illnesses. I want my patients to know that I will be their fierce advocate. I will do for them what I would want done for my own family members, friends or myself if the roles were reversed.” Dr. Schneider will join Estes Park Health in January 2019. Estes Park Health is in the process of recruiting one additional Internal Medicine physician. Dr. Aldridge will come on board as a part-time Pediatrician in early November. Dr. Aldridge is Board Certified in Pediatric Critical Care and a Fellow of

the American Academy of Pediatrics. Dr. Aldridge enjoys being an intimate part of families’ lives and loves working with kids. “I like when parents take ownership of their kids health and stay informed,” shared Dr. Aldridge. “I like to share my knowledge and make recommendations, then decide as a team the best way to proceed.” Estes Park Health also contracted with Children’s Hospital to provide Pediatrics coverage for both the Hospital and the Physicians Clinic as needed in order provide the possible care at all times for the children of our community. . The Hospitalist program continues to help treat more patients locally Hospitalists coordinate patients' care in the hospital. They are the physicians that organize the communication between different doctors caring for a patient. They serve as the point of contact for questions, updates and the comprehensive plan of care. They are also the main physician for family members to contact for updates on a loved one. The Hospitalist program at Estes Park Health is a contracted service with Rural Physicians Group (RPG). Since instituting this successful service, Estes Park Health has seen a 21% growth in Inpatient Care and our ambulance transfers to other hospitals is down. The Hospitalists have allowed the hospital to keep more patients in their community for care. A Surgicalist program is introduced With the decision by Dr. Woodard to focus his practice on Wound Care only, Estes Park Health evaluated the best options to provide surgical care in our community as part of the 2018 Strategic Plan. Estes Park Health has contracted with RPG for surgicalists. A surgicalist is a highly trained, board-certified surgeon who provides surgical services in the hospital and the outpatient clinic. Unlike the Hospitalist program there will only be two to three General Surgeons rotating through Estes Park Health in order to maintain better continuity of care from the outpatient to the inpatient setting. The surgicalist program will allow more patients to have surgery in Estes Park and remain close to home for follow-up care. The anticipated start date for this new service is December 2018. The goal of Estes Park Health is to continue to be the provider of choice for high-quality care and service excellence in the Estes Valley. Estes Park Health will continue to pursue the 2018 Strategic Initiatives to remain strong, independent and community owned.

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“Vintage 2018” This Sunday

What are the chances . . . • of winning the Cash 5 Colorado Lottery? 1 in 5,245,786 • of becoming a movie star? 1 in 1,500,000 • of being dealt a Royal Flush in Poker? 1 in 649,700 • of winning a $6,000 travel voucher at “Vintage 2018”? 1 in 250!!!! Join us on Sunday, October 28, 4- 7:00 p.m. at the Dunraven Inn. Each $100 ticket includes admission to a wonderful party at the Dunraven Inn with hors d’oeuvres, dessert, wine tasting, and a lively auction offering wonderful items up for bid. Auction items include vacation stays in Florida or Anchorage Alaska, dining, playing and partying around Estes Park, vintage art, Mignery sculpture, toys, sports tickets, vintage art, and much more . . . something for everyone in the family! During the evening there will be a raffle drawing to win the travel voucher worth $6,000. All proceeds will benefit Crossroads Ministry of Estes Park, Inc. You may purchase tickets at the Dunraven Inn, 970-586-6409, located at 2470 Colorado 66, Estes Park. You need not be present to win. Raffle ticket purchases are not tax deductible. Crossroads Ministry of Estes Park, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit agency which has been providing basic human services to residents in need who live in the Estes

Valley for over 35 years. It offers assistance to clients on low or fixed incomes, partners with other agencies to maximize benefits to clients and encourages self-sufficiency of clients through educational opportunities. Crossroads, through its staff and volunteers offers a food pantry, assistance with housing, utilities, budgeting and other basic needs –

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!"#$%&#&'()* !"##$$%&'"(%)*+,-.*


A Nonprofit Serving the Estes Valley

WINTER HOURS Oct 15 - Apr 27 Monday - Friday 12-4 Saturday 10-4

(Donations onlyy accepted till 3:30pm)

1138 Manford Ave. 970-586-1610

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Get Your Tickets For Gypsy Jazz-Choro Concert On November 4th

Haunted House at American Legion Post 119

Friday and Saturday, October 26-27@ 7-10 pm $15 per adult. Kid-friendly Day — Sunday October 28 @ 1-3 pm Bring your little ones (costumes encouraged!) to tour the Haunted House in an un-scary event with treats and prizes. $5 per child. Special rates for large families. See the ad in this paper! Come for the thrills and chills!

Special Events – Public Welcome!

Friday, November 2 @ 6:30 pm — Bingo! To benefit the Glen Haven Fire Department Auxiliary – Normal prices & cash payouts. Plus a raffle! Fun for all ages. Saturday, November 3 @ 3-5pm – Paint & Pints with Cat Colonna – Indulge your creative spirit with fluid painting fun. $35 lets you create your painting while you enjoy a beer, wine, or well drink.

Come watch the Broncos! We have the NFL Ticket! Sunday, October 28 @ 11am Broncos @ Chiefs Sunday, November 4 @ 2pm Texans @ Broncos

Veterans Services

Thursday, November 1 @ noon-5pm Veteran benefits assistance and readjustment counseling. Call 970-586-6118 for an appointment.

We want to feed you!

Friday, October 26 @ 5:30-7 pm Beef stew with dumplings $10. Friday, November 2 @ 5:30-7 pm Taco Bar $10.


Monday, October 29 @ 10am – 2nd Century Meeting

Erika Metzler, who is currently producing & promoting the upcoming Gypsy Jazz-Choro concert on November 4th at the Historic Park Theatre, featuring Olli Soikkeli & Cesar Garabini, recently asked Cesar some questions in an interview for EP News. Erika: Cesar, tell us a bit about your musical beginnings & your career as a musician: I was born in Brazil and moved with my family to New Jersey at the age of five in 1993. I then went back to Brazil in 1998, and then moved to Italy in 2005. I started on acoustic and electric guitar at the age of 13 while I was in Brazil. At that time I played simple chords and strums on Brazilian pop rock. Later on, my taste in rock got more extreme leading me to listening to a lot of Seattle grunge and eventually New Metal. I did however, since a young child, listen to a lot of classic rock and old pop bands such as the Beatles. These were due to my parents playing music around the house and in the car. It was when I was 18 years old, while living in Florence Italy that I came across traditional Brazilian music from an uncle's cds. At first, Bossa Nova, then Samba, and a year later, Choro. Choro music was a genre I had never heard of before and it rocked my world! I switched from the nylon six string guitar to the seven string which is typical in the genre. I then came to NYC in 2011 and have since been playing professionally. I also learned the basics of jazz whilst in NYC and have implemented it in my Brazilian music playing. Erika: What is Choro & why does it work so well playing along with Olli? Choro is the first genuine Brazilian style of music. It is a mixture of African rhythms and European dances. It originates in the 1870s. It is mainly instrumental, and is a virtuosic and harmoni-

cally challenging to play. It is also the precursor to Samba and Bossa Nova. The virtuosity and interesting harmonies of Gypsy jazz, have many parallels to Choro. Olli Soikkeli is on of the top Gypsy "cats" in NYC. We decided to jam one day and played Gypsy Jazz tunes, Brazilian choro tunes, and Jazz Standards. It all worked so well! So we've had this duo for over a year now and have played tons of gigs around the northeast. Erika: Who have your biggest musical inspirations been? Where to start...? the biggest name in this music is the flutist/saxophonist, Pixinguinha. He was probably the composer who popularized the genre the most. As a guitarist, my biggest inspirations are Raphael Rabello and Yamandu Costa. Erika: What can the audience expect on November 4th at the concert at the Historic Park Theatre? They can expect two very different worlds of textures and sounds to collide in sweet harmony. Also, guitar extravaganza! Cesar will be joining Olli Soikkeli on stage at the Historic Park Theatre, Sunday evening November 4th at 7 p.m. Doors open at 6 p.m. Tickets $20 in advance/$30 for VIP section. Tickets are available at or at the box office during business hours. General admission tickets can also be purchased at Macdonald Book Shop. Special thanks to our sponsors for believing in bringing great music to our town: Lumpy Ridge Brewing Co., The Ridgeline Hotel, Estes Arts District, Avantgarde Aleworks, Tom ThomasFirst Colorado Realty, Rambo’s Liquors, Snowy Peaks Winery, Fonta BasnettRocky Mountain Property, Inc., Estes Park News, Cafe de Pho Thai & Master Graphics.

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Big newsâ&#x20AC;ŚHalloween is just around the corner. The reason I tell you this is, where did September go? Aw, the beauty of fall. Well if you had the problems I have created you would think twice about the beauty of fall and all of those falling leaves. When we first built our home, it was on a bare, one acre lot of meadow. We both loved trees so as the years went by, we planted more and more pine, spruce and aspen. Since then I have lost some spruce to drought and beetles, but not the aspen. They grow like weeds. I love the fall colors of the aspen but unfortunately, they have multiplied and so has the fallen leaf problem. In Southern Louisiana we did not have this as most of native trees were either live oak or cypress. Although the live oak shed some of their foliage, they always remained green and the few fallen leaves were easily raked or they blew away. In Ohio we (husband, four kids, and I) would have a day of work and fun raking, falling into the pile of leaves and then raking again and burning them. Now I am only one and there is no burning to be done with all of the fire codes. Oh, where oh where is the wind to blow them away to somewhere else? But there is also a wonderful reason to celebrate fall. All the vegetables of the season like the pumpkins, squashes and fruits like beautiful apples and oranges, are so plentiful. One of my favorite desserts for this time of year is pumpkin pie. Now I know we are being inundated with pumpkins right now but why not make use of them for this delicious treat. But do not use those big monsters that you put out for decorations that sometimes end up feeding the wandering elk or deer. The following is a little bit different than the usual pumpkin pie. Make it for Halloween as a treat for the folks after the trick or treaters have returned home. I hope you enjoy it.

(yams) 1 1/2 Tbs. melted butter ½ cup corn syrup 1 ½ Tbs. flour Dash of salt 1 tsp. cinnamon Âź tsp. mace ½ tsp. vanilla 2/3 cup chopped salted peanuts, divided. 1 pie shell- 9â&#x20AC;? unbaked Preheat oven. Beat eggs and add sugar, yams, butter and syrup. Stir in flour, salt, cinnamon, mace and vanilla. Add ½ cup peanuts. Pour into pie shell and bake 30 minutes. Remove and sprinkle remaining nuts over top and return to oven. Bake for about 25 more minutes or until center is done. I had a lovely experience in Safeway, believe it or not, the other day. I was there getting the can of pumpkin and a nice lady came up to me and said, â&#x20AC;&#x153;You are Esther!â&#x20AC;? I did not know her, but she is one of my readers and recognized me from my column. It was nice to be recognized and complimented on my articles. It is always nice to give a warm greeting and a nice remark. We should all practice that habit. My email is: Bon AppĂŠtit.


Sweet Potato Peanut Pie 325 pre-heated oven 9 â&#x20AC;&#x153;unbaked pie shell 3 eggs ž cup sugar minus 1 Tbs. and 1 tsp. sugar 1 cup cooked mashed sweet potatoes


1700 Brodie Ave, across from High School More Information at and 970-586-4404 Sunday Service at 10:00am Children Welcome Pipe Organ - Chapel Choir - Bell Choirs

Summer is over. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s time to consider joining the choir. Rehearsals Thursday at 6:45pm and Sunday at 9:15am





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The Rich Flanery Team has been serving the Estes Park Community for over 20 years. Our team has over 80 years of combined experience in helping families find the home loan to fit their needs. We offer a full range of products – FHA loans, VA loans, Conventional loans, Rural Home loans, Reverse Mortgages and many more. We are looking forward to working with you to make your dreams come true in a practical way. But it starts with a conversation.

So, give us a call today at (970) 577-9200 and let our team get to work for you!

Rich Flanery Loan Officer – NMLS# 256117

Phone (970) 577-9200 501 Saint Vrain Lane, Suite 101 Estes Park, CO 80517

Equal Housing Lender ©2018 Mortgage Solutions of Colorado, LLC, dba Mortgage Solutions Financial NMLS #61602, headquartered at 5455 N Union Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80918, 719-447-0325. AL 21883; AR 104413; AZ Mortgage Banker License BK-0928346; Licensed by the Department of Corporations Under CA Residential Mortgage Lending Act License 4130456 and under CA Finance Lender Law License 603H857; CO Mortgage Company Registration; CT ML-61602; DC Mortgage Lender License MLB61602; DE Licensed by The Commissioner 20424: exp. 12/31/18; FL MLD902; GA 37525; IA MBK-2013-0042; ID MBL-7290; IL MB.6760816, Illinois Residential Mortgage Licensee; IN 17441 and 17442; KS MC.0001684, Kansas Licensed Mortgage Company; KY MC83187; LA Residential Mortgage Lending License; MD 19702; MI FR0018740 and SR0018741; MN MO-61602; MO 17-1769; MS 60602 Licensed by the Mississippi Dept of Banking & Consumer Finance; MT 61602; NC L-157264; ND MB102837; NE 2000; New Jersey Mortgage Lender License, Licensed by the NJ Department of Banking ; NM 2464; NV 4668 and 4399; OH MBMB.850123.000; OK ML010480; OR ML-4912; PA 43167 Licensed by the Pennsylvania Dept of Banking and Securities; Rhode Island Licensed Lender 20122869LL; SC MLS-61602; SD ML.05086; TN 109443; TX SML Mortgage Banker Registration and SML Residential Mortgage Loan Servicer Registration; WA CL-61602; WI 61602BA and 61602BR; WV ML-32877; WY MBL1022.


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Senior Services Offerings From EVRPD Estes Valley Recreation and Park District (EVRPD), provider of numerous recreational and community activities in the Estes Valley, is pleased to provide a robust program of senior services for the Estes Valley community. Here are a few of the featured programs for the coming weeks. For a complete listing of activities, including registration information, visit Special Events Disco Zumba Join our rockin’ Zumba party on Saturday, October 27 from 1 to 3 p.m. at the community center. Dress in your best ‘70s attire for a chance to win our costume contest, plus prizes and giveaways throughout the party! This event is free and open to the pub-

lic with the option to donate to the Estes Valley Recreation and Park Foundation. Health & Wellness First Thursday Meditation No prior meditation experience is necessary. Each session will include a guided meditation, a silent meditation, and an exploration of issues and challenges that may arise in developing one’s own practice.

The next session will be Thursday, November 1 from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. at the Estes Valley Community Center. No registration is necessary. First Friday Cultivating Well-Being Join us the first Friday of each month to explore evidence/experience-based approaches that can assist us with developing and cultivating well-being in our daily lives. There is extensive research that supports happiness and well-being that can even emerge out of facing our anger, depression, and grief. “Blue zones” that contain centenarians who

live happy and fulfilling lives, and healthy communities have now been studied for decades, providing guidance to lead us toward healthier cultural, psychological, and physiological lifestyle choices throughout our entire lives. Come with an open mind and a

lections, soups, salads, sandwiches, and quiche, plus specialty desserts, scones, and tea treats. Everything is made fresh daily at the castle. Before the tea, you’ll also enjoy a tour of the historic 1889 castle mansion, which has been lovingly restored to its original splendor.

willingness to listen and share. The next session will be Friday, November 2 from 10 to 11:30 a.m. at the Estes Valley Community Center. No registration is necessary. Travel The Queen’s Christmas Tea at Castle Marne The Queen’s Tea features a four-course menu including freshly brewed tea se-

The trip will take place on Thursday, December 13, departing the community center at 11 a.m. and returning approximately 5 p.m. The cost is $72 and includes roundtrip transportation to Denver, Queen’s Tea, gratuity, and castle tour. Registration To register for these programs or for more information about the new community center, including senior services, visit or call 970586-8191. You can also stop by the community center at 660 Community Drive.

