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. This edition features out-of-box innovative marketing concepts, which are very


comprehensively depicted in the form of cover story, as we think that stacking and


stagnation of inventories are a builder's nightmare and needs to be addressed


pragmatically. The marketing mantras illustrated will prove to be very beneficial to the


Estate Bulletin has taken this initiative to portray new thoughts and open up new

N. SARATH - Associate Editor SUJOY GUHA - Incharge Editor I. BHANU SRI - Content Editor


builder community and could eventually be path breaking ideas in times to come. Real dimensions in promoting activities, which could be a potential game changer going forward.

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The felicitation of Mr. C. Shekar Reddy as National President, CREDAI, at Taj


CREDAI to new horizons. The entire team of Real Estate Bulletin wishes him whole

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Krishna was the hallmark event of this month. We are very confident that the legendary connoisseur, with his intense acumen will steer the apex organization heartedly and prays that he transcend many more milestones in his prolific career. Affordable housing for all has been the motto of the government for past many years, but no sincere efforts has been made in that direction till now and has become a distant dream for many of our fellow citizens. We hope and pray that the governing authorities wake up and take bold steps to address the issues regarding low cost mass housing at the earliest. Akshay Trithiya is round the corner and it is believed that buying gold is considered auspicious and beneficial but the way gold prices are falling these days, it would be very prudent if someone invest in property instead and reap handsome gains in future.

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Mantras Property Marketing

Marketing Maange More… More and More innovative ideas are the need of the hour.

Offering some thing for free of cost... Cash Discounts… Gifts & Prizes… Blah blah blah… are all age-old techniques of sales. Leads Generation and Follow-Up system of marketing is actually quite simple in theory, bringing new leads and dazzle them until they're clients! It's the practice that's the same as always. The present trend of marketing is quite different. The young entrepreneurs are entering in the market with brand new ideas using media, technology, network and lot more.

1. 2. 3. 4.

Grab people's attention Arise their interest Trigger their desire Motivate them to take action

Figure out the solution to this four-part equation and property selling is so easy. Effective real estate marketing should combine tried and true techniques along with a bit of thinking outside the box. After months of continuous research on real estate market, the team of Real estate Bulletin delivers the following innovative concepts of marketing for the advantage of the Housing industry:


The crucial part of any business is marketing the product. No matter how dismal the real estate market, somebody always manages to keep selling properties. To try a different approach, a property seller must rather think as a wise businessperson who constantly figures out how to:



s they say “necessity is the mother of all inventions” and in today's space age where conventional marketing strategies for selling properties tried, tested and sometimes doesn't work. Hence there is a need for all of us to step out of the groove and formulate cutting edge mantras to market properties. The present real estate business needs new marketing ideas to promote their projects and ventures.

May 2013 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 07

COVER STORY Micro Ownership (fragmented selling of single unit)

Inventory as his investment is liquidated. The concept is very appealing to the small property buyers as it is very beneficial An excellent marketing mantra to sell- off the stagnating financially and also to the builders at a same time. inventories of any builder. As we all know stacking inventories are · Small property buyers get an opportunity to invest in prime the greatest nightmare to any builder, primarily because it incurs a localities of the city. huge loss in investment deployed in many ways like bank interest, · A fixed monthly income is generated in the form of Rent. depreciation, procurement cost etc, while at the same time the cash · Small property buyers avail the benefit of property appreciation. flow situation of the company takes a serious hit. The builder in turn · The builders can sell their inventory and liquidate the investment. is in a very grievous situation with little thing to do. In such cases, · Earning from deposit received from the tenant is possible. Micro ownership concept comes to rescue the builder. This novel marketing mantra can be illustrated by an example: Micro ownership Let's suppose a builder has got 2000 sq.ft. of space @ Rs.6000/- per revolves around the fact, sq.ft amounting to Rs. 1.2 crores, to sale in a prime locality, which he is that it is exceedingly unable to sell to a single buyer because of the high cost, which in turn difficult to find buyers for mounting up the inventory and blocking his investment on that properties which is project. The builder can prudently find, let's say, four buyers who can priced higher especially, pay 30 lacs each and purchase 25% of the property space, which is in commercial segment 500 sq. ft. Now an agreement and registration can be done, protecting and often the space is not the interests of each buyer. The four buyers now jointly hold the sold out or lying vacant, property and rent to an entity for, suppose, Rs.1 lac per month. This in now instead of selling the turn will fetch them Rs.25.000/- each per month to the four buyers. entire property space to a The builders get away by selling the inventory to four individual single buyer, which is buyers and cash on his investments. The buyer on the other hand is hard to find as it incurs a reaping a decent return on the investment made, hence making it a steep burden on a buyer, the builder can sell the same space to win-win strategy for both, the builder and the buyers. This concept is multiple buyers in fragments thus dividing the entire space into recently put into practice in metro cities in our country where the cost smaller parts which will significantly reduce the price of each part, of commercial property is very high. In places like Mumbai where the more the division of the property space, the less will be the cost of prices of commercial properties are sky rocketing, the concept of each fragment. Now in this scenario, it is more probable to find square feet selling can be implemented with ease benefitting the buyers who could invest in small fragmented portions as the process builder and the property buyer. Such a versatile concept will soon be has dramatically reduced the cost of each portion and depending on put in place in other tier cities too. the investment capacity, each buyer will get a share of the same space in ratio to the investment made by them and will be the joint owners Property Stock Exchange of the property. Have you ever wondered, The concept is much similar to a pyramid where the base of it is the when shares and commodities broadest part and as we move upward towards the apex of the can be traded through a stock pyramid, the space becomes seemingly constricted. Extrapolating exchange, then why not a this analogy further in reference to the property market there are property? It is this abundant buyers available to purchase any property which is priced inquisitiveness that inspired us less similar to the base of the pyramid and as the prices start to to create a unique marketing increase less number of buyers would be interested to purchase the mantra where a property could property just like moving up to the apex of the pyramid where the be traded via an exchange breath is very narrow. Also this concept will help a small investor to much similar to the operations buy a slice of property space in prime localities in the city, which of a stock & commodity otherwise would had been almost impossible for him to do so. Exchange. A property stock exchange can be instituted by entities The buyers after procuring the property space in this manner can that have got excess to new or old properties with their details, it prudently rent to any entity earning them the rent which they can could be a builder or developer who has recently launched a new share according to the ratio of project which constitute a large number of flats, office spaces investment made. Also the It is more probable to find or plots or a property broker who has a huge property bank. buyer can sell his/her share Such entities can list their properties with all the of space to the other buyers who could invest in necessary details of each and every property on the members within the small fragmented portions internet or print media with a reserve price tagged on group or to an outsider as the process has each property and invite for bids from the property and exit the deal at dramatically reduced the buyers which should be above the reserve price. an appreciated cost of each portion and the property buyer has ample time to preview price. The builder depending on the the property, make any inspections or access in turn is it with proper due diligence and send a bid relieved from Investment capacity, his long each buyer will get a share to the exchange within the stipulated time. Similarly many other buyers would have standing of the same space in ratio viewed the same property and send to the investment made by their respective bids. Now that the them and will be the joint exchange has received the owners of the property. competitive bids from the interested property buyers, 08 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I May 2013


There is no monetary transaction as both the properties are valued the same by the property exchange and only the ownership is changed while both the parties can swap their properties

the property exchange and could be very instrumental in pursuing sale of old properties within a given city or any city within our country. Let us suppose a person wants to sell a property in one part of the city and buy another property in other part of the city, he simply sends the ask price with the details of his property to the exchange, the exchange in turn list the details on their web portal. Let's suppose another person has the same plan to sell his present property and buy another property, he refers to the exchange for a suitable match in price and once he finds a suitable price and location of his choice, he contacts the seller though the property exchange and swaps the property with his counterpart. There is no monetary transaction as both the properties are valued the same by the property exchange and only the ownership is changed while both the parties can swap their properties, however registration charges are applicable. In a nut shell property stock exchange can be very beneficial and transaction could be very rapidly done. · Value of a property could be discovered by bidding process. · Property transaction could be swift and transparent. · Auction pricing will be beneficial to the builders as they might sell their inventory at a higher price. · Underwriting of the property could be possible by the property exchange. · Property swaps are possible between a buyer and seller, facilitated through property exchange.

Returns on Property Investment Return on investment (ROI) is a pretty fundamental goal of any business endeavor. For anticipating the future profits and pricing, ROI ways are widely used in the field of construction and finance. For

the construction and development of any particular plot any builder should be certain enough about the percentage of investment. When an individual makes an investment, he looks forward to the gain over a planning horizon, against what might be gained if the money were invested elsewhere. Optimizing the returns on investment should be sure deal when looked 20 years down the lane. On an explanatory note assume that an investor is determined in investing around 30 lakhs on a constructed house. We must practically analyze every possibility of those 30 lakhs and its return on it. Let's assume that an individual has invested around 30 lakhs on a constructed house and we are analyzing the appreciated value from 20 years down the lane. Factors that affect this appreciation are increase in value of a property over time due to inflation, supply and demand, capital improvements etc. Suppose he is investing around 30 lakhs today assuming that he has paid around 15% (4.5 lakhs) as down payment and the rest 85% (25.5 lakhs) by taking loan from a bank. Illustrating analytical calculation of appreciated value of that property: 85% of 30 lakhs is 25.5 lakhs Each Installment value for 25.5 lakhs is Rs 950 per one lakh for one month and on an average we have to pay around Rs.24,500 as a monthly installment. Now the whole amortization valued to the bank is approximately 58.14 lakhs including interest rates and other charges. On the whole property value is approximately 62.64 lakhs including the initial payment. Mean while as we run a check on the appreciated value of the property for 20 years from now, presuming that it has upgraded 5 times the value of the prevailing price that would arithmetically mean, 5 times of 30 lakhs which is 1.5 crs. By evaluating the property value and loan payments a rise of 2.5 times of its present market price can be observed. It is secondary whether the investor would choose to let-out on rental basis or self occupy that. But if he does lets it out for rent, as any builder contrive is; Investment in Property Investment in Bank Deposits

160 140 120 % Returns

the automated program in the exchange will select the best bid on auction basis, which is the bid having the highest price. The successful bidder will be intimated immediately and the exchange will initiate further formalities which are to be made. All the properties which are listed in this way shall be certified by industry experts to be the best deals and the best properties available on the market. In this concept we are treating the property as a stock in which case trading would be possible between a buyer and a seller in real time and the exchange stand as a mediator between them. By selling property through an exchange, the real value of the said property will be discovered and could be unlocked by the buyers bidding process. Also the conventional marketing process is not needed to sell the properties which will cut the operating expenses to great extent. Property Swap: Another interesting idea which is an extension of

100 80 60 40 20 0 2013






Assuming that Bank interest Rates Remains same

Assume monthly rental price as Rs 10,000 on average. The investor will bag around 1.2 lakhs per annum. But with the general rental norms stating an appraisal of about 10% every annum could compound the rental values every year. After assessing the compounded figures of the rents for 20 years, the investor is securing an estimated value of 55 lakhs. This will count as an additional benefit to the builders and investors who mainly concentrate on returns for their investments. May 2013 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 09

COVER STORY Easy Payment Plan for Property Investment

Ab... Flat Kharido


Buying an own house is everyone’s biggest dream, but getting the right Financial assistance an equally big nightmare. Limited monetary help can be sought from Family and Friends but the bigger chunk is usually borrowed from Financial Institutions, resulting in a High Interest outflow and hence massive cost escalation. In most cases the home buyer ends up paying almost double the borrowed amount as Principle plus Interest. And to make matters worse, you have to deal with tedious documentation requirements, rigid eligibility criteria, complex rules & regulations (Fine print), time consuming process and long term (20 to 25 years) debt tenure. As if this is not enough, the ever fluctuating Interest rates keep adding to your cash flow woes. These practical yet unavoidable issues were thoroughly analyzed by Rashmi Housing, a leading construction company in Mumbai. Owing to their vast experience in Real Estate Development and in depth understanding of financial complexities, Rashmi Housing has designed a unique payment plan, “Apne Dam Par” which means “On your Own” or “Swayam Shakti Tho”. Since its introduction in 2009 for one of its Mumbai based project “Rashmi's Star City” at Naigaon, Rashmi Housing has closed over 2000 bookings with this 100% customer friendly payment plan. With 'Apne Dam Par', it is now possible to own a shelter without any interest burden and long-term liability. Enthused with the overwhelming response at Mumbai, the company aims to extend the benefits of this innovative and high value payment plan to home buyers across all major Indian cities. To acheive this Rashmi Housing has entered into Joint Venture

10 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I May 2013

agreements with Local Builders having strategically located land bank and sound track record. At present, Rashmi Housing has its foot print in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Kerala, Tamilnadu and Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh apart from their home turf Mumbai. At Hyderabad, the company has tied up with Sri Sairam Projects Limited. Sri Sairam has delivered around 25 projects till date, the most recent being Sri Sairam Towers, a Vastu compliant gated community spread over 7.5 acres near Hi-Tech City with top of line amenities.

