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Success comes to those who are success conscious

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Managing Editor Wangari Kimani

Hi, Welcome to the 3rd edition of Esteemed.

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One of our basic tenets of operation is appreciation for good work, constructive criticism and celebration as and when need be. First we thank those who have continued to ardently support us. From the depth of our hearts here at Esteemed, thank you and continue sharing the good fortunes of Esteemed with us. For us, it is also a time of celebration. August 2007 marks our 1st Anniversary since conception. It has been a bumpy, slow, eventful and exhilarating ride to get us to the third edition and for sure we do not take it for granted, but we attribute it all to God’s grace. Without that grace, our hard work would have been in vain, our sacrifices would have generated no fruit, the long sleepless nights and bearing the 4 a.m. cold while working on every edition would have been useless. So we ask you to join us in our celebration with a re-commitment to the greater success of Esteemed. As a tribute to the journey we have made so far, our first two sections are dedicated to communicate some of the very basic ingredients for success. We have featured Sir Richard Branson, Mr. Michael Dell and Oprah Winfrey. This is not to mean that we do not have our own Kenyan entrepreneurs; we share the experiences of these three to show that anybody can be somebody enough for you to penetrate the very lives of the least fortunate in a very simple way while making millions of dollars and pounds at the same time. You do not need to have a rich heritage to become a name on Forbes Magazine, and it doesn’t take magic. You already have what it takes. Winnie takes us through the perspective of being and having a young boss. Quiet time is as always, one that makes us really return to ourselves and work with God to making us better everyday. Also take time to visit our virtual club for articles of inspiration, help on your job and for that simple good read when you want to build your intellect. Enjoy being Esteemed!


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Esteemed Feedback Joe said: Please print this magazine out. The articles are good and worth reading over and over without going back to the net. Esteemed says: Thank you Joe. Plans are in place to have your request met. Let us know where you are so that we can avail the physical copies to you. Watch out for Esteemed at selected newsstands Maria said: Your pictures are not very clear. You need to improve on this. However the content is great Esteemed says: We thank you for the keen eye. We need Esteemed to be exemplary and you noting our areas of improvement is a big boost in achieving this goal. Anonymous: Anonymous Your content is boring and you need to feature exciting stuff like our musicians, their music and things like these. Esteemed says: Did you know that even the entertainment industry has a serious business angle to it? It is the aspect of business that keeps all of our musicians and entertainers, artists, writers, actors, models and other people going. If you don’t manage the cash flow, and just keep entertaining, guess what will happen? We will soon feature some of your favorite entertainers and then you will get to see why entertainment is not just about looking good and happy on stage!

Employment vs. Entrepreneurship

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Principles of success

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Customer Relations

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Quiet Time

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Entrepreneurship vs. Employment

Success comes to those who are success conscious


hen I look at the profiles of these three entrepreneurs and many others that have been really successful, I realized something very simple – to become a successful entrepreneur you do not need to dream and meditate for hours on end for an idea that is out of this world. You do not need to be another Einstein to theories. All you need is to look around you and grab one of the numerous opportunities, which, if you are keen enough, will be found through your job or your experiences as a consumer or recipient of a service. Should you need help with the resource material, please get in touch with us.

Sir Richard Branson Beginnings: Sir Branson had his first successful business venture at age 16, when he published a magazine called Student. In 1970, he set up a record mail-order business which was soon followed by the opening of a chain of record stores, popularly known as Virgin Megastores. What could have held him back: Sir Branson suffers a condition known as dyslexia (a type of reading disability usually manifested as a difficulty with written language, especially with reading and spelling). This condition resulted in poor academic performance as a student. At 15 years Sir Branson had started two businesses ventures - growing Christmas trees and raising budgerigars. Both failed. Challenges along the way: In 1971, the tax man called on Sir Branson and he was charged with selling records that were supposed to be export commodities. He settled the matter by agreeing to pay all the accumulated taxes and fines, his own mother helped by putting their family home on mortgage, again. In 1992, the virgin label was sold. What most us did not know at that time was the why. 15 years later we have come to understand some that it was sold to keep Virgin Air in the air. Estimated Worth: Billions of British pounds. Highlights from Branson’s story  Risk is good but be wise - successful entrepreneurs are not necessarily blind risk-takers. They do their best at managing risk which might mean sometimes outsourcing where they can  Your ego has got no place in your success as an entrepreneur. You may have to sell your heart to your worst competitor to get a new soul for one of your highly priced ventures and the higher the price you pay, the higher the returns.  As the Bible says, your talent and gifts will make you sit with Kings. Sir Branson was not born of the Royal family, he was knighted by the Queen of England.