Kian Gerig 10th Grade Congratulations to Kian Gerig, the Estes Park News Student of the Week for October 26, 2018. At Estes Park High School Kian participates in basketball and is a leader in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). As a freshman he earned a 4.0 GPA and he still maintains a high GPA this year. Outside of school he likes to go surfing, mountain biking, hiking and skiing. He has been on the highest ski lift in America which is located in Breckenridge, CO. Kian’s favorite quote is from Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” He likes this quote because it reminds him that God is in

control and is always with him. After high school Kian plans to go to college at Oregon University, however he is not 100 percent sure just what career he wants to study for yet.

Bank of Estes Park Student Legacy Award: In addition to being awarded the Student of the Week, each winner will be given the opportunity to nominate the school program of their choice for the chance to win $500. At the end of the school year, one such nomination will be randomly selected, and that school program will be awarded the $500 Bank of Estes Park Student Legacy Award, in that student's name.

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LOVE IS A BEAUTIFUL THING TO BEHOLD A surgeon tells the story of a patient following surgery. “I stand by the bed where a young woman lies, her face postoperative, her mouth twisted in palsy, clownish. A tiny twig of the facial nerve, the one to the muscles of her mouth, have been severed. She will be thus from now on. The surgeon had followed with religious fervor the curve of her flesh: I promise you that. Nevertheless, to remove the tumor from her cheek, I had to cut the little nerve. Her young husband is in the room. He stands on the opposite side of the bed, and together they seem to dwell in the evening lamplight, isolated from me, private. ‘Who are they?’ I ask myself, he and this wry mouth that I have made, who gaze at and touch each other so generously, so greedily? The young woman speaks: ‘Will my mouth always be like this?’ she asks. ‘Yes’, I say, ‘Because the nerve is cut.’ She nods and is silent. But the young man smiles. ‘I like it!’ he says, ‘It’s kind of cute.’ All at once I know who he is. I understand and lower my gaze. One is not bold in an encounter with one so ‘god-like’. Unmindful he bends to kiss her crooked mouth, and I am so close I can see how he twists his own lips to accommodate to hers, to show her that their kiss still works. I remember that the gods appeared in ancient Greece as mortals, and I hold my breath and let the wonder in.” (Dr. Richard Selzer, Lessons from the Art of Surgery) Perhaps you have been privileged to see such a display of love from a person to their mate, or to others. It seems to me and many others who visit our fair community, that such ‘displays of love’ are seen on many occasions. We seem to have quite a few ‘crooked smiles’ in our area. Whenever it happens, it always makes us want to ‘hold our breath and let the wonder in’. It was that way with Christ’s people in the first century. “Behold, how they love one another” is reported to have been said as people saw and desired to integrate into such a body of people. And it will be seen in our century and our place. It comes as no surprise that people want to move to Estes Park. It is not only the beauty of the area, it’s the beauty of the people as well. Jesus clearly said, “By this will all men know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” (John 13:35) This being true, one wonders how many people actually fulfill this qualification for discipleship. Perhaps it’s a good time to take inventory of our lives to see how we are doing. First Corinthians 13:1-13 gives us a good picture of what Christian (God-like) love is really about. Consider the items in the description and see how you do: _____ I am patient with you…because I love you and want to forgive. _____ I am kind to you…because I love you and want to help. _____ I do not envy your possessions or gifts…I love you and want you to have the best. _____ I do not boast about my attainments…I love you and want to hear about yours. _____ I am not proud…because I love you and want to esteem you. _____ I am not rude…because I love you and care about your feelings. _____ I am not self-seeking…because I love you and want your needs met instead. _____ I am not easily angered…because I love you and want to overlook your faults. _____ I do not keep a record of your wrongs…My love for you covers a multitude of sins. “Love knows no limit to its endurance, no end to its trust, no fading of its hope; it can outlast anything. It is the one thing that still stands when all else has fallen. In this life there are three lasting qualities—faith, hope, and love, but the greatest is love.” May our lives be so evident in our love that people know exactly Whose disciple we are. In Jesus, Bob

Sweet Bart Needs A New, Forever Home

Make sure to “Like” and follow the Estes Park Pet Association Facebook page to see other animals that may not be pictured this week. All pets are offered through the Pet Association of Estes Park, a nonprofit organization that works to find homes for stray and abandoned pets, control dog and cat populations by funding sterilization programs, educate members of the community, especially young people, about the humane treatment of animals and the responsibilities of pet ownership; and Do you have room in your home promote community involvement in and your heart for a wonderful, the use of pets as therapeutic agents new pet? (e.g., in nursing homes). The Estes Bart is about three years old. He is Park Pet Association is your local huhouse trained and good with kitties mane society. You can make a tax-deand other dogs. He is a little shy but ductible donation to the Pet warms up very fast and loves being Association by sending your check to held. P.O. Box 4342, Estes Park, CO Bart is currently living at the Animal 80517. For more information, contact Hospital of the Rockies (Dr. C's). Call (970) 586-4703 for more information Carolyn Fairbanks, President of the Pet Association at (970) 586-5121. or stop down to meet little Bart!

Wildlife Responder Available To Help Knowledge, experience, skills to assist and educate individuals with and about wildlife encounters/situations. Specialty is elk, deer, bears, mountain lions. Part of Rocky Mtn. Cat Conservancy Research. If you see a kill site, call asap, or if you want more information or help with a wildlife situation, call Jayne the “Bear Lady” at 970-685-8756.

Nonprofits Cultivate Community

There are over 150 charitable, educational, and religious based 501(c)3 organizations servicing the Estes Valley. What are they doing? Who are they?? The majority of this sector is comprised of volunteers: full-time employees who “moonlight” to do good works, citizens called to contribute, and “fakeretired” community members who are sometimes just as devoted to a nonprofit mission as they were to their career. The missions at work in this matrix of nonprofits are wildly diverse: executing disaster relief, purchasing books for youth, bringing exchange students to our schools, researching water quality, tracking the effect of floods on animal migration, supporting music and theater productions, purchasing emer-

Friday, October 26, 2018 « 21

gency medical equipment, preserving lands and open space, tackling economic development, providing networks for businesses, and so much more. Nonprofits are also defined by having 85% of their incomes go towards programming. That means 85% of all grants, donations, and planned gifts are making those missions happen: putting a coat on a kid, feeding a home-bound elder, monitoring conservation easements, etc. Together with businesses, volunteers, and donors, these nonprofits are cultivating the colorful, thriving, and enriched community of Estes Park. Together, they cast a broad net of philanthropy. They deserve to be thanked and recognized for their impact and hard work. The Estes Park Nonprofit Resource Center (EPNRC) is planning Estes Park’s National Philanthropy Day event November 15th, 4-7 p.m. This annual event is held at the YMCA of the Rockies and brings together roughly 400 volunteers, donors, and organizations. Awards presented at this event include the Katie Speer Philanthropist of the Year, Business Philanthropist of the Year, Youth Philanthropist of the Year, and Enduring Service Award. Be there. Be inspired. The house fills to capacity; RSVP is required at

Enriching Estes with a Giving Heart Celebra ng the Donors and Volunteers Who Cul vate Community Through Philanthropy Awards Presented:

Ka e Speer Philanthropist of the Year Business Philanthropist of the Year Youth Philanthropist of the Year Enduring Service Award

Estes Park Senior Citizens Center Menu ——Week of October 29 thru November 2 ——

National Philanthropy Day in Estes Park Thursday, November 15th / 4-7pm YMCA of the Rockies, Assembly Hall Hosted By: Longs Peak Sponsors:

RSVP to Attend at

Monday, Oct 29 Fried Chicken (3 pcs) w mashed potatoes, gravy & vegetable Tuesday, Oct 30 Chicken Quesadilla with cream of mushroom soup Wednesday, Oct 31 Meatball Sub w mozzarella cheese & Caesar salad Thursday, Nov 1 Open Face Turkey Sand. w mashed potatoes, gravy & vegetable Friday, Nov 2 Tilapia with rice and vegetables

——Week of November 5 thru November 9 —— Monday, Nov 5 Ham & Cheese Omelet with hash browns & fruit Tuesday, Nov 6 Meat Lasagna with garlic bread & side salad Wednesday, Nov 7 Chicken Fried Chicken with mashed potatoes & vegetable Thursday, Nov 8 Texas Cheese Steak (beef with mushrooms, onions & cheese on TX toast) with fries Friday, Nov 9 Tuna Salad Croissant with coleslaw & clam chowder soup All noon meals are $5 for current EP Senior Citizens Center members and are by reservation only. Reservations must be made by 1:00 PM at least one business day in advance. Note, if you want to reserve a meal for Monday, Oct 29th you need to call before 1:00 PM on Friday, Oct 26th. For reservations call 970-581-2195 (Monday – Friday 9:00 am - 2:00 pm). Pre-paid meal tickets and membership forms are available at the Estes Park Senior Citizens Center located at 1820 S. St. Vrain (Masonic Lodge). Eat at the Senior Citizens Center or take meals to go! Regular hours of operation 9:00 am -- 2:00 pm Monday thru Friday. Stop by and check us out at our new location! Check out our website: TriFit, Tai Chi, Mahjong, games, movies, and other activities. EPSCC, Inc. wants to serve YOU and YOU can enjoy serving others!

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ESTES PARK HAPPENINGS For additional information call 800-443-7837 • 970-577-9900

EVENTS Oct. 26: Rocky Mountain Craft Spirits Festival Pairing Dinner. Good food, good drink. Latitude 105. 6-10pm Oct. 27: Rocky Mountain Craft Spirits Festival. Celebration of fine spirits. Events Complex. 2-5pm Nov. 2: First Friday! Art Groove. Gallery & art center tours, refreshments, music. Throughout town. 5-8pm Nov. 2: Warren Miller’s Face of Winter. Film screening. Estes Park Mountain Shop. 7pm Nov. 3: Fall Back Beer Fest. Celebration of beer, beer education. Estes Park Events Complex. 12-5pm

ENTERTAINMENT Oct. 26-27 & 31: Karaoke. Lonigans. 9pm Oct. 27: Disco Zumba. Costumes encouraged. Community Center. 1-3pm Oct. 28, 31, Nov. 4 & 7: Bingo Night. Rock Cut Brewing Company. 6-7:30pm Oct. 30 & Nov. 6: Geeks Who Drink. Trivia. The Barrel. 6-8pm Oct. 30 & Nov. 6: Trivia Night. Rock Cut Brewing Company. 7-8:30pm Nov. 1 & 8: Geeks Who Drink. Trivia. Latitude 105 Alehouse. 6-10pm Nov. 2-3 & 7: Karaoke. Lonigans. 9pm


Oct. 27: David Berg. Piano and Song. Waterfront Grille. 6-9pm

Wed., Sat., Sun.: Weaving Demo. Old Church Shops. 1-3pm

Oct. 28: Joseph Lingenfelter. Acoustic. The Other Side Restaurant. 10am-1pm

Oct. 27: NOLS Exploration Film Tour. Estes Park Mountain Shop. 7pm

Oct. 28: Follow the Fox. Acoustic. The Rock Inn Mountain Tavern. 5-8pm

Oct. 28 & Nov. 4: Lecture & Tai Chi/Qi Gong Class. Dao House. 8:30-10am

Nov. 1: Bluegrass Jam. The Rock Inn Mountain Tavern. 6-9pm

Oct. 28 & Nov. 4: History & Nature Talk. Rams Horn Village. 5-6pm

Nov. 2: Sharon Glassman. Original music. Snowy Peaks Winery. 4-6pm

Oct. 30 & Nov. 6: Free 5k Group Fun Run. The Stanley Hotel. 5:30pm

Nov. 2: Alex Thoele. Acoustic. The Rock Inn Mountain Tavern. 6-9pm

Nov. 2: Community All Levels Yoga. Estes Park Yoga. 6-7pm

Nov. 2-3: The Dempsey/Fox Duo. Jazz. The Other Side Restaurant. 5-8pm Nov. 2-3: Tim McLemore. Jazz & Blues. Nicky’s Steakhouse. 6pm Nov. 2-3: Three Dog Night. Rock. The Stanley Hotel. 8:30-11pm Nov. 3: Jay Stott. Acoustic. The Rock Inn Mountain Tavern. 5-8pm Nov. 3: David Berg. Piano and Song. Waterfront Grille. 6-9pm Nov. 4: Joseph Lingenfelter. Acoustic. The Other Side Restaurant. 10am-1pm Nov. 4 & 9: John Pickett. Acoustic. The Rock Inn Mountain Tavern. 6-9pm Nov. 8: Bluegrass Jam. The Rock Inn Mountain Tavern. 6-9pm Nov. 9: The Dempsey/Fox Duo. Jazz. The Other Side Restaurant. 5-8pm Nov. 9: Tim McLemore. Jazz & Blues. Nicky’s Steakhouse. 6pm


Oct. 26: Idlewhile. Folk rock/indie. Snowy Peaks Winery. 4-6pm

Nov. 2: Gallery Social/Holiday Jewelry Preview. Earthwood Artisans. 5-8pm

Oct. 26: Cass Vendengna. Acoustic. Rock Inn Mountain Tavern. 6pm

Nov. 2: Show Opening: Lyse Dzija. Earthwood Collections. 5-8pm

Oct. 26-27: The Dempsey/Fox Duo. Jazz. The Other Side Restaurant. 5-8pm

Oct. 26-Nov. 9, 2018


Oct. 26-27: Tim McLemore. Jazz & Blues. Nicky’s Steakhouse. 6pm


Oct. 27: KC Groves. Acoustic. The Rock Inn Mountain Tavern. 6-9pm.

Mon. & Wed. at 6pm, Fri. & Sat. at 7pm: Sip & Paint. Murphy’s Resort.

ROCKY MOUNTAIN NATIONAL PARK Visit RMNP Visitor Centers to learn about park wildlife, programs & more! Call for details. 970-586-1206. Oct. 27-28. Bear Necessities. Beaver Meadows Visitor Center. 10am

HALLOWEEN Oct. 26-27: Haunted House. American Legion Post 119. 7-10pm Oct. 27: Estes Park Zombie Crawl. The Barrel. 3pm Oct. 27: Halloween Masquerade Party. The Stanley Hotel. 8-11:30pm Oct. 28: Halloween Dodgeball Tournament. EVCC. 1-4pm Oct. 31: Trick-or-Treating. Downtown Estes Park. 5:30pm Oct. 31: Haunted Halloween Party. Family-friendly. The Barrel. 6:30pm

UPCOMING Nov. 16-17: DeVotchKa. Indie Rock. The Stanley Hotel. 7:30-11pm Nov. 17: Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony. Riverside Plaza. 4-6:30pm Nov. 23: Catch the Glow Christmas Parade & Celebration. Downtown Estes Park. 5:30pm

Find more events & submit your event at

Any republication of this document or information contained herein when done for profit or as part of a profit creating mechanism is strictly prohibited. Please contact Visit Estes Park about any desire to republish this document or its contents.