How “Apne Dam Par” works Unlike traditional principal of Home Loan for 20:80 payment patterns, “Apne Dam Par” payment is restructured in three easy steps. Approximately 30% at the time of booking, 40% through 40 interest free monthly installments and remaining 30% at the time of possession. By availing this, almost 70% of the total principal amount is paid off without any interest during construction phase itself. At the time of possession, if required, the buyer may opt for home loan. This not only reduces the borrowings but also shortens repayment tenure, from 25 years to just 5 years. The JV company “Rashmi Srisairam Property Developers” is all set to offer 1½, 2 and 3 BHK flats in high end gated communities at three prominent locations, LAKE CITY at Hafeezpet (near Hi-Tech City), SANKALP CITY at Pragati Nagar (next to Jagan Studio near JNTU) and STAR CITY at Bachupally (near Kennedy High School).

COVER STORY Rent on investment Rent on investment acts as a catalyst in enhancing the working conditions of returns to the property buyer. It is a proposal given to lure the investors by the builders at the initial stages of construction through an agreement to pay monthly rent on the investment till the completion of construction of the building. In the city of Hyderabad construction companies like Aliens Group and other developers have come up with this structural model to attract the investing bees. This kind of investment programs will rotate the stagnant inventories giving a new face for returns.

Social media marketing programs usually center on efforts to create content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it with their social networks. A corporate message spreads from user to user and presumably resonates because it appears to come from a trusted, third-party source, as opposed to the brand or company itself. Hence, this form of marketing is driven by word-ofmouth, meaning it results in earned media rather than paid media. Social media is a platform that is easily accessible to anyone with internet access. Increased communication for organizations fosters brand awareness and often, improved customer service. Additionally, social media serves as a relatively inexpensive platform for organizations to implement marketing campaigns. Many real estate professionals start out very skeptical about integrating social media marketing into their marketing plans. This is a mistake as these social networks are taking off faster than most web properties. The four social networks mentioned above (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube) have well over 500 million users between them. Real estate, like marketing, is set to make hay with the direction the Internet is going. The need for everyone to share everything with everyone they know and the trend towards the very visual makes this an absolutely fabulous time to up your Internet marketing and social media engagement. Realtors can only benefit from developing a robust social media and marketing program.

Theme-based houses If an individual has invested around 60 lakhs on a flat that is being constructed and expected to be completed with in 2 years from the day of investment. The builder needs to pay the estimated rent of the flat in that area to the investor until the property is handed over to the customer. Illustrating analytical calculation of rent of that flat: Suppose the rent of a flat worth 60 lakhs in a particular area is Rs 25,000 for one month, the builder should pay the same to the home buyer till the flat is ready to occupy or should reduce the total rent during the construction period from the final payment. The buyer will get a handsome compensation over the current home expenses. This will assure the investor that the construction would never gets delayed and reminds the builder to deliver the home at an earlier date.

Social Marketing Social marketing, also known as social media marketing, has become one of the fastest methods of marketing a real estate business over the past couple of years. Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites for opening up opportunities for people to become potential clients through conversations and media sharing.

Among the newest marketing mantras for real estate players to differentiate in a highly-competitive residential real estate market, theme-based housing is catching attention of many. Theme-based houses are positioned to tap the home buyer, who wants a residential address that matches his changing lifestyle and aspirations. The exposure to international home concepts among many of India's well-travelled property buyers is the reason behind rising bar on differentiation in residential projects. Themed residential projects make a lot of sense from marketing perspective. Having a theme helps in creating differentiation in a market that has been deluged with launches of residential projects. The different trends include inspirations from Spanish villas to Greek houses to Mediterranean to Moroccan. Each builder tries to be as exclusive as possible in branding the project. Sports in general and golf in particular, is a recurring concept popular among Hyderabad's more affluent homebuyers. Sports cities are townships conceived and executed on a sports-centric theme and lifestyle concept. Lavasa, a planned city being built near Pune which draws inspiration from Singapore's ethnic, yet cosmopolitan lifestyle aspires to become a metaphor for the future Indian city with a township featuring lakeside apartments and Mediterranean-themed villas. The country-specific theme trend is evident in cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai.

A corporate message spreads from User to user and presumably resonates because it appears to come from a trusted, third-party source, as opposed to the brand or company itself. Hence, this form of marketing is driven by word-of-mouth, meaning it results in earned media rather than paid media May 2013 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 11

COVER STORY This marketing strategy helps cater to a niche audience that are no longer impressed by facilities such as clubhouses, swimming pools or health clubs, but their lifestyle aspirations now go far beyond. The usual consumers are people who want to live life king-size, those who've known affluence and indulgence. There simplicities of condominium living need to go beyond luxury homes. They should be a reflection of their taste and lifestyle.

country by few corporate builders for instance, Tata Housing, which adopted the initial public offering strategy to sell apartments, said it has received subscription worth Rs 450 crore in a single day for its newly launched project in Gurgaon. The realty firm had introduced a strategy of selling its housing units through an IPO-styled concept by floating a range of basic sales price between Rs 9,000-11,000 per sq ft. The project, 'Gateway Capital', was oversubscribed 20 times at the pre-launch stage and generated order bookings worth Rs 450 crore in a single day. The company had started accepting Expressions of Interest (EoIs), along with a booking amount of Rs 10 lakh, for the first phase consisting of 200 units between February 11 and February 28. It had received 2,200 forms during the period. Post-allotment, customers will be given a choice to select an apartment of their preference.

Real Estate sector will continue to remain an attractive investment destination with the possibility of prices in residential areas appreciating by 91 to 145 per cent in metro cities over the next five years.

Property Equities This is an extremely innovative approach to sell large number of flats or plots in any given project by a builder or developer in a very short period of time. The principle is much similar to an initial public offering (IPO) made to list a company in stock market, where bids are made by the applicants and allotment of the shares of the company is done either by a book building process or by algorithm process. Similarly in case of property a price band is fixed by the builder, considering all the parameters and amenities offered. Then the expressions of interest (EOI) are invited from interested property buyers with an initial payment cheque in a stipulated span of time. Later allotments of flats/plots are made by automated algorithm system.

Lodha Group has closed the pre-launch bookings for its luxury residential development Blue Moon at a time when property prices in Mumbai are not showing any signs of decline despite low sales. It received 1,300 applications from prospective buyers, which is more than double the number of units up for sale. Apartments at the project having over 600 units cost Rs 3.2 crore onwards. Lodha had recently acquired the land parcel from DLF at Rs 2,727 crore.


Gold Property

140 120 % Returns

High-end developments are taking place in the areas of Gachibowli, Miyapur, Nallagandla and Manikonda though the number of projects launched is smaller than their more affordable counterparts.

100 80 60 40 20 0 2009






Gold versus land property

This process renders absolute transparency and the entire inventory is sold out in a single go and the builders need not worry about selling the property by conventional means which is time consuming and cumbersome, also the builder receives the entire booking amount of all the flats/plots in that project at the same time, which enables the developer to construct the entire project without any glitches. Such practices are beginning to take shape in our 12 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I May 2013

Nearly 30% of the applications received were from NRI/PIO's while an equal proportion also came in from other cities in India such as New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Hyderabad & Bangalore. This shows the robust and growing demand for premium properties when available in an objective, transparent and above all, inclusive manner. The success of this project sets a completely new benchmark in terms of the way luxury real estate is developed and purchased in India. It shows that there exists abundant demand for high quality developments from credible developers at the right prices. A survey suggested that real estate sector will continue to remain an attractive investment destination with the possibility of prices in residential areas appreciating by 91 to 145 per cent in metro cities over the next five years. From the perspective of return, real estate investment especially in India has garnered superior returns in comparison to other asset classes over a long term.

AFFORDABLE HOUSING A DISTANT DREAM The issue has perforce to be addressed from the Are our policy planners and key stakeholders of standpoint of annual household income. Presently, realty sector serious about providing affordable The state government only those with Rs 5 lakhs plus annual income (or homes to lakhs of Indians? This is really a very key can part out lands less than 4% of the population) are attended to. question given that these days, talking and Unless we attend to the 'middle class' (44%), which discussing affordable homes has become a fashion, from their land banks we easily can, we can never hope to attend to the practically among everyone even remotely especially the barren 52% poorer masses. associated with realty sector. It goes without saying Many experts has suggested as well as various that the term 'affordable housing' sounds alluring. lands which are of arguments have been put forward, that there are With property prices going through the roof, the very limited use to three areas that deserve urgent attention to desire of owning a house is seemingly becoming provide affordable homes: One, availability of land difficult and to a naive common dweller, it has them or various become a distant dream. patches of slum areas for housing; two, availability of flats which are affordable; and, three, availability of bank finance. But when we talk about affordable homes, we which is under city These are the key considerations which are to be must ask ourselves affordable for whom? Is it made, while deciding upon the weather affordable affordable for those earning Rs 8,500 to Rs 40,000 corporations and homes is feasible or not. per month, which comprises 44% of our populace various other civic There is another problem and because of that and fall both in the formal and the informal sectors? prices are so high and the market is restricted. And And if so, where are the flats for these 44%? Where bodies. Until and are the builders? And, critically, where are the banks unless the government that is, there is crisis of confidence. And what is the answer to these issues? According to experts, after which will dole out the loans? Most of the residential analyzing this problem, they believe a "certifyingprojects which are featured are more inclined to the authorities addresses cum-performance guaranteeing company" [or a affluent class of people with very little attention to this issue and support regulator] is needed, which keeps a control on the lower middle class societies. builder and issues a "wide-guarantee certificate" Generally, all the advertisements, whether by the builders and to the flat buyer that he will be delivered the flat he the builders or the local development authorities, developers in pays for. With this guarantee in hand, a flat buyer bank finances address for the top few - about 4%! acquiring land at will be willing to part with his money and a bank While the lower 52% will have to wait for the will also be willing to finance it. The escalated cost country to develop further, the 44% of the cheaper price the of the land is a major deterrent to the over- all cost population, or the great Indian middle class, is a dream of the millions of the building projects, added to that the modern victim through absence of laws and they have day inflation of the essential building materials denied what is their due to them an opportunity for of our countrymen of also plays a spoil sport to the affordable housing an ownership of flats. At whichever strata or class a owning a house would scheme. The government participation is of person is born, housing must be notionally paramount importance and without the assistance considered a fundamental right just like what is not come true. From the state government and the central government the launch of been considered as a right step that has been taken with regard to such projects seems to be a very tall order. The state government can education by making it a fundamental right. The rest depends on his part out lands from their land banks especially the barren lands skills, labour, determination, and also, to an extent, on his destiny. which are of very limited use to them or various patches of slum areas A basic flat as a shelter is a prerequisite for proper education. In which is under city corporations and various other civic bodies. Until his endeavor in moving upwards, the laws of the land should not fail a and unless the government authorities addresses this issue and citizen, but encourage and support him. May 2013 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 13