Oprah Winfrey Beginnings: At 3 years of age while under her grandmother’s care she was learning how to read aloud and performing recitations. At 17 years Oprah was hired by a radio station in Nashville, USA and two years later she signed up as a reporter/anchor on Television station. In January 1984, she left for Chicago to host what was back then a lousy talk show. In less than one year, she turned it into the “talk of the town” and with its success came a renaming - "The Oprah Winfrey Show." In 1986 HARPO Productions, Inc. came to be. What could have held her back: From age 6 to 13, she lived with her mother during which time she suffered molestation. She ran away and was sent to a juvenile home at 13 years, only to be denied admission because all the beds were filled. As a last resort, she was sent to Nashville to live under her father's strict discipline.

Challenges along the way: here is a young African-American woman in a predominantly male industry trying to set up her own production company in the vast and highly competitive media industry. In terms of challenges, it will be your pick from a long list. Estimated worth: Billionaire. Highlights from Oprah’s story

 As the older members of our society, the

power of success or failure for our offspring to a great extent lies in our hands. We can influence them to become people of substance in their generation, or we can leave them to become bums that walk around the estates with nothing better to do than watch and plot against self made men and women of success Our past is exactly that. Past. Wisdom dictates that you stop living in the past. Learn from it, and move on otherwise it will be holding you back for ever and you will never really get to what the future and present have in store for you. If you can dream it, you can have it. If Oprah, at 3 years of age, was performing recitals and a decade later was employed at a radio station, who says you cannot be the very image of who you dreamed you

I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul because I have the power to control my thoughts

would be when you were young of age? Michael Saul Dell Beginnings: At the age of 15, Dell broke down a brand new Apple II computer for one simple reason. To just see if he could rebuild it and this was his first encounter with a computer. Little did he know that years later that same brand would be his biggest competitor. Dell attended university to become a physician but soon gave it up for computers and technology. While at the university he started a company called PC's Limited in his room. He dropped out of college at 19 years to run PC's Limited. This later became Dell Computer Corporation and ultimately Dell Inc. What could have held him back: Dell lost a considerable market after several laptops caught fire in the mid 1990s. Challenges along the way: These included a public war of words with the CEO of the same Apple brand he had experimented at 15 years old. The Apple CEO (Mr. Steve Jobs) had criticized Dell for making "uninnovative beige boxes" and when asked what he would do with what had been at that time a troubled Apple Computer company, Dell said, "I'd shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders.” Estimated Worth: Billions of US Dollars Highlights from Dell’s story

 How you begin your success story may be as troublesome, simple,  

accidental and coincidental as they come. However what you make of it and how you sustain it is a different ball game altogether. Even on a battlefield, you ought to know when to draw your sword against the enemy, when to retrace your steps in mock surrender, and when to partner with your enemy to fight a common foe Entrepreneurship is not open to lone rangers. You will need family support, networks with friends, mentors, field veterans and competi-

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Business Principles

Conceive, Believe & Achieve

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from or what your past and present look like. The ability to triumph begins with you. Always! What makes a great entrepreneur? Even the best dictionary may not be in a position to capture the entirety of an entrepreneur. So our deliberations within this edition are not exhaustive but we believe it will bring out some important aspects that you need to consider for if you are to be defined as an entrepreneur. From the environment in which we are raised, individual family situation, personal traits, and academic background among others shape every entrepreneur but even then there is a continuous rebirth of this person. About 20 or 25 years ago a successful entrepreneur would have been defined against a list that would cover gender, age, level of education, religious affiliation, birthplace, family heritage, and even when one began venturing into business! Today, however, very few of these factors determine whether an entrepreneur succeeds or fails. Entrepreneurs at heart Every person has something special to offer this world. Not every person will be a resounding success at business. That’s why some people will be employees of one organization for life (climbing the ladder or in the same position); others will be briefly employed then become self-employed; others will always be job-hoppers – moving from one organization to the next – until retirement; and there are those who will start a business and the only boss they will ever know and answer to is themselves. Whatever the case may be for those who are in there own businesses or are intending to start one, here are six things you cannot afford to do without. (source autodoc/steps/) Passion In each of us, there is something that makes us ready to sacrifice all we have got for its own sake. Usually it is that which is most beautiful and sacred to us at a very personal level. When you have passion for what you do, you will defend it, work at it, have sleepless nights over it, shed tears for it and lay down your life for it. Simply put, passion is what drives you to literally make your dreams come true. Passion will keep you going even when the entire population does not see what you see.