24 » Friday, October 26, 2018

Estes Valley Community Center Receives Another Award For Outstanding Construction lence in Construction awards program is the industry’s leading competition that honors both general and specialty contractors for innovative and highquality merit shop construction projects. The award honors

Estes Valley Recreation and Park District (EVRPD), the provider of numerous recreational opportunities in Estes Valley, is excited to announce another award for quality construction of the Estes Valley Community Center. On Friday, October 19, 2018, Adolfson & Peterson Construction received an Award of Merit from the Rocky Mountain Chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) in the category of institutional projects between $10 and $25

million at the Excellence in Construction awards ceremony. “It is exciting to see the community center receive a variety of accolades— from the recreation industry to the construction industry,” said Tom Carosello, Executive Director for Estes Valley Recreation and Park District. “It reinforces what most of us already know—that we have a fine facility for our little mountain town.” According to ABC’s website, the Excel-

all construction team members, including the contractor, owner, architect and

engineer. Each project is judged on complexity, attractiveness, unique challenges overcome, completion time, workmanship, innovation, safety and cost. During the awards ceremony, the challenges presented by wildlife as the building went up, among other features, was noted as a unique aspect throughout construction. Apparently, the elk can share in the award as well. The team for the construction of the Estes Valley Community Center included: Ohlson Lavoie Collaborative for architecture, Adolfson & Peterson for general contractor, and RLH Engineering as the owner’s representative to oversee project development. There were also numerous subcontractors on the project, many of which also received awards at the same award ceremony. The 70,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art Estes Valley Community Center is a comprehensive, multigenerational destination for residents and visitors to Estes Park. District staff kept the local Estes Valley population of approximately 11,000 people in mind when designing the building but knew that the four million plus visitors that pass-through Estes Park every year would benefit from its services as well. The facility is especially beneficial for staying active on cold, windy or rainy days and for families looking for something to do with kids in Estes Park. For more information about the community center and EVRPD, visit or call 970-586-8191.

New Housing Facilities At Rocky Mountain National Park be fully accessible. A contractor constructed the shells, and the finish work will be completed by the Larimer County Conservation Corps (LCCC) of Fort Collins, Colorado. The LCCC will be directly hired and funded through a donation from the park’s non-profit cooperating association, Rocky Mountain Conservancy. The LCCC will work under the superGary Duncan, General Manager of Forest River Inc, Park Model DiviRocky Mountain National Park Superintendent Darla Sidles speaks to vision of park staff. sion, Jay Landers, Vice President of Government Affairs, RV Industry group about new park models. “We are grateful for the Association, Rick May, Senior National Advisor for Recreation at Integenerous donations from rior, Darla Sidles, Rocky Mountain National Park Superintendent and nated to the park by the Forest River sues for the Forest River Park Model Division, the others celebrate cutting the ribbon for the new park models. Photos Park Model Division of Elkhart, IndiSecretary, RV Industry Association, and the Rocky courtesy RMNP ana, and two were donated by the RV said Rick Mountain Conservancy,” said Rocky Industry Association. Each structure May, Senior On Wednesday, October 24, U. S. DeMountain National Park Superintendent National Advisor for Recreation at Inte- provides approximately 400 square feet Darla Sidles. “These organizations have partment of Interior and National Park gross floor area. rior. “We are appreciative of the partService officials celebrated the construccontributed greatly to provide muchners who are providing assistance to Also highlighted today was the contion of new housing units at Rocky needed new housing units for park staff Rocky Mountain National Park to imstruction of two new bunkhouses. This to rent. Additional housing is one of the Mountain National Park. prove housing conditions for park staff project replaced two dilapidated and ob- park’s highest priorities, to help us better “These projects have addressed a sigwho provide important services to park solete houses with two new 4-bedroom, attract and retain the staff that are so nificant maintenance backlog at the park visitors.” 8 bed housing units; each encompassing critical to serving our visitors and proand will reduce operation and mainte1880 square feet. The new quarters will tecting Rocky’s amazing resources.” Two “Park Model” RV units were donance costs in the future; two critical is-

Friday, October 26, 2018 » 25

Estes Park Health Earns Recertification As Level IV Trauma Center dow of time after a major traumatic injury when lives are threatened and there’s an opportunity to intervene and save lives. “Our goal is to provide the initial stabilization and resuscitation, trans-

Trauma Team provides life-saving care during the “golden hour of trauma” for residents and visitors across 1,000 square miles. The State of Colorado certified Estes Park Health as a Level IV Trauma Center last week, marking the 19th year of certification. “We met all their criteria without reservation,” said Scott Chew, MD, Chief of Trauma Services. Level IV certification reflects Estes Park Health’s commitment to providing the highest levels of care. “In Colorado, it’s not required to be a trauma center,” said Tim Gray, RN, Trauma Nurse Coordinator. “Being designated a trauma center is a voluntary choice the hospital makes. The decision to seek certification is made by the Administration and the Chief of Trauma Services who commit to all the education, requirements and equipment that we have to maintain.” Estes Park Health accepts patients during the “golden hour of trauma.” According to Dr. Chew, this is the small win-

multiple patients with serious traumatic injury are on their way. In just five minutes, the Trauma Team is ready to accept the patient(s). “When a trauma patient arrives here, the Trauma Team is at the ambulance bay doors ready to help the patient,” Dr. Chew said. “We’ll have extra traumatrained nurses, emergency physicians, laboratory services, blood bank services and diagnostic imaging all to accept that

either crash into an elk, or get too close to the elk and actually get stomped on or gored.” In 2017, visits to the Estes Park Health Emergency Department numbered 6,011. Of those, there were 160 serious trauma cases and 44 were life-threatening traumas that required Trauma Team activations. Dr. Chew said, “I am very proud of Estes Park Health, all of the members of the Trauma Committee and all of the departments that contributed to our successful completion of a state site survey last week.” About Estes Park Health fuse blood, stop (formerly Estes Park Medongoing bleeding, ical Center) protect airways and Founded in 1975 by the get them to the residents of Estes Park, service they need Estes Park Health is the for the final lifesavcommunity’s comprehening measures,” Dr. sive health care resource Chew said. with a focus on superior, Scott Chew, MD, Chief of Trauma To maintain Tim Gray, RN, Trauma Nurse Coordi- compassionate care that readiness, the Estes Services in white jacket nator. consistently receives high Park Health patient-satisfaction scores. patient as we rush them into the EmerTrauma Committee meets regularly. It The Estes Park Health system serves the gency Department. For life-threatening includes representatives from many entire Estes Valley and Rocky Mountain injuries that we anticipate the need to Estes Park Health departments. The National Park. It integrates acute and transfer, we’ll already have a helicopter committee includes Emergency Manemergency care with community health, on route to the hospital to move them to agement Services (EMS), the Emerincludes the full range of diagnostic and a larger trauma center after we’ve stabigency Department, surgeons, orthopetherapeutic health care through medical dic surgeons, anesthetists, pediatricians, lized them.” and surgical services; a 25-bed critical acin-patient medical and surgical care, diThere is no typical trauma patient Gray cess acute care facility, a 24-hour emeragnostic imaging, laboratory, blood said. “We get the full range of ages, the gency department with ambulance servbank services, rehabilitation, physical full range of injuries. There are some ice and air transport; a physician clinic, therapy and respiratory therapy. unique things in Estes Park such as ski home health and hospice; and a 60-bed accidents, rock climbing, hiking and The Trauma Team is activated when skilled nursing facility. EMS notifies them that a patient or even even elk-related injuries where people

High As A Hawk: A Brave Girl’s Historic Climb Conservancy Brings Favorite Book Back in Print The Rocky Mountain Conservancy has collaborated with Boulder author Thomas A. Barron, author of High as a Hawk: A Brave Girl’s Historic Climb, and artist Ted Lewin, to bring this regionally significant children’s book back into print. Originally published in 2004 through Philomel Books, the publication had sold out and was essentially retired. When the Conservancy approached Barron about a possible reprint, the author

was w very pleased, and made the generous donation to the project p that made the t reproduction of this t book, with the Conservancy as its new publisher,

possible. High as a Hawk was inspired by a letter that Enos Mills had received from a young girl named Harriet Peters,

from Little Rock, Arkansas. Armed with additional photo-documentation of Harriet and Enos on the summit of Longs Peak, and the knowledge that in 1905, Harriet had become the youngest person ever to reach the summit, Barron became intrigued with the actual details of the event that might have occurred. Curiosity piqued, Barron created High As A Hawk as one possible story of the way this amazing climb with Enos Mills and Harriet Peters unfolded. “Sometimes a story is so awesome and inspiring that it has all the power of a bolt of lightning on Longs Peak. The story of Harriet, the brave young girl who climbed that mountain and inspired the great guide and con-

servationist Enos Mills, is that powerful. It changed my life forever — and I hope it will do the same for everyone who reads it!” Barron commented. Available in Conservancy Nature Stores in Rocky Mountain National Park visitor centers and online at, High As A Hawk (retail price $14.95) is a project of the Next Generation Fund, a critical endowment fund created by the Conservancy to meet the challenge of connecting the next generation of young people with nature. High As A Hawk is also available at the Macdonald Bookshop in Estes Park. Founded in 1931, the nonprofit Rocky Mountain Conservancy partners with Rocky Mountain National Park and other land management agencies to support education and philanthropy for its public lands partners. Learn more at

26 » Friday, October 26, 2018

A Gala Evening Of Art, Fun, Food And Beverage To Support EVICS purchase art, there will be a giving tree and sponsorship opportunities. New this year, will be drawings for exciting excursions. All funds raised will stay in our community and provide direct support to families, young children, and critical early childhood services. EVICS provides childcare scholarships to families in need, resources and training to early childhood programs, and vital parent education through the accredPut on your “mountain formal” attire ited Parents as Teachers Program. and come enjoy friends and creative, Without support from EVICS, many whimsical, unique pieces of art for your young families are not able to live, work, home or workplace, created by local and raise young children in Estes Park. children and area artists. The EVICS Art The organization has provided over Gala is an adult event, to support young $235,000 in childcare scholarships to 265 children in Estes Park. Held on Friday, Estes Park families since the program beNovember 9, 5- 8 p.m. at Trout Haven gan in 2006. Event Center (810 Moraine Avenue), In November, the organization moves gala guests will enjoy heavy appetizers into a new office space, and will be exfrom Sweet Basilico, musical entertainpanding services for families. The new ment by Kelly Stallworth, craft beer from EVICS Family Resource Center will offer Rock Cut and Lumpy Ridge breweries more comprehensive services for famiand fine wine from Snowy Peaks Winlies. The new location at 1182 Graves ery. Ave. will provide a safe, accessible place The festive Art Gala is a little different where families can find support, connect each year, offering fun opportunities to with resources, and achieve their goals. support young children and families. EVICS depends on community support Guests will find plenty of creative chilto provide services, and the EVICS team dren’s art to choose from, and a silent urges you to come out on Nov. 9 for this auction featuring favorite local adult fun and festive event. artists. For those who may not want to

E S 00 S St. rain ve nit 2 Estes Park 0- 0 angs evi rg

Friday, October 26, 2018 « 27

EVICS Supports Quality In Local Early Childhood Programs

Grants were awarded as follows: • $500 to Mountain Top Preschool and Childcare Center for new educational play materials. • $350 to Community-4-Kids After School Program for weekly dance/gymnastic classes for children. • $250 to Life Long Learning Research shows that quality matters in of Estes early childhood programs. When young Park Prechildren have access to a nurturing school to learning environment and high quality bring outcare they are better prepared for school side preand life success. School readiness is senters to more than knowing numbers, letters and the classcolors. The early years are the most critiroom to cal time for brain development, and exenrich children’s learning in science, periences during these years set the trahistory and ecology. jectory for a person’s ability to think The mission of EVICS is to support critically, solve problems, get along with and promote quality early care and edothers, and regulate emotions. ucation for all children in the Estes This fall, Estes Valley Investment in Valley. This was the first time EVICS Childhood Success (EVICS) was pleased was able to award grants to early childto be able to offer “mini-grants” to lihood programs, and they look forward censed childcare and preschool proto being able to do more as funds are grams who requested support. Programs available. Many thanks to the numercould apply for any projects, materials, ous community groups, individuals, supplies, or initiatives, which would ben- and businesses who support the EVICS efit the quality of their program and afProgram and make a difference for fect the positive experience for children young children and families in Estes in their care. Park.

Your Opportunity To Make A Difference Positive adult role models are essential for youth in Estes Park who face significant challenges. You can be a mentor to one of these youth. To learn more, contact

Kathy Whitacre, Program Coordinator for Partners Mentoring Youth, at 970-577-9348 or for information on how you can make a difference.

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The James Webb Space Telescope The James Webb Space Telescope is the scope. When it launches to orbit the Sun subject of this month’s Estes Valley Asone million miles from Earth, the Webb tronomical Society (EVAS) meeting. Telescope will be the most sensitive, EVAS in conjunction with The Estes largest aperture space telescope ever Park Memorial Observatory is offering a flown. It will be capable of imaging the free public lecture Saturday, first light in the Universe October 27, 2018 at the Estes and detecting signatures of Park Memorial Observatory. life in the atmospheres of The goal of EVAS is to proextra-solar planets. mote amateur astronomy and During her 20 years career education in the Estes valley. in Civil Space, Allison has Our guest speaker for this previously contributed to public star night will be Allithe Hubble Space Telescope son Barto, the program manscience instruments and ager for the James Webb also currently manages the Space telescope at Ball AeroBall Aerospace contribution space. to the Large Synoptic SurAllison Barto. Since the invention of the vey Telescope, a large Credit: PRNewsFoto/Ball telescope over 400 years ago, ground-based telescope unAerospace & humans have been building Technologies der construction in Chile, bigger and more in addition to over powerful telefifteen years develscopes in a drive oping the Webb to better undertelescope. Allison stand our amazwas the recipient ing Universe. of the 2014 With the advent Women in Aeroof the space age, space Achievewe have been able ment Award for to pursue even her technical conclearer images of tributions to the the night sky James Webb Space An artist’s representation of the completed through spaceTelescope. When James Webb Space Telescope. based observatonot building the Credit: Northrop Grumman ries, revolutioniznext generation ing astronomical astronomical obknowledge. For the past twenty years, servatories, Allison is actively involved engineers and scientists across the globe promoting her passions in education, have been working on a truly audacious inquiry based learning, STEM, and edunext-generation space observatory. cational equity and opportunity and was When launched, the James Webb Space the recipient of the 2017 Women Who Telescope will be the largest, most powLight the Community Award from the erful, and most complex space telescope chamber of Boulder, CO for this work. ever built. Its 22 foot-wide mirror and 72 The observatory is just north of the foot-long sunshield will allow us to look high school at 1600 Manford Ave. Park back in time to see the first light after in the teacher’s parking lot between the the Big Bang. Focusing on contributions high school and the observatory. The built here in Colorado, this lecture will doors will open at 7:00 p.m. and the explore how astronomers’ questions meeting will start at 7:30 p.m. The presshape telescope design and offer a entation, including a question and anglimpse into the amazing engineering swer period, lasts about an hour. After that enables scientific discovery. the presentation, weather permitting, we Allison Barto is the Program Manager will look through our 16 inch dome telfor the James Webb Space Telescope at escope at various celestial objects. Ball Aerospace, where she leads the team Information about the meeting can be responsible for delivering the optics and found on the observatory website at: electronics for the 22-foot-wide telewww.AngelsAbove.Org.

October Child Find ¿Sabe usted si el crecimiento y desarrollo de su hijo es el normal? El Distrito Escolar de Estes Park tendrá el lunes, 29 de Octubre 8:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m. su próximo evento gratis “Child Find” para evaluar el desarrollo de los niños de 0 a 5 años. Este evento se llevará a cabo en la Escuela Primaria de Estes Park, 1505 Avenida Brodie. Por favor llame a 970-586-7406, ext. 3608 para programar su cita.

Do you know if your child's growth and development are on target? The Estes Park School District is holding their next FREE Child Find Developmental Screening for children ages 0-5 on Monday, October 29th from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. This event will be held at Estes Park Elementary School, 1505 Brodie Ave. Please call 970-586-7406, ext. 3608 to schedule your appointment.