HUE & CRY support the builders and developers in acquiring land at cheaper price the dream of the millions of our country men would not come true. Also the business model for affordable homes needs to be very different, some experts suggest. Developers need to buy land on the outskirts of the cities because it is cheaper there. More importantly, they need to treat this land as inventory. Cycle times must be short and all the units must be sold and constructed at one go. Further, the units need to be small in size and well designed for efficient use of space. In this model, the land cost is recovered through down payments and construction is financed by the construction-linked payments made by the customers. Experts say that this is a "risk-free" model. "One can get decent margins of around 20% while the IRR [internal rate of return] can be as high as 40%. An analogy can be put forward that a car company does not wait for the cost of steel to increase so that it can inflate the price of automobiles, experts also suggests that developers need to bring in a manufacturing mindset if they want to be successful in the affordable and low-income housing segment. Essentially it's a volume game and not a margin game which should be remembered by the builders. Developers who don't understand the nuances of this market find the going tough ahead. But there are other issues, too. Take land itself, for instance. It is not easily available and the records are not properly maintained. This makes acquiring land a time consuming, cumbersome and expensive process. The JLL report points out that "With high population density, which is

There are certainly some major road blocks which come in the way of affordable housing in our country, the government seems to be in wait and watch mode, taking no action in solving some of the critical problems pertinent to housing for all schemes, especially when it comes to giving a single window clearance to the proposed projects.

growing due to rapid urbanization, there is a huge demand for land in urban India. The real shortage has been further exacerbated artificially by poorly conceived central, state and municipal regulations. As a result, land prices in India are much higher than intrinsic levels that can support mass real estate developments. Also 14 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I May 2013

there is the protracted process of obtaining a host of government approvals from multiple agencies before construction can begin. Sometimes this can take as long as 18 to 24 months. This inordinate delay adds to the cost and can make the project unviable for affordable housing. A strong urge by all the builders and developers has been for a singlewindow clearance for the affordable housing segment. The laws of the land are really drafted to encourage the construction of Rs. 1 crore villas or Rs. 80 lakh apartments, but not affordable houses. They positively discourage homes that cost Rs. 10 lakh to Rs. 15 lakh. Noting that the government already has a single window clearance process for township projects that are spread over 100-plus acres, they also need to do it for smaller projects, too. Inadequate infrastructure is another challenge. As mentioned earlier, to keep costs down, developers typically must buy land in peri-urban locations. But roads and the public transportation system in these areas are often not adequately developed, which make the developments unattractive to lowerincome citizens who depend largely on public transportation to get around. In some cases, the developer also needs to provide the last mile connectivity for basic amenities like power and water, adding additional cost to the project. Industry analysts and developers believe that if the government takes the initiative to remove the roadblocks, the segment could move to the fast track. They say that if infrastructure is developed outside the city limits, then the market forces will ensure steady supply. And within the city limits, granting of additional floor space index (FSI the ratio between the built-up area and the plot area) can spur the sector. The principal issue is that government polices come in the way of affordable housing. If the land is available easily and the approvals process is speeded up, the rest of the issues can be managed by prudent means. Also the government could subsidize the rates of the building materials which will substantially reduce the cost of the construction. If the government can bear the subsidy of Kerosene and LPG cylinders than why the governing Authorities cannot provide relaxation for mass housing projects in form of subsidies in various forms. The government should essentially make the first move before it expects the builder and developers to come forward and take the mass residential projects

further. Inspite of serious challenges that the affordable housing faces, these kind of housing projects are slowly beginning to mushroom across the country as builders are waking up to the opportunity to serve this need. The projects are located on the city outskirts in areas

HUE & CRY that are extensions to the city or a satellite arm of sorts. These The builders on the other hand do not find it lucrative areas are on their way to becoming the suburbs of the future to launch such affordable housing projects mainly witnessing rapid land acquisition and a steady rise in land appreciation. Being well connected to the main city and because of high cost of raw materials and having essential infrastructure in the vicinity makes these land and therefore stay away regions viable. The main hurdle in providing homes for from these projects. millions consistently is the rate at which approvals are given. When a builder is looking at working on low margins in this segment, time is the factor that may ultimately mean profit or loss. The approach is to finish one project as soon as possible and move to the next without compromising on quality. Delays cause a rise in the price of land, material, labour and the interest on capital of investors must also be justified. This has led a few big firms, who were looking to venture into this segment, to abandon their plans. There exist firms to genuinely address the housing deficit, but the government does not seem to acknowledge the same, let alone show support for the cause. If it takes two years to receive a few hundred homes, how will thousands of homes be built? There are certainly some major road blocks which come in the way of affordable housing in our country added to that the government that seems to be in wait and watch mode, taking no action in solving some of the critical To provide affordable housing to all, the financial institutions problems pertinent to housing for all schemes, especially when it should come forward with very low interest rates schemes and many comes to giving government lands and slum areas to the developers innovative loans plans which can attract the home buyers. The for low cost houses meant for EWS LIG schemes and a single window government should be very proactive with the legislation of the rules clearance. The builders on the other hand do not find it lucrative to and regulations and give all possible incentives and subsidies to those launch such affordable housing projects mainly because of high cost banks and financial institutions who fund the affordable housing of raw materials and land and therefore stay away from these projects, also steps should be taken by the central government projects. authorities to bring FDI and long term funds to invest in low income What the government official failed to acknowledge was that housing schemes in our country. Certain sops and tax exemptions similar incentives and policies announced earlier have had no impact should be given to those FDI entities and also to domestic fund so far. Last year, when the government increased the FSI for lowerhouses. When huge amount of subsidies can be given to BPL families income group housing, there were no takers. Various interest subsidy on Kerosene, Diesel or fertilizer for that matter, than why not subsidy schemes have not benefited many, because there is a dearth of cheap be given in any form in case of affordable housing for poor and lower houses. On the contrary, financial incentives such as income tax middleclass persons, the government should understand that deduction and lower interest rates for home loans have spurred the housing is an integral part of our society and of paramount housing market for the privileged sector. High income-earners have importance to each and every countrymen, rich or taken advantage of them to buy second and third poor. Such a perennial issue should be dealt with homes, many of which are lying vacant. Census utmost urgency and sincerity. The demographic figures reveal that 9.43 million houses are lying profile of our country is very young and energetic; unused in the country. Despite the current form of also there has been a marked improvement in the incentives failing, the government sees no need to per capita income of individual or family household rethink its approach. It has now proposed to extend which shows the way forward for mass affordability the higher FSI scheme for middle-income group in the future. The government must take adequate housing units flats that are around 700 sq.ft. The steps in monitoring the black marketing of the same reasoning still continues: more incentives properties in various cities and town in our country. will lead to more supply and more supply will bring The state and the central government should work down prices. In the absence of price controls, this in tandem in clearing the bottlenecks which exits measure will not deliver the expected results. while implementing the low cost housing projects Developers may make use of the incentives, but and should not play the blame game or passing the need not necessarily offer the apartments at buck to others, which they generally do. The discounted prices. The demand for second homes is common man is grabbled in between the builders flourishing and this will keep the market going at and government authorities depriving him of his higher prices. The lack of commitment from local own home. Until and unless the government in governments is one of the reasons why affordable power acts in right way and have its sincere housing reforms failed, the huge rise in income intentions, affordable housing will be a distant levels of the privileged diluted the deterrents, one dream. of which was higher down payments for second homes. Incentives without obligations will not work. May 2013 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 15

When huge amount of subsidies can be given to BPL families on Kerosene, Diesel or Fertilizer for that matter, than why not subsidy be given in any form in case of affordable housing for the poor and lower middleclass.

Felicitation of Mr. C. Shekar Reddy on his appointment as the National President of CREDAI (Confederation of Real Estate Developers' Associations of India)

“As National President CREDAI, I will work for the grass root implementation and campaign with the ministries for improving the investment environment in the country. I will also work towards educating the fellow developer community to focus on green buildings, using non-conventional energy sources and water conservation� - Mr. C. Shekar Reddy


S N N G R A T U L AT IO Mr & Mrs C. Shekar Reddy

FOCUS REB Exclusive

Project: Aditya's Construction Company India (P) Ltd., is a reputed enterprise focused on developing luxurious gated communities with the best of amenities. Established in the year 2002, The company has developed numerous luxury apartments, villas at prime locations in Hyderabad. Over the years, Aditya has earned a reputation for quality and innovation. All its projects come with the ample greenery, spacious, and modern design and the amenities and of course, luxury. The company takes particular care in ensuring that its projects features vaastu and a clear title so as to give buyers a hassle free and happy ownership. Today, owning an Aditya property is associated with prestige as virtually every project the company has developed till date has a landmark in its respective surroundings. Some of the popular apartments and villas from Aditya constructions Co. Pvt. Ltd include - Aditya's hill top residency, Aditya's Swapnaloks, Aditya's Hill Paradise, Aditya's Park views and Aditya's Odyssey to Name a few. Apart from meeting the evolving lifestyle of urban families, all these projects have also demonstrated excellent growth in value, thus giving buyers the twin advantage of a proud address and a good investment. It's no surprise then, that all of Aditya's projects till date have received overwhelming appreciation, a fact that any of its long list of happy buyers would vouch for. With this enchanting list of villas and other projects Aditya constructions have started a new venture as Empress Tower's. Its newest luxurious and most premium homes- Empress Towers for a privileged few exemplifying high standards of quality. Strategically located abutting 200 feet old Bombay highway and in close proximity to Jubilee Hills, Hitech city, Financial Dist., IT Hub, International standard schools like DPS and Oakridge, KBR Park, Apollo Hospital, Shopping Malls, Recreation centers and Entertainment zones with excellent connectivity to all parts of the city. The whole Gated Community is thoughtfully designed, carefully planned and intelligently spaced to make life easy. The gated community spread over in 13.5 acres of prime land comprising 48

Spanish Villas, 800 luxury condominiums with five 22 storied sky scrapers, one 9 storied high rise building and one 5 storied Club House Building. Empress Towers is a home for the very few discerning people. It is for those who believe in living in the lap of luxury. The main highlights of this project are It is at Prime Location and has Excellent Connectivity, Helipad, Landscaped Garden, 100% Power Backup- except for A.C's, Vaastu Complaint, Excellent Elevation from all the sides, Round the clock security, Three level Parking System, Two Car Parking bays per Apartment, Automatic Lifts- 3 lifts for each Block, Video door Phone, Intercom facility. These are few main specifications of this project. Premium Specifications for the Luxury Condominiums: The venture has Italian marble flooring in Hall, living room, white marble flooring in bedrooms, Wooden flooring in Master bedroom and vitrified tiles in kitchen, False ceiling in living, hall & drawing room. Main Door- Best Burma Teak wood frame and shutter aesthetically designed with melamine polishing and designer hardware of reputed make. All CP fittings are chrome plated of Jaguar or equivalent. Gas pipeline provision for each flat. The luxury condominiums come in size of >> 1575 sq ft, 1890 sq ft, 1915 sq ft & 2080 sq ft in B &C blocks >> 1875sft & 1990sft few available in D & E block main road side. As on today2100sft & 2385sft 3 BHK flats in A-Block (Royalton) Standing tall and elegant Aditya Empress is surrounded with the perfect market amenities and educational institutes. If you are looking for an exotic living in Hyderabad, your search ends at Aditya Construction Company, a company which is driven by strong fundamental on providing real quality constructions and furnishing living spaces elegance and finest amenities.

