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FAIRMONT BREAKFAST LAUNCH | Fairmont recently hosted a breakfast to celebrate the launch of the Fairmont Heritage Place in Zimbali.

The ‘Key’ to Prosperity! Ballito is uniquely positioned in the “aerotropolis” for positive economic impact LIESL NEL Just 12km inland from Ballito, as the crow flies, on 2000ha of land, is the Dube TradePort - the ‘key’ that will unlock extensive global opportunities for KwaZulu-Natal specifically and for South Africa generally. Hamish Erskine, Project Executive: Commercial, of the Dube TradePort, gave Ballito, by answering just seven questions, a closer look… What is the essence of the Dube TradePort?

To serve as a means for economic growth and development as well as for the creation of sustainable jobs. When will the Dube TradePort be operational?

Phase 1, which will include the aeronautical infrastructure (ACSA), the interchange access from the N2 and the alternative access from the R102, the independently operated local and international cargo terminal, the

Agri-Zone, the Trade Zone, the Support Zone and IT Zone will be operational by early May 2010.

What is the association between the Dube TradePort and ACSA(Airports Company of South Africa)?

According to a Co-operation Agreement signed between the Dube TradePort and ACSA, ACSA will build, operate and own the new international airport and the passenger terminal. The Dube TradePort will exclusively own and manage the TradePort, which includes the Agri-Zone, IT platform and the cargo-handling terminal within the airport. The remaining land is developed by the Dube TradePort and ACSA in a joint venture. How much money has been spent on the Dube TradePort to date?

Just under R8 billion.

How would a Ballito business man or resident go about opening a business

at the Dube TradePort?

Interested parties are invited to contact the Dube TradePort directly on 031 307 2857.

When will Ballito residents find out more about companies involved with the Dube TradePort and job availibility at these companies?

The Dube TradePort will start with a massive marketing campaign towards the end of 2009, which will include, amongst others, information on companies involved in the different zones mentioned earlier. 12 ha of the land being developed will be the Support Zone, which will be occupied by retail, office and hotel enterprises, all with staff requirements. A further 26 ha is being developed at the TradeZone which will accommodate airfreight dependent and service industries. As the Dube TradePort will not be handling any recruitment, we encourage members of the Ballito and surrounding communities to ‘keep their

ears to the ground’ during the next couple of months for job opportunities. What impact is the Dube TradePort estimated to have on Ballito and the surrounding community in terms of investment and its economy?

Global trends show that airports have a direct economic impact within a 25 km radius. This has now been studied extensively in planning institutions around the world and has been called the “aerotropolis”. As Ballito falls within this radius, it should positively benefit, over time, from the development of the Dube TradePort. Just 12km from your doorstep is the ‘key’ which is expected to rapidly develop KwaZulu-Natal as a major business hub in South Africa. It is important to start thinking about how you can use this ‘key’ to unlock your own opportunities in and around Ballito!

304 days until the opening of the new King Shaka Airport - 1st May 2010 TheBallito Showcase is Ballito’s first monthly business newspaper





Edition 1 | July 2009

















On launch of TheBallito Showcase Best wishes with the new business paper! We look forward to getting a copy every month - Anon Great job. We need to share about how great Ballito is as a city and place to live - Gary Vaughan



































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Welcome to the first edition of TheBallito Showcase business newspaper. With all the growth and interest in and around Ballito the potential is tangible, and we are in a blessed position to still be seeing business sustain themselves in a tough economy. When we approached businesses about putting together Ballito’s first business newspaper the response was overwhelming and this first edition is just the start of all the good news, events and happenings that business is experiencing at the moment. Our intention is to share the very best of news about people or businesses that are making positive headway in the local business community. TheBallito Showcase offers business the opportunity to “showcase” themselves, their products or their sterling achievements to other businesses around them. TheBallito Showcase will also form part of a larger initiative to market Ballito as a feasible destination for businesses from Gauteng and other provinces when considering opening up a KZN branch, or even looking for an alternative lifestyle to the pace of Johannesburg, and the frustration

of the traffic. With so much to offer in Ballito, and the new airport which will see Ballito become an extension of Johannesburg, we believe that showcasing the strength of our already established and driven business community will attract the right businesses to Ballito, offering them an attractive, sustainable trading environment. We plan to bring you TheBallito Showcase once a month, with at least 15,000 copies printed and distributed in areas ranging from Umhlanga Rocks to Richards Bay. We will also distribute 5000 additional copies in Centurion (Pta) and Sandton (Jhb) every several months, making sure our fellow businessmen have the option to see what amazing development and growth is going on in Ballito. We trust you’ll share any interesting business stories with us and hope you subscribe to our monthly business newspaper through our subscription email or telephone options. Justin Scott Editor, TheBallito Showcase

Marketing to boost your business CERA-JANE CATTON Advertising is the mouthpiece of business, and in these tough times we need to speak louder than ever before. In order to see higher sales growth during a recession one needs to maintain or even increase one’s ad spend. So why should you advertise during a recession? A recession study between 1981 and 2002 found business that maintained or increased their ad spend during this time averaged higher sales growth during the recession and in the following 3 years sales of the businesses had risen 256% over those that had cut back on advertising Aggressive recession advertisers increased their market share 2 ½ times the average for all businesses in the post-recession In 2002 the Strategic Planning