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Where the EstesValley has been coming for real estate solutions since 1985!



Text 849386 to 970-237-4137

3D Tour:

UNPARALLELED UNPA U P RALLELED QUALITY, PA QUALITY T panoramic mountain views and TTHIS STRIKING HOME combines the best of Colorado BEAUTIFULLY CRAFTED 3 bed, 4 bath home just above TY

i d on 2.5 2 5 acres with i h sweeping i ESTATE ESTA TAT TA ATE PROPERTY T situated TY views of mountains & meadows teeming with wildlife. hiking out the back door! Open floor plan features great Luxury & comfort meet in this beautifully appointed, 4 room with stone fireplace, soaring ceilings, snow-capped bedroom, 4000 sq.ft. home. Two 3 car garages, room for views, chef’s kitchen and serene main floor master suite. all your toys + workshop.

$1,525,000 $1,525, 5 000 2511 Ci 5, CCirrus r us Lane rr

$939,000 $939, 9 000 335 9, 3 Saddleback Ln.

w/comfortable elegance. Incredible views of town & the town. Open floor plan, main floor master suite, large mountains. Open floor plan w/3 bdrms/4 ba., windows kitchen, sun room & vaulted living room with stone fireeverywhere, exquisite kitchen, master suite, rec room w/wet place. A hidden gem with views on 3.17 treed acres! bar. Filled w/breathtaking elements!

$790,000 600 Landers Street

$$1,025,000 , , 270 Cy CCyteworth e o Rd. d



DELIGHTFUL VIEWS-33 bd/3 ba b home h on 4.5acres. 45 W Wraparound deck & many windows invite relaxation-inside or outside. Open floorplan w/vaulted ceilings. Borders National Forest. Great primary home or get away! $449,900 931 Copper Hill Rd.

YYOUR OUR MOUNTAIN MOUNTA T IN GETAWAY TA GETA T WA TA WAY AY iis waiting! i i ! Come C enjoy j the h seclusion this home has to offer along with its panoramic views of the Rockies & easy to access RMNP. You’ll get plenty of space in this 4bdrm/4bath, 2 master suites/walkout BS. Call today for details! $535,000 3429 Eaglecliff Circle Dr. A

TTUCKED IN THE TREES & gorgeous rockk outcroppings i in i private setting w/very pretty views displays 4 bed/3 bath Charmer! Covered front porch, Sunroom, 2 decks, 2 car garage + loft storage, workshop, storage shed & huge crawlspace. $549,900 2850 Aspen Dr.

LOG HOME on 2.33 acres, backing to National Forest. Very private, but easily accessible year round property. DLog construction with 2 bedrooms on main level, Loft, Great room with fireplace/pellet stove insert. Partially finished Lower level family room, laundry and full bath. $375,000 551 Copper Hill Rd.

Text 858732 to 970-237-4137

BEAUTIFUL 3 BED/3 BAT BATH. A H 2500 sq.ft. AT f condo d in i riverfront i f 3 BEDROOM 2 BAT BATH A H hhome on 5.39 AT 5 39 acres, 1,994 1 994 sq.ft., f 2 neighborhood. Relax on full length deck surrounded by fireplaces, 2 car garage, level lot w/ aspen & pine, 2 sheds, tall trees with sounds of the river. Great room, lower level well, septic, propane, telephone. Just 15 min. to Estes. $437,000 2531 Big Owl Road – Allenspark family room, large master suite. Furniture can be included. $475,000 2222 Highway g y 66, Unit 15

M Lake L k Lodge L d in i a LAKEVIEW FURNISHED CONDO at Marys premier location. Upper level w/ no steps. Vaulted ceiling, hardwood flrs, FP & 2 tile baths. Views of the Mummy Range, Marys Lake & Prospect Mountain. Used as vacation, income property, it has strong rental history.

$385,000 2625 Marys Lake Rd 11A

Mike & Marie Edwards



BEAUTIFUL LAKE MEADOWS CONDO CONDO. Bi Big views i off the h mountains in a very nice complex. In excellent condition with open floor plan. Great room w/ fireplace, vaulted ceiling, Large deck, master bedroom w/ walk in closet & privacy fenced patio. Move in ready. $315,000 514 Grand Estates Dr. A3

RRAISED AISED RANCH RETREAT A on scenic AT i 4+ 4 acres, backing b ki to Natl Forest. Enjoy wildlife from your deck. Well maintained home w/ Great room & family room, both w/ fireplaces, new composite wrap around deck. Feel like you are on vacation year round! Affordably priced.

SOUTH FACING Lake Meadow condo with 2 bedrooms, 1.5 baths and an open floor plan offers panoramic mountain views and a private patio next to your fenced in Aspen forest. Attached garage.

$394,000 2609 Storm Mountain Dr. Drake

$309,000 514 Grand Estates Dr. #C4

RIVERFRONT CONDOMINIUM. CONDOMINIUM A very private i location, l i perfect for wildlife viewing and fishing. Great room with vaulted ceiling, fireplace, main level master suite with private bath. Excellent rental, income property. Sold furnished.

DETACHED D ETA T CHED 3 BEDROOM CONDOMINIUM TA CONDOMINIUM. O One level l l livli ing, great room with fireplace, vaulted ceilings, spacious kitchen with hardwood floor. Near golf course and new community center.

$328,500 2120 Fall River Road, Unit D1

Randy Good

Vicky Holler

Mary Murphy

Wayne Newsom

Linda Schneider

Broker Assoc.

Broker Assoc.

Broker Assoc.

Broker Assoc.

Broker Assoc.

Broker Assoc.

Broker Assoc.








Scott Thompson

Darya Valkavets


Estes Village Properties, LTD.

$399,000 1352 Community Dr.

320 East Elkhorn Avenue

30 » Friday, October 26, 2018


4BR / 3.5BA


Call for f showing 970.214.3000

Please visit our website for more details: 1200 Graves Avenue • 970-586-5324

Mountain Brokers

Logan Morris Now At Reverie Beauty & Bodywork Reverie Beauty and Bodywork welcomes Logan Morris to the team! Logan is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Cosmetologist, and an Estes Park / Pinewood Springs native. Her expertise in both skincare and bodywork means

New Listing $545,000 $575,000 • Pine Grove Cabins in Allenspark •10 Rental Units, Owners Quarters • 5.2 Acres, Operated Since 1925

• 3 Bed, 3 Bath, 2378 sq ft • Open Floor Plan, Vaulted Ceilings • 5.91 Acres, 2 lots, Borders National Forest

Call Kirk or Peggy

Call Kirk or Peggy ggy gg gy

761 Larkspur Rd. $575,000

• 3BR/3BA Douglas Fir w/Concrete Tile Roof • Treed Setting with Rock Outcroppings • Current Short Term Rental License

Kirk Fisher

Peggy Lynch

Broker Owner 970 586-1000

Call Heidi


Heidi Riedesel


970 481-1880

2222 Highway 66 #5 $529,900 • Enjoy sounds of the river in this Victorian style condo • 3 Bed 3 Bath property on the Little Thompson • Property is a successful rental unit.

Call Dave Lasota

Javier Gomez

Dave Kiser

Broker 970 213-8692

Chris Sandusky

Broker GRI

Call Javier

• Exquisite mtn. condo-hm w/luxury finishes! • 1-level living, open floor plan, 2,916 sq. ft. • Refinished flrs, new appliances, fresh stain.

Call Gene

Kim Lemirande

82 Rocky River Rd $389,900

1420 Sierra Sage Ln $620,000

640 Aspen Avenue $445,000 • 2 bedroom, 2bath,1,025 Sq.Ft. • Great location • Additional bunkhouse

Broker 970 231-2989

Gene Whannel


970 691-7083

Under Contrac t

• 2 bed, 3 bath, 1800 sq ft • 100 plus ft of river frontage • Quiet cul-de-sac

Call Heidi

Call Gene

Call Kirk or Peggy

1085 Pine Knoll Dr. $610,000

• Under Contract. But I have others • Give me a Call • I Can Help You Find That Perfect Home in the Mountains

970 586-1000 $1,600,000 • 5 Bed, 4 Bath, 4851 sq ft • Luxury Home, High End Finishes • 3 Living Space, Outdoor Fireplace

Broker 970 412-7283


406 291-6905

Dave Lasota

970 481-7002

that she can take care of you from face to feet in one session. Her favorite service on the menu is the Massage + Facial Package, which begins with a 60-minute therapeutic massage and flows into our Seasonal Radiance Facial ($150). Our clients love this combination because they leave feeling nourished and recharged from head to toes. Logan also offers lash and brow tinting, lash lifts, eyelash extensions, waxing, peels, nanoinfusion facials, microdermabrasion, dermaplaning, and more! You’ll love her attention to detail and relaxing touch. Schedule with Logan today! See our full menu of services and book online at, or call Logan at 303-304-1342. Mention this article to receive $10 off our Massage + Facial Package with Logan through November! Reverie Beauty and Bodywork is located at 1140 Manford Ave, Building C, in Estes Park – directly across from the fairgrounds entrance.

Upcoming Handgun Classes The Basics of Pistol Shooting Course will be offered on November 3 and again on December 1. This one-day course is open to the general public and no previous firearms experience is required. The course includes both classroom and live-fire training with an emphasis on firearm safety, handgun knowledge, and marksmanship with revolvers and semi-automatic handguns. Textbook, course materials, handguns, targets, ammunition and range fees are all included. If you are considering buying a handgun, wait until after you take this course. This class exceeds the minimum state requirements to apply for a Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit. Usual class make-up includes students with no firearms experience, students with significant experience and 40-60% women, including many couples. Tuition is $140.00 for general public and $125.00 for Estes Park Gun & Archery Club members, due on the day of class. Youth under 18 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Defensive Pistol Course will be offered on November 10. This is and advanced course and is designed for those who want to enhance their handgun skills far beyond the basics. Training will include: safely presenting a handgun from concealment, accurately shooting under time pressure from many positions and distances, learning how to reload under pressure and how to clear common malfunctions. Students must be at

least 18 years of age, must have had basic handgun training within recent years, must be familiar and effective with their pistol, able to consistently shoot a pattern of less than 8 ½ inches at 15 feet and are proficient at loading and unloading their handgun safely and efficiently. Students will be required to provide their own handgun, a level one hip holster, extra magazines and magazine belt pouches, 350 rounds of factory ammunition, eye protection and electronic hearing protection. Tuition is $150.00 for general public and $125.00 for Estes Park Gun & Archery Club members, due on the morning of class. The above courses will be taught by a nationally certified Advanced Pistol Instructor. All courses will be taught at the Estes Park Gun and Archery Club Indoor Range, located at Community Drive and Highway 36, next to the dog park. Classes are limited to 6 students and pre-registration is required. Classes will meet from 8:00 a.m. until 4:30-5:00 p.m. To preregister, go to and select either the “NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting-Instructor Led” course or the Defensive Pistol course. At the bottom of that page, enter the Estes Park ZIP code (80517), 25 mile radius and search. Select the date for which you want to preregister, click on the link for details and registration. For more information or assistance with pre-registration call Jim at 970-4814279.

St. Bart’s Prepares For Holiday BazaarOrder Your Pasties Now! It is a long journey from Cornwall, England to Estes Park but the pasties (pass-tees) will be here soon! A pastie is a round piece of dough filled with savory

meat and vegetables. It is folded in half to make a “D” shape with a crimped edge. Traditionally eaten by tin-miners in Cornwall, it is an easy handheld sandwich. The women at St. Bart’s Episcopal Church are currently busy in the kitchen making pasties that are so delicious that you will want to savor every morsel. Pre-order your pasties by calling the church office at 970-586-4504; the pasties are available now. Purchase and pickup can be arranged. Pasties are sold in a package of six for $20.00 or six

gluten-free for $22.00. However, the gluten-free pasties will not be available until after November 7th. Checks (please make your checks out to ECW) or cash are accepted. Mark your calendars for Saturday, November 17th, for the annual Holiday Bazaar from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church (880 Macgregor Ave.) where there will be a silent auction. Then stick around for the luncheon from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. where you can enjoy these delectable imports from England for only $12. See you there!


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970-586-2345 300 E. Elkhorn Avenue, Estes Park

The Oldest Real Estate Company In Estes Park 52 CANYON COVE LN

Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired design. Beautiful moss rock w/cedar on 1+ Ac w/stream. Within 5 min of Estes Park. Surrounded by National Forest, enjoy privacy & solitude. Open design living room w/cathedral ceiling & expansive moss rock fireplace. Sunroom with scenic view. Custom-built Finnleo sauna. Brazilian cherry hardwood floors. Multi-zone in-floor heating throughout, including garage. Marvelous kitchen with cherry wood cabinets providing enormous storage. Spacious MBR w/large walk-in closet. $695,000

1160 FAIRWAY CLUB CIRCLE 1 On the golf course 6th Fairway. Many Aspen & Ponderosa trees. Large oversized deck (15' X 16") & separate patio of the same size. A perfect location with nice privacy. The 3 Bed 3 Bath condo has a moss rock fireplace in living area, which is an open concept floor plan. Lower level has an oversized walk-out patio. HOA takes care of many things like trash, snow, lawn, water, sewer, hazard insurance exterior maintenance, decks, gutters, and street maintenance. Quite a nice package for the price in today’s market!


2073 US HIGHWAY 34 This .08 acre lot near Drake is perfect for a small cabin with a river view just across the highway. The location will also allow campers or RV's to stay for up to 180 days! Think of the possibilities.


TBD PEAK TO PEAK HIGHWAY Two incredible building sites along Highway 7 with amazing views of Longs Peak. Choose from the two 3.090 acres with evergreens, aspens and abundant elk. Both are located just south of Aspen Lodge with access on Levings Way. Either of the Two is a great choice!

$235,000 EACH LOT

Ann Racine

Broker/Owner, GRI, CRS

(970) 215-3883

Mike Tracy Broker

(303) 817-5709

Jim Idler Broker

(970) 480-1121

Toll Free 1-888-319-2345

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Consolidating Accounts Can Lead To Clear Financial Strategy

Real Estate Sales V Property Management V Vacation Accommodations

Great Neighborhood Endless opportunity! Views of RMNP pour through large windows Located just minutes from downtown, schools, and outdoor fun. Kitchen has classy finishes including slate floors, granite countertops and stainless appliances. Large en-suite bath including a soaking tub. Lower level extends to more opportunity. Finish out and make more living space, bedrooms or your custom workspace, let your imagination run wild. Purchase with option financing. You save for down payment while living in the home! 1926 Silvertree $554,900

Great Location


Comfortable 2 bedroom/1.5 bath condo in great location within walking distance to schools, downtown, and golf course. Well kept complex. Condo features large kitchen, enclosed deck on 2nd level, wood burning fireplace, large windows for lots of natural light. Easy access and affordable for year round living or summer getaway. 1050 S. Saint Vrain Ave F-1 $264,900

Build Your Dream Home 7 lots available in Grey Fox Estates a quality subdivision. Secluded and wooded lots with a view. Building envelope for increased privacy. Covenants to ensure quality construction of primary residence & guest house. All utilities in the area. Lots range from $149,000-$195,000. Lots located on Grey Fox Drive and Green Pine Court.