FOCUS REB Exclusive

Interview: Mr K.S. Devanand Considered and valued as one of the ace architectural consultancy firm which is based in Hyderabad, Matrix Consultants offers comprehensive architectural services under one roof. The firm which was established in 1993 by G. Shivaleelanand, Architect Urban Designer and K.S. Devanand, Architect Planner, has escalated to perpetual heights of perfection, maintaining highest standards in designing and execution. Matrix also provides quality design and coordination services in the fields of architecture, structures, interiors, landscape and Building Services. The company through the years had designed many architectural marvels which includes residential buildings, commercial complexes, Institutions, Hotels and Multiplexes and Bungalows of some of the top notch personalities. With an extremely efficient management team which is spearheaded by the founders G. Shivaleelanand who is a Graduate in Architecture from the School of Planning and Architecture, JNTU, Hyderabad (1991) and Masters in Urban Design from CEPT, Ahmadabad (1993) and K.S. Devanand who is a Graduate in Architecture from the School of Planning and Architecture, JNTU, Hyderabad (1991) and Masters in Urban Planning from CEPT, from Ahmadabad , the company is proficiently managed and have been felicitated by many awards. Matrix comprises of experienced professionals and well qualified support team to provide efficient and timely services to its clients. Matrix is guided by a team of experienced architects and engineers in the industry. Matrix believes in providing highest quality services, the best in the industry using the latest technology for changing market trends. Since its inception, the firm provided Consultancy Services for construction of townships, multiplexes, high-rise apartments & commercial complexes, resorts, hotels, hospitals, individual residences etc. Its clientele ranges from Individuals to Corporates which includes Central & State Governments, Quasi Governments, Institutions and corporates like Manjeera group, Indian oil, ITC, Maytas Infra limited, Mindtree and KSK Energies. Since its inception, the firm provided Consultancy Services for construction of townships, multiplexes, High-rise apartments & commercial complexes, resorts, hotels, hospitals, individual residences etc.

Matrix trinity is definitely a milestone for our architectural practice and we are very thankful to Manjeera Constructions to give such big project to us. Matrix comprises of experienced professionals and well qualified support team to provide efficient and timely services to its clients. Matrix is guided by a team of experienced architects and engineers in the industry. Matrix believes in providing highest quality services, the best in the industry using the latest technology for changing market trends. To interview Mr. Devanand, Real Estate Bulletin team reached their office at Aditya trade center, Ameerpet. After a warm welcome we started our interview with Mr. Devanand. He spoke very candidly about his Life as an architect and Matrix consultants. We are presenting some of the excepts of that interview. How is your experience working with Mr. Shivaleelanand? For every single project we sit together and discuss about the project. If we have any differences, we would fight, argue, or appreciate the work, how to deliver, what not to be delivered. At the end of the day the, it's an added advantage when two architects are working together. Even if one goes wrong the other can correct it. If

one is absent the other is present to keep the operations moving. We are doing one competition project at TTD where we design it in time and submitted the project before hand. What are the main principles of architecture? There are many principles to the architecture, such as proper light and ventilations, forms and functions, usage of materials, architectural spaces, articulation of colors, articulation of arrangements, articulation of space within the space. Now that we are doing a residential project we basically tend to have more number of discussions with the client to understand what he wants. He might have dreamt his house. And whatever he has dreamt we try to make it happen. We have to understand his living style. We try and dig deep into his mind to let the output of this design. We have to understand what every member's wants and sometimes the whole family. We have to interact with wife and husbands, their children. And we satisfy each and every member of the family. Which models do you appreciate the old and traditional models or modern architecture? Every era has their own efficiency and taste, I will not judge that. As far as you satisfy the client and give what he asks. Not on the personal note, as per the changing trend and not burying the basic principles of the architecture, I should be ready to satisfy the client with the present trend also. I should be able to satisfy all the elements of architecture and its principles also. Once the whole designing part is done, we sit back and revise the whole plan and see how people are using it. What is the first thing that you do once you go to a site? Initially we try to understand the site, if it is a residential site we try to understand its location and directions and how is it to connect to the adjacent road or plot. Is it connected to a tower beside it or so? And also, we do try to understand its physical conditions, how to work, how to approach it with the width and all. We try to understand the configuration and how can it be developed. With the given road width and plot size what is the maximum built up area can be accommodated. That's how we try to study the feasibility of the land. And obviously the north point orientation of the site has to be considered. What is the north point? North point is one of the most important aspect of the architectural practice. If the plot is rectangular and it is east facing, you locate your North point to the site which is direction of the site. That way we understand which way the northern side is and its directions of the site. Were you can have maximum perforations and opening to the site. Where you can minimize the harsh sun rays into the building. And less important rooms like store, toilets should face west. To understand the climate of the building it's very important to know the orientation of the site. That is through North point. Is there any signature style for matrix? We are planning to develop some style to the matrix. It is very difficult to establish a style. Because, for every given architect their development in the market is very slow, so style comes over a period of time and keeps developing over the period and once it is 2013 May I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 19

FOCUS established and if you continue to develop that style people will continue to like that style it becomes the signature style. And if they don't like such style that and you are continuously doing then you are forced to change that style.

How do you handle any problems arising with the architectural design? From initial stages itself, the design filters to its exact approval. And we are two architects, if one goes wrong the other can correct the fault. Generally before designing itself we study the residential sites and visualize the after affect so. Showing an example of a designed model at Mahindra hills which was constructed on a hills Terence. Due to hills and stone construction on that site was very difficult working. Tactfully used that front elevation, it all got worked out and with best design. Tell something about Vaastu ? Va a s t u i s e v o l v e d basically for proper light and ventilation to a particular building. If you design a building with good ventilation and light you are there. People are confined to vaastu principles and they ask us to design accordingly. Basically we know why kitchen is at southwest or northeast, because we know that morning sunlight or evening sunlight is important and kills the germs and bacteria whichever is developed during the day or night. But the sad part is, if it is fully shadowed by the building which is constructed just beside it then there is no question of sunlight or ventilation. So their constraints should be narrowed and think broadly. And I doubt people will not be able to do it. To satisfy the people we have south east tower were we will not get enough sunlight into the kitchen but still u are forced to design the kitchen to the south east. But the very purpose of vaastu, were the kitchen should get enough light at south, which is shadowed by the building how can you u accept such projects but still we do it to satisfy the client. How do you adapt Vaastu principles in your designs? During the design development stage we initially develop the concept to the client and give almost 2 to 3 options we provide them. Mostly all the options have vaastu confinement somewhere or the other time it comes back to us for correction. So we constantly change the patterns according to the client's needs. That's why, we

initially take care about the designing part and put our experiences to work it accordingly. As vaastu was not a subject for us, so we have learnt to incorporate through our practice and experience. We work in a way were the design does not get back to us as we give them 2 to 3 options. And with the given ones we ask them to select one, which is based accordingly to vaastu. Do you feel commercial building also go for vaastu? Yes, they do. Even malls do also follow vaastu? Not to that stringent level. See there are houses, flats, where you can confine yourselves with vaastu and ask to put door positions as per vaastu, which is actually not convenient and we are forced to do that. Do you depend upon the client's idea or do you depend upon some other person to design sir? Now-a-days, we have come up with several projects and several vaastu consultants also. Based on that, we have learned a lot way to work accordingly. Out of which we develop our own design as per vaastu. One of the best projects the matrix consultants have come across is Trinity matrix constructions? It is definitely a milestone for our architectural practice, we are fortunate to handle this project and we are very thankful to Manjeera Constructions to give such a big project to us What are the challenges that you have faced while doing that project? This itself is a challenge to us, it is a mixed project. It has three components to it, one is residential towers, another one is commercial mall, and last one is office tower. Also we have designed a multiplex in that mall. We have done same kind of project in Vijayawada. Have you designed any constructions in Visakhapatnam? We have done a hotel in Visakhapatnam it is called SEA GREEN HOTEL on Rama Krishna beach last November. What are your ongoing projects? Wonderlaw in kochi and also got in Bangalore. They are trying to come in Hyderabad too which one includes doing 4D Theater and a Musical fountain. It was a different experience designing it in Hyderabad.

What are your most cherished and special projects so far? To be frank, as I have told you earlier we explore each project with deep insight. And while doing every project we put our heart and soul to get it done in the perfect way. Ultimately we give a shape to the vision of the client or else there is no point in doing that. We try to change and develop the style, and try not to repeat the previous styles. If you have children and if you asked that which child do u like the Matrix is more into designing commercial buildings than residential? We do all, we do not confining ourselves into a single segment.

AnExtraordinaryInnovativeConcept Blessed Homes @ Coffee Table An out of the box, extremely innovative concept which could be a potential game changing idea going forward is conceptualize and put into practice by Real Estate Bulletin team. The series of coffee table sessions which was held at various venues in reputed MNC's were a runaway success events rendering immense value to all the participating builders and developers as well as the visitors. The concept was a path breaking and a revolutionary idea intended to connect one to one with the customers which will set a new precedence in times to come. The first ever coffee table conducted in the city by Real Estate Bulletin was participated by the most reputed builders and developers where they had one to one connect with the employees to assert their business to much escalating and lucrative level. It was conducted at Mahindra Satyam at Hitex city. It is one of the leading IT services company committed to creating value for its customers, investors, associates and the society at large. As a leading global information, communications and technology (ICT) company, we are part of the US $15.9 billion Mahindra Group, a global industrial federation of companies and one of the top 10 business houses based in India. This IT hub is always quality a value drive in their work, products and interactions, believing in the 'First Time Right' approach in deliver. The company associated with Real Estate Bulletin channeled this meet on 27th and 28th of February 2013 at cafeteria area where nearly 9450 employee have took part in this coffee table. Each getting a chance to interact in live with the builders and developers about their projects and ventures, the event has turned out be very informative and promoting which resulted in huge success. The second coffee table was conducted at Birla soft with a global workforce of over 4000 employees has 800 employee in Hyderabad branch .Birla soft has global footprints & best-in-class delivery centers in China & India. Birla soft deploys a host of innovative solutions and service architectures across the global Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance and Manufacturing industries. As economies develop and gain much-needed experience & expertise in managing global sourcing arrangements, quality of IT solutions & services mature at a rapid pace as well. Birla soft linked up with the Real estate bulletin team and conducted this event on 6th of March 2013 in their cafeteria lounge. This meet has allowed builders to put forth their ideas and offers of their construction projects, making it a single window interaction gathering most utile information for the employee of that company. Followed by the second coffee table, the third venue was at Q City. The one to one connect programme was conducted on 7th March, 2013 at Birlasoft, located in the emerging business district of Gachibowli. The overall work force of the Q City is almost 10000 employees. This type of a concept where the builder's directly meets the prospective customers to promote their concepts about their

construction and finance, in their office premises is conceived for the first time ever in our city by Real Estate Bulletin magazine, powered by A.Z. Amstar media Pvt. Ltd. This hub having prestigious tenants like Amazon, Aveva, TCS, Geometric got associated and tied up with Real Estate bulletin and organized this event. Q- City campus, which is managed by Cushman & Wakefield Property Management Services, consists of two Class A office buildings, connected by means of a glass paneled interconnecting walkway. The development totals approx. 8 lakh square foot commercial space, with Building A constituting c. 185,000 sft over 10 floors and Building B c. 565,000 sft over 9 floors. Each floor plate has the flexibility to adapt to individual tenant requirements with Block B, in particular, having the capacity to accommodate up to four different tenants at any one time. Significant time and resource has also been spent in finishing the building to a manner expected by discerning international tenants and we are proud to say that the quality of finishes is commensurate with the highest international standards. The last Coffee Table took place in at Mahindra satyam which organized at Bahadurpally campus. After the stupendous success of the first session of coffee table, which was held in Hitec city campus, where an overwhelming response was received. This event was organized in association with the Real esate bulletin team. This programme was conducted on 13th & 14th March, 2013 at the Bahadurpally campus, which is the technology center and the BPO arm of the company and has a work force of about 6000 associates. This interaction meet took place in their cafeteria. Real Estate experts discussed the hottest topics in real estate and rendered suitable solutions at the coffee tables. Whether you're buying, selling, or investing, the coffee tables give you a clear insight and perspective into what's really is going on in the market. In every coffee table sessions we explored different Investment Opportunities, Market Trends, and Interesting Neighborhood for the benefit of the employees, while educating them everything which they needed to know about in order to own a house. The main participants of this coffee table were most acclaimed and distinguished builders of the city. They were Aparna construction, Modi builders, Building blocks Group, Namaha Estates, Fortune infra, Empire Meadows, Saket Engineers, Sunway opus, HDFC Home Finance Ltd, Manjeera Constructions, Jain Housing & Construction Ltd, Fortune Butterfly City, Mahindra life spaces, BRC infra, Axis bank, ICICI Bank, S&S Green Projects, Theme Ambience constructions, Koncept Ambience, Green Earth Infra , Perfect Pincode, Prajay engineering's were the participating team in these coffee table programmes.

