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The new free electron laser, FERMI@Elettra, under construction at Sincrotrone Trieste has been designed using modeFRONTIER as a tool to optimize the design process of critical components.

modeFRONTIER at Sincrotrone Trieste Free electron laser critical components design optimized with modeFRONTIER速 Most recent of a series of achievements accomplished with



product of ESTECO srl, the optimization of

more details). This worked as a proof of concept for the reliability of modeFRONTIER速 as design tool for electron lasers.

critical components for particle accelerators is

As a matter of fact

a sound fulfillment both

the use of the


system has been

engineering and

extended to design

scientific research.

different types of

FERMI@Elettra is

magnet deployed

an insertion device

in the accelerator.



For example, the

extremely precise

automation of the

structure with a

3D magnetic field

length of about 5m

simulation and the

capable of moving magnet arrays which

optimization of the chamfer shape of multipole

exercise attractive or repulsive forces in

magnets became a key-factor in order to be

different directions in the range of 1000kg/m

able to quickly adapt the design to the

yet keeping deformation and positioning

evolution of the accelerator specification (see

accuracy in the order of few microns.

[2] for more details).

One of the first optimization tasks carried out with modeFRONTIER速 was the minimization of mass while keeping the device performance in presence of temperature gradients (see [1] for


More recently modeFRONTIER® has been introduced in the design of RadioFrequency cavities (the devices that transfer energy to the electrons traveling in the accelerator). Moreover, modeFRONTIER® multi-disciplinary approach efficiently wrapped electromagnetism, structural and heat transfer in the same optimization loop. Last but not least some preliminary work has been done in order to use the system in the automation of the post-processing of experimental data (see [3] for more details) opening a new scenario for a pervasive use of modeFRONTIER® in leading edge research.


ESTECO srl is one of the front runners in multi-disciplinary and multi-objective design optimization technology offering a world-class product: modeFRONTIER®. The competences developed by ESTECO srl cover all the technological components needed for integrating design and simulation tools into a single IT environment including the application of computational tools for analysis and business process purposes. Today ESTECO srl is a strategic supplier of integration, simulation and optimization technology as well as consulting services to engineers and researchers in the automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and life science industry.The Head Quarters of the company are located at AREA Science Park in Trieste, Italy.

Sincrotrone Trieste Scpa - ELETTRA

ELETTRA is a multidisciplinary Synchrotron Light Laboratory in AREA Science Park, open to researchers in diverse basic and applied fields. The laboratory is equipped with ultra-bright light sources in the spectral range from UV to X-rays and offers a stimulating and competitive environment to researchers from all over the world. FERMI@Elettra is a single-pass FEL userfacility covering the wavelength range from 100 nm (12 eV) to 10 nm (124 eV), located next to the third-generation synchrotron radiation facility ELETTRA in Trieste, Italy.

modeFRONTIER® is a registered product of ESTECO Srl

modeFRONTIER Distribution Network

AMERICA ESTECO North America Inc.

EUROPE EnginSoft SpA


modeFRONTIER at Sincrotrone Trieste  

The new free electron laser, FERMI@Elettra, under construction at Sincrotrone Trieste has been designed using modeFRONTIER as a tool to opti...

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