strategy. Even God designed and brought the world to be in a particular way following a plan He knew was going to work. Imagine if He had created man first then He separated land and water. Then after all was done, He saw it best to distinguish between light and darkness. This world would undoubtedly be a confused one. But I thank God that the logic of planning and preparation comes from him. Before you go all out to bring your dreams to reality, learn all you can about your passion. Research, strategize and master every detail, no matter how minute, every possibility, every feature and distinct element of what your eye is set upon. Keep in mind that knowing where you can go starts with knowing where you are, and where you have been. Courage According to Gen. H. Norma Schwarzkopf (Commander, Operation Desert Storm) “True courage is being afraid, and going ahead and doing your job ANYHOW.” The business world today is no place for the faint hearted. It’s what we call cut-throat competition and if you slack off for only a fraction of a second, you are in trouble. Foolish courage is the one that makes you pick and fight battles that you can happily afford to live without. Wise courage, and the one we are encouraged to embrace, is that one which has its roots in an impartial self-reality check. You look within yourself and find a mental and moral strength to pursue your dreams despite and in spite of hardship, pain and mortal risk. Perseverance/ Persistence J. Carter Brown (Director Emeritus, National Gallery of Art) is quoted as saying “It is rewarding that my former classmates feel I’ve “made it” after having been the class joke” No great achievement comes without obstacles: physical limitations, natural calamities, resistance from the outside world, your own thoughts about yourself, other people’s opinions about you and your success, government laws and so much more. It is sometimes good to give ear to words and observe the on goings around you. But don’t you even dare let one of them stop you. They may have some content that will make your walk more prudently, and that is good; but as long as they stop you on your tracks, that is a big no. Take time to read biographies and autobiographies of our achievers in this edition. They sometimes met with failure but they never abandoned their dreams. They, resolutely persevered until they succeeded against the odds and they continue as much even today.

Integrity Vision Let us not lie to ourselves. The road to success has no shortcuts We have all had dreams at one time or another. Even while asleep. and no room for fraudsters or con artists. True achievers and life long wealthy entrepreneurs understand and internalize the fact To develop a vision, be daring enough to see what you want; the men and women who pay millions of dollars to visit the that it is important to do the right things moon did not just wake up one day and decide that they most of the time rather than the popular wanted to walk the moon. They dared their future and thing. If your personal belief system is one status quo. If you can dream it, you can achieve it. Vision of uncompromising standards and unwaveris that simple. All you need is to focus your sights on what ing values then it follows that your accomplishments will be based on the same. That you want in life, and unbelievably, you will find yourself goes without saying. Unfortunately, wealth working daily towards that vision. that comes from compromised sources If the Wright brothers had no vision of men flying like never lasts. birds, we would be years back in terms of aircrafts! An oak seed begets an oak tree. A corrupt Preparation personality will be very easily transferred and seen in one’s dealings whether corpoIt is said failing to plan is planning to fail. I also heard rate or personal. someone say that a lack of planning on your part does not necessarily constitute an emergency on my part. Success is not a matter of luck – it requires practice, study and

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A Rich Land A Healthy Nation