May 2013 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 21

SPECIAL REPORT APARNA CONSTRUCTIONS are one of the paradigmatic builders who love to build buildings. This stems from the pleasure of overcoming the intricate challenges of construction. They have proven their ability to take on large, complex projects and complete them On time, on budget, and at the highest levels of quality. There recentestablishments are Aparna Grande @ Nallagandala, Gachibowli covering 10 acres of land with a built-up are of more than 15,00,000 sft building 720 Luxury Lifestyle Apartments, Aparna HillPark Lakebreeze (a gated community), Aparna Cyber Zon, Aparna Hillpark Gardenia (villas). Promising classic and flawless touch of luxury. MODI BUILDERS Another leading construction company in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad which has over thirty five years of experience in the building industry, having built several buildings since inception. The company has residential projects to the tune of about Rs. 4000 crore on hand and is actively negotiating several new projects. Some of their ongoing projects are emeraldheight(45000 sft ) and splendours (45000 sft ).

Namaha Estates, a joint venture of two reputed names in the construction industry - Trensdset Builders (P) Ltd. and Doyen Construction (P) Ltd. They have built some of the finest homes & apartments. Their recent project Are Namaha Rhythm(10 acres)near miyapur X road and Namaha Lakewood near Gachiboli . Manjeera construction, Another leading constructing company with technology skills, domain expertise, process focus and a commitment to long-term client relationships... they all combine, at Manjeera, to deliver performances that rank high on quality. Their up coming projects are Diamond Towers(1000 sft) nearing Gachibowli and Purple Town (3500 sft). Sunway Opus are one of the most sort out developers of the city, which is a partnership firm between Sunway City of Malaysia and Opus Developers of Hyderabad. Sunway City is an award-winning international property Conglomerate with a track record of creating value through innovation. With a collective experience of over 100 years, Opus is a name that stands for solid expertise. 22 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I May 2013

HDFC Ltd, being India's most premium and valued housing finance company, the Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited was established in 1977 with the primary objective of meeting a social need of encouraging home ownership by providing long-term finance to households. HDFC has assisted more than 4.02 million customers to own a home of their own, through cumulative housing loan approvals of over Rs. 4.63 trillion and disbursements of over Rs. 3.74 trillion as at March 31, 2012. Loans against properties, instant home loans and loan for house improvement are some of the schemes which are in operation. S&S Green Projects have been developing the residential and commercial buildings from 1998. When they began to being one of the most sought after construction companies it sure has been an eventful journey thus far. The company strives to create architectural masterworks that reflect our creativity and engineering excellence. Green Meadows and Green Grace are projects which are work in progress. Empire meadows are another leading companies which strive to strike the sky of excellence. They have experience in building over a half a million square feet of residential real estate space around Hyderabad and Premium Re s i d e n t i a l A p a r t m e n t s i n Bangalore and Hyderabad. Building Blocks Groups is a dynamic group, with An extensive experience in wide range of plotting, housing, frams, infra and Resorts& Leisure services. Which has a legacy of 60 years flourishing globally. Their ongoing project is Indi Gold at Shad nagar. Prajay Engineering's Hyderabad based real estate company gives you more than just real estate. Prajay has been transforming the Hyderabad landscape for the last two decades by developing landmark residential and commercial properties in the twin cities. Ongoing project were Prajay megapolis with22 towers of10 blocks offering 2200 appt, prajay gulmohar(22 acres) of independent housing.

Perfect Pincode is a real estate solution company that promises to make property hunting a pleasurable experience. Their affairs are run by a young & dynamic team with rich and relevant experience, driven by the commitment to deliver the best in class services with total transparency.

SPECIAL REPORT Green Earth Infratech is another construction company that is shaping Indian landscapes into master planned community forums and lifestyle. Their ongoing residential projects are Green Erath Fort View (2acres) near Golkonda Fort, Hinsdale project. Jain Housing Group is one of best the property developers and builders in south India. Their present upcoming projects are Jains Salburg - Bandlaguda (1.8km from Appa Junction), Carlton Creek (13.65acres). Mahindra Group operates in the key industries that drive economic growth, enjoying a leadership position in Tractors, utility vehicles, and information technology and vacation ownership. Mahindra World City spread across 4,600 acres has Two Integrated Business Cities with futuristic amenities, facilities and numerous career opportunities that stem from the prestigious MNCs housed here. Their ongoing project is Asvitha. BRC Infra established in 2003 as a partnership firm the company has launched its one of the ambitious project 300 crores worth residential project near Sri Hema Durga Sivhills at Manikonda. Which has completed its first phase with an investment of 30 crores.

Axis Bank ltd is an Indian Financial Services Firm which is the third largest private sector in India established in1994. Axis Bank had an operating revenue of 134.37 billion And a net profit of 42.42 billion. Axis bank provides home loans at attractive interest rates, at flexible rate with doorstep services. Theme ambience a well established construction company, the company has been focusing on promoting a series of large residential townships and apartments in several areas in and around the city its current project are golf view , fort view and thirupathi temple town.. Koncept Ambience is a developer of Premium Gated Community projects in the twin cities of Hyderabad - Secunderabad and Andhra Pradesh. Their ongoing Projects and The Botanika, Anthem Vistas, The Neighborhood.

Saket Engineering group of engineering has developed in 1989. They have delivered more than 850 customs designed home and villas and working to Make 750 more families proud owners of various apartment. Saket's current projects are Saket Sriram(3.5 acres), Pranaam (4.5 acres), Bhu: Sattva(700 acres) a gated community building around 600 villas. Fortune Butterfly City is listed among the top gated community developers, has developed a mammoth gated township Fortune Butterfly City, which is a well Planned, high quality gated lifestyle community situated in between Kadthal and Dasarlapalli, Kandukur Mandal, on Sri Sailam Highway. Fortune Butterfly City Located on the 4-lane Hyderabad-Srisailam Highway, Fortune Weekend Homes, spread over 100-acres. EAPL Group - a Bangalore-Hyderabad based group of Professionals, a team leading by Engineers having over 16 years of experience with personal supervision and interest that brings you the best in terms of design, location advantage and quality. They offer their clients the personal touch to convert these dreams into a reality. Praneeth Group A leading real estate enterprise in Hyderabad acknowledged for its modernization and worldclass standards. It is a welle s t a b l i s h e d Re a l E s t a t e Development Group at Hyderabad, incorporated in 2007 by a team of Information Technology professionals with a zeal for providing enhanced services to the customers and bring a difference to real estate sector in India. Ever since inception, Praneeth has not only been building best-inclass residential and commercial spaces, it has also been quietly building a strong reputation as a trustworthy real estate enterprise dedicated to innovating the game and offering value-for-money projects for its customers. Ramky Group and Farms Ltd is the preferred choice developer for residential, commercial spaces and integrated townships. With several ongoing & completed projects in the southern part of India in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu & Karnataka, it offers 360degree real estate services encompassing land identification, project conceptualization, designing, construction, marketing and estate management. It has developed several residential, commercial properties and integrated townships in Bengaluru and is currently executing projects for high-end apartments and independent villas across major metros such as Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai and Vizag.

May 2013 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 23

SPECIAL REPORT NCC Urban is a Subsidiary of NCC Limited and comes equipped with a world class building techniques and state-of-the-art building infrastructure that is expertly commandeered by top - notch professionals. Its quality operations span across residential and commercial complexes, townships, SEZs and serviced apartment complexes. The company has an impressive pan India presence across Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kochi, Vizag, Guntur, Ranchi and Dubai. Strict adherence to superior standards on time deliveries and transparent documentation has made preferred destination for individuals who are looking for quality living at affordable prices.

These were few of the construction company which had participated in the coffee tables. All the 22 construction companies have not only aced the Real Estate competition but also have set the trend of classic and elegant living life style. This innovative and thrill driven event has changed the ongoing scenario of the real estate company providing them an opportunity to show case their real treasured ventures and projects. These 4 mega events have added a new dimension to the prevailing marketing regimes adapted by various advertising companies. With sincere hard work and impeccable logistic support by a dedicated team of professionals of Real Estate Bulletin, every single interacting sessions have shared their part of success and achievement. More than 30200 employees took part in this event, making it a huge accomplishment. From the first one to one interaction show held at Mahindra Satyam nearly 9500 employee appeared. In the following events 850 associates from BirlaSoft, nearly 10000 from Q City and 7000 employees from Mahindra Satyam (bahadurpally campus) interacted with the real estate expert. When it comes to the communication part, the key is to connect with the interested buyer. Connecting means reaching the audience in ways that make you special - not just different - but different in a way that resonates and draws people to sellers. This is the functional key that make this sessions more beneficial to the builder as well as the homebuyer. Authentic, factual, credible and genuine orientations and approaches were made by the entire participants and by the real estate bulletin group throughout interaction program. These participating builders and developers have expended on an average

Products: Dealers For CCTV, Access Control System, Fire Alarm System, Vedio Door Phone, Intrusion Alarm System, Home Automation System H.No.:64/2RT, Prakash Nagar, Begumpet, Hyderabad-16 Ph: 040-40202628, 9949436096. Email:, 24 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I May 2013

of 15000rs per table / session including all the mandatory expenses while participating in these sessions. This coffee table have provided builders, real estate developers, property consultants and housing finance companies , investor, buyers providing a single window trading session where the entire gist of the ongoing construction projects which was well demonstrated, developing interest and enthusiasm to the potential buyers. These actions generated around 1035 interested leads to the companies were they have enhanced the chances of convincing and establishing a further bond of trust between both the parties. Every interested candidate is taken to their particular ventures and project site permitting them to witness the authenticity of their constructions. A separate set of engineers, architects and brokers are assigned to idealize the nook and corners of their planning. For every developer this tour plays an integral part to their company or industry to assure the investor their validation. Out of 1035 interested lead, 630 leads were then converted into active leads which were set in the process of further negotiations and are into the final stages of completion, the documentations which was furnished included Lay outs, certificates and various other documents pertaining to the property. The reviews of all the visitors and the employees who attended the coffee table were extremely encouraging as they described it has more effective, informative and time saving sessions. The prognosis of these events has provided every participant, proficient buyers, employees and associates with a satisfying result. As the average salaries of an employee's range from 35000 to 80000, most of them are financially affluent and are in a position to own a residential flat or open plot or gated community and villas with assistance of a house loan. These Realty Talks@ coffee table has given an opportunity to every section of the society to own their dream home. These session of Realty Talks@ coffee table has given an opportunity to certain division of employees to own their dream villas and deluxe. These promotional activities which are conducted through Real Estate bulletin have spread a lot of exposure to seeking parties resulting in 8 actual sales by entering into a sale agreement in just 2 months and the rest of the leads are in process of finalization. This event has been carefully planned and executed by the Real Estate Bulletin pioneering the concept of a “single window”, or “a one stop desk” information opportunity with respect to almost everything concerned with buying, owing a home of a lifetime, and about everything within the meaning of “ the affordable housing”.

We do not tell anything. It's the figures that speak all. Can any other event deliver much better?? The one and only.. Realty talks @ coffee table.


