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Gift Cards Are The Way to Go By: Isabella Mesa “It’s the thought that counts” yeah, well tell that to my useless present. Even though, the previous sentence sounds as conceited as Paris Hilton, it’s true. It takes ages for people to decide what to get others. People ask their friends, look online. I’ve seen a billion videos dedicated to this topic. All along the answer’s been right there… you guessed it… gift cards. Now, don’t be afraid, as unknown and uncommon as they are (and come), they are the clear solution. When I receive a gift card, I’m instantly pleased. I can buy whatever I want. There is no limit! Well… okay, there might be, but still. A gift card brings such a broad variety of options, especially when it’s somewhere like Target or Amazon. You might be thinking now, that even though I’m right, a gift card shows no effort or care. It’s an un-emotionally detached present. Well, it doesn’t have to be. If I know that my friend thrives on makeup, then why not buy her a Sephora gift card? If my cousin’s a total (wannabe) hipster, then Urban Outfitters is your best friend. One of the best parts about gift cards is that you can show how well you know a person, without being specific. My friend can love books but what if she has a secret hatred for dystopian novels. No worries, with a Barnes and Nobles gift card she can easily get a book she’s been dying for. With the holidays approaching, there is no need to worry. You are welcome.

E l v e s L ov e Chr i s t ma s By: Lucia Game Wrap the gifts You know how Measure the paper Cut here Cut there Now some tape Stick here, stick there All good On to the next. They taught you well That’s for sure. You remember When he came in that big old sled Those frightening big reindeers And his terrifying jingle bells. He was stronger than us More ‘developed’ Is that the word? Yes, according to them. But we learned quickly It took a few years and a lot of deaths But we learned to do what they wanted. Now we pack, and wrap Pack, and wrap An Iphone for Billy A laptop for Sofia Lucky little kids They have so much They are ‘developed’ like that jolly man So they get everything. But we don’t complain You see we are the Jolly man’s last burden We are lucky, because they educate us and civilize us And that’s good we’re told. But I do miss the old days When we could do what we wanted When we didn’t have to wear these itchy suits And uncomfortable shoes.

But again I can’t complain If I work hard enough If I wrap enough gifts I can bring back a little gold jingle bell And if I get enough jingle bells I can make my family happy Buy my baby elf’s some presents and food. We couldn’t afford a turkey this year Or the last But I know that next year I’ll afford it. They deserve it My beautiful family With my lovely wife and perfect children Everything I do I do for them I don’t complain because of them Because by packing and wrapping I am taking care of them. But I just wish I could buy them some of these presents for them. Wait, remember to wrap, Another iPad for Francois Another Gucci bag for Midori But this life is better for my family My children will be educated by the jolly men And they will have a better future That is what they tell us And I do hope that is true I hope one day they will be like Billy and Sofia and Francois and Midori Because they deserve the world. But I know that my children will be grateful If they are ever like those other children Perhaps they will send a thank you letter They might do something to help the little elf who will be packing their gift. Because they know what hard work means And know that they are blessed. All I want is a thank you A little gratitude And of course A holly jolly Christmas ! !

By: Marian Aristizábal **Instructions: Write down the words that a friend chooses to fill in the blanks with, without them knowing the story. After the whole story is complete, read it out loud. I wonder if Santa Claus is real. Would he be a really (adjective) man? Or what if in reality he was the more (adjective) type of guy? Who knows? For all we know he could be a(n) (adjective) person (verb) ing around with his (adjective) (object) . You see, that would explain a lot since last year all I got for Christmas was a (adjective) (noun) . It really sucked because, in reality, I’d wished for (celebrity name) to magically appear in (your favorite place) with a(n) (object) tied in colorful ribbons. It was so disappointing not to see (same celebrity) , that I had a major (adjective) outbreak in the middle of (school subject) class. What’s even worse is that this happened all in the middle of (any month but December) . This got me several weird looks, especially after I hit (teacher’s name) in the (body part) and then simply proceeded to empty a bottle of (liquid) on myself for, what seemed, no apparent reason. Although the teacher incident got some congratulatory and approving looks from several other students, especially from (friend’s name) , the whole (same liquid) part only made others really uncomfortable. My parents were advised to seek me some professional help. So…yeah… I really hope I get what I want this Christmas. Wouldn’t a new (object) be nice?



A P ec ul i a r S ur pr i s e fo r the F a mi l y By: Paula Acero

I really, truly, didn’t understand the message. Why was it that as a Christmas gift, I had gotten a piece of paper with a few words written on it that I didn’t understand? Who was “Juanita or

Camilo” and why were they calling me their cousin? I wasn’t expecting this, I would have wished

for a videogame, or a cute necklace, but this was so much more than that.

Everyone was smiling from ear to ear in my family, and began hugging my uncle and my aunt, who

were the ones that gave me that so-called present. I was sad, and felt stupid because I seemed to

be the only person in the room who didn’t get the message. I approached my mother discretely,

and asked her what all of this was about. She didn’t answer me, she just pointed at the sofa on

the corner of the living room and then told me to reread the paper. She pointed out “this time, do it

extra carefully.” I did as she told me, actually several times, but I still didn’t get it.

I gave up, and decided to ask my aunt why everybody was hugging her. I approached in a very shy manner, and told her, “Ayana, I’m confused.” Instead of giving me the answer, she asked me, “Do

you remember what we were going to people if he turned out a girl?” Pipe is my cousin, who is

currently eight years old. Then, it came all to me. Why they were calling me cousin, why I would “see them next July,” why there were two names as an option for signature.

Truth is, it was the best Christmas gift I could ever asked for, and it was for absolutely everyone

as well. Not even my grandparents or my parents knew anything about it. My cousin was a

getting a sibling, and he didn’t know either. I couldn’t believe he had understood the message when

he was like five years old and I was already 12! I guess my brain just got blocked, but the

confusion was totally worth it. I was so happy that I didn’t even want to open any other gifts that night.

Presents com(m)unicate 2013  
Presents com(m)unicate 2013  

This is the online edition of Colegio Nueva Granada's 2013 Holiday edition!