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My name is Esteban Castrillón Sánchez, I’m 16 years old, I was born on September 6 in Medellin; I have been baptized, when I had one year. It was so special day, because I was blessed by God. I living in girardota whit my family and I just prepared for be a great person in my school.

My childhood was very beautiful, because I shared many things with my brother and my family, this was icreible because I have been playing soccer 5 year ago whit him, and now we have been in a big team of Medellin for the big competition of the year.

My mother Paula has been Supporting me in this games, like a big fan, I love her so much, and I know that I can do that because I got talent playing many sports, however sometimes I have been studying so hard for won my first cup, I remember that I have been training in the INDER whit my best friend which is the best player in the stadium, he teach me many tecnics to get a great goal but I really so hard.

I enter to the school in 2005, in these years I have been studying for be a great Industrial Engineer in my school, but I have to be so smart and do my works. The best moment in my life was when my parents got married in a beautiful party because the best singer MAHELO RUIZ was there.

It was a nice process because I was learning new things that were finding new knowledge.

I have been doing the first Confirmation in the 2016, was something nice because I was with my family and my brother I received God and it was something that filled me with joy.

I have been Competing biccicross in Cartagena and I was the winner.

I had been Knowing many places to my the country like a Cartagena, marinilla, Santa Rosa, and bogota.

I have been training in the pony football right now and it’s to interesting because there are many people that like that.

I had been doing the confirmation with my little cousin and was blessed with strengths and triumphs by the Holy Spirit.

I have been rideing in my bycicle the last year to be able to transport me to school. I have been travel to Puerto rico to see Don Omar, he has been singing in Medellin in the last week and I take photos with all the artists, it was the best because I went with my dad, my mom, my brother a cousin and two aunts.

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