Priced To Sell Motivated Seller! Located less than a 10 minute drive to Estes Park, backing up to Roosevelt National Forest, easy river and trail access. Soak up the sounds of the Big Thompson year round flowing by the property. Open floor plan and ample storage this 3 bedroom updated home is a gem! Brand new large Master shower to enjoy. Along with the main house and 2 car over-sized garage, there is an additional 592 s/f studio cabin. Rent or use yourself. Seller is a Colorado licensed Real Estate Broker. 2301 US Highway 34, Drake $449,000 Judy Anderson

GRI, MRE, ABR, Broker

Eric Blackhurst Broker Associate


Abbey Pontius

Broker Associate


170 S. St. Vrain, P. O. Box 656, Estes Park, CO 80517

None of us can completely control all the things that happen to us. Yet, when it comes to achieving your long-term financial goals, including a comfortable retirement, you do have a great deal of power – as long as you follow a clear, well-defined financial strategy. And one way to help build and maintain such a strategy is by consolidating your financial accounts. Over the course of their lives, many people pick up a variety of financial accounts from multiple sources. They might have a few IRAs from different providers, a couple of old 401(k) plans from past employers, an insurance policy (or two) purchased many years ago, and a scattershot of stocks, bonds, certificates of deposit and other investments. If this picture describes your situation, you may want to think about consolidating. For one thing, having a variety of accounts can run up a lot of fees. Furthermore, you’ll have lots of paperwork to keep track of all your accounts, including several different tax statements. Plus, just by having so many accounts, you risk forgetting about some of them – and if you don’t think you’d ever forget about your own money, consider this: Well over $40 billion in unclaimed cash and property, including 401(k)s, pensions and IRAs, is awaiting return to the rightful owners, according to the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators. But beyond reducing your possible fees, paperwork and potential for lost assets, consolidating your accounts with one provider can give you a centralized, unifying investment strategy, one that can help you in the following ways: • Diversification – If you own several different financial accounts, including IRAs, 401(k)s and online accounts, you might have many similar investments within them. You might even own a cash-

value insurance policy containing investments that closely track the ones you have in the other accounts. This type of duplication can be harmful, because if a market downturn primarily affects one type of asset, and your portfolio is dominated by that asset or similar ones, you could take a big hit. But if you have all your investments in the same place, a financial professional can review your holdings and recommend appropriate ways to diversify your investment dollars. (Be aware, though, that while diversification can reduce the impact of market volatility on your portfolio, it can’t guarantee profits or protect against all losses. • Staying on track – With all your accounts in one place, you’ll find it easier to keep the big picture in mind and make the moves necessary to help you progress toward your financial goals. Two main actions include buying or selling investments and adjusting your portfolio to make it more aggressive or conservative, depending on your situation. • Avoiding mistakes – If you own several separate accounts, you could see a loss in one or more of them and overreact by selling investments that could still be valuable to you. But with a consolidated investment platform, you can see more clearly that the impact of a loss may be small, relative to the rest of your holdings. As we’ve seen, consolidating your investment accounts with a single provider can have several advantages. So think carefully about bringing everything together – you may find that there’s strength in unity. This article was written by Edward Jones for use by our local Edward Jones Financial Advisors.

Upcoming Activities For Newcomer’s Club November is an exciting month for the Newcomer’s Club! Fun activities include the Brews Cruise to three breweries in Fort Collins, We Believe in Estes Park, our community outreach program for the holiday season, and the November General Meeting. The November General Meeting is open to active and prospective members of the club. It will be held at Hunter’s Chop House, 1690 Big Thompson Avenue on November 8th. Social time will began at 5:00, with dinner at 6:00, and a guest speaker at 7:00. The registration deadline is November 1st. Guest speaker, Dr. James Pickering, will present The History of F. O. Stanley in Estes Park. Jim is a noted Estes Park and

Estes Valley historian, has written several books about Estes Park and its characters, and is very active in the Estes Park community. The Estes Park Newcomers Club is a social, non-profit, and non-discriminatory organization. Its purpose is to help Estes Park residents learn about the community and develop new friendships. We invite interested residents to come and enjoy the Newcomers Club, where you will meet new friends and learn about this unique mountain community. To learn about the club, and for membership information, visit our website at

Short Term Rentals From the Estes Park Board of REALTORS®

taxes, cleaning fees, etc. most owners break even with income and expenses, many do not. In fact, many STR are priAs a group, the Estes Valley Board of marily owned as vacation homes for the REALTORS® take pride in our primary job responsibility of assisting Buyers and owner and to offset the cost they choose short term renting so they can enjoy the Sellers with the purchase and sale of home and Estes Park when it is not beproperty in the Estes Valley. Part of that responsibility is to help property owners ing rented. Perhaps they are not ready to move here full time and this gets their understand and protect their property foot in the door as a home owner in our rights. As REALTORS® we are acutely aware of current and ongoing Real Estate community part time. Ultimately, as a group of professionals issues in Northern Colorado, and we who support Buyers and Sellers in the would like to offer clarification and help Estes Valley, we are talking about perwith understanding these issues when sonal property rights, and restricting possible. For this article, we would like to offer some myths and facts in regards rights to ownership is not beneficial for a community that thrives on tourism to the hot topic of Short Term Rentals dollars. If an HOA or Property Associa(STR) in the Estes Valley. We would be remiss if we did not remind residents the tion decides to vote and enact provisions in their bylaws/declarations/rules fact that Estes Park is and has been a tourist town since Joel Estes founded our & regulations to restrict STR, that is a part of the owner’s property rights they community in 1869. are buying into. The Town should be juMyth: All STR are just one big hot tub dicious in restricting this very imporparty and make a huge, negative imtant property right for all other owners. pact on the neighbors. At this time there are 31 property ownFact: The majority of STR renters rent ers on the Town’s waiting list to acquire without incident not to say there haven’t a STR permit. We think it is easy to say been neighbors that have been inconvethere are many more folks that have denienced. The new rules and regulations are in place to keep this from happening. cided to either not STR due to the intricacies or they have just decided to invest Myth: STR create parking issues with in STR or Real Estate in another town. multiple cars everywhere blocking the The number of permits needs to be adstreets. dressed as it is not truly reflecting the Fact: This may have happened in the amount of folks looking to STR. There past but many of the parking issues were also are many folks that have purchased a product of lack of supervision, and permits with no intention of renting but lack of enforcement. This has been adrealize it is to their advantage to attach dressed by the Town and County’s perthe permit to the property. This does mit process and oversight which Estes not seem to be right either but due to Park and Larimer County have begun in the lack of permits and value it adds to earnest. There are now rules in place as the property it is occurring. to how many vehicles can be parked at a Last but not least many folks are not STR. quite ready to move to Estes; perhaps Myth: STR are not needed; why not they have a couple years before retirejust stay in a motel? ment but still want to get their foot in Fact: The type of person looking for a the door of home ownership in Estes STR is probably not the same type of Park. To do this sometimes the best person that would rent a motel room as route is to buy the home then STR it so that is not the experience they are lookas to not tie it up as a long term rental ing for and most motels are generally would than they are able to enjoy it ocbooked throughout the summer. casionally until they can move out full Myth: STR are a new phenomenon. time. These potential assets to our community are being shut out by the current Fact: The Estes Valley has been doing cap on STR. STR since way back in the old days. Actually, before the town restricted accesAs much as Estes Park needs worksory dwellings, local folks rented out force housing and affordable housing, bunk houses, barns and garages to vaca- Estes Park also needs STR for our econtioners staying for less than a couple omy, our visitors, and as an investment weeks at a time. The lack of renting acoption for Buyers that are not quite cessory dwellings has also really exasper- ready to move here full time. t is an opated the work force housing issue. tion that should remain available and viable. Myth: STR make a lot of money, the property owners are just greedy which Our main goal as REALTORS® is to is why they do it. find Buyer looking in this community, the property they are looking for and Fact: STR are not as profitable as peothe legal rights to do what they would ple think. Averaging out the year as a like with this property within the zoning whole, and all the expenses like mortand town guidelines. gage payments, other loans, insurance,

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Estes Village Properties, LTD.




320 East Elkhorn | Estes Park Text 848760 to 970-237-4137

2511 Cirrus Lane M Meticulously crafted luxury cedar home with National Park hiking out your door. Curl up in N the great room by the stone fireplace & take in th panoramic Lumpy Ridge views. Stunning pa open floor plan, gourmet kitchen, main floor op office, laundry and master suite with spa-like of bath plus three additional bedrooms, loft & ba full bath upstairs & so much more! $1,525,000 Visit the 3D Tour at:


2 bedroom/ 1 bath home offers main level living. Large master bedroom with a wall of windows facing the river. Bright and sunny kitchen w/ breakfast bar. Living room with gas fireplace. Separate sun room for extra sitting area or dining room. Private back patio to enjoy the river. Grab your fly rod, kayak or chill with a good book to enjoy this special spot on the Big Thompson River and just minutes to Estes Park! 2458 Highway 34 $299,000


New Price

Th comfortable 3 bedroom 3 bath home is situThis ated on .49 acre in the subdivision known as One a Thousand Pines. Recently remodeled with new Th flooring throughout, new Anderson windows in most fl of o the house, updated bathrooms and fresh paint both inside and out, this home feels like new. The b open floorplan has a spacious kitchen with granite o countertops, an abundance of cabinet space c and a is open to the living and dining room areas. Main level living includes great room, master bedroom suite, guest bedroom and full bath with laundry closet. Lower level family room is cozy with wood paneling; vinyl plank flooring and a small dry bar area. A third bedroom and bath complete the lower level along with a fabulous finished storage area. There is room for a workshop in the detached single car garage, or in the oversized attached 2 car garage. Call Trisha for an appointment to view 1023 Pine Knoll Drive. Offered for $549,000.

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Free Concert And Great Music

Girl Scouts Seek New Members And Leaders At Information Night Oct. 29th The Estes Park Girl Scouts will welcome new girl members in all 12 grades from Kindergarten through 12th Grade, and will provide information and registration opportunities at an Information Night coming up on October 29th. In addition, any adults interested in serving as Troop leaders or in many other volunteer support positions can also obtain information at that same time. Time of the meeting is 6:00 p.m. on Monday, October 29th and will take place at the Conference Room of the Larimer County Office Building at 1601 Brodie Avenue in Estes Park. Service Unit Manager, Penny Roberts, will be there to welcome you along with Susan Kabat our Volunteer Support Specialist (VSS) and professional staff member of Girl Scouts of Colorado. Girl Scouts in Grades K & 1 are considered Daisy Girl Scouts, Grades 2 & 3 are Brownie Girl Scouts, Grades 4 & 5 are Juniors. Cadettes are grades 6 -8, grades 9 & 10 are Seniors and Grades 11 & 12 are Ambassadors. Opportunities for fun and learning are endless and are bounded only by the energy and com-

mitment of the girls and their leadership teams. In Juniors girls can earn their Bronze Award, advancing to the Silver

Award as Cadettes and the coveted Gold Award for Seniors and Ambassasors. The Gold Award, the highest award available to a girl member, is a testament to the leadership skills, management and planning abilities and will culminate in a project that is supervised and monitored by a Gold Award Committee and specifically by a mentor for each girl. Local, regional and even national recognition follows the completion of the Gold Award, a supreme individual accomplishment for the most committed of high school-level Girl Scouts. For more information, please contact Service Unit Manager, Penny Roberts at Hope to see lots of you there on October 29th!

By: Doug Fox

It's a winning combination by any definition: the best singing talent in the Estes Valley all on one stage, for one concert, and it's totally free of charge. It's this Saturday, Oct. 27th at 2:00 p.m. at Presbyterian Community Church of the Rockies, 1700 Brodie Ave. in Estes Park. You might be asking yourself, "Why would more than 20 singers and musi-

Uncommon Connection, Kathy & Stan Osborne, Robert and Robin Howard, Denise Stookesberry, Gary Hall, Michelle Gergen-Wisner, Margie Patterson, Verlene Thorp and the Estes Valley Chamber Singers. They will be performing music from Broadway, the opera, and their own family histories. In describing why she will perform selections from a Song Cycle by Leonard

Nancy Bell

cians volunteer their time and talent to perform in a free concert?" The simple answer is they love this community, they love to sing, and they love to help others. "There is no admission charge at all to this concert," says concert producer Bob Gunn. "There will be donation jars going in and coming out and during the intermission and we hope people coming to this concert will drop a few bucks or checks in the jars. Everything we raise will go to Crossroads Ministry of Estes Park." That's the charitable agency that operates a food pantry for those in need. Families who find their cupboards bare or their wallets empty when it comes time for rent and utility payments can find assistance at Crossroads. "It (money) also goes towards medical services that people hold out on because of their finances," explains Brian Schaffer, executive director of Crossroads. "It assists us in purchasing meals for people that we deliver to through the Meals on Wheels program. We do offer meals on a sliding scale depending on each person's situation. Some of them can pay the full amount. Others can only pay a partial amount, but we want to continue to deliver meals to those people." That program affects at least 40 families in the Estes Valley who depend on the Meals on Wheels program for at least one nourishing meal each day. Singers and musicians on the program include Nancy Bell, Valerie Dascoli, Melissa Westover, Scott Anderson, Larry Pierce, Bob Gunn, Christy Florence, The

Bernstein, Valerie Dascoli says, "As a child I spent many hours singing to an imaginary audience from the step in my family garage where acoustics were well balanced, my best perception of opera. Kids say whatever they happen to be thinking and Leonard Bernstein captures this quite well in his song cycle for children, written before the turn of the last century. One might call it mid-century modern, without perceivable melody, key or time signatures and with lyrics that a child might express." "Come hear beautiful voices sing, representing the people in our community without a voice," says Schaffer. "In many ways they are using their talents to vocalize not only beautiful music, but also to voice their concern and compassion for those in our community who need some assistance." Come, enjoy, donate -- it's a win-win combination. Bob Gunn

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Creating Your Halloween Guise In The Library Makerspace Fall is in the air. It’s that cheerful season when we enjoy stepping over those crunchy dry leaves, walking trails amid sparkling autumn sunshine, scraping frost from our windshields in the morning, and keeping sweaters and snow shovels always close-by. It’s also the season when the community comes together for two great local traditions. We at the library are pleased to be part of both. First, we are mere days away from the annual Halloween crawl, when downtown will be a festively creepy celebra-

tion for all ages to enjoy a safe trick-ortreating environment, made possible by the generosity of many local businesses. Joining in the fun comes with a challenge: how to achieve that wonderfully gruesome Halloween face? This year, the Library is making it easy for everyone to have their own personal monster-make-up studio. All are invited to the Zombie MakeUp Drop-In workshop at the library this Wednesday, October 31, from 4 to 7 p.m. We’ll provide the make-up and supplies so you can create your own gruesome zombie look, with some helpful guidance from our creative program team. Once you’ve put the finishing touches on your look, you’ll be in good company with all those other Halloween creatures on Elkhorn Avenue. No registration is required. Just drop in anytime between 4 and 7 p.m. on Halloween. Everyone is welcome—and we’d love to see lots of Estes Park students stopping by. And don’t forget that the library is always a comfortable place to warm up before or after your crawl down Elkhorn. While we won’t be distribut-

ing candy, we will be giving out pumpkin decals to decorate your goodie bag or to take home. In addition to Halloween, this is the season of another important holiday tradition: Día de los Muertos. The community is invited to the third annual local celebration on Thursday, November 8 from 5 to 8 p.m. at the Estes Park High School. The library is once again a partner and co-sponsor. Note: this is a change from the original November 9 date that had been earlier publicized in our Pro-

grams Guide and elsewhere. Día de los Muertos is a popular Mexican tradition, with ancient roots, honoring beloved ancestors, family and friends. It is a time of reflection, and the local celebration will include a Wall of Remembrance where the community is invited to post photos and messages to honor loved ones. The gathering will also include dinner, desserts and refreshments, as well as craft and activity tables. And—not to be missed—live music by Mariachi del Sol. Be sure to say hello at the Library’s booth at El Día. We’ll have a craft activity for kids, plus information about our English Language Learning programs, which include English tutoring, citizenship classes, bilingual storytimes, and Learn English Discovery Kits that can be checked out, complete with literacy iPads made possible by the Rotary Club of Estes Park. Here’s to a safe, happy and festive Halloween and El Día season. We hope you make the library a part of your autumn splendor.