Institute illustrated that during economic expansion even though 80% of businesses increased their advertising spend there was NO improvement in market share, because everyone had increased ad spending! So how should you advertise and why advertise in magazines? Presented with more advertising options than ever before; print is an active medium, and offers exposure even when potential customers aren’t looking for the advertisers. Aficionado magazines serve their chosen markets effectively with both editorial and advertising. For most people, print is what they rely on to make a decision the fact that print ads can be referred to again and again; and colour reproduction is more accurate than in other media. Magazines provide you with

the ability to showcase your product in a full-colour, glossy format. This gives your product a more polished feel and boosts your company’s credibility in the eyes of consumers. Another frequently overlooked upside of magazine advertising is that unlike other advertising mediums, magazines make it easy for you to target specific market demographics. By leveraging readership demographics, you instantly ensure that your message is being seen by the right people the ones most likely to buy your product. In these tougher economic times, free magazines that provide quality content where people can find their news, and entertainment information, are found to be a far more cost effective source.


“Learn to think independently. Be the chess player, not the chess piece.” Ralph Charell What’s your next move? Anthony Robbins Organizations/Teams can only accomplish two or three goals at once with excellence stephen r covey We’re ordering $2.1 billion worth of new planes. 10 Airbus A330 300 aircraft. It’s just the first stage of Virgin Atlantic’s second 25 years richard branson (virgin) e-commerce tip: don’t force your users to register - just let them buy and then register... many will bounce when they get a roadblock WEBSTRATEGYSHOP Somebody tie me down, I’m blowing awaaaayy.... HUNT3R Winds in Ballito! - Ed

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Edition 1 | July 2009



Ballito gets connected Service providers position themselves to tap into the connected North Coast JUSTIN SCOTT Bandwidth, connectivity, “cloud computing” and wireless networks are topics getting a lot of attention lately and have those in the know excited as the Seacom project, a U$650m cable connecting South Africa and Europe via East Africa and the Middle East, launches in the early days of July. While it is still difficult to say exactly what this will mean for business and households in real Rands and cents terms, it’s clear there will be a significant increase in “value for money” products offered by the various telecoms providers, considering their large investments in fibre recently. A business that already understands the value fibre optics can deliver is Fibre Based Integration, and when speaking to their CEO Andre Potgieter, at their branch

in Ballito, Triple Play Trading, its clear we’re only starting to see what promises to be a different means of using broadband connectivity to deliver content to our homes. Fibre Based Integration have been using fibre networks to implement turnkey city centre monitoring and surveillance solutions for cities such as Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban and a host more. They have also been involved n large telephony projects, laying over 3500 km’s of fibre optic cable, and saw the opportunity to combine their extensive knowledge of monitoring , surveillance and telecoms to move into the space of connected and secure living estates. Triple Play Trading, the Ballito division, offers the ability to deliver voice, data and video to your living room in a way that many of us are just


learning to come to terms with. Andre and his team are partners with other leaders like themselves in their national business, and have delivered solutions into estates such as Xanadu, Heritage Hill and Jackal Creek, offering the owners a broad base of digital services. You no longer have to imagine being able to see who’s visiting at the gate, a simple click of the remote and you can tap into a configured security camera on the estate, or even watch golf from key camera’s mounted close to the tee’s. With the bandwidth associated to fibre, VOIP telephony solutions are possible, reducing the cost of being connected significantly and there is even the possibility of streaming entertainment through various free or pay channels. Asked about why Triple Play has decided


on Ballito, Andre answers easily. The potential in the area has attracted him here, and Ballito also offers a lifestyle different to that of Johannesburg for him and his family. While Andre continues to travel, his family have been able to move away from the hustle and bustle of the big city and move to a more relaxed environment. That said, Ballito offers Andre’s business huge opportunity and being able to have both the lifestyle and opportunity is an added bonus for this business owner, who still finds himself communicating across the country every week. Increased connectivity is coming to Ballito, and with it we already have already attracted some of the best talent who have seen the potential here on the North Coast, and are going for it!


Remember the Milk (RtM)

If you need to remember a bunch of things to do but generally forget them, Remember the Milk might just be the site (and app) for you. With plug-ins for iPhone, gmail, Blackberry and even Twitter you should never forget what you need to do again. RtM even has a location reminder, so you can use maps and locations to remember what to do, where.

280 slides (beta)

For this businessmen who want to create something different to the normal MS Powerpoint presentations, www.280slides. com offers an interesting alternative. This site allows you to import, or create brand new presentations that can be stored online, for use anywhere, anytime. There is the ability to include Youtube and Flickr media. Perhaps the only criticism is the limited templates at this stage.


Although this site says for software projects you can use it to many any project or set of tasks in your business. Unfuddle offers tickets (log business issues), milestones and tasks related to a project, shared notebooks for project notes and information, messaging and an effective team notification process that lets everyone get an update by email. This one is highly recommended and used by us!