With Empowered People

Investing Wisely Giving a new reputation to hospital food I was visiting a friend in a private hospital and could not help but notice the food. Granted, the menu is definitely better than what you will find in government hospitals. The patients are given menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner. From the menu they choose what they want to eat and so it is served. However, the complaints I heard, left me wondering about our hospitals. A successful business idea requires you to think outside the box not out of the world. You need to make sure that it serves your targeted clientele and they are willing to pay anything for it. When bottled water was first introduced in Kenya, most of us thought the idea would fall flat on its face. Today, it is a multimillion industry. A close look at most successful businesspeople will reveal that they don’t sit in the boardroom or at the business table to generate the ideas. They get the ideas as they take the place of the consumer or recipient of the service. In this edition of Investing Wisely, we do not discuss starting a business from scratch par se. It is about taking over the existing and making it better. Running a section of an important business that is outsourced to you. To guide you to this investment idea, consider the following: - Do you have excellent catering skills? - Do you love cooking? - Does it give you pleasure to see people enjoy the food you make? - Do you have management skills or would you rather cook and leave daily management to someone else? The reason for establishing a hospital with in patient care is to treat and nurse people back to good health with medical technology and knowledge at arm’s length. The two reasons a hospital sets up a kitchen are to ensure its patients (i) are not starved while in their care, and (ii) have a meal that will facilitate the workings of the administered drugs. So why not outsource the catering services to a professional? After all, the kitchen is a supportive and not the core function. As the entrepreneur reading this article, why not write a proposal towards this venture. What would you need? Know the hospital you are approaching * Where is it located – can your intended suppliers get to you with ease, do your intended staff have easy access to the place (e.g. if they will be leaving and reporting to work at odd hours) * What is its status – private, public * Its client base – the very wealthy, middle income earners, the poor who can barley afford a meal * What is its management like – will they allow you a free hand, will they stress you with dictatorial rules of operation Understand the modalities of operation * When do patients require their food served * At whose cost will you be operating? Will you settle for giving the hospital a monthly invoice? Will they allow you to also run a visitors and nurses cafeteria? * What is the source of your income? * Is it going to be a 24hrs service in consideration of the emergency room? Understand your basis of operation * Will you be the sole driver of this business * Do you and your staff have the training required * Are you well versed with the nutritional needs of patients suffering all manner of ailments and conditions? * Are you well versed with the licenses and authorization required to operate such an entity * What is your capital source * Are you well versed with the nutritional needs of patients suffering all manner of ailments and conditions? * Are you well versed with the licenses and authorization required to operate such an entity

* What is the reasoning behind your taking over a kitchen hospital as opposed to you running a restaurant * What will keep you going even when business is not so good A vision of the future * If you choose to do this, you are going into a field that is possibly unexplored by many. Chances are that you will not even have a model business to refer to for ideas. But assuming you still do it and have resounding success with the first hospital: [i] will you approach other hospitals to embrace the same concept? [ii] do you have the manpower to sustain the high quality standards with increased business? * Would you be willing to diversify to start your own restaurant chain What every business needs to succeed * A mission, vision and passion * Capital – financial and human resource * A working business plan T Bo he * Hours of research and planning, boardok M u room meetings, networking, presentath st is R Se ea TH tions as d & on G I NK * Support – from family, divine interRI RO N C W vention (prayer) A H PO * Knowledge of the basic concepts L BY EO N


L Writing a business plan (BP) In the past two editions, we have defined a business plan and dealt with the lay out of your contents. In this edition, we go into more detail of what your business plan should contain.

Basic Information about your business The name of your business, contact information, trademarked logo, the owners of the business, the month and year when the plan is made (e.g. June 2007). Statement of purpose/ mission statement This is a summary of your entire plan. It is important to postpone its writing until you are finished with the entire plan. This will ensure that you cover all the areas of your plan in the two or three paragraphs of your mission statement. The business This is the first major section of your BP and in the opening paragraph you should present a summary of the key elements of your business. The subsequent paragraphs will contain all the information relating to these - Legal structure, Description of the business, Products/ services, Location, Management, Personnel, Record keeping, Security, Insurance Marketing This is the second major section of your BP. It details how you will sell your company, products/ services to your intended market – identify your customers and find the means to make your product or service available to them. A good marketing plan is thus essential. Include information about the total market with emphasis on your target market. The guiding question is, “who will purchase your product, who will make use of your service, why will they choose your company and how they will find out about it?” Issues to address include (but are not limited to): target market, competition, distribution, pricing, product positioning, advertising, product design, entry into the market, operational zones, industry trends Summary: Your content should have a logical flow. Keep your reader in mind. Research and gather knowledge. Time taken to research and plan is not time wasted.