Senator Linda Newell Shares Insights In Working Across The Aisle This Monday, October 29, at 7 p.m., the Estes Valley Library will host the final program in this season’s One Book One Valley series. The program is also integrated with the themes of October’s Conflict Resolution Month. Special guest and former State Senator Linda Newell will lead a program titled “Conflict Resolution and Bipartisan Politics” in the Library’s Hondius Room. To assure seating, participants should register in advance at Monday’s program will focus on how citizens can work together to build bridges to achieve real and effective solutions. During her time in the Colorado legislature, Newell earned the reputation of a problem-solver and a bridge-builder. In an age when government has become known for partisan gridlock, Newell had a track record of bills that achieved 98% bipartisan support. She has earned over 40 awards from a variety of organizations from business to human services and public health. She and State Senator

Kevin Lundberg were featured in the film “The Last Bill: a Senator’s Story,” which documents the real-life story of carrying two of her bills through the legislature, showing the struggles and successes of bipartisanship with humor and fortitude. Now working as a facilitator and coach in the area of conflict resolution, Newell helps individuals and organizations to transform their fears into excitement and conflict into peace, seeking out synergistic win-win solutions. She also works with children, teens, and young adults in the areas of mindfulness, compassion, and conflict management. The library thanks its community partners for making this month’s program series possible: the League of Women Voters of Estes Park, the Town of Estes Park, the Estes Park EDC, Restorative Justice of the Estes Valley, and the YMCA of the Rockies. Advance registration for Monday’s program may be done at

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What’s Happening At The Estes Valley Library One Book One Valley Special Edition Books Available This year’s One Book One Valley series asks, “In today’s polarized world, is it still possible to find common ground. And if so, how?” The featured title is “Why Won’t You Apologize?: Healing Big Betrayals and Everyday Hurts” by bestselling author Harriet Lerner. Copies are being distributed at the library, made possible by the Library Friends & Foundation. Conflict Resolution and Bipartisan Politics Monday, October 29, 7-8:30 p.m., Hondius Room Working across the aisle, former State Senator Linda Newell’s bills had 98% bipartisan support. Newell is the special guest, as she shares her experiences in how citizens can work together at building bridges to achieve real solutions. Register to attend at Kids Storybook Explorers: Ages 0 to 6 Saturday, October 27, 11:15-11:45 a.m., Hondius Room This book club is for preschoolers and their parents and caregivers. October’s selection is “My Leaf Book” by Monica Wellington. Families will join in a thematic activity and take home a copy of the book. Register at

Makerspace Zombie Make-Up: Halloween Drop-In Workshop Wednesday, October 31, 4-7 p.m., Makerspace Ready for trick-or-treating, but not quite ready with a costume? Drop by the library before the Halloween crawl and we’ll provide the supplies and instructions to create your gruesome zombie look. No sign-up required. Open Maker Lab Thursday, November 8, 4-7 p.m., Makerspace Drop in and learn to use the Library’s makerspace equipment, share ideas, get advice, or work on your own project. Registration encouraged for those seeking equipment training, but not required. Catch the Glow Do-It-Yourself Scarf Tuesday, November 13, 5:30- 6:30 p.m., Makerspace As a prelude to this year’s Catch the Glow Parade, participants will make their own illuminated scarf to wear to the parade or anytime this holiday season. No prior sewing or electronics experience is required. Attendees may bring their own scarf to be altered, or use one of the fleece scarf options provided. Register at “Crazy Sexy Cancer” Tuesday, October 30, 7-8:30 p.m., WasLearn to Wax Your Skis or Snowboard son Room Wednesday, November 14, 5:30-6:30 A screening and discussion of the docu- p.m., Estes Park Mountain Shop mentary “Crazy Sexy Cancer” by filmParticipants are invited to bring their maker Kris Carr, who, when diagnosed skis or snowboard, as well as a household with cancer, sets out to explore alternaclothes iron, while they learn the waxing tive methods to save her life. Register at process from experts at the Estes Park Mountain Shop. Register at Technology Cell Phone Photography Saturday, November 3, 1-2 p.m., Makerspace Our phones are the cameras we almost always have, whether on vacation or catching a mountain sunset. Professional photographer Juan Peña will explain the finer points of lighting, focus, and how to get the most of the camera you’re already Día de Los Muertos: A Community Celebration Thursday, November 8, 5-8 p.m., EP High School Join the library and other community partners for a festive evening of food, crafts and music for the whole family, while honoring all our ancestors. No registration necessary. Once Upon a Cuento: Bilingual Storytime Wednesday, November 14, 5:15 to 5:45 p.m., Children’s Room Children ages 0 to 6 and their parents and caregivers will participate in English and Spanish learning activities, with books, puppets, music and movement. Books and Authors Reading is Doctor Recommended:

carrying. Register at Current Affairs How to Spot Fake News Monday, November 5, 6:30-8 p.m., Hondius Room With election season comes heightened concerns about “fake news,” especially through social media channels. Learn why it’s difficult to distinguish between news, opinion, entertainment and advertising, and how ‘filter bubbles’ are presenting information biased toward one’s own beliefs. Bring your device or computer to this hands-on workshop, or borrow a library laptop. Register at Movie Night: “The Post” on the Big Screen Thursday, November 8, 7-9:30 p.m., Reel Mountain Theater Show your library card for free admission to this 2017 film that celebrates the role of journalism in protecting First Amendment rights. Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, and Meryl Streep teamed up in this exhilarating true story of how the “Washington Post” exposed a massive cover-up of government secrets that spanned three decades. Rated PG-13. Workshops Book-A-College Planner Students and parents can ease the anxiety of preparing for college by making a plan. One-on-one appointments are available with college admissions expert Kaye Orten, who can answer questions about the admissions process, FAFSA, and financial aid. Look for the College Planning 1:1 appointment times (various Mondays, Saturdays, and Sundays) on the Calendar of Events link at Book-A-Librarian to Learn About Digital Collections Thirty-minute one-on-one appointments with Library staff are available to learn how to access the library digital collections on your personal device. These collections offer more than 600,000 digital books, audiobooks, movies, music and more. A librarian will show how to log into these resources and how to load the necessary apps. Contact the library or search for available appointments at

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Songwriters In The Round This Saturday At The Old Gallery In Allenspark Women have a lot to say these days, and you can hear how they feel about love, Dad-Bods, heartbreak, loss and more in Allenspark this Saturday evening. It’s Songwriters in the Round



and this month it’s an all-female line-up that will be curated by Boulderite Shanna in a Dress. The quirky Boulder songstress be

joined by three other notable female singer songwriters: Bonnie Sims of Bonnie & The Clydes, Monica Marie of the Monocle Band and songwriter Shelly Rollison. They will take turns playing


one of their original songs and share the story behind it. Bonnie Sims began singing as soon as she could walk, and has been at home

Estes Park’s Halloween History By: Charley Dickey

two had a few more businesses participating and year three was even more. The history of Halloween is explained Halloween in Estes Park has grown over in great detail at for those of you that want to get the last 37 years into a major event enjoyed by the entire community. Stores the total history of Halloween. With Halloween right around the cor- are generally closed during the event now and you will see unimaginable cosner, Wednesday, October 31, I have altumes on young and old, cats and dogs ways wondered how the downtown and even dancing in the streets. Back Estes Park Halloween event origiin 2011, Estes Valley Partnated. I asked about the hisners for Commerce aptory from some long-time proached Safeway and residents and heard Moses they were happy to alStreet’s name come up low a donation cart at several times. I sought the front of the store. Moses out and found him These candies are disat his home in Loveland. tributed to all the open He was gracious enough to businesses the day of Halloween. share some local Halloween history with In 2013 the Estes Park Visitors Center me. As Moses explained to me, he loves asked if they could help with the candy Halloween and wanted to create a Halcollections and placed a donation box loween event for all to enjoy. There were in the Visitors Center lobby. It has three reasons to create a new Estes Park helped the burden of $200 to $300 Halloween event. One, back in worth of candy most stores buy for the 1981/1982 (Moses wasn’t sure) there 5:00-9:00 p.m. trick or treat. Residents were some dangerous Halloween inciand businesses alike have been very dents happening in the nation. Secondly, Estes Park residences were spread generous in their donations over the years. Following the September 2013 out throughout the Valley, and lastly, at that time Estes Park had less downtown flood, McLane Foodservice of Denver lead by Keith Pearson, generously dotraffic by the end of October. So Moses nated the entire town’s supply of candy went to each business and asked them to for Halloween. That was a truck full of stay open that day and hand candy out skids of candy. Each store got a yard leaf to the kids. That first year Moses kept bag of candy to hand out! Looking back his business open but very few others I can’t help thinking about how Moses did. Moses remembers that about 40 must have felt that first year. Because of people showed up. When people ask one man’s passion and dedication to his him how Halloween went, he kind of goal – we have a safe and fun Halembellished the truth and claimed he loween in downtown Estes Park today!! had over 200 people come to the store A huge thank you to Moses Street – forand that he had a great day of sales. At mer Estes Park resident! that time there were only about 1,200 Happy Halloween! full-time residents in Estes Park. Year

onstage nearly as long. Her father, Mike Cruciger, is a banjo player, songwriter and career musician, and gave Bonnie her first Martin guitar at age 12. She picked up the mandolin at 14 and toured for the next five years with her father, playing in and around Texas. She then attended South Plains College where she earned a double major in Mandolin and Vocals, as well as Best Female Vocalist in 2006 and 2007 and Best Female Instrumentalist in 2007. She moved to Colorado in 2010 and formed Bonnie & The Clydes. Monica Marie is a Colorado native whose music is rooted in the folk revival, yet blends genres and the sounds of the American west with grace. Featuring sweet and soaring vocals and rock-solid rhythmic guitar, Monica's original songs come from a deep and genuine place that can touch your heart and move your body and spirit. You'll find her playing throughout Colorado with Monocle Band and Honeytree as well as teaching, recording and performing all around the Front Range. Singer Songwriter Shelly Rollison hails from Denver with a voice described as

having "a rock edge like Brandi Carlile but with more jazzy nuances like Billie Holiday.” She tells stories in both her performance and songs that dive deep into the big questions of life, the complexity and work of loving in relationships, and what it means to be a human in process. Shanna in a Dress delivers a smashing combination of hum humor, truth and po poignancy, all wrapped up in a sweet voice. She does “snarky folk pop” and “s takes on complex subta ject matters with je smart, yet accessible lyrics and catchy melodies. She is in the process of recording her latest CD, funded by a Kickstarter campaign that culminated at her last performnat Bonnie ance at The Old Gallery in anc May. A crowd d ffavorite is “Boulderite” that provides a spot-on description of all-tings Boulder that brings belly laughs every time. Tickets to Songwriters in the Round are $15 each and available at The Old Gallery. There is a cash bar and light snacks are available. You must be 16 years or older to attend. The Old Gallery is a center for community and the arts and is located at 14863 Hwy. 7 in Allenspark. It is only 20 minutes from Estes Park. To view a complete list of all events, visit

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Joan Elizabeth Atkins April 5, 1936- September 26, 2018 Age: 82 Joan Elizabeth Atkins was born on April 5, 1936 to Austin and Katherine Rickets in Milwaukie, Oregon. She attended elementary and high school in Milwaukie, Oregon. Joan graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a teaching degree. Joan married her former husband Tom Atkins on May 28, 1957 and had four children; Tommy (Tucker), Tammy, Tracy, and Terry. Joan was a long-time resident of Estes Park where she was a housewife, school and scouting volunteer, community volunteer, a well-respected florist, and an outstanding mother to her four children. Beyond being a florist, Joan was an artist, fine cook, an exceptional seamstress and a gifted musician. Joan loved the mountains, the desert of the southwest and northern Mexico. In retirement Joan spent several years liv-

ing in Las Cruces, New Mexico before moving to Beaverton, Oregon to be near her son and his family, and back to her Oregon roots. Joan is survived by her brother Bob Ricketts, of Portland, Oregon, her children, Tom (Tucker) and his wife Nancy of Beaverton, Oregon, Tammy and Virgil McClure of Greeley, Colorado, Tracy Rice of Chandler, Arizona and Terry and John Bowman of Leesburg, Virginia. She is also survived by her grandchildren, Katie Atkins (Justin) Wagner, Megan Atkins (Erik) Frandsen, Sarah Atkins, Nathan and Colin (Liz) McClure, Alexis Rice, Hannah and Isabel Bowman, and great-grandson Jack Frandsen. A memorial service will be held on November 17, 2018 at St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church, Portland, Oregon. Service begins at 11 a.m. Memorial contributions may be made to your local humane society or your local elementary school library.

Let’s put your car payments into Reverse.

Susan J Fereday, Agent State Farm Agent 501 Saint Vrain Lane Estes Park, CO 80517 Bus: 970-586-9547

Refinancing with us could save you hundreds.* Smaller payments start with a lower interest rate. And State Farm Bank® might be able to help you get that rate — plus no closing costs or hidden fees. GET TO A BETTER STATE.® CALL ME TODAY FOR MORE INFORMATION.

*Hypothetical savings example over life of loan based on reduced interest rate. Actual savings amount will vary depending on your individual circumstances. 1303060 10/13

State Farm Bank, F.S.B., Bloomington, IL

Louis “Lou” Byron Moore Louis “Lou” Byron Moore passed away on Thursday, August 9, 2018 at the age of 88 at Unity Point Health – Proctor Hospital in Peoria, IL surrounded by his loving family. He was born to Byron and Louise (Hinton) Moore on June 18, 1930 in Peoria, IL and spent many summers growing up at his Aunt & Uncle’s Resort in Phelps, WI where he first developed his deep love for the outdoors. Louis graduated from East Peoria Community High School in 1948 where his father was the principal at the time. The East Peoria Community High School Auditorium is named in honor of his father who devoted 41 years of service as teacher, coach, principal and superintendent. He spent a couple of years in Jackson Hole, WY as a Fire Lookout for the National Forest Service. Then he came back home to join the Air National Guard. He married Joyce Sparkman, in East Peoria, IL on January 25, 1954. They moved to Estes Park, CO in 1963 shortly after their daughter Anita was born where they spent almost 50 years. Louis owned several businesses such as Lou Moore Construction, Mountain Water Service, The Hot Tub Dr. and The Sharp Shop of Estes. Louis was a big part of community service in Estes Park and served many proud years volunteering as part of the Chamber of Commerce, Jaycees, Lions Club and the Estes Park Fire Department. After retirement in 1995, Louis and his wife decided to travel the country in an

RV where they spent several years as Camp Hosts for Thousand Trails at various campgrounds in Colorado. His greatest love (besides his family) was the great outdoors, the beautiful Rocky Mountains and being an avid fisherman. He was very active in the lives of their daughter, two grandchildren and most recently to their great granddaughter. The couple eventually ended up back in their home town of East Peoria, IL in 2012. Louis is survived by his wife Joyce, daughter Anita (Daren) Varga; two grandchildren, Andrew (Jarrett Rivera) Pallissard and Briana (David) Havenar and one great-granddaughter, Ayla Lee Havenar. Also surviving is Kellie “Durango” Steele Street who has been a special part of the family since the late 70s. He was preceded in death by both his parents and his one brother, Ben Moore. Louis will not only be remembered fondly as a wonderful husband, father, grandfather and “grandpapa” but also as a United States Air National Guard Veteran. Come help the family celebrate his life from 1:00-3:00 p.m. on Sunday, October 28th at 540 Chapin Lane in Estes Park, CO – bring your stories and memories to share. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to St. Jude Midwest Affiliate Children’s Hospital or the Estes Park Volunteer Fire Department.