Everyone likes hearing people say "Wow, what a beautiful house you have!" From cave dwelling, we have evolved and now a house provides far more than just has also become a source of pride. Buying a home requires large capital and good planning as when you decide to purchase a house you do not feel like compromising on anything but your resources are limited. Now with the various home loan schemes available in the market, you need not get disheartened as home loans can make the dream of an own house turn into reality. Though there a flurry of banks and financial institutions who provide the home loans to eligible candidates but there are various factors which need to be considered before applying for a housing loan and enhancing the eligibility criteria of an individual. Nature of Job of Individual: Most housing finance companies have a list of 'negative' professions. This can cause a lot of hassles for the individual coming from such professions before being able to get the loan amount. Location of the Property: Likewise, they may consult another list known as 'negative area list'. Any individual applying for the loan to get a home in such areas may not be granted the loan by housing finance companies. The same is the case with properties falling outside the geographical limits of the city, as defined by the housing finance institutions. Personal Details of individual: Housing finance companies also consider details like the number of people financially dependent on the individual, the individual's credit repayment history if any and his savings habits. You can enrich and very well enhance you eligibility by clubbing your all incomes to get the best deal You can club your spouse's income, additional incomes like perks, rent and any other income that you immediate family earns. This may help you move to a higher eligibility bracket also you can have a good credit rating lenders will be happier if you can show them a good credit history. Show them that you are not overburdened by credit card bills, mortgages and other loans. This will in turn help you to get a substantially more quantum of loan. Documents play a very important role in availing of home loan as this would be the basis on which the loan amount and tenure are decided at large. Putting forward right and legitimate documents will not only help the financier to evaluate the maximum loan amount but also it shortens the time of processing the loan request and subsequent disbursement. The following are the most preferred list of documents which needs to be submitted along with the loan application. Income documents: Proof of income, salary certificate, Income tax returns, bank statement etc.

Personal documents: Proof of identity like PAN Card/ Voters ID/ Passport/ Driving License. Proof of residence like recent Residence Proof: Telephone Bill/ Electricity Bill/ Property tax receipt/ Passport/ Voters ID /Bank Account statement/passbook for the previous six months. Business Proof: Proof of business address in respect of businessmen/ industrialists Age proof: This is required because all banks have different eligibility criterion as per age. Experience proof: This is another eligibility criterion of banks, according to which the person should have a given amount of experience in the current company. Legal Documents: There are legal documents that need to be submitted by you to the HFC for mortgaging and these differ from state to state and also depend on your property type. The following form a broad outline of the documents required and a detailed list can be found here. C Copy of the offer letter sent by the HFC, accepted by you. C Title documents of the property which include. C Duly registered sale agreement. C Receipts of your own contribution. C Allotment letter. C Registration receipt. C If needed, land documents indicating ownership. C Possession letter. C Lease agreement, if the property is bought from a development. C Authority. C Mortgage deed if the HFI opts for a registered mortgage. C No Objection Certificate from the developer, society or development. C Authority. C Personal Guarantees, if required. C Documents for alternate or additional security. C Post dated cheques for the EMIs. C Calculate your EMI with Home Loan Calculator. However every borrower who wants home loan must take care of certain factors which are very pertinent to the availability of the loan and also the quantum of final disbursement. Firstly, one should evaluate his requirement and choose the appropriate type of loan like home construction loan, home improvement loan etc. Secondly, the borrower should calculate his income and repayment capacity before deciding the loan amount. The borrower should be clear about the calculation of interest rate, monthly payment amount and the different kinds of fees (if any) that he has to pay. As most housing finance companies have reduced their interest rates, this is a good time to buy your dream home using a home loan. And with improved technology, the best way to look for home loans is online. You can surf Deal4loans and compare Home Loan Rates, policies and terms of different lenders and then choose the best kind of home loan for yourself. This whole process of searching for home loan online is completely hassle free and will save your time energy and money.

You can enrich and very well enhance you eligibility by Clubbing your all incomes to get the best deal You can club your spouse's income, additional incomes like perks, rent and any other income that you immediate family earns. 5 ways to increase to your home loan eligibility As we all know that availing a housing loan is a tedious task own its own however there are means to increase the loan eligibility for an individual by carefully taking prudent steps while filling up the application form and providing the relevant information the HFC's.Home loan interest rates have inched up in the last few months. This in turn, has affected the loan eligibility for home loan borrowers. Home Loan eligibility is inversely related to rates. As interest rates rise, loan eligibility becomes stiffer. In such a scenario, some home loan borrowers might have to re-evaluate their options (in terms of May 2013 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 25

FINANCE & LOAN individual decides to prepay an existing personal loan for the sake of loan amount) on account of the new eligibility criteria. We present 5 becoming eligible for a higher loan amount, he might be faced with a ways by which individuals can enhance their home loan eligibility. cash crunch. Hence a detailed scrutiny of one's financial standing is 1) Increasing the loan tenure warranted before opting for an inflated home loan. The examples in One very elementary method of enhancing the home loan eligibility this note should only be treated as illustrations. Individuals need to is by opting for a higher tenure. This is so because the EMI (Equated work out solutions best suited for their profile after speaking to their Monthly Installment) per lakh, which an individual has to pay, starts home loan consultant and only then consider acting on the options to decline as the tenure increases. The reason being that other factors discussed. like interest rate as well as the principal amount remain the same, Check the factors which decide your home loan eligibility despite the higher tenure. What changes though, is the net interest There are certain factors which decide the quantum of home loan outgo, which rises with a rise in tenure. And since the individual is which will be disbursed to an individual, which mainly depends upon paying a lower EMI now, his ability to pay and therefore his loan the net monthly income and the tenure selected to repay the loan, eligibility, automatically increase. however there are other factors which do play a role in loan eligibility. 2) Repaying other outstanding loans Salary/ITR Individuals with outstanding loans like car loans or personal loans Higher the salary of an individual more is the chances for greater may face a problem with loan eligibility; the same might adversely eligibility of a loan amount. Businessmen can have high eligibility by affect their home loan eligibility. Industry standards suggest that declaring all the legitimate incomes by higher ITR (Income Tax existing loans with over 12 unpaid installments are taken into Return). account while computing the home loan borrower's eligibility. In Property/Check such a scenario, individuals have the option of prepaying in part/full Banks check whether the property selected by you is ideal according their existing loans. This will ensure that their eligibility for the home to the technical & legal norms. Most importantly, they check the loan purpose is unaffected. authorities have sanctioned property or not. Therefore, before For example, if the home loan seeker has an outstanding personal deciding the property do check the property has approved loan, where 16 EMIs remain to be paid, then he can prepay the same sanctioned plans & complies with legal & technical aspects of the and approach the HFC with a clean slate. Alternately, he also has the property. option of prepaying 5 EMIs thereby ensuring that the existing loan Your Profile, Academic & Professional Background liability doesn't impact his eligibility for the home loan. Banks check Banks credit manager decisions are leveraged on your 3) Clubbing of incomes whether the profile, academic & professional qualification. As it is a Another way of increasing loan eligibility is by way of long-term commitment with the bank, they analyze on clubbing incomes of spouse/father/mother/son. An property illustration will help in understanding things better. Suppose selected by you potential growth in your career graph, industry you are working in & kind of profile you are into. Like, Call an individual's loan eligibility, based on his income, works is ideal out to approximately Rs 1,000,000 for a given set of criteria. according to the centers/BPOs are not treated at par with other profiles, as they tend to have high attrition rates. Banks generally But the individual wants a loan worth Rs 2,000,000. Assume technical & that this individuals spouse too is earning a similar annual legal norms. want an applicant with stable job hence check for current & total work experience. Doctor's, engineer's, CA, Mgmt income. In such a case, the individual can club his spouse's Most etc., sway banker's decisions as they see the potential income along with his own income and then opt for a home importantly, growth in their careers. loan. The eligibility in this case, will be calculated on the they check Your Credit/default profile clubbed income of both husband and wife- thereby whether the Banks verify whether you have enhancing the individual's eligibility to the extent of the authorities have defaulted any or previous loan spouse's income. In our example, approved repayments. This is done against the eligibility will now stand doubled at Rs 2,000,000 from both internal systems and plus sanctioned Rs 1,000,000 earlier. third party systems like Cibil/ 4) Step-up loan plans & Satyam. So now, it is tough to Individuals can also opt for step-up loans and enhance their complies with have bad Debts with one bank & loan eligibility. Simply put, a step-up loan is a loan wherein an legal & take loan from other bank. individual pays a lower EMI during the initial years and the technical Family Credit History same is enhanced during the rest of the loan tenure. For aspects of the Banks also verify the financial records of your blood example, a Rs 1,000,000 home loan at 7.5% for a 20-Yr tenure property. relation with the help of Cibil/Satyam. If they have would imply paying an EMI of Rs 6,760 the first 2 years and Rs defaulted then you are in a fix. You need to get to 8,340 for the remaining tenure. HFCs usually consider the unnecessary hassles so, it's always advised to have clean lower EMI of the initial years to calculate his loan eligibility. record with the banks. The initial lower EMI helps increase the individual's capacity Generally, banks check these things before giving to borrow. loans. Basically, they check your ability to pay, assess your 5) Perks intention to pay & the property they are funding is safe or Salaried individuals must ensure that variable sources of not? After a very thorough assessment, the housing income like performance-linked pay among others are taken finance company verifies all the documents diligently, a into consideration while computing their income. This in credit analysis report is prepared and processed by turn will imply that the loan amounts they are eligible for various departments before disbursing the final approved stand enhanced as well. As can be seen, there are many ways loan amount. to increase loan eligibility. However, individuals need to keep in mind that increasing the eligibility can have an impact on their financial planning. For example, if an 26 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I May 2013

Check out before you check in Retirement Homes lifestyle. Assisted living facilities are offered by a few non-profit Though the concept of senior living is not as distinct and as organizations. Under independent living, there are three models to organized as abroad, retirement homes have come to stay as a niche choose from outright buys, long lease, and rentals. In most cases, only housing trend, especially as the housing for the elderly has assumed those aged over 55 are allowed to occupy homes in retirement significance in the present day context of increasing life expectancy, communities. Each model has its pros and cons. The choice would and growing nuclear families and flight of young population in search depend on factors such as your financial strength, long-term of better employment opportunities. The growing size and objectives, and the degree of flexibility you desire. augmented financial independence of senior citizens offers an array Outright buys: Flexibility at a cost of opportunities for real estate developers taking up retirement Outright buys, of the kind offered by players such as Serene homes projects. The concept of retirement homes has evolved over Retirement Communities, entail high capital investments. This could the years. Today contemporary retirement homes or resorts have range from Rs 20 lakh to Rs 1 crore depending on the location, type of replaced the earlier concept of old age homes which symbolized the accommodation, size, and facilities offered. If you have the financial last option for needy and abandoned elderly. Retirement Homes means, you can look at this option which offers maximum flexibility. today offer a multitude of facilities and senior citizens do not have to Since it is in the nature of freehold property, you can live in the house worry about daily household errands, security issues, and medical for your lifetime, rent it out if you so desire, and also bequeath the treatment. The niche concept of senior living or post-retirement asset to heirs what many senior citizens in India desire. You can also living has really evolved over the last few years. And today more and choose to sell the house in the future, realizing any appreciation in more real estate companies are engaged in developing retirement value. On the flipside, you may not be able to sell the house before a communities and increasing number of senior citizens are opting for c e r t a i n n u m b e r o f y e a r s . To c u r b s p e c u l a t i o n , such residential developments that promise independent, secure, etirement community dignified and productive lifestyle. Retirement Homes today offer a rdevelopers may specify lock-in Increasingly, many senior citizens in India are opting for or aspire to live in multitude of facilities and senior citizens periods after the sale of the retirement homes. A combination of factors do not have to worry about daily house. For instance, Serene Retirement Communities does is driving this the joint family system is giving way at a fast rate, life expectancies household errands, security issues, and not allow first-time buyers to sell have improved, and senior citizens' medical treatment. The niche concept of their property for three years. finances today are better compared with senior living or post-retirement living You also have to pay monthly maintenance and food charges, earlier generations. Also, the stigma earlier besides these, you will have to associated with staying in retirement has really evolved over the last few years. bear other expenses such as medical, electricity, telephone and homes (rather than with family) is gradually reducing. Many elderly Internet charges at actual. people want to spend their silver years comfortably with less physical and mental stress with chores such as housekeeping and cooking Leasing: Low upfront cost, less flexibility Under the long-lease model offered by players such as Dignity taken care of. What are the retirement living options available and Lifestyle, a senior citizen pays a one-time deposit upfront and what factors should you consider before committing to one. monthly fees. This entitles you to live in the property permanently Retirement living solutions usually fall under three broad during your life-time. A part of the deposit may be non-refundable. categories independent living (for senior citizens who are Besides these, food is charged at actuals and you have to bear other reasonably healthy and can manage on their own), assisted living (for expenses such as medical, transport, telephone, television and those who require physical or medical help) and palliative care (for Internet charges. The lease model may appeal to you if you have the those with debilitating illnesses). In India, most service providers finances to fund the one-time deposit but not the high capital cost of offer only independent living, which facilitates an active retirement May 2013 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 27

PROPERTY GYAN an outright buy. But it is less flexible in the sense that it does not allow you to sell the property. Some developers also do not allow you to rent it out. You simply have to deliver the property back to the developer. In the bargain, you do not benefit from any appreciation the property may have seen over the years. Also, with your funds being blocked, you lose out on the returns you could have earned from other investment avenues. Yes, the lease model allows you to easily move on from the property, if you so choose, without the hassles of finding a buyer and finalizing a sale. But in cases where the deposit includes a non-refundable portion, you will stand to lose this amount. Also, the refundable portion may not be immediately returned after you vacate.