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Perspectives The Younger Boss This could be a difficult thing for a lot of us - to get used to having someone younger than you having the reigns but who needs the job here? I think the first thing that would work when you find out that you have a younger boss or that you have landed a job where the boss is a whole lot younger than you is to be positive about it. Being positive would mean that you understand that it is qualifications which have put him/her there and not to try and change that. Be agreeable with that fact. Make picking your attitude to appreciate that this young person is your boss a part of your daily startup routine. Remind yourself on how to treat your younger boss with respect every time you go to work. If you choose to feel badly about it, you only have yourself to blame. Everyone also knows that respect goes a long way in getting a lot of things sorted out and we cannot leave it out in the “younger boss” situation. This will definitely start with you (the older one) and remember that you need to learn how to act respectably which will earn you the benefits from either the old or young in the office. Having wealth, clothing, being attractive are not requirements when you are trying to earn respect. Respect is accorded to those who live respectable lives, conduct themselves with integrity and treat others with high regard.

Human Relations by Winnie Mwangi your young boss will soon follow suit seeing that you are professional and use proper terms. Be professional in every aspect. When age catches up, with time, you find that you are not able to cope with the fast lane boss and especially in terms of time keeping. You may need to be careful here because you do not want your young boss to be thinking “this old guy” and have a different opinion of you. Prove the young tuck wrong and be the first to enroll into gym classes, meet deadlines, dress smart and with the trend, show that you are still with it and basically be ahead of time. This will not only challenge the young boss to be a better leader and it will keep you in check to show your worth despite the age difference. However, even when you are dressing smart and being the “first”, you need to take into account that you should not try to change how things are done without considering the outcome. If you feel you are more experienced (long with age), talk your concerns with the young boss and be positive, avoiding using yourself in your experiences. If you keep referring to your age experiences, it will berate the young boss and guess where you will be going next? I would want to believe that your young boss would appreciate it if you do not talk about his or her age to him or even to others. Avoid phrases like “back then” or “when we were young” unless and only if the boss asks. Keep in touch with the boss. This means you should try not to keep your boss at arms length, but on the other hand, do not be misunderstood when you are being friendly because it can be misinterpreted as social interest. Be friendly in a professional manner without having any insinuations of interest for example, if you are an older man and your young boss is a fine lady, you can be friendly but you need to have learnt as said earlier, the interests of your boss, her terms and work around those and when you become friendly, it will not be mistaken as social interest. Ensure that the boss knows and is comfortable with you working under her. If your boss is incompetent, it will show early. A good thing to note is that if there are other people working with you, they will be on the look out to see how you will deal with your young boss and the pressures of answering to a younger incompetent boss.

With respect as a weapon for dealing with the young boss: Do not to pre-judge your younger boss thinking that you are better off because of your age. Instead, have class and be civil to him or her, regardless of the age status. Know why you are at the job and stop thinking about the age thing, it will save you much heartache. Needless to say age ain’t nothing but a number. Focus on what you are good at and use it. Treat everyone (including your younger boss) as a customer. Your boss is not your friend, be helpful and show interest and enthusiasm. You could even try to find out what interests him or her, e.g. tidiness, proper and trim layout of business letters, etc. Make a list and listen to what you have in common and things to remember about him or her. However, do not adore and show false interest, it will backfire on you When your boss is younger: sooner or later because the true colors will ∗ Empathize. How you would like to be come to light. treated if you were in that position. With this age factor you will find that the terms used sometimes are not fa- ∗ Treat him or her with respect as you would any other boss. miliar. Ask questions when unclear with such terms which may not have been there ∗ Look for positives of working under a in “your days”. Take note of these terms young boss, e.g. Dynamism, energy, but it would also be good practice for you fresh approach to things, etc. and the boss to use common business ∗ Focus on your strengths and this will ease terms which are understood by everyone; the feeling of insecurity and resentment