Salud Family Health Centers November is American Diabetes Month Salud Family Health Center is proudly participating in American Diabetes Month to raise awareness about diabetes and healthy living. Diabetes is one of the leading causes of disability and death in the United States. It can cause blindness, nerve damage, kidney disease, and other health problems if it is not controlled. One in ten Americans have diabetes that's more than 30 million people. An additional 84 million adults in the United States are at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The good news? People who are at high risk for type 2 diabetes can lower their risk by more than half if they make

healthy changes. These changes include: eating healthy, increasing physical activity, and losing weight. Schedule an appointment with your provider to have your blood pressure and cholesterol checked and ask about your diabetes risk. At Salud Family Health Centers, we provide quality, affordable primary health care services to keep you and your family healthy. We serve all members of the community regardless of insurance status or ability to pay. Salud accepts Medicaid, Medicare, CHP+, and most private insurance plans. The Estes Park Salud Family Health Center is located at 1950 Redtail Hawk Drive. Call Salud today at 970-484-0999 or 303-MYSALUD and visit the website at

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Young Electors Turn Out And Vote! By: Judi Smith Junior Election voting started Wednesday (Oct. 24) at the Estes Valley Library and will begin at the EVRPD Community Center on Monday (Oct. 29). Voting will end at 7 p.m. November 6. All Estes Valley residents, ages 5-17 are encouraged to vote in this practice election. Discuss the election with your parents, your teachers, your friends. Then be sure to add your voice to determine what the young citizens of the Estes Valley would like to see in results. Who should run our county? Our state? And our country? Should 21 year olds be permitted to hold state offices? Should schools have better funding? Should oil wells be allowed near schools? How close? Does our fire department need more money to function? These are just a few of the questions on the ballot this November. Students in grades 5-12 who attend Estes Park Schools full time will have an opportunity to vote at school using their iPads. Students in grades K-4, or enrolled at Eagle Rock or at on-line schools, students in the Options Program, or those who are home-schooled will vote at the library or at the Community Center using paper ballots (obtained where you vote). Students who attend Estes Valley Schools part-time should check with their teacher to find out where to vote. Questions? Contact for answers. To give the students an opportunity to get acquainted with candidates, there were four different “meet and greets” with candidates for US House, Colorado State Senate, Colorado State House, Larimer County Commissioner and Larimer County Clerk and Recorder. Some high school seniors may also remember Colorado Representative Dave Young speak-

ing and answering student questions at Estes Park High School after the 2016 election. He is now running for State Treasurer. Sometime this winter, please plan on joining our Junior Election programs with our current Town Trustees and other local officials. For paper ballots, place both your ballot and your registration form into a Junior Election Ballot Box at your voting precinct, either the library or the Community Center. Separate pieces of paper keeps your vote secret. Kindergarten through 2nd grade students vote only for governor. Their ballot contains photographs of the four pairs of candidates. Students in grades 3-5 vote for governor, United States Representative, Colorado Senate, and Colorado Representative. Their ballot also contains Amendment V concerning the age of Colorado State Senators and Representatives. The Middle School Ballot adds county elections for commissioner and for county clerk and recorder as well as two more ballot issues. Amendment 73 concerns school funding and Proposition 112 establishes the distance an oil or gas well must be from an occupied building or waterway. The high school ballot reflects everything that appears on the adult ballot in Estes Park. Results of the election will be announced at EP schools, will appear in both local newspapers, and will also be submitted to TV news and radio stations in the valley. Students votes often, but not always reflect their parents. But just like the adults, if you do not vote, you give up your right to complain. Voting is both a privilege and a responsibility. Democracy is not possible without voters. Please remember to vote and to only vote once!

Shop At Community Thrift Shop To Benefit Young Artists & Scholars Group benefiting from the Estes Park Community Thrift Shop Bag Sale this Saturday, October 27, from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Funds from this sale have helped to fund the Free Seed Library as well as outdoor sciences and art classes, free music lessons, and the materials for locals youth to make their own fairy gardens. The Estes Park A young volunteer designs a flower garden. Community The Young Artists and Scholars Group Thrift Store is located at 429 W. Elkhorn will be the local community non-profit Ave.

Bright Christmas Celebrating 34th YearGearing Up For 2018 Holidays Estes Park Bright Christmas is celebrating its 34th year of coming alongside families with children who need help with Christmas. We are currently gearing up for the 2018 Program. Because of the wonderful support we get from this community, over the years we have been able to help many families give their children a brighter Christmas. Families in need have been “adopted” by other families, businesses, churches, clubs and individuals for Christmas gifts. With the funds that are donated, we purchase food, cleaning supplies and personal care items for each family. Bright Christmas values the many community partnerships that contribute to our program, including Plum Creek Shoe stores, Estes Park Center (YMCA of the Rockies), and the Estes Valley Recreation and Park District. Sign-up for the Bright Christmas program will be held at Crossroads Ministry (851 Dry Gulch Road) on Wednesdays (Oct. 31, Nov. 7, Nov. 14) between 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. or on Saturdays (Nov. 3, Nov. 10, Nov. 17) between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Our representatives will be at Crossroads on these dates to help with the paperwork. This is an anonymous program and only your children’s first names will be known to the sponsors. All applicants will be required to submit

qualifying documents to be considered for eligibility for the program. Please be prepared to provide us with copies of 1. Residency- a utility bill with your name and local address on it or lease/rental agreement copy 2. Income verification- for both parents and other employed household members (pay stubs/current employment) 3. Current personal identification for yourself and all school aged children If you are interested in “sponsoring” a family with children for Christmas gifts, please call us. We will gladly match you up with a family that needs help with a brighter Christmas. Please contact Jean Austin at 970 635-3302 or Nancy Gregg at 970 481-4390 or send an email to to become a sponsor and for more information. If you would like to donate a new gift to be used for any child, please drop it off at either Master Graphics or MedX. If you would like to donate a financial gift to help us with the costs of this program, please make your check payable to Bright Christmas and mail to P. O. Box 2981, Estes Park, Co 80517. We are a 501©3 nonprofit. Your help is greatly appreciated.

El Programma Navidad Brillante de Estes Park El programa Navidad Brillante de Estes Park celebra su 34 año de reunirse con familias con niños que necesitan ayuda esta Navidad. Actualmente se prepara para el programa de 2018. Debido al maravilloso apoyo que recibimos de esta comunidad, durante los años hemos sido capaces de ayudar a familias a dar a sus niños una Navidad más brillante. Las familias necesitadas han sido "adoptadas" por otras familias, empresas, iglesias, clubes e individuos para proveer regalos de Navidad. Con los fondos que son donados, compramos comida, cosas para la limpieza y artículos de cuidado personal para cada familia. El programa Navidad Brillante valora las numerosas asociaciones de la comunidad que contribuyen a nuestro programa, incluyendo la zapatería Plum Creek, Estes Park Center (YMCA de los Rockies) y la recreación de Estes Valle y distrito de parques. Registración para el programa de Navidad Brillante se llevara a cabo en Crossroads Ministry (851 Dry Gulch Road) los miércoles (31 de octubre, 7 de noviembre, 14 de noviembre) entre 1:00 p.m. y 4:00 p.m. o sábados (3 de noviembre, 10 de noviembre, y 17 de noviembre) entre 10:00 a.m. y 2:00 p.m. Nuestros representantes estarán en Crossroads en estas fechas para ayudar con el papeleo. Este es un programa anónimo y solamente los primeros nombres de sus hijos se proveerán a los patrocinadores.

Se requiere que todos los solicitantes proveen documentos para considerar su elegibilidad para el programa. Por favor prepárese a proporcionar copias de 1. domicilio: una factura de servicios públicos (Xcel Energy, factura de luz con su nombre y dirección) o copia del contrato de arrendamiento 2. verificación de ingresos: para los padres y otros miembros empleados de la familia (talón de cheque) 3. ID: actual identificación personal para usted y de todos los niños registrados en la escuela Si usted está interesado en "adoptar" una familia con niños para regalos de Navidad, por favor llámenos. Con gusto los emparejamos con una familia que necesita ayuda para una Navidad más Brillante. Por favor póngase en contacto con Jean Austin al 970 635-3302 o Nancy Gregg al 970 481-4390 o envié un correo electrónico a para convertirse en un patrocinador y para más información. Si desea donar un regalo nuevo para cualquier niño, por favor dejarlo en Master Graphics o MedX. Si desea donar un regalo financiero para ayudarnos con los costos de este programa, por favor haga su cheque pagadero a Bright Christmas y envíelo por correo a P.O. Box 2981, Estes Park, Co 80517. Somos una organización 501 © 3 sin fines de lucro. Su ayuda es muy apreciada.

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3nd Annual Art Ga a November 9, 2018 In a small mountain village, All the people joined to celebrate The youngest of them all

An evening for adults to celebrate local artists at a fundraising event to support early childhood education in the Estes Valley. Local food and beverage, artists’ silent auction, children’s art for purchase, and entertainment throughout the night!


oraine Event enter ro t aven o ge ri ay ove er 00- 00

ffi e o ate 00 So th Saint rain S ite 2 P o .E 0- 0



The Town of Estes Park is accepting bids for a contract for the trimming of trees and foliage from and around high voltage (7200/12470 volt) power lines on both single phase and three phase primary lines between Estes Park, Allenspark, Glen Haven and other areas as assigned. This contract will be for a minimum of one (1) year, and conditionally for up to a maximum of five (5) years. This contract will include one full-time, year-round, three-person crew. Additional requirements are detailed in the full bid packet. Bid packet will be posted electronically as of October 19, 2018 by 3:00 p.m. at the following sites: 1), and 2) Rocky Mountain EPurchasing Systems at; or bid packets will be available for pick up as of Monday, October 22, 2018 at Town Hall, Suite 100, Engineering Office, 170 MacGregor Avenue, Estes Park, CO 80517.

A mandatory pre-bid walk through will be held on Wednesday, October 31, 2018 at 9:00 a.m. at the Light & Power Shop, in Joe Lockhart’s office (Contract Administrator), located at 615 Elm Road, Estes Park, CO 80517. No proposal will be accepted from any contractor who fails to attend the mandatory walk-through of the project. Sealed bid documents must be submitted by hand-delivery or overnight shipping or electronically through Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System, no later than 4:00 p.m., Monday, November 12, 2018, at the following address: Joe Lockhart – Contract Administrator Light & Power Department Suite 100 (Engineering) 170 MacGregor Avenue Estes Park, CO, 80517 PH# 970-577-3613

Faxed or emailed bids will NOT be accepted. FIRST PUBLICATION: Friday, October 19, 2018 SECOND PUBLICATION: Friday, October 26, 2018



The Town of Estes Park is accepting applications for:

Emergency Services Dispatcher I Police Dept./Communication Center Hiring Range $20.84 - $24.48 per hour Non-Exempt Position Close Date: Open Until Filled Restorative Justice Program Mgr. Police Department Hiring Range $2,153.30 - $2,637.77 bi-weekly Exempt Position Close Date: Open Until Filled

Volunteer/Committee Board Positions Parks Advisory Board (2 positions open) Close Date: Open Until Filled

(Committee application required)

Applications are available at: Town Hall 170 MacGregor Ave. Room 130 (Mon-Fri 8 am â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 5 pm) or jobs

Return Application to: Town of Estes Park, Attn: HR; by mail to PO Box 1200, Estes Park, CO 80517; or via Email to or via Fax to (970) 577-4770. The status of applications will be communicated via e-mail. By choice, the Town of Estes Park is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.

House sitter/dog sitter

needed for Nov 9-11 in Estes Park. Two Great Danes and one cat. Call Rick 303-888-2008

Rams Horn Village Resort has year round full time and part time positions available in our Guest Services/Housekeeping Department: Competitive pay based on experience, plus benefits package for full time employees. Great working environment in Estes Parkâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s only Gold Crown Resort. Our business stays busy year round and 40 hours per week are available through the winter. We are looking for energetic, dependable people who are able to perform physical labor and who have strong customer service skills. Fridays and Saturdays are required. Fill out an application at Rams Horn Village Resort, 1565 Colo. Hwy 66. EEOE

Full Time and Part Time.


apply in person at 225 Park Lane

providers who are dedicated to creating memorable experiences for our guests!

Apply On Line at

Or Stop By Human Resources

We Are An Equal Opportunity Employer


Front Office Manager

Housekeeping Manager


FULL TIME & PART TIME ROLES Housekeeping Room Attendants Banquet Captains Banquet Servers

Trout Haven Resorts in Estes Park, Colorado is currently looking for a Front Desk/Reservation person. Join a great team in the Colorado Rockies. We support an environment where all employees are respected and valued. We're looking for individuals who take pride in their work. The hourly rate is $12.00 --$14.00 based on experience. Please apply online at


Trout Haven Resorts has a position open for a housekeeper, duties include, cleaning condo's and cabins, laundry duties, must be able to work independently or with a team and take direction from housekeeping manager. Must be able to work weekends and holidays. Must have a reliable vehicle. Hourly rate $12-15 p/. Please apply online at Trout Haven Resorts tiene una posiciĂłn abierta los deberes incluyen, limpieza de condominios y cabaĂąas, deberes de lavanderĂ­a, debe ser capaz de trabajar de forma independiente o con un equipo y tomar la direcciĂłn del gerente de limpieza. Debe poder trabajar los fines de semana y dĂ­as festivos. Debe tener un vehĂ­culo confiable. Tarifa por hora $ 12-15 por hora. Por favor, solicite en lĂ­nea en

We are looking for a team oriented and motivated

Food & Beverage Manager!

Duties include and are not limited to: Scheduling, training and development of associates. Directs implements and maintains a service and management philosophy that serves as a guide to respective associates, creates a culture of accountability and responsibility, and holds individuals accountable for such. Facilitates special projects as directed by the F&B Director, and other senior Management staff. Serves as a resource to and provides solutions to, direct report restaurant managers and supervisors. Coordinate menus and develop wine lists, handle guest relations and monitor adherence to quality assurance standards.

We provide full benefits; (medical, dental, vision), paid vacation, 401k, and a very competitive yearly salary for this position. Please view this opening on our website: Or stop in to The Ridgeline Hotel to submit your resume for consideration.

Check Out Our Current Openings...

â&#x20AC;˘ Senior Living Environmental Services Technician (Maintenance Technician) Full-Time Year Round.

â&#x20AC;˘ Senior Living Waitstaff (Prep, Dishwashing, table service, clean up) Full-Time

â&#x20AC;˘ Senior Living Medication Aide (Resident Care Specialist) 2 Full-Time Positions Please apply on line at

Year Round. Full-Time positions qualify for benefits which include health, dental, vision, life, short-term disability and paid time off.

Experienced Maintenance Technicians



The historic Stanley Hotel is seeking service

Friday, October 26, 2018 ÂŤ 41

All qualified applicants will receive consideration without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability or protected veteran status.

Banquet Bartenders Servers


Bussers/Runners Expeditors

Front Desk Agents PBX Operators

Affordable Dorm Style Housing Available

Now Hiring

Licensed Plumbers

Please submit resume to


Apply On Line at We Are An Equal Opportunity Employer

HouseKeeper Needed River Spruce cabins

PT, 7 days a week. Hours are 10:30am2:45pm. Hourly wage is $15.00/hr. Call 970-586-4543 to set up an interview.

