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Take a break: let modeFRONTIER work for you (with the GRID) The GRID is a new system that allows the simultaneous use of simulation software on different machines. It’s enough to have just one modeFRONTIER license on one of the machines used to be able to perform your design process saving time and resources. Furthemore, using direct nodes, users can avoid to write complex scripts: external software are connected automatically. In addition to that, the GRID easily provides an integrated and heterogeneous environment among Windows, Linux or Mac operative systems. And why not use the GRID to orchestrate an optimization all night long? With the new modeFRONTIER tool all the workstations shared in the department can be used during downtime. Thanks to the GRID you can run an optimization process launching in parallel several designs without having to write annoying command lines for a queuing system.

Highlights modeFRONTIER Grid Tool monitors an “Agent” that runs on remote machines controlling the execution of jobs locally. Main features: • Easy configuration • Integrated load balancer • No license needed for Agents • Compatible with all OS Platforms Workflow nodes: • USG NX • LabView • Ansys Workbench • SimulationX • Cygwin • DOS Batch • SH Script Therefore, using the GRID you can: • make all software license assessment more efficient • save time and resources • increase the performance of the whole design process About modeFRONTIER modeFRONTIER is a multidisciplinary design and multi-objective optimization tool, written to allow easy coupling to a wide range of applications across all industry sectors, whether commercial or in-house. More information:

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