∗ Keep your skill up to date. Keep up with the market trend and technology

∗ Be a mentor and the fantastic fixer! Take

∗ ∗ ∗

pride in being able to solve problems and keep a scoreboard. Imagine when your boss has to look up to you to give advise, to have a talk on something which should very well be done by him or her but prefers when the older one does it? That would be a plus in your career and that would mean that your young boss can rely on you but this is earned with time and respect, positive attitude and skill will be what will win you to be a mentor. Do not come across as condescending or intrusive but exercise humility. If you feel discomfort because of the age issue, raise it tactfully and respectfully. Dress well. Update your style and have a fashion sense. Try not to copy your boss but be on the look out for what suits you and is in style. Check on what interests your boss. You will go a long way in supporting your younger boss when you know his or her likes and dislikes. Try not to lose sight of the fact that you need your boss as much as he or she needs you. It will all boil down to the attitude you have towards the fact that your boss is younger than you and as you may know, attitude is a matter of choice. Sometimes we blame others for our bad feelings, while the bare minimum fact is that we all choose how we respond to situations. Search yourself for your own skills that come with age, e.g. maturity, experience and know how. Use them. Have a plan B and Plan C so that if it all falls apart and you have to exit, you will not be walking to an empty sunset. Finally, thank God that you have a job. Always thank God for your job and for strength to do it well.

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An Exquisite Cultural Heritage

Perspectives white man on behalf of her mother while asking for a fifty cents that the man owed Admit it, there are customers who cannot the lady. The guy looked at her and said he be defined as anything else other than bedid not have anything so the girl should ing a headache. And we have had them leave. The little girl said okay, but continthey will call us at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday ued to stand there. Thinking that the small morning as you are going to enter church girl had already gone, the guy was pretty asking the progress of their order! You go surprised and angry to find that she had not to bed and the first dream you have is of left. He even threatened to slap her. So just that customer ruining your Monday mornas he was approaching her with everything ing! about his posture screaming assault on the girl, she stepped forward toward him and In the years that I have been employed and screamed with every fibre of her being continuing now in the manabout her mother wanting agement of a company and the fifty cents. For a few magazine, two things that seconds, I would think in have adamantly stood out shock and all that, the guy are that: reached into his pocket, got i) a customer is a customer, out half a dollar and gave it no matter their nature, outto the young girl. ward appearance, complexion, appearance, attitude, This story made me realize e.t.c. that even the worst of cusBUT tomers can be turned into ii) some customers s are just not worth the the best and instead of running, you end up hassle - honestly! having them eat out of your hand? How, As an entrepreneur, your biggest and major you ask? point of concern is maximizing the returns It takes skill, patience staying positive and the ability to smile even on your investment and when you come when every other part of you is screaming blue murder across a customer who aims at sinking the return to levels that are sometimes lower than the investment itself, while simultane- Be polite, Firm and Subtle A hard combination to have, but possible to ously maximizing the risk to very uncomacquire, maintain and reap greatly from it. fortable levels, RUN - drop the deal like a There are customers who do not really care hot potato and run as if your life depends whether you have to break policy and work on it. Because it does! Honestly speaking, guidelines for them to have their way. It is that deal will haunt you for a pretty long not their biggest concern whether you lose time to come. your job in the process of giving them the Let’s take a hypothetical but everyday service.

