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At Landi Renzo modeFRONTIER® was used to build a multidisciplinary workbench and schedule simulation campaigns in fluiddynamic design

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modeFRONTIER® at Landi Renzo From an optimized EPR to 3D simulation campaigns: the multiple uses of modeFRONTIER®

Landi Renzo is using modeFRONTIER® to calibrate numerical models and to get an optimal and robust EPR

“The first project with modeFRONTIER®, a

p o s s i b l e c o n fi g u r a t i o n s . A f t e r w a r d s ,

product of ESTECO srl, dates back to 2008,

modeFRONTIER® was used as a process

when we performed an optimization of the new

integrator and a multi-objective optimizer,

Electronic Pressure

connecting different

Regulator (EPR) - says

software tools to build a

Ferdinando Ciardiello,

truly and multi-disciplinary



virtual bench, with

Development Modelling

mechanical, pneumatic

Manager at Landi.

and control system

“Ercole Sangregorio,

m o d e l s , a n d fi n d i n g

current EPR Project


Manager, - continues

configurations. In this way,

Ciardello -

built-up a

we were able to minimize

two steps development:

pressure oscillations in the

at first, leveraging on

control volume and to get

experimental test data

an optimal and robust

available in our in-house

EPR configuration in just

f a c i l i t i e s ,

few weeks”. “Moreover,


we expanded the concept

calibrated a numerical

t o 3 D fl u i d - d y n a m i c s

model of the EPR. We

design, particularly with



obtained a very precise 1D model, able to

the Ansys Workbench direct node in

predict well and quickly the system’s behavior,

modeFRONTIER®, resulting in scheduled 3D

the steady-state and the transient in different

simulation campaigns during night time and


weekends. It proved to be a very efficient approach, based on the stateof-the-art Design Of Experiment available in modeFRONTIER.” “Computer-Aided Engineering has always been a key success factor for our growth - says Viliam Alberini, Leader of the Components Division and EnginSoft, partner in distribution of ESTECO srl, has been supporting our demands well for years. Adding modeFRONTIER® to our software chain in 2008 has been a winning move for more than one reason: with modeFRONTIER® our approach to product concept has become more systematic and now allows us to evaluate more alternatives and take into account the effects of more design variables. This translates into value to our customers: critical factors are understood and handled much earlier in the process and the design results more robust in a shorter time. modeFRONTIER® has also improved the predictive power of our numerical models by feeding them with lab testing results. This philosophy has reduced development times and costs, and our team can cater to customer demands and discuss specifications with them more efficiently”.


Based in Cavriago (Reggio Emilia - Italy), with more than 50 years experience in the sector, Landi Renzo is distinguished by a sustained revenue growth, a listing in the STAR segment of the Italian stock exchange, and the extent of its international operations, with a presence in over 50 countries. The Landi Renzo Company was established in 1954 when Renzo Landi and his wife Giovannina Domenichini founded Officine Meccaniche Renzo Landi, at the time the only manufacturer of mixers specifically designed for all kinds of vehicles. Landi Renzo S.p.A. is now a global leader in the sector of components and LPG and CNG fuel systems for motor vehicles, serving more than 30% of the market of alternative automotive fuel systems and components. It is a preferred supplier by a growing number of worldwide brands like Daimler Chrysler, Fiat, Opel, PSA, Renault, Volkswagen, and more recently Toyota. Landi Renzo S.p.A. Research and Development Centre is currently the only one in its field to use advanced technologies that allow creating and developing modern systems to convert vehicle fuel systems to LPG and CNG. Visit the website on:

ESTECO srl is one of the front runners in multi-disciplinary and multi-objective design optimization


technology offering a world-class product: modeFRONTIER®. The competences developed by ESTECO srl cover all the technological components needed for integrating design and simulation tools into a single IT environment including the application of computational tools for analysis and business process purposes. Today ESTECO srl is a strategic supplier of integration, simulation and optimization technology as well as consulting services to engineers and researchers in the automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and life science industry.The Head Quarters of the company are located at AREA Science Park in Trieste, Italy.

modeFRONTIER® is a registered product of ESTECO Srl

modeFRONTIER Distribution Network

AMERICA ESTECO North America Inc.

EUROPE EnginSoft SpA



At Landi Renzo modeFRONTIER was used to calibrate numerical models, build a multidisciplinary workbench and schedule simulation campaigns i...

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