ANOTHER LEADING BRAND CHOOSES BALLITO: Wetherlys recently made a significant investment in the Ballito branch, just off the M4 leading into Ballito. Ballito is the heart of the North Coast, and is nuzzled between the fluttering fields of sugar cane, KwaZulu Natal’s famous “Green Gold”, and the golden beaches and pleasant waters of the Indian Ocean. It has been said that Ballito is the Pearl of the North Coast. Wetherlys, it can be said, is the Pearl of the furniture industry. The new store in Ballito blends right into the surroundings, and adds a touch of stylish elegance to the area. Complimenting the environment and the people, Wetherlys makes a statement that gives a lasting impression in the minds of the innovative community. One of Wetherlys core competencies is the depth of its range of products. Wetherlys is the definitive “decorating warehouse” which gives the discerning customer their ticket to the uppermost level of décor and styling. Wetherlys products range from exclusive collections, to accessories, silverware, statement fabrics, accent

ornaments, high quality linen and much more. The range which particularly suites the coastal lifestyle is the Cape Cod collection, this range, which is durable, strong, and resists warping and cracking, will give any beach house the sense of sophisticated but timeless seaside living. To complement your patio area, Wetherlys range of natural cane products, which are predominantly suited to outdoor living, offers comfort and style, and creates the ideal entertainment area. This is perfect for the Ballito climate. Harmonize your cane and Cape Cod collection with Wetherlys outstanding range of nautical fabrics, cushions and accessories and take delight in the finest of relaxed seaside living. Whether you reside in Ballito or are having a pleasant holiday experience, Wetherlys would like to be part of the overall experience of the life which you lead.






7.90 10.98 12.95 1.14 $ 939.40 $ 1185.00 7.5% 11%

7.90 10.98 12.87 1.14 $ 920.60 $ 1164.00

8.63 11.66 13.40 1.24 $ 983.20 $ 1282.00

Key Indicators source (INET Bridge) and Indicators taken at time of publication and subject to change. Please consult latest information from relevant sources for important usage. Indicators are provided as a monthly indicator only.





Edition 1 | July 2009

Renov8studio hits the deck running Service providers position themselves to tap into the connected North Coast JUSTIN SCOTT Decking has always been a product that adds value to the home, and even more so recently, but in an industry that was pegged at over R80bn in international revenues five years ago, choosing the right company to partner with is imperative. The value that can be added to your property is significant if the right product is selected and the craftsmanship is of an excellent standard. This is where local businessman, Gaby Cost, shines. Gaby has come to Ballito after running a successful decking business in Johannesburg, and has brought with him years of experience in managing various degrees of decking projects. Gaby’s latest venture, Renov8Studio, is already doing well and recently

completed a large turnkey project at the penthouse in the Oysters, in Umhlanga Rocks. Based out of Ballito, Renov8Studio has positioned itself as a serious player in the decking and stonework space, with strong partnerships with Mazista Natural Stone products as well as Forest Flooring. In both cases Renov8Studio has been appointed as the official and accredited installer of the products in KZN, and as part of its partnership with Forest Flooring, who themselves are winners of multiple awards which include the annual Gold Decorex presentation award, Renov8Studio has been appointed an official supplier of the product. What makes this local business stand out is the fact that they offer an exceptional product

with complimentary service. Renov8Studio offer the only kiln dried wood product locally, and also use first grade Red Balau and the patented “clip deck” system on their decks, which means there are no visible screws or dowels. Gaby has also added what is known as the Rolls Royce of woods into his product range, this being a 140mm wide Burmese Teak decking plank which is available in varying lengths ranging up to six metres, which is also on their patented clip deck system. Renov8Studio is able to ensure than an investment in decking with them will ensure a product that offers every cent worth of its value. When speaking with Gaby you get a sense of his passion for what he does and his zealous energy to make his customers as

happy as possible, which is the type of service delivery businesses need to follow in these tight times where only great product and even greater service will prosper. Mark Ferguson, owner of the penthouse in Umhlanga offered the following when asked what it was like to work with this Ballito based business. “Working with Renov8Studio was a pleasure, and they made sure they delivered exactly what they promised, which is a positive trait in the industry they in. I entrusted them with my penthouse during the project and they did a great job looking after it, as well as delivering an exceptional final product that we are proud of. We are very happy with Renov8studio and recommend them highly.”

A LEGACY REBORN IN BALLITO | Luyt Breweries launches its brewery in Ballito

PASSION FOR BEER: Local businessman, Louis Luyt, recently launched Luyt Breweries to a jubilant, and entertained audience at their breweries in Ballito. Their micro brewery will service locals and visitors to the North Coast, as well as offer a unique tourist destination.