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are supervised!” Get it right the firs time, sort out that customer and let them get away from you satisfied and pray that they never have to come back to you again for anything. Read your customer like the back of your hand Every person has their point of weakness. It maybe that a grumpy customer just needs his order taken by a beautiful waitress rather than a male waiter. Others just consider a woman in the corporate world as a lost soul. In such a case, instead of having the female folk deal with him much to their own misery, let the customer deal with the gender he is comfortable with. For those who believe in God and know that temptations come in all manner, there are people who are just the personality of the devil incarnate himself sent to torment you. The best thing, especially through the spirit of discernment. Let them be handled by somebody else. Forget the commission involved, if any, just give them a wide berth. Identify only one person to deal with a particular difficult person There are customers who have bestowed upon themselves the dignitary status. scenario. Unless they deal with the boss, they will be The only time it might Very many households employ the services as difficult as possible. It is important for hit them that they of a house help, male or female and their such customers, if your organization has were asking for too services will range from house work, to the man power, to have a number two who much is if they come child care, garden maintenance, family can handle them as personally as the boss around again and you driver and so much more including security. does. Otherwise, no staff member will be cannot serve them As far as this setting goes, the house help is willing to deal with them because they because you were fired the service provider and the members of know, it just means trouble! in the process of pleasthe household are the customers. The lady Draw the line - Let the customer know ing and meeting their of the house is always identifying more of your limits and how far you can be demands. So rather the wrongs than the right things done. , stretched. than burn your fingers there is a crease on the table cloth, you left Every organization has some basic rules of for people who think the bathroom light on, you left the broom working. The customers should know from the world revolves lying on the ground in the backyard, ,the the word go, the principles you are working around them because top shelf is dirty, you always wake up five on. If it has to do with timing, let the custhey are engaging you to serve them is minutes after the alarm goes off instead of tomer know that if you say the appointment being polite in responding to them. When waking up before it rings, I am paying you is set for 2:00 p.m. and he comes through they scream at you, smile at them and keep 2,500/= and you are eating and sleeping in at 2:30 p.m., he has to rebook because quiet. Do not answer their tirade of words, my house so your services must be the best others have to be served. you will only be fuelling it further and it and nothing less. Frankly speaking, in such Be in charge from Day 1 protects you because you do not say things a scenario, you would have to be a superCustomers can smell a weakling who is easy you don’t mean in the heat of the moment. natural human being to stay for more than to manipulate and harass from the word go. Instead of saying, I am sorry I cannot do two month with a customer who gives you Style up yourself and your staff to ensure this. Just simply say, am sorry sir, but there this dose daily. that they remain in charge of every situais no way of going against the laid down tion, to avoid manipulation by some cusprocedure without compromising your relaProfessionally, we know them. “I said I tomers. tions with the company. wanted you to fold the letter twice, not Get it right the first time so they never once”; “I thought you are a customer This is your business and the customers are have to come back for a repeat job minded organization, why is the water disat the centre of it all. But remember if you Nothing is as annoying as a repeat job for a penser empty?” let them know that you are so flexible for difficult customer. You have not only given them to bend and shape you in any directhem a reason to be more difficult. You When I thought about this I was reminded tion they please, they will be the direct have also justified their total treatment of of a story in the book by Napoleon Hill, cause of either your downfall or miserable you. How often have you had this phrase, Think & Grow Rich. This young girl of staff. “You cannot do anything right unless you African origin went to face a mean looking

