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South African Cupid - Meet South African Singles Online If you're looking for a partner in South Africa, then one of the most popular dating sites is South African Cupid. Here's a brief review of South African Cupid, and some alternatives for South African dating.

South African Cupid review The good thing about South African Cupid is that it has thousands of members, so you won't find it too difficult to find loads of potential partners. The membership is very diverse - the members are black, mixed race or white. The members tend to be mostly from South Africa. There are plenty of members in the larger cities of Durban, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town. Unlike many other international dating sites, the majority of the members are living in South Africa itself, so you won't have to go too far to find love. Dating sites are generally free to join. In their effort to attract members they often make it quite difficult for you to find out how much they cost. You'll be pleased to know that South African Cupid has a flat rate charging model with a monthly or annual payment fee option. As with other dating sites you only really need to pay if you want to contact other members. Generally this means that men usually need to pay whereas the most beautiful ladies can just wait for eligible bachelors to contact them. South African Cupid is free to sign up to. Once enrolled you fill in your online dating profile gradually so they begin with basic questions and you can leave the lifestyle questions till later. The more information you give the better potential matches you'll be shown. The site is one of the more secure dating sites available, and members need to submit photographic identifcation. This is reasurring given the problems with Internet dating scams. South African Cupid has some great search facilities, and they are way ahead of other smaller dating sites in this respect. What I also like about South African Cupid is that you can quickly compare your profile with a specific match to see if you have enough things in common. Possible conflicts are identified, such as the potential partner being a smoker and you not wanting to find somebody who smokes. This is great because you can assess if something might be a showstopper, or whether you could overlook one or two contentious areas. South African Cupid isn't without problems. Their email validation checking didn't like my main email address, so I had to use another email address. What also irritates me is that they have a huge number of niche dating sites, but if you want to sign up to both South African Cupid and another one of their sites like Afrointroduction then you have to sign up to each dating site separately. If you want to find an ethnic soulmate who isn't necessarily from South Africa or who has South

African roots, then try Afrointroduction for African singles online. This site is run by the same company as South African Cupid so the site will be very familiar looking. Sadly if you want to join both sites you have to join separately for some reason. Afroromance is also popular. Many people are drawn to free dating sites. These are very popular, but also very hazardous. African dating scammers are widespread throughout the continent, especially in West Africa. For this reason it's probably a good reason to avoid free African dating sites. The other problem with free dating sites is that they tend to attract dishonest people and timewasters. Amongst the biggest users of free dating sites are married people, and not singles. Married but looking people love free dating sites because they can sign up using a fake name and they don't have to run the risk of getting an incriminating credit card statement in the post. So if you value your sanity then stay clear of free dating sites. There are all kinds of other niche dating ideas. You can find sites focussed on professional dating, or executive dating. If you live near one of the larger cities in South Africa then there will be a few sites catering for single professionals in these cities. Larger cities will also have quite a few introduction agencies. If you don't like dealing with timewasters, then introduction agencies are much better than dating sites.

South African Cupid - in summary So South African Cupid is a great dating site for finding your perfect match. If you're a single guy or lady looking for love, then give this site a go. asian girlfriend

South African Cupid - Meet South African Singles Online  

has a flat rate charging model with a monthly or annual payment fee option.