Luyt micro brewery opens locally Luyt Breweries recently “opened its doors” for business, offering locals in Ballito its uniquely brewed lager from its micro brewery facility. Starting with the same passion and energy that existed in the 1970’s when the brand was originally launched, Dr Luyt and his son Louis Luyt are adamant that they want to embrace the local

Ballito market, and service them well, before they look at other opportunities outside the region. With fond memories of Luyt Lager from its early days, there is a strong demand from across the country for the relaunched lager, but Louis is clear when he says that Luyt beer wants to get it right in Ballito first. Apart from the brewing and

bottling facilities, there is a inhouse tasting bar where visitors can experience “Luyt hour”, enjoying the locally produced beer and mingling with others looking to relax and head into the weekend. With the holiday season in full swing and the Mr Price Pro happening, Luyt Lager will definitely get an opportunity

to convince a huge number of visitors that it has what it takes to win them over. We wish Luyt Breweries all the very best, and we are already asking for “our” local lager whenever we head out for lunch or dinner in Ballito. Luyt Breweries (032) 946 3290

STANDARD BANK SHOWCASES ITS ‘FIRST OF A KIND FOR KZN’ PROJECT IN BALLITO Standard Bank is investing in excess of R250 million in their Woodmead development in Shakaskraal, situated on the corner of the R102 and P104. This development is a truly integrated development that includes residential, commercial, retail and industrial offerings, plus social amenities such as a church, a clinic and primary and secondary schools. The 3400 residential homes component will sell for between R350 000 and R700 000 and will be launched within the next three months. Ralph Rabie, of Integrated Residential Developments Division of Standard Bank says: “This type of project is a first for Standard Bank in KwaZulu-Natal, and we are very excited to now proceed with the execution of the development and finally getting on the ground. Standard Bank’s Integrated Residential Developments Division has no qualms about the Woodmead development complimenting the other fantastic developments happening in the Ballito area. As part of Standard Bank’s mandate, we are investing in the affordable residential market, which is where there is a dire need and shortage of stock in the area”. All components of the development will be sold outright. Local agent, Greg Kruger Properties, is responsible for the marketing of the Woodmead Industrial Park, with the soon to be appointed developer being responsible for the residential component. Watch this space for an update on the progress of this exciting project

Greg Kruger Properties Tel: 032 947 1151 email:



Edition 1 | July 2009



Sustainable Commercial Properties Local business, Comprop, is focused on management of commercial property that realised stainability for businesses Liesl Nel Meet Comprop, a truly unique commercial and industrial property management company that prides itself in offering professional and comprehensive property management services to clients in the greater Ballito and North Coast area. Cofounder and director, Louise Gibson’s determination to make her business a force to be reckoned with, is leaving recognizable footprints in the booming Ballito commercial property market. Since its inception five years ago, Comprop has delivered, and is delivering on its vision ‘to assist Ballito to grow its commercial property investment in a sustainable manner’. The company constantly partners and networks with property development companies to ensure that an investment in the commercial market is indeed truly sustainable. ” When the opportunity to start Comprop presented itself through a local development company, I grabbed it with both hands. I went with my gut, being witness to Ballito going through the motions of transformation from a sleepy KwaZulu Natal North Coast hollow to one of the fastest growing commercial regions in South Africa. “ Louise strongly feels that there is no better place than Ballito to relocate your business to, or to start a new business. Apart from the obvious fantastic coastal lifestyle the town has to offer, Ballito’s infrastructure and facilities are able to support most business requirements. There are currently fantastic business opportunities in and around Ballito, in part due to the close proximity of the developing King

SUN SHINES ON BALLITO BUSINESS: Ballito business park has seen growth over the last few years, and the skyline is starting to look reflect a similar silhouette to Midrand in the early days of its development boom.

Shaka Airport and the Dube Trade Port. Another is the ongoing massive financial investment in the existing and developing residential estates in the area. Louise’s confidence in Ballito was recently echoed by companies such as D.I.Y. Depot, Curves, Liquid Yoga, Contemporary Life Décor, Mistry’s, Bathroom Bizarre, Tile Africa, Shaves, Wetherlys-Osiers, House of Paint, SA Fitness and Ford Mazda opening branches in the town, not to forget the establishment of the first Hampshire Hotel in South Africa as well as the relocation of a large international cheese processing plant. Comprop is also embarking on extensive research with extremely valuable input from several professionals, not only in the area, but also further afield, on the types of support businesses or services required

by the Airport and Trade Port. This long list already includes, amongst others, quantity surveyors, freight and logistics companies, industrial cleaning equipment companies, engineering consultants, warehousing, suppliers of gas etc. “I am so excited about the knowledge that Comprop has a great future in the Ballito and the North Coast commercial property market. In fact, the Comprop team is already having to work extremely hard to keep up with enquiries for a wide selection of commercial and industrial premises”, says Louise. Comprop offers services to clients in the following areas: • Sales • Rentals • Rental Management • Body Corporate Management

of Commercial Property • Business Brokering • Sectional Title Consultation • Maintenance • Storage Comprop promises a specialized service, delivered with integrity and professionalism, to all its clients. This is the foundation upon which Louise and her team have built Comprop. Her advice to prospective and current business owners is to contact Comprop as soon as possible for opportunities in the booming Ballito commercial and industrial market. Tel: 032 946 2727 or 0860 COMPROP E-Mail:

McMurray Real Estate launches third quality property magazine! McMurray’s is a young company with roots firmly established in the Real Estate Industry. Their principal, Terence McMurray, started his successful career in Real Estate in Ballito in 1996 and Charlene joined him in 1999. Terence is originally from the East Rand but decided to make Ballito his home 15 years ago. Charlene is from the KZN Midlands where her parents ran a successful Real Estate Agency. Together, Terence & Charlene earned recognition as top 10 agent’s year on year during their successful ten years at RE/MAX Dolphin (Ballito). Paul & Wendy McMurray swopped the fast pace life of Gauteng in early 2006 for the quality of life Ballito has to offer them as a family. Paul spent 20 years in the corporate world in management, planning & business operations, which

prove an asset to the business today. Wendy has a varied & successful background in sales and plays a valuable role in the team, notwithstanding her exceptional photography skills. “We find ourselves in one of the toughest markets yet seen in the area for a number of years and it has found us thinking of innovative ways to present our brand to the public and to offer professional service to both buyers and sellers alike. Hence our now regular A4 Property Brochure was born and we are delighted to have just received our 3rd edition, hot off the press, for the July holidays.” states Terence McMurray. Ballito has predominantly been a holiday destination for many years but with the boom in the commercial market that the area is experiencing, McMurray’s are seeing a dynamic change as the area

begins to support a growing residential market where more and more families are making Ballito their home. Terence adds “We feel strongly about the future long-term growth of the Ballito area in both residential and commercial sectors. As we are well connected with both Real Estate and local area professionals we are well equipped to assist you. Let us know how we can guide you!” Copies of their magazine are available at popular outlets like Everfresh & Superspar in Ballito. Call McMurray Real Estate on 032 946 3003 or email info@mcmurrayrealestate.





BRIEFS Software developed in Ballito

Clearcode Technologies, a software development company with roots in Ballito, was recently appointed by Charisma Nursing to help enhance their business operating systems. Working closely with national project manager, Mandy Miller, Clearcode has already deployed “Phoenix”, a RAD solution to help with interim improvements while their national system is developed.

Edition 1 | July 2009

A little company cooking up a big storm LIESL NEL As you are reading this, it is highly likely that My Fat Friends is cooking and dishing up a ‘to die for storm’ somewhere in the Ballito area. “We have always shared a big passion for food, and Dré’s marketing and business savvy combined with my creativity and knack for logistics is a recipe for success, especially in buzzing Ballito, with its vibey, exciting and trendy people”, says Janet. Having always wanted her own catering business, Janet came up with the name My Fat Friends many years ago, sticking it onto her cupboard then, certain that it would be used

much later. With cheffing in their blood, passed on from one generation to the next, 25 years of experience between them, and incredible faith, friends Janet Keuler and Dré Kruger opened their doors just over a month ago. Their slogan, ‘A little company with big taste’, says it all. The company provides professional, very tasty and trendy cheffing in almost any setting in the privacy of a client’s home during an intimate dinner or in five star boutique hotels where food is supplied for several guests at a time. Operating out of two offices,

one in Durban North and the other in Ballito, the company has eight very competent staff members. Additional staff is contracted in, as and when the need for this arises. “We pride ourselves in our inherent ability to prepare top quality food, focusing specifically on taste and appearance, according to the client’s specification and pocket. We also really enjoy it when given the opportunity to introduce ‘interesting’ and unusual food combinations to our clients. The expressions of ‘surprised delight’ on some of their faces, once they have tasted combinations such as these, are very rewarding”,

smiles Janet. Something else the two friends find very rewarding is their involvement in the needy communities in the Ballito and surrounding areas, where they are making a difference by giving all the unused food to the hungry. In closinG, Janet and Dre tell us that they know that there are enough slices in the delicious ‘Ballito cake’ for companies similar to theirs to successfully relocate to or for new ones to open up and to be successful here. “We are ready for some more healthy competition. It adds just a bit of ‘spice’ to our busy schedules every now and then”.

spoilt for choice of hotels

Ballito will soon have a range of hotels to chose from in future. With the Fairmont hotel at Zimbali almost complete, progress on the hotel close to the N2, part of the Hamsphire Hotel Group, looking good and the Choice Hotel going up close to the M4 our visitors will be able to pick across a range of hotel experiences.


Paul Naidoo, BMW Umhlali’s Dealer Principle, recently confirmed that he had purchased two stands in Ballito Business Park with the view to building a new BMW showroom in Ballito’s growing CBD. BMW Umhlali have outgrown their current premises and will look to erect a brand new showroom for their business. Watch this space for updates on BMW’s move.


Enterprise iLembe, the economic development arm of the iLembe District Municipality, is working with The Stables Wine Estate, a wine farm located in the KwaZulu-Natal midlands, to promote the area as a new wine farm destination. The Stables Wine Estate expressed their interest in planting vines in the iLembe Municipal region, with the belief that it is possible to achieve that same success locally than that achieved growning grapes in Jordan and Kuwait.

business comes together

Local business owners recently attended the first iLembe Area Committee meeting under the Durban Chamber of Commerce, and are keen to develop the local committee with local businesses represented. Chairman, Trenley Tilbrook, is currently working on getting structures in place to launch the local chapter to business in the near future.