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ith all the earthquakes and tremors Inspired by the Creator of the happening, I have began to seriously universe Giver of life wonder and marvel at how miniature we are in God’s eyes. You know that phrase - “sure serve as a bank guarantee, they are those as the ground you are standing upon”? Now given by God and are contained in the bible. am not so sure that is a viable phrase. b) Sow, bear and reap the nine fruits The fruits of the spirit are love, joy, peace, In a world of billions upon billions of people, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, how awesome is it that God knows the gentleness, self-control. number of hair strands on each person’s Every fruit has a seed. If you plant and nurhead? It is said that God holds us and our ture that seed, it grows an bears the fruit. A destinies upon the palm of His hands. Hypo- mango seed will not bear a strawberry. In thetically, if God was to clench a fist, that the same way, there are fruits which we would be it for mankind. Chapter closed. need to cultivate within ourselves so as to form a strong and acceptable character in Knowing our status, it is only logical to ask, every sphere of business or social living. so how best do I make the most of every The results of these are highly rewarding. moment that I am alive? By vast reading, I Self-control allows you to keep your cool found there was so much but I found it im- in a room full of flaring tempers. Peace portant to share with you only six of them. allows you to keep off wars and battles that are just not worth fighting and playing it a) Live by the promises smart & clean when the fight calls for dirty Every person who diligently reads the Bible, tricks. Patience allows you to stretch bewhich is the ultimate word of God, will yond your normal limits for the your own guarantee you of finding a promise of/ from good and for others. It also allows you the God for every situation, challenge, success opportunity to give your enemies enough or lull in your life. “Ask and it shall be given rope to hang themselves. It gives you the to you, seek and you will find …”; “Even ability to sacrifice momentary gains and though I walk through the valley of the pleasures for bigger and more long term shadow of death, thy staff and they rod successes. Faithfulness is what keeps your they comfort me …”; “bring your tithes and hopes up even when everybody and everyofferings to the house of God … and see if I thing else has given up. By faith Enoch, the shall not open man of God was taken up such that he did the windows not face death because it was credited to and gate…”; him that he pleased God. Faith is the sub“God is not a stance of things hoped for, the evidence of man that He things not seen. Kindness helps you build should lie …”; a reputation and relationships through em“though your pathy and sympathy. It allows you to cry sins are red when you are supposed to, hold someone’s as scarlet, I hand during tough times. Love is said to will cleanse you and you shall be as white cover a multitude of sins while joy makes as snow …”; “… and the rainbow was a sign you sing even when buried deep in a mess, of the covenant that God would not destroy otherwise you may die not because of the the face of the world with floods …”. These bad conditions but because of misery. are just a few. Goodness is the quality of life that allows The beauty about God’s word is that it is you the opportunity to be giver; and givers, Yes and Amen. Whatever He says and sets God has made sure, shall not lack for anyout to do, no once can stop it. Look at the thing. A gentle spirit is what gives you children of Israel in the wilderness. God enough dignity and class to dine with kings gave them numerous promises - what they yet remain humble enough to dance with would get if they obeyed His word and lived the pauper. c) Define, work at and live by your defiaccording to how He instructed the; and what they would face incase of their disobenitions and standards of success There are those who define success by the dience. And for sure, God brought it to pass. A look through the Old testament will acres of land they own or head of cattle. Others define it by the amount of money in tell you that God wasn’t joking when He the bank account, number of friend, acamade the promises. demic/ professional excellence and so much more. By defining what success is for you, From personal experience, standing on God’s promises when everything else seems you give yourself a Service Level Agreement by which your actions are judged. If uncertain is the greatest comfort and sure you consider. If you consider the bank acground. Your reliance and dependence on count cash to be the promises is a sure sign of faith. Conyour measure of sider Abraham. Straight from his first ensuccess, then you counter with God, he was promised that he know that as long would be the father of many nations, yet he as it is at mininever had a child until he got to his old mum balance, you age; and even that son of the promise, are not successful. Isaac, God asked for him as a sacrifice from Success is not a Abraham. That was the ultimate test of destination to be faith, but all through the years, God kept arrived at, rather reminding Abraham of that one promise. it is a road to be traveled. Find out If there are words and promises that can

by Wangari Kimani what challenges you? What have you overcome and what did that experience teach you? Have you ever loved so much and it caused you much pain? How much and for what have you made great sacrifices for your future? If your life, as you know it today, were to come tumbling down, would you have a reason to stand up, dust off and start from scratch no matter the damage caused? I have heard it said that if you do not know where you are going, any road will lead you there. If you do not know what success is for you, how do you expect to know when you are successful? d) Be the sprinkler and not the soaking ground A sprinkler’s job is very easy - water comes into it and it spreads the precious liquid to the thirsty earth from which we harvest crop. When God blesses you with everything that you have, it was not His intention for you to keep it for yourself. If it was then He would limit His blessings. You and I are conduits through which god’s blessings are expected to flow to others. I choose to be a pipeline any day through which God blesses other people because every time He uses me as a carrier for someone else’s blessing, I get blessed in the process. e) Fall in love with yourself Being in love with yourself in a genuine and non-sanctimonious way makes you more confident to step out into the crowd and offer your best; it allows you new levels of accountability and responsibility, insight and understanding of your potential and so much more. Genuine love for the self creates a genuine love for you from others and you become like a magnet, attracting others to yourself because you have so much to offer, and they just can’t help but be attracted to you. This may also not go down very well with those who took advantage of you because of your low self esteem. But hey, its not about them, its about you. HOWEVER, this may create the temptation to be full of airs, contempt for others, selfishness and a negative pride element. Be careful not to go down this road. f) Find a home at the feet of the Almighty. The most humbling yet highly empowering place to ever find yourself it at the feet of Jesus. And it is a true privilege to be there. At this place you are disciplined, advised, blessed, anointed, forgiven, protected, fulfilled, cautioned, molded, into a very useful vessel and you get to enjoy the peace of God. One visit there and you never want to leave because you do not remain the same. In the bible there is one woman who knew ho precious those feet were. She washed Jesus feet with the most expensive perfume and used her hair to wipe His feet. All this while everyone around grumbled that it was a waste of a precious commodity. Am sure the blessings that emanated from that action were more than she had ever dreamed of.

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