Rental: Cheaper but uncertain As a retirement living option, rentals could work out easiest on your pocket. They do not entail a high capital cost or an upfront deposit. You only need to pay monthly rentals, food and other costs are charged separately.

As against this, its lease model entails a deposit of few lakhs and monthly maintenance of Rs 1,000 (food and other costs are separate). Also, under its outright purchase model, various realtors offers homes in the range of Rs 10 lakh to Rs 35 lakh, with recurring costs being separate. But while the rental option may appear cheaper, it could suffer from lack of permanency. Rentals are typically offered for short-term periods, in the 1-6 months range. Moving in and out on a regular basis may defeat the purpose of calm and stability in retirement living. Yes, you could opt for renting a house from another senior citizen who has purchased it. But here too, with growing demand for retirement homes, you could be asked to vacate at short notice.

Many elderly people want to spend their silver years comfortably with less physical and mental stress with chores such as housekeeping and cooking taken care of someone else and could lead the rest of the life in peace. Check points A few precautions and checks before you decide on your retirement living option will facilitate a smooth run in the future. First, keep adequate funds for increase in expenses (around 10 per cent annually for maintenance, food, rentals or other recurring costs). 28 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I May 2013

This is important since these expenses may keep increasing even as your income remains capped. Lack of financial planning could mean trouble financing rising costs in the future. It is imperative that you take adequate medical insurance.

As a retirement living option, rentals could work out easiest on your pocket. They do not entail a high capital cost or an upfront deposit. You only need to pay monthly rentals, food and other costs are charged separately. Don't look at your retirement home purely from an investment perspective. You are choosing a different lifestyle, so be prepared to pay some premium for the various senior-friendly features in the community and in your house. Check whether the house you plan to occupy has the promised essential senior friendly features such as anti-skid tiles in bathrooms, grab bars, wide doors, etc. Make sure that adequate medical facilities/services of residential nurses, doctors and first aid are at hand to attend to emergencies. Also, enquire whether the solutions provider has tie-ups with hospitals. Check whether the community has adequate recreational facilities of your interest to keep you occupied. Make enquiries about the reputation and track record of the solutions provider. Read the agreements carefully and be sure of what you are getting into. In an outright purchase, check the property documents to make sure that they are in order. In a lease, check that the agreement is for a sufficiently long period, else you may have to vacate when you need the house the most. It is a good idea to experiment, experience, and then decide about your choice of a retirement home. Many solution providers allow prospective buyers to stay in their guesthouses for a few days (at a cost) to help you arrive at a decision. In India, the concept of retirement homes is brewing very briskly and many builders are gearing up to construct homes exclusively for the old persons with all modern amenities being provided to them hence making those offers very lucrative in nature. Also today's society has changed from traditional thoughts to more liberalized thinking, primarily influenced from the western countries where the concept of nuclear families are more prevalent and in our country such thoughts are being put into practice. Old people have a choice between staying with their loved ones or they could opt for individual living, only with their life partners and hence retirement homes comes very handy giving them the comfort and the much needed security. Medical facilities are been provided by most of the builders in there townships and gated communities so that they need not run around here and there for medical assistance. Retirement homes will play a major part in our country in times to come and will help the older people to settle and lead a hassle free life.



HYDERABAD The summer has announced its arrival and it's time for Hyderabadis to brace up for severe water crisis. The problem of insufficient drinking water supply has already hit most of the areas in the city leaving it high & dry. The menace of supply and availability of water has grappled the city for past many years and the solutions to this problem don't seem to be in sight. For the next few months, the core areas of the twin cities would receive water only on alternate days and the amount of supply would be cut by 50 per cent or the water may be available once in three days. The erstwhile surrounding municipalities, now merged with the GHMC, are supplied water twice a week. With the alarming depletion of water levels in Singur, Manjeera, Krishna, Osmansagar and Himayatsagar reservoirs, the main drinking water sources to Greater Hyderabad limits and surrounding villages, the supply of drinking water is now a major cause of concern.The sudden rise in construction activities coupled with unplanned city dwellings and poor management of building activities are also contributing to the acute water crisis. The population of the city has increased many folds in recent years and therefore the demand of water has risen alarmingly which the water board is unable to fulfill. For the last few years, against the demand of 470 million gallons of water per day (MGD), the Water Board is barely managing to supply 344 MGD. With fast depleting level of water, the water board would be soon to reduce the supply further by at least 50 to 60 MGD during peak summer. With the dwindling of water levels in these five reservoirs, the Water Board has no other alternatives but to stave off the problem by supplying water evenly.

The residents of Hyderabad want some very prudent and sincere efforts from the civic authorities and the government to curb the problem and not leave them to the rain gods. The underground water table is also dropping very swiftly, compared to past few years the present water table has shrunken further due to insufficient rainfall and by not taking prudent steps to conserve or harvest the rain water. The result of which is that the city is under severe water crisis with the government authorities very little to do and seems helpless. The rainfall pattern in the recent years was not uniform and was generally below average. Levels in the principal city reservoirs are falling at an alarming rate. Both the Osmansagar and Himayatsagar reservoirs will go dry by April end and the city has to make do with reduced supplies from other sources. What it means is a shortfall of 40 to 50 mgd during the peak summer. Himayatsagar can supply 13 mgd through gravity only up to March 10 and Osmansagar (17 mgd) up to March 31. Arrangements are in place to take up emergency pumping from Himayatsagar from March 11 and Osmansagar from April 1. Drawls are expected to further come down by 2 mgd from both these sources. The situation in the Singur reservoir is no better. Through gravity the present quantum of 75 mgd can be drawn up to April and with pumping the supplies will last till August. That is, provided the water is not released for irrigation purpose. There is a demand for release of 2.5

tmcft to meet irrigation requirements. The Irrigation Department is asked to maintain a level of + 510 ft in Krishna. A drop of two feet will necessitate emergency pumping for which arrangements are under process.Meanwhile, the ground water level in Hyderabad and surrounding areas i s The menace of supply and giving cause for worry. availability of water has From November to December, the water grappled the city for past many level dropped by half years and the solutions to this metre and from problem don't seem to be in December to January it sight. registered a fall of one metre. In February it went down by 1.5 m e t r e s . “ T h e groundwater table will sink further in the coming months as the drawls increase,� says J. Satyanarayana, Assistant Director, Ground Water Department, which is of great concern. Already some 15 MGD water has been reduced in the last few days. More reductions will be followed in the days to come. Over 50,000 bore wells belonging to both HMWS&SB and private owners are fast drying up because of the dwindling ground water levels and there would be more pressure on the board for additional supply. The civic authorities along with HMWS&SB are not able to solve the problem as they are addressing it in bits and pieces also no proactive steps are taken so far, to contain the water table or transporting water into the city from elsewhere. The state government did not swing into action full heartedly and it was too little, too late policy, which was adapted. With the level in Himayatsagar reservoir going down fast, the Board has increased the diversion of Krishna water from 2 mgd to 6 mgd to areas served by this reservoir. Supplies to bulk consumers, mostly industries, are also cut down by 15 per cent. Interestingly, the government is yet to release Rs. 55 crore sought by the Water Board to meet the summer challenge. However, pending the sanction of funds, the Board is going ahead with the contingency action plan. The Board has already installed 4 pump sets at Osmansagar and 3 at Himayatsagar to start emergency pumping from the dead storage when the level comes down to 1,762 ft and 1,740 ft respectively. The Board is also taking steps to improve the raw water quality in the twin reservoirs by removing excess colour, odour and other adverse quality changes. The IIT Kharagpur has been asked to monitor the raw water quality and take up bio-remediation studies. The million dollar question is whether the government is willing to take the recommendations made by IIT and other institution seriously and act on it or will it be another eye wash. The residents of Hyderabad want some very prudent and sincere efforts from the civic authorities and the government to curb the problem and not leave them to the rain gods. May 2013 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 29

m ro F e ts tur per a Fe u Ex u t st s aa Vaa V ive ned lus now c Ex Re




TO KEEP HEAVY ITEMS AT FORBIDDEN PLACES…. Sometimes, it so happens that the residential building Vaasthu Vidwan might be of an old Sai Sri Danthuri Pandarinath construction or the items purchased may not be arranged according to Vaasthu or the financial position may not permit to make any change of the house. If that is the case, there are very simple principles of Vaasthu, that can be followed without any stress or strain. Whatever be the situation, it is advisable to follow the rules of Vaasthu, at least to the possible extent. This will enable the 'house to look after us'. Heavy goods can be placed supporting West and South side walls. This will give positive results. But, the North and East side walls cannot afford to support heavy items. Placing heavy items here will result to face worse effect. The more the weight on 'Niruthi' or the South West corner, the better! Never place weight in 'North-East' and 'South-East' corners. There should not be any weights here, whatever may be circumstances. However the Southern South-East part can be used for little goods. Though Vaasthu prohibits heavy goods in East and North directions, slight alternate changes can be done.

TV. Live Programmes

If at all heavy items are to be placed in the Eastern side, they should be placed in such a way that they do not touch eastern side wall. A few inches of gap has to be left between the wall and Vaasthu Nipuna Danthuri Sai Pawan the goods. The same is with the Northern wall. The 'Vayuvya' or the North-East corner allows goods to be placed supporting the Western wall of the Western most NorthWest corner. 'Agneya' or the 'south-East corner allows only the stoves to be placed with the support of bricks or stand. However, 'Gobar gas' stoves are usually placed at a height. People who sincerely want to follow Vaasthu rules, will have to understand so many aspects of Vaasthu and get their doubts cleared.