BALLITO’S MONTHLY BUSINESS NEWSPAPER | Next Edition due 5th August 2009

Execucrete holds firm in Ballito JUSTIN SCOTT

A little more than 5 years ago, Harold Kruijer, head of Execucrete was on holiday in Umhlanga Rocks and decided to take a drive to Ballito on a day when the weather was bad. From that first view of what was happening in Ballito, and the lifestyle offered Harold decided to move down to Ballito and run the KZN regional business. Today Harold heads up a national business that has six plants nationally, 52 mixer trucks, and 6 boom pumps and is a platinum member of SARMA (South African Readymix Association). When the local Ballito plant was established there were less than a handful of ready mix providers in the area, which differs from the landscape today which see’s far more ready mix providers operating in a competitive environment around Ballito, the changing landscape is a result of the phenomenal growth in development that area has experienced. Execucrete continues to be one of the leading providers with a very hands on approach to their business, ensuring that their commitment to quality and their great service to customers remains strong. Harold and his family took the

decision to settle in Ballito, and he is amongst the many businessmen who travel to Gauteng every week to manage operations there as well as in Cape Town. Ballito remains the base for the driven business owner and the local branch, which mirrors Harold’s drive, continues to see growth above the Johannesburg and Cape Town operations. While the last five years have been very successful for Execucrete, both locally and nationally, Harold believes that North Coast still has far more potential. In recent discussions with the broader development community and developers on the North Coast, Harold has been able to confirm that what he saw 5 years ago will continue, and mentions “The North Coast is going to explode with all the development that’s underway” Execucrete’s experience from being involved in major development projects in Pretoria definitely shows in its steady and strong presence in the local market, and with Ballito set as one of its key development areas, Execucrete plans to remain as solid as the product it delivers. Tel: 032 947 0800 Fax: 032 947 0803 E-Mail:


Situated in the Forest Estate, this charming home is a sheer delight. Modern with an elegance all of its own. The term of living in the palm of nature is fully encapsulated with all areas having extensive glazing and sliding doors allowing uninterrupted flow both indoors and outdoors and an abundance of natural light. Every room has been exceptionally well planned and makes its own statement and combined, you have the ultimate dream home. Finishes and workmanship are without doubt some of the best available. A home for all seasons.

P.O.A. Tony Kimble: 082 883 4784 Riitta Messiter-Tooze: 083 308 4492 Ballito Office: 032 946 0030

• • • • • • • • •

4 Bedrooms with en suite bathrooms Elegant Lounge with double volume exposed trusses Dining Room with double volume exposed trusses Fully equipped modern kitchen Internal barbeque with dining area Pool with adjoining Jacuzzi (hot and cold) Expansive decking Three Automated Garages Guest Suite



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North Coast property still hot

Zimbali bucks Trend with over R475 million in sales in 6 months JULIA UGER Sales in Zimbali have exceeded a staggering R475 million in the last six months. This is a phenomenal achievement given the downturn in the real estate sector nationally and is a great testament to the strength of IFA Hotels & Resorts (IFA HR) and the quality of the Zimbali brand. Kevin Wash, Deputy Vice President Vacation Ownership of IFA H&R says that “Sales in our first Private Residence Club in South Africa, Fairmont Heritage Place, Zimbali (KZN) have now exceeded R100 million due to a proactive targeted marketing strategy and a superior product. Our clients are discerning individuals who demand high quality products and service, which is exactly what we offer.“ IFA Estates, appointed to sell IFA HR’s products, has also sold over R55 million in hotel condominiums, within the Fairmont Zimbali Resort, stimulating interests among discerning clientele. Wash adds: “We believe these record sales are backed by our track record in developing and selling advanced shared ownership products which include the Pine Cliffs Vacation Club (Portugal), Fairmont Heritage Place (in both Zimbali and Dubai) and the IFA Yacht Ownership Club

(UAE, Thailand, France). Our strength lies in the ability to create products that meet a wide range of international clients; we strive to remain innovative and offer newer and more exciting products, which we believe is the key to our strategy and success.” IFA HR is now gearing up to launch a new global shared ownership product, the IFA Vacation Club, which is destined to become the industry leader offering possibly the only true five star vacation ownership programme in Africa. All club properties are located in IFA HR’s developed mixed use resorts around the globe and are managed by internationally renowned five star hospitality operators. Member’s privileges include access to a unique portfolio of luxury properties and the amenities and services of the hotels located within the resorts. The IFA Vacation Club will provide an excellent entry product to IFA HR’s “a la carte” services and will allow clients to upgrade this ownership to any IFA HR product range in the future. “This product mix creates genuine interest for investment and lifestyle purposes with the guaranteed quality that goes with all of our developments. Our confidence is based on feedback from our owners who want hassle

free vacations combined with an investment opportunity,” said Wash. In the recently launched Zimbali Lakes and Zimbali Office Estate, land sales in excess of R120m have been notched up by Zimbali Estates. Wessel Witthuhn, IFA President (Africa & Indian Ocean), said “There has been tremendous interest in the new Zimbali Office Estate and Zimbali Lakes, as evidenced by the sales achieved since December 2008. With the new King Shaka International Airport opening in early 2010, we believe that Zimbali Office Estate will become a premier office environment in KZN. Our continuous positive marketing activity and the markets trust in our products has contributed to the achievement of over R200m in re-sales and off-plan development sales at Zimbali Coastal Resort over the last 6 months, the majority of which have been achieved by Zimbali Estate Agency.” The opening of the new Fairmont Zimbali Resort in August this year and the commencement of construction of the new Gary Player signature golf course is expected to further enhance both the Zimbali brand and real estate values. The Fairmont Zimbali Resort will be leveraged by IFA

AT THE LAUNCH: Kevin Wash (Deputy VP Vacation Ownership) and Wessel Witthuhn (President: Africa & Indian Ocean) at a recent IFA launch at Zimbali.