We are looking for experienced painters with a good work ethic. Must have references and transportation. We have year round work! Call Tim 970-518-4001 Bestway-Painting

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Join Our Team

EMPLOYMENT » Place and View Ads at « EMPLOYMENT

ADMITTING ED Patient Registration Specialist – Per Diem Registration Specialists - Full Time BIRTH CENTER RN – Per Diem RN - PT



HOME HEALTH/HOSPICE Physical Therapist – FT Personal Care Provider/Homemaker -Full Time Personal Care Provider/Homemaker - Per Diem

HELP WANTED: Retail Shops on Elkhorn Ave. need you. Year-round, apply for Sales Associate or Assistant Manager. Saturdays, Sundays a must. PT or FT. Excellent pay with great bonuses. Have fun while working! Perfect for anyone, any age. Email your resume and/or a bit about yourself, & any questions to:

Professional Firm seeking to fill Reception/Data Entry Position.

Available Immediately. If interested, send resume and references to PO Box 4259 Estes Park.

LIVING CENTER Activities Coordinator – FT CNA – FT - Nights Sign on Bonus Available CNA – Per Diem - Days RN/LPN – FT Nights Sign on Bonus Available MED/SURG CNA – Per Diem RN – Per Diem Respiratory Therapist – Per Diem Unit Coordinator – Per Diem

PHYSICIAN CLINIC Physician – Internal Medicine – FT QUALITY DEPARTMENT Case Manager – Per Diem

REHABILITATION SERVICES Physical Therapist – Per Diem

SURGICAL SERVICES Certified Surgical Technologist - FT RN – FT Sign on Bonus Available RN – PT RN – Per Diem

(970) 577-4458 555 Prospect Ave. Estes Park, CO 80517

Apply online at

Help us Help Others Become a CAREGiver

Hiring Bonus Starting at $13 per hour No Medical Background required Flexible Schedule Training and Local Support provided

Apply online at or call for more information 970-494-0289

Kennel Assistant Part-time

Call 970-586-4703 with any questions. Must be available weekends and able to lift at least 50 pounds. Animal Hospital of the Rockies LLC. 453 Pine River Ln

Caregiver for Adult Special Needs son, our home. 6-10 hrs per week. No medical. References required. 970-480-1255


TRANSPORTATION DEPARTMENT Bus Drivers & Substitute Bus Drivers Estes Park School District R-3 is accepting applications for full-time and substitute bus drivers. Class B with SP2 endorsement preferred. Salary range $15.02 - $16.99. Training will be provided. Questions, please call Dave Coleson at 970-577-0211 ext. 3401 Apply online at Only online applications accepted. Position open until filled.


Full Time and Part Time.


apply in person at 225 Park Lane

Estes Park School District R-3 Is An Equal Opportunity Employer

We are looking for enthusiastic and motivated sales team members!

$12.00/hour-Part Time hours, some nights and weekends are required. Work in a great team atmosphere!

Please submit your resume to Or fill out an application at The Ridgeline Hotel 101 S Saint Vrain Ave.

We are hiring for the following positions: Checker Courtesy Clerk Day-Stocker Overnight Stocker Bakery Clerk (Overnight) Deli Clerk Produce Clerk Seafood Clerk

Rates of pay from $10.00-$14.00 per hour (B.O.E.) Also:

Bakery Manager - $21.41 per hour (B.O.E.) Assistant Bakery Manager - $19.41 per hour (B.O.E.) Cake Decorator - $10.50-$16.99 (B.O.E.) Assistant Meat Manager-$20.73 per hour (B.O.E.) Meat Cutter $10.65-$20.40 Pharmacy Technician $10-$15.00 (B.O.E.) (B.O.E.: Based On Experience)

Please call Ann at 970-586-4447 to schedule an interview - walk-ins are also welcome.

Premier Members Credit Union

is seeking a friendly, professional Teller/ Jr Banker to join our Estes Park branch team. Apply at Full time, hours all year. Great benefits. Competitive pay.

Silver Saddle Inn Front Desk Agent

Year-round, includes A Mix Of Day And Evening Shifts. Must Be Available Between 6:00am And 11:30pm. Strong Multi-tasking, Computer And Customer Service Skills Required. Previous Hotel Front Desk Experience Is Not Required. Must Be A Non-smoker. Send Resume To <or> Mail To Best Western Plus Silver Saddle Inn, 1260 Big Thompson Avenue, Estes Park, CO 80517.

Rocky Mountain Gateway Gift Shop Cashier, Restaurant Front and Back of House Help Wanted

Year Round, Full Time Positions with Housing Available. Apply in person. 3450 Fall River Rd. 970-577-0043 ext. 2


Look no further. A place where you are rewarded and treated like family exists right here in Estes Park at Antonio's Real New York Pizza. In addition to earning between $15$20 per hour(yes, full time professionals can easily make $800 a week here) - with tips distributed daily - we have health insurance available, eat together as a family every night after work and enjoy a drug and alcohol free workplace where our team, simply put, rocks!

We have two locations and need seriously driven, people of integrity who want to learn and improve every day. Are you one of them? If so, please stop in with your resume or work history and ask for Tony or Antonio. Alternately, you may email: All inquiries held in the highest confidence.

The Cleaning Lady

~ Now hiring house cleaner ~

Need own transportation, seasonal, full-time, dependable, & experienced.

Please call: 970-449-2564 or 586-6477

FINANCIAL WELLNESS BANKER Apply at Job ID: 31405BR Contact-Lead Recruiter Chantal Gilmore with any questions

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EMPLOYMENT » Place and View Ads at

The Historic Crags Lodge Housekeeping Supervisor

Now HiriNg For 

• CooKS • PrEP • DiSHwASHErS

Full Time - Year Round

Apply in person at: 470 Prospect Village Dr.

• ••

Now Hiring For:

Homes Long Term rental 3 bedroom house, 2 baths, great deck and views $2,500/month plus utilities, partially furnished,no pets, no smoking Call: Home Sweet Home Property Services 970-699-6727 3 BD 2.5 BA, Year Lease, N/S, N/P, utilities included. $2800 per month. 940-642-0924


TowNHoME 2Br/2BA W/D Wood FP. NP/NS $1450 option buy. Credit/Bkgd Ck. 6 mo. min. lease. Excellent views Longs Peak/Lake 720.771.2690

Short Term winter rental $675/month Available until May 2019 Includes Utilities & Cable N/S, N/P - Call Todd @ 970-586-8141

Housekeeping Positions

Year Round Work YOUR Available Schedule 4 Hour Shifts 8-12 ~~ 12-4 ~~ 4-8 Create a Schedule That Fits Yours



Garage Sales

Creative Sewing Services Cushions, chairtops, Industrial repairs & leather. Local - call Beth 970-492-5446

SAT 10/27 9:00-1:00 @ 1130 Lakeshore Dr- kid, garden & misc house stuff

Piano Tuning Susan Novy, local piano tuner. Call for appt. 577-1755 www.estesparkpiano

HUgE SALE Antiques - Collectibles Vintage Everything Clothing, Costumes, mens - womens, Fine Sweaters, Woolens, Blankets, Coats all kinds, Pottery, Lighting, Glassware, Baskets, Jewelry, Fabric, Rugs, Dining Tables-knotty pinehard rock maple, Vintage Barbies, Vintage Furs, Black Leathers, Yard wood, Many Great Deals 1/2 price Sat & Sun 1-3. Great Deals - All Clean. 1067 Morgan - off Hwy 7. Sat & Sun 27th, 28th 9:00 - 3:00. 970-586-0104

SALES Thompson Canyon VFD Free cider & cookies; shop in a historic log building More info: peacefulridge/

NOTICES Public Notices

NoTiCE oF BUDgET Notice is hereby given that a proposed budget has 970-586-6066 been submitted to the Endless Opportunities Await HOUSEHOLD Estes Valley Public Library Fun & Exciting Work Environment District Board for the ensuing year 2019. That a copy Competitive Pay and Benefits of such proposed budget 300 Riverside Drive, Tools has been filed on the liEstes Park, CO 80517 brary’s Web site under Equal Opportunity Employer “About Us/Library Finance” where same is open for HUgE gArAgE public inspection. That SALE! such proposed budget will Household Items, Furni- be considered at the meetture, Toys & Misc ing of the Library Board to Sat,10/27 12-5pm be held at the library, 335 1640 Gray Hawk Ct. RENTALS RENTALS Craftsman 10 inch radial E. Elkhorn Avenue, Estes arm saw. Includes 50 Fundraising garage Park, Colorado, on tooth carbide tip blade, Sale! December 10, 2018, at Storage Units Commercial Rentals 100 tooth carbide tip All proceeds go to the 6:30 pm. Public budget blade, 180 tooth steel Estes Park Volleyball Club. hearings will be held at the Class A office blade, blade changing 525 Pine River Lane Unit Estes Valley Library 2014 Construction, Full tools and manual. #65. Saturday Oct. 27th Thursday, November 1, Service, Furnished or 577-1807 from 10-2 and on Monday, November Unfurnished offices in 19. Any interested elector Downtown location, Near Estate Sales within the Estes Valley Town Hall. $450 to $550 MISCELLANEOUS Public Library District may per month. All internet opwoodworkers Dream inspect the proposed tions including Fiber availrV/TrAiLEr/BoAT SALE budget and file or register able. Includes Conference STorAgE Fri & Sat 10/26 & 27 8am any objection thereto at Misc. Room, Handicap $50 30 ft and under, $60 259 Solomon Dr. any time prior to the final Restrooms, Copy and 31 ft and above Grizzly, Dayton, Dewalt, adoption of the budget. Scanning Facility, Coffee KOA Kampground, Estes TV $5, Laser Printer $5, Delta & Plano Machinery, Estes Valley Public Library Monitor $5, Tent $10, Room. Park Sanders, Saws, Glue-up District Marble Chess Set $10, Call Thom at Verus Call 815-520-7602 Rack, Steamer Table, Blue New Cycle Rack $25, Play iNViTATioN To BiD Estes Commercial, Inc. TODAY!!! Tornado & more. Station $25, Satellite Dish Valley Fire Protection 970-586-2448 Lg slabs of Cherry, Maple, $45, All Excellent District will receive sealed Oak & Walnut. Condition, Magnavox bids for a new ladder Lg collection of Antique Stereo $25. 577-1662 Room/Roommate truck. Bids must be reTRANSPORTATION Tools. PLUS: Furniture, ceived by the Estes Valley Glider, Picnic Table, Dining Fire Protection District, room for rent in my Set, LifeCORE Exercise REAL ESTATE 901 N Saint Vrain Ave, home, Kitchen & Laundry Bike, Desks, Lamps, Misc. Estes Park, CO 80517 on privileges, utilities inAntiques & more. or before 5:00 p.m. on cluded, n/p, n/s. Available Follow Grn & Org Signs! SNowTirES - almost November 26, 2018. Bid 11/01, $450 per month Commercial ESTATE/gArAgE SALE; documents are available new 4 R16 Michelin Ice. A 970-577-6986 Need to have one, but great deal for $400. via our website www.esCommercial Spaces seems overwhelming. 970-402-7242 sale and lease. $465/ with We do the work, you make tus. For additional Call Eric. Anderson queen bed/wifi/utilities the $. Local, Affordable, information, please contact Realty. 586-2950 incl. Room in cute cabin References. CALL NOW Erika Goetz, 970-577SERVICES available downtown on 970-215-5548 0900 or info@estesvalleyriver. w/d, fireplace/deck/walk to all. Misc. Sales ELECTRONICS Cleaning 970 389 7656

LINE COOK BUSSER/FOOD RUNNER DISHWASHER Full Time and Year Round Pick up application at 453 E. Wonderview Ave #4 970-586-0272


Front Desk

Part Time - Year Round


Stop by and see us or give us a call

Wants To Rent Seeking garage-Need a garage for the winter months for my small SUV, Nov. 24-April 22. Hoping for a good rate! Call Kathy Sullivan at 970-586-5917.

A Alpine Cleaning Co. Exclusively cleaning single family homes. Impeccable and timely service 30+ year local resident. References on Request. 303-747-2872

Misc. SMArTPHoNE Jitterbug. Great for seniors. Almost new; all acc. $89 970-402-7242

Storm Mountain Holiday Bazaar; Sat 11/3 9-5; Sun 11/4 10-3 Big Thompson Canyon Assoc Bldg; 1479 US Hwy 34, east of Drake; All locally handcrafted items: Bake Sale – benefits Big

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ACCOUNTING QuickBooks Support

Tax Minimization





HOME MAINTENANCE Maintenance- Housekeeping

Building Repair Remodeling

Vacation Rentals Daily - Weekly Cleaning

Call or Text 970.342.5684









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/,&(16(' ,1685('

970-586-1685 Custom Homes, Additions, Kitchens, Baths, Historic Renovations, Remodels and Design Work

Charles Santagati 1191 Graves Ave DRYWALL CONTRACTOR

Full service general contracting since 1998



25 YEARS 1993-2018


Design | Build | Remodel General Contractors | Timber Frame & Log Homes Serving the Colorado Northwest Mountains since 1993

970-586-7711 |

GLASS - NEW / REPLACEMENT GENERAL CONTRACTOR 720.438.1088 â&#x20AC;¢ EXCAVATION AND SEPTIC INSTALLS â&#x20AC;¢ INTERIOR TRIM â&#x20AC;¢ STRUCTURAL FRAMING â&#x20AC;¢ COMPLETE HOME RENOVATIONS â&#x20AC;¢ WE PROVIDE SUB-CONTRACTING SERVICES TO GENERAL CONTRACTORS Licensed and insured. NAWT certified, Boulder County Public Health license number A-082-16. General Contractor License Number CON-16-0212

Cory D. Workman, Au.D. Phone: 970-586-5255 â&#x20AC;¢ Hearing Aids / New & Repair â&#x20AC;¢ Hearing Evaluations â&#x20AC;¢ Hearing Protection â&#x20AC;¢ Ear Care / Wax Removal â&#x20AC;¢ Dizziness / Balance

1186 Graves Ave., Ste. B Estes Park, CO 80517 Fax: 970-577-7260

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Sustainable SoluƟons Landscaping • Planting • Stonework • Maintenance Jeff Schmitt Owner


• Tree Care • Fencing • Irrigation 20 Years Experience Horticulture Background Licensed and Insured Locally Owned and Operated


PAINTING PHYSICAL THERAPY HOT TUBS & POOL SERVICES PLUMBING Call us for all of your painting or staining needs!


• Residential/Commercial • Log Homes/Decks • Free Estimates • 4 Year Warranty

• Interior/Exterior • Power Washing • Local References • Licensed & Insured

Tim Stolz, Owner • 970-518-4001• 26 Years Experience e-mail: •




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Sure Lock Homes Services


A Watchful Eye While Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re Away Providing Peace of Mind for Estes Park Home Owners Since 2001

Steve and Evelyn Wilson Licensed â&#x20AC;¢ Bonded â&#x20AC;¢ Insured


References provided












3 5 ( 0 , ( 5 6 ( 5 9 , & (




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Nestled in the Pines

Peaceful Locale

Includes Rental Permit


160 Riverside Dr B-5 1154 SF ~ 2 Bedroom Condo $320,000 Magnificent Mountain Retreat

567 Little Beaver Dr 4.49 Acres - 4220 SF $1,050,000 Prime Location

Rocky Mountain SereniTea Own a Downtown Business $75,000

920 Old Ranger Dr .45 Acres ~ 3024 SF $649,900

507 Fall River Lane D 692 SF ~ 2 Bedroom Condo $249,900 Alpine Experience

Top of the World

707 Goblins Castle Rd 5.7 Acres ~ 2174 SF $849,000 Spectacular Setting

TBD Moon Trailway 1.26 Acre Lot $129,000 Vintage Charm

3321 Roclwood Lane S 2.69 Acres ~ 7020 SF $1,295,000

Call us to use our FREE Moving Truck.

1530 Juniper Dr .99 Acres ~ 1764 SF $439,000

Estes Park News, October 26, 2018  
Estes Park News, October 26, 2018