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iMUG International Moldflow User Group, May 20-22, 2008, Detroit MI - US Courtesy of: Courtesy of:

Optimization of an Automotive Door Panel acting on injection molding process parameters. Luca Fuligno, Maurizio Facchinetti, Sergio Sarti - EnginSoft S.p.A. Andrea Piussi – ESTECO srl Alastair Tweedie, Pierluigi Colombo – Johnson Controls Inc.

OBJECTIVES: Reduce Warpage Reduce Clamp Force Control final weld line position Control minimum flow front temperature

PROCESS PARAMETERS TO BE TUNED: Packing profile Packing pressure Melt temperature Open times of 4 hot valve gates

SOLUTION: Link Moldflow MPI model to modeFRONTIER® design improvement software. Automate the search for better solutions (multiple runs of MPI) using a fast artificial intelligence algorithm.

modeFRONTIER® is a registered product of ESTECO Srl | Copyright© ESTECO Srl 1999-2009 |

Optimization of an Automotive Door Panel acting on injection molding process parameters

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“modeFRONTIER® strongly improves existing process parameters, matching simultaneously conflicting objectives, in only 44 Moldflow studies (over 1016 possible variants)” Before:

Deflection Z: -29%

…and simultaneously…

Clamp force: -30%


By coupling modeFRONTIER® and Moldflow MPI, it is easy to control other parameters, such as part thickness, inlet gates’ number/ position, etc. modeFRONTIER® allows to include and link in the optimization loop, and together with Moldflow MPI, any CAD system (mixed process/part shape optimization) and/or FEM tools (mixed process/structural optimization) or any other CAE instruments or experimental campaign.

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modeFRONTIER® is a product of ESTECO Srl© 1999-2009 |

Optimization of an Automotive Door Panelacting on injection molding process parameters