HR to enhance value in and grow not only future Zimbali development phases but also their Boschendal and Legend Golf & Safari Resort developments, this at a time when their competitors are struggling to cope with the decline in the property market. IFA HR’s ability to bring diverse and unique product offerings tailored to market demands further

distinguishes them from their competitors. Witthuhn concludes “Zimbali Coastal Resort is a world class development which would not have been possible without our strong strategic partnership with Tongaat Hulett Development and our relationship with international hospitality partners Fairmont Hotels & Resorts.”


BALLITO BUSINESS ADVICE |BUSINESS ENTITIES There are traditionally four recognised business entities, each having their place in the business environment and each having their own advantages and disadvantages. They are, Sole Proprietor, Partnership, Close Corporation and Company. In addition and far less popular, is the seldom used Trust. One may sometimes encounter the terms “business trust” or “investment trust” that are used to conduct a business. The use of a trust for business purposes or personal estate planning will be the topic of a future article. In this article I will deal with the Sole Proprietor as an accepted form of business. The sole proprietor, which is founded with no formality (it is not required to be registered with the Registrar of Companies), is owned and operated by a natural person (individual) in his personal capacity, for his sole benefit and at his own risk. Any natural person may operate as a sole proprietor, provided he has the required contractual capacity. The only restrictions would be the age of the individual, a person under the age of 18 not having the contractual capacity

to conduct a business and secondly, the restrictions created through the existence of legislation or the issue of a licence that precludes an individual from operating. The obvious examples of where legislation restricts such operation would be lawyers, accountants and medical practitioners. A professional would have to be in possession of a valid qualification and approval from the relevant authority to practise. These are the most recognisable sole proprietorships, however, the informal sector would to a large extent classify as sole proprietors. All profits generated by the individual accrue to him personally and are taxed at the rate applicable to that individual according to the sliding scale tax tables. Capital funding is restricted only to his personal ability to fund the business. The liabilities of the business are unfortunately also for his personal account and may not be separated. The primary advantages of this form of business are:

1. No formalities in its formation, operation and no or little interference from third parties in respect of its operation. There are no shareholders or board of Directors and he is free to operate the business as he deems fit. 2. Income tax is payable on a sliding scale as opposed to a flat rate. There are no dividends and resulting secondary tax on companies (withholding tax). The capital gains made by the individual through disposal of assets are subject to Capital Gains Tax at a lower inclusion rate of 25% as opposed to 50%. The disadvantages would include: 1. No limit to the personal liability of the individual. All his personal assets, as well as those of his spouse (married in community of property) are wholly exposed to business risk. The business assets are also exposed to the joint estate in the event of a divorce. 2. There is no existence of an employer/ employee relationship which precludes the individual from contributing to a pension/provident fund or deferred

compensation scheme. 3. The sole proprietorship will terminate on his death and the entire value of the business is included in his estate for Estate Duty purposes. What is important for those of you that have sole proprietors as customers, is to be aware that granting credit facilities to individuals for purchases of material, goods and equipment is that he remains personally liable for his indebtedness to you. His immovable property and remaining personal assets may all be attached and executed against in the event of non payment. For those people who are conducting business as a sole proprietor and require additional information on an alternative form of business and methods to protect your personal assets from the unforeseen risks of business may contact the offices of Profin and Russell James and Company Inc. Tel: 032 946 1019 or email





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2010 teams assess Crawford school CERA-JANE CATTON Crawford North Coast has recently hosted several 2010 world cup teams, all of whom are interested in the schools expansive sporting facilities as an ideal location to be stationed for the duration of the 2010 soccer tournament, only traveling to the different stadiums for matches. Dr Hawkey, Principle of Crawford believes that irrespective of which team decides to use Ballito as their base, it will be a great opportunity for the entire area to shine as hosts for whichever team stays in Ballito. Our Crawford is located 10 minutes from the heart of Ballito, and offers a balanced schooling experience for its pupils where each pupil is seen as a unique

individual that can express themselves in their own unique way. Apart from been courted by FIFA soccer teams for their impressive fields and open, expansive spaces, Crawford North Coast has made a mark as one of the top academic schools in the group, beating the larger Crawford Colleges in Gauteng in terms of academic and other achievements. With over 900 pupils on campus and a constantly steady growth, last year the school grew its pupil population by 20%, yet the school still offers a low pupil to teacher ratio, a benchmark used by many families assessing private schools. Dr Hawkey is positive about the school’s growth and their ability to accommodate current

and future pupils through the ongoing development of new facilities and their investments in technologies focused on enhanced teaching and learning. “The school is unique in that it has large space for expansion, unlike some of the other campuses in Johannesburg who are limited in terms of how they can expand due to a lack of grounds around their campuses. It’s not our intention to over expand or have the school overflowing, but to rather maintain the positive interaction we have with students through managed growth and quality teaching” states Dr Hawkey. Our Crawford is also unique in that it is the only Crawford College that offers a comprehensive boarding

establishment. South Africa’s swimming and netball teams have also used Crawford’s boarding and sporting facilities in the past as part of their training calendar. Overall our Crawford on the North Coast really does offer the very best across a wide range of learning and experiences to its students, its community and even international sporting teams. With a strong foundation that sees students as unique individuals this school has become unique in itself, and is a strong part of the North Coast community. The accolades Crawford have won extend across the entire spectrum, from academic to sport to culture: you name it, our Crawford delivers with distinction.

