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How A Kid Turned Boobs & Wipers Into $50 Million In Sales! Jovan Hutton Pulitzer and the Tale of Tripledge Wipers! Jovan Hutton Pulitzer

For this story, which is now studied as college coursework, if one had to do a quasi-mathematical “word formula� for creating $50 million in sales and then going public; the formula would look like this:

Young Kid (23) + mentorship + no fear + ignorant bliss + boobs (lots of them — read below) + a buyout of a bankrupt company + confidence + trust + and then run like hell and never look back = $50m first year and hitting the NASDAQ! This is as rare insight into dreaming big, but also a look at why mentoring is so important and why the world needs more business people willing to mentor the young and “wet behind the ears”. First the set-up which made this score possible. In life, everything which could be against me was against me, except the fact that two teachers made a difference in my life and taught me two important lessons. (1) Bad can be used for good, and; (2) If you can think it — you can do it! These tiny flames of belief lit a small fire under me to set out into the world of work to make difference. Before you know it, I was out in the Los Angeles around a bestselling book (selling 12 million copies) and the bestselling writing team, a huge publishing executive and business celebrities such as Suzanne de Passe and Berry Gordy of Motown Productions.

I was both the wet behind the ears greenhorn and the proverbial Fly on the Wall! My knack was for marketing, copy-writing, pitching and dreaming, but what my young mind did not possess was someone who really took me under their wing and mentored me. It was the gaining of a mentor which allowed me to make sense of all which was exposed to me. Then one day an ex AT&T executive named Blaine Thacker noticed talent in me that could turn the rough lump of coal (me at that time) into a polished diamond businessman. It was that mentoring which made a difference.

Now for the story of how my mentoring helped me create the bestselling direct response product of all time and it was all because I was working in “Boobs, Ta Ta’s, Hooter’s, Mammaries” and helping women reactive the glands in their breast which go dormant after breast feeding causing cup size loss. I was young and impressionable, it was the mid 80’s, but this was an unbelievable project with tremendous before and after’s proving it worked.

Thinking back now, even in the mid 80’s when it was one of my projects, the product was a bit embarrassing. But it worked and had demonstrable results. It worked like this: Women’s breast lose their elasticity and the “various fluid nature” of their breast, especially after childbirth and breast feeding. Instant loss of cup sizes but a Los Angeles Doctor (female) devised the product you see above. It worked by the woman placing the cup over her breast, sucking a tube, drawing the breast up into the tube and then the suction brought the fluid nature of the breast back in and BANG! An instant cup size. Yes, the user would have to continue to use it several times a week to keep up the results. The Doctor proved it worked and now she needing better marketing and financial backing to roll it out. That’s how she met me. I took those amazing before and after’s and was introduced to an investor who had just made millions investing in the cornering of the silver market with the legendary Hunt Brothers. He too was young and successful and at the time one of the “Forbes 30 under 30”. A meeting was set with the investor and we sat down to talk boobs. First he wanted my background, then he looked at the Before-andAfter pitch book of the amazing results. He first smiled, giggled and then laughed and then what he did next shocked me!

He threw a windshield wiper at me and hit me smack in the chest! Naturally, my thoughts were “he must be angered at me for pitching a “boob project” therefore he hit me with the nearest object to him which was a windshield wiper in a clear plastic sleeve. Reading my reaction to being hit with the wiper he threw at me, he went on to say the following: He said: There is no way I can invest in boobs. People in my financial world would laugh me out of business, BUT what I can tell is you know your stuff and we are about to buy a company on the bankruptcy steps and it has about $600k in product we might be able to liquidate if you can find a buyer for them on our behalf. He ended up keeping my “Boob Before and After Book” saying he wanted to show his partners. I asked him for everything he had on the bankrupt company to figure a way to liquidate the inventory for him. After handing the materials over we parted ways and agreed to meet again on Monday (this was a Friday) and upon return I would make a proposal about liquidating the bankrupt companies’ inventory. That following Monday we met. He handed me by “Boob Before and After Book” back and his partners came in (really to see this kid pitching a “bigger boob” project). My suggestions were as follows: 1. If you liquidate this company and do not run it, you would be a fool! 2. This is a huge idea, it was just named wrong and positioned wrong

Then the investment team asked what would I do if I were them? 1. Need $250,000 to test how to make them sell, and; 2. Have to raise the price of them 800% so the promise of the product is believed by consumers

As one partner almost fainted at my request, the investor (the CEO) looked at me and asked me if I was “sure I (you) could do it”? Promptly gave him my first years projection, he smiled, (thinking back it was him seeing me have huge courage in “my ask” of them) and AGREED! The rest is history making.

From bankrupt company to be liquidated, to $50m first year (missed my projection by $1000). We brought the company in at 56% NET PRE TAX. We had a history making hit.

But that is NOT the moral of this story! This story is really about mentoring and why it is so critical to the future of this great country of ours. Nowadays too many executives do not take the time to mentor the young, eager and hungry for a business hit. We move too fast today. Our attention spans are too small. We don’t make time for those who just need insight and guidance. Some do not see a return of time invested in mentoring. Mentoring is becoming a lost art. Therefore I am suggesting to each of you reading this. MENTOR THE YOUNG AND CHANGE THEIR LIVES! For me, I make a point of mentoring. One 1 hour call a week to a young person who wants to be mentored and another which sits immediately to my left hand doing assignments and hearing how my day goes for 4 to 5 hours a day when I am in the office. One getting direct advice and counsel, one getting to be like I was “the fly on the wall”.


In closing, all of the people who took the time to mentor me and believe in me as that “wet behind the ears” kid, have all; at one time went to work for me in later years and many of us still work together over 30 years later assisting, helping, partnering and launching new companies to this day.


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How A Kid Turned Boobs & Wipers Into $50 Million In Sales! Jovan Hutton Pulitzer and the Tale of From Bankruptcy To Best Selling Product In America! This story is one for the history books.

How A Kid Turned Boobs & Wipers Into $50 Million In Sales! Jovan Hutton Pulitzer and the Tale of From Bankruptcy To Best Selling Product In America! This story is one for the history books.