Rain Farm was bought twelve years ago by the Nidd family as a small sugarcane farm, just fifteen minutes drive inland from Ballito. The family’s passion for bird and wildlife was the basic motivation for the development of an area of sanctuary for animals needing to be re-homed at Rain Farm by C.R.O.W. (Centre for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife). Many of these animals have been injured or displaced by the loss of their habitat by encroaching developers. This resulted in the farm being fenced and systematically rehabilitated under indigenous trees, bush and grassland. Together with the extensive Umhlali River frontage, floodplain, river ravine and existing indigenous bush this made an ideal home site for these animals. Since then the variety of wildlife has been extensively added to. Constant requests from the many visitors to Rain farm over the past years has prompted the development of six luxury treetop tents, the upgrading of the existing accommodation facilities and a conference and events venue with extra features such as an intimate gym with an attached health and wellness beauty spa and salon. Part of Rain Farm’s charm is the host of natural settings where one can relax, take photographs, commune with nature and, of course, view the splendid variety of bird and wildlife. The venue facilities are designed to accommodate either small or large groups of up to 180 people. There is also an enchanting outdoor boma area designed in traditional African style as an additional venue where one can enjoy meals and socializing around a central fire pit. These are only a handful of the many interesting aspects of Rain Farm which has to be visited to be fully appreciated. No access to Rain Farm will be granted without prior arrangements and confirmed bookings. Bookings and interviews will be conducted strictly during office hours only. Cara Nidd 083 352 6830

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‘Young guns’ use fingerprints to make their mark LIESL NEL The very dynamic and energetic 21 year old CEO of Quik Securities Eric Krige has enjoyed the Ballito lifestyle so much he decided to open his first business right here. Since doing so fourteen months ago, his team’s hard work and dedication has paid off to the extent that Eric was able to open an office in Johannesburg in November last year, and an office in Cape Town in January this year. Quik Securities provides cost-effective and efficient solutions to access control and staff time attendance. This is done through quality Biometric fingerprint devices,

developed to client specification, as well as tailor-made solutions which are client specific. “We have a large client base in the industrial sector and also supply systems to some office blocks and homes. Our Ballito office is doing exceptionally well, and we are committed to growing with and investing in the area. Provided things go our way, we are looking at buying property for the purpose of building a factory here. This factory will be used for the development and manufacture of domestic security products for nationwide distribution, so keep an eye out for us”, says Eric. The company is flexible in its pricing

policy, which is as a result of it having sole import and distribution rights to a range of products. Prices are kept low to suit clients’ pockets in the current economic climate and also to keep Quik securities’ prices extremely competitive. Quik Securities prides itself as being one of the few providers that does not have any hidden fees or compulsory service contracts. This prevents clients from overspending in the long run. Several packages are available, one of which is an attractive rental option from just R680 per month which comes with all services and insurance included. To ensure maximum staff efficiency, customer service and personal development,

THE BALLITO SHOWCASE | Showcasing the best of Ballito Business

Eric believes in sending all his staff members, from the call centre staff right through to operations staff on extensive and up to date training courses. “This makes them the best in their respective fields, which is ultimately to our clients’ advantage. Our business will be nothing without our clients, thus we keep them in mind all the time”, says Eric. For more information on these costeffective quality fingerprint devices and solutions, call Quik Securities sales office on 0861-BODY-ID now, and a professional sales executive will compile a free quote and a product proposal.

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The name Greg Kruger is synonomous with commercial and industrial real estate in the Ballito area. No matter where Greg goes his reputation as an honest, professional individual precedes him. Greg was employed at Realty 1 for 19 years but after the decision to close Realty 1, and after much thought and soul-searching, he has decided it is time to start a company of his own. His new company GGK Properties is operating from Manor House in The Manor Estate, an upmarket office park on the R102 (previously the residence of Fred Parsons), and will specialize in commercial and industrial real estate. Greg’s clients are pleased for him and will continue to support him in this new endeavor. “We have worked with Greg for a long time. He is honourable and straightforward. A man of integrity and morals,” said Bruce Hulett and Anton van der Post. “We look forward to working with him in the future.

It is because of his strong work ethic that Greg has become the only qualified, successful commercial realtor in Ballito. During his real-estate career, which spans more than 25 years, Greg has sold many million rands worth of property. Ninety percent of the business that he handles is repeat business or referrals. His more recent successes include selling out the entire Chakashead Industrial Estate single-handedly and doing 80% of the sales to date at the Ballito Business Park. Greg’s motto in life is integrity. He does not believe in dishonesty and plays open cards with his clients at all times. “There is no point being dishonest, it will always come back to bite you,” he says. “Commercial and industrial is booming at present and all interested parties buy on the returns that are offered. It is a number crunching sort of retirement annuity.”











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