At the dawn, if one faces towards the rising sun, the very direction tells that it is the Eastern direction. We feel as though the entire part ahead of us belongs to Eastern side. One step put ahead, will show you the Western direction, which falls just at the back side part which was East earlier! If the main entrance of the house faces towards the north, the road ahead of the house seems to be in the Northern side. The same road appears to be on the Southern side for house opposite to this Northern faced house. The Southern part of the house will appear to be in Northern side, to the residents of the back lane. How to understand and locate this kind of a management of directions? Are there any boundaries for these directions? Mother earth has got four directions the North on the top, South in the down, Eastthe place of rising sun and West the place of setting sun. There are four more intermediate directions among these four directions which all together make eight directions. The confluence of two directions Feature VASTHU VARTHA Bhakti TV : Every Thursday 10:30am to 11:00am on V6 TV : Every Sunday8:30am to 9:00am VARTHA Telugu daily Vaasthu Sunday Magazine ATV : Every Thursday & Friday 6:00pm to 6:30pm

30 I May 2013 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN

is termed as an intermediate direction. There comes in a common doubt, that if the earth itself has got all the directions. Why againt terminating each individual house with similar direction? Many find this question to be ridiculous and the answer for this is difficult to understand. A small amount of gold taken out of a few kilos of gold, show the same nature and features of the metal gold. Likewise, a few square yards of a site considered in this entire huge planet of earth, show the same directions of East, West, North and South. A house big or small, theory is theory! Whether a bungalow or a small square, show us the same directions…. a universal concept! Here is a the table of baneful and fountiful effects of the eight directions. DIREC- RULING TION WEIGHT LORD INDRA if 1. East placed 2. South- AGNI if Placed East 3. South Yama if not Placed 4. South- Niruti If not Placed West Varuna if 5. West Not placed 6. North- Vayuvu if West Placed Kubera if 7. North Placed

NEGATIVE RESULTS Badomen Bad Fire Accidents Badomen Bad Ravalary & Sickness Detoriation of Cattle wealth Vices and Instability Losses

8. North- Eesana if All types of Losses Placed East


WEIGHTS If not Placed If not Placed If Placed If Placed If placed If not Placed If not Placed If not Placed

Good omen Good No chance For fire Accidents Good omen Good No Rivalary & better health Increase of Cattle wealth Good Natured and Stability Prosperity In wealth Lots of Wealth, health, Fame and name

One should get acquainted oneself with this primary knowledge of Vaasthu. This will enable him to understand the theory of undulations and weights in the subject of 'Vaasthu'. To be Continued........












For Appointment :Vaasthu Vidwan Sai Sri Danthuri Pandarinath Vaasthu Nipuna Danthuri Sai Pawan #3-2-4, Kingsway, R.P.Road, Sec’bad-03. (O) : 040-27817446, Fax : 0404-27844677 Cell : 98854 46501, 98854 49458 E-mail :




HOME AFFAIRS 2013 Times of India, which is one of most widely read news paper all over India. According to the Indian Readership Survey (IRS) conducted in last quarter of 2012, Times of India stood first with an average issue readership of more than 7.6 millions leading in a dominant position. Recently a much publicized property show was th conducted by Times Property entitled the show as Home Affairs on 6 th & 7 April 2013 at Madhapur, Hitech city. To enhance the growth of real estate sector Times Property has taken this opportunity to establish a bond between the various spheres of construction and finance. Times Property Expo 2013 is a unique property exhibition, where Value added residential projects, Second Homes, Offices, IT Parks, Commercial Properties and Townships are exhibited. The main purpose of this show is to bring the whole ambit of builders, developers, financial organizations, and real estate agents on one common platform to provide a single window opportunity to access large and diversified information by the property buyers who is keen in discovering new properties and ventures in the city.

The venue of this property show was prudently selected by the organizers at The Westin Hyderabad Mindspace Raheja IT Park, Hitech City, Madhupur where it is the crux of IT corridor of the city. Stretching up to 110 acres, the area has provided the organizers an umpteen amount of opportunity to install more exhibitors' stalls. The prime participants where Aditya construction, BRC infra, Cybercity constructions, Giridhari constructions, Gautami developers, Janapriya Engineer's syndicate, Manjeera, Maruthi, Modi builders, NCC urban, Pooja ventures, Ramk group, Safeway Infra, Saket Engineers, SMR Holdings, Theme Ambience, Vasathi housing and Ertex. Aparna constructions had stood as platinum sponsors of the show and MAK Projects as the leading sponsors. By the given publicity of the show using media, newspapers, pamphlets and etc, the footfall of the show dint reach up to the mark as estimated. The response of this Property show stood moderate on both the days. This property show organized by the Times Of India was a mediocre rated event partly because there is a flurry of these kind of events in the recent past and the public is used to these events as the builders and their upcoming projects are limited and most commonly found in all the expos. Nonetheless, property shows of all nature and magnitude will always be staged in our city to be strolled and viewed by the visitors.


The Hindu, India's national newspaper since 1878. The English language daily is best described as classic yet contemporary. It is known for the high quality of its journalism and excellent presentation. The newspaper is printed at 16 cities in India. According to the Audit Bureau of Circulations, it has a circulation of 1.46 million copies as of December 2009. The enterprise employed over 1,600 workers and annual turnover reached almost $200 million in 2010. Subscription and advertisement are major sources of income. The Hindu became, in 1995, the first Indian newspaper to offer an online edition. They have recently conducted a two day exhibition which was titled as Hindu Habitat Living Spaces-2013, which was an annual property show offering a one-stop solution to all the real estate needs of public in Hyderabad will be held on Saturday and Sunday at Shilpakala Vedika, Madhapur. The property show, has featured well known property developers and financial institutions in Hyderabad, is inaugurated at 10.30 a.m. on Saturday by tennis ace Sania Mirza. The two-day exhibition has showcased a wide array of upcoming real estate projects in Hyderabad that will suit all the pockets. The companies participating in the property show include Cybercity Builders and Developers, NCC Urban, HDFC, Aparna Constructions, Vertex Homes, NCL Homes, Modi Builders, Manjeera Retail Holdings, Swarna Vihar Infra Projects, Giridhari Constructions, Theme Ambience Constructions, Emami Constructions, Saket Engineers, Green Home Group, Western Constructions, Vishal Projects, Gauthami Developers, Fortune Butterfly City, Armsburg Properties and Ashoka Builders. The Associate Partners for this event were Cybercity Builders and Developers and NCC Urban while Radio Partner is 93.5 Red FM. The Television Partner for the event is TV-5. Though the venue and inaugurating celebrity where well chosen the property show couldn't catch the eye of the denizens of the city. It seemed as a regular property show and the footfall was below average on the first day and is reduced much more on the second date. The property show was a second rated event. And couldn't reach to the expectations of the participants and as well as the visitors. May 2013 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 31

A NEVER BEFORE PROPERTY EXTRAVAGANZA A One to One mass connect programme Real Estate Bulletin Mega Property & Home Style Expo, a property event that never happened in the history of Hyderabad until now, showcasing a plethora of Builders & Developers with their exotic & elegant projects along with exotic Food Festival, Games Zone & Entertainment Shows. The expo will bring the largest consortium of Realtors under one roof, be it an opulent building plaza or a colossal gated community it's all here in this property show. Visitors from all walks of life, an MNC employee or a naive street dweller, a business executive or a housewife, every one of them will stroll around the exhibited stalls. This will be a one stop venue for all the serious property buyers to interact with the exhibitors and strike a best deal. There will be unprecedented number of footfalls during the course of Expo spanning over three days. This Expo will be a gateway for a stupendous business opportunity, so come and be a part of it.




21 22 23 June 2013 @ HITEX - HYDERABAD We are committed to make this expo a grand success in terms of total footfall of possible buyers and presence of all types of realty firms selling properties and home style products. We have advertisement route where in the mega show event information will reach to he highest number of people across all sections. Leading print, outdoor, FM, TV, Ooh media will be covered and the expo will be visited by thousands of people across the City, State, Country and abroad. The one to one connect programme will also take the show to great miles ahead in terms of actual buyers visiting the event. Huge number of gifts are also planned to attract the visitors to the event. This Mega Show will be “The Event of the year”

NOT JUST A PROPERTY SHOW BUT A MASS CONNECT PROGRAMME WITH LOT OF INNOVATIVE PLANS TO HAVE NOT JUST RESULTS BUT “GREAT RESULTS” For sponsorships and associations, mail to or call 040-31000815, 040-46464747, +91 9550001900, +9I 9010683802



F 20 F 66

F 21 F 67

F 22 F 68

F 23 F 69

G 01 G 02 G 03 G 07 G 08 G 09


G 04 G 05 G 06 A 10 626G 11 G 12 G

F 24 F 70

F 25 F 71

F 26 F 72


F 27 F 73



F 28 F 74

F 19 F 65 F 18 F 64

C 01 C 17

C 02 C 18

C 03 C 19

21 22 23 June 2013

F 29 F 75

C 04 C 20


F 30 F 76

F 17 F 63 F 16 F 62

C 05 C 21

F 15 F 61

E 01 E 09

F 14 F 60 F 13 F 59

C 06 C 22

E 02 E 10

C 09 C 25

E 03 E 11

E 04 E 12

C 10 C 26

C 07 C 23

E 05 E 13

E 06 E 14

C 11 C 27

F 31 F 77

C 08 C 24

E 07 E 15

F 32 F 78

E 08 E 16

F 33 F 79 F 34 F 80

C 12 C 28

Emergency Exit

Emergency Exit

F 12 F 58

C 13 C 29

C 14 C 30

C 15 C 31

F 35 F 81

C 16 C 32

F 36 F 82

F 11 F 57 D 01 D 09

F 10 F 56

D 02 D 10

D 03 D 11

D 04 D 12

D 05 D 13

D 06 D 14

D 07 D 15

D 08 D 16

F 37 F 83


6x8 48Sqm


6x6 36 Sqm



F 39 F 85


3x6 18 Sqm

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3x4 12 Sqm

8 nos

F 07 F 53

F 40 F 86



9 Sqm

46 nos



6 Sqm

6 nos

F 06 F 52

F 41 F 87

F 09 F 55

F 38 F 84 B 01 B 09

F 08 F 54

B 05 B 13

F 05 F 51

B 02 B 10

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B 04 B 12

B 08 B 16

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6x8 48Sqm


6x6 36 Sqm




3x6 18 Sqm

8 nos


3x4 12 Sqm

8 nos


4 nos 8 nos 16 nos



9 Sqm

46 nos



6 Sqm

6 nos

Total Entrance

4 nos

96 nos




Size (Mts.)

Area (Sq. Mts.)

No. of Stalls (Both Halls)

Rate (Rs)











































Financial Terms & Conditions:

Service Tax @ 12.36% extra. 50% of amount at the time of booking and balance on or th before 20 May 2013.

Legal GYAN

Taxing Times Everyone has a dream to own a house for himself, so making a home or owning a home is one of the most important events in one's life. It is a kind of investment and it will pay off when you need money or when you are in a problem. As you know the price of property is growing day by day and selling of a good house becomes the hot sale for the property dealers. In today's market, everyone wants to have own house or property, which gives return in future when the rates become much higher than what you have paid at the time of buying property. In present times great deals are there in the real estate market so you should choose the best deal for yourself for the sake of investment, and they are specially meant for the buyers. Most of the times, people fail to see the tax benefits on the purchase of your home. Everyone has his own reasons to buy the homes, some have to buy the home and put that for the rental purpose, some save this as investment purpose and few of them buy homes as they want to start their family. One reason to own a house is that you can save your money which you have to pay for the renting purpose. When you pay amount for the purchase of the house then that money is considered to be as your principal balance of the loan. The interest of the principal balance will not come back in cash but it will benefit you in another way which is as the same as the money back offer. If your loan amount is below one lakh rupees then it can cancel the taxes which you have to pay every year. This is detachable of the centralized taxes which you pay on your salaries every year. This means that you will not get the money back in cash when you get the tax returns but it means that it is a deductible amount from your taxable income you earned. It becomes a great advantage to the persons who want to buy their own home as they are free from paying any kind of rents on a home, other benefits is of getting easy loans for the first time home buyers. The government has made provisions for those who are going to buy the home for the first time for themselves to give them some tax rebate.

It is very necessary to understand that when you make money then you have to spend at least some amount of money for the purpose of paying interest for the home loans. It is automatically deducted from your salary so that you can consider it as if you never earned that amount ever. This is an ideal way to save your precious 34 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I May 2013


money by paying home loan interest or tax; otherwise your money will be deducted in an income tax. Under the I-T Act, asset or property is considered as one of the heads of earnings. Therefore, tax is imposed on it. In India, assets consist of flats, shops, buildings and such. However, land itself is excluded from this type of tax, but the one adjoining the houses and apartments is called to be a property and, therefore, falls under the income tax. Information on Property Tax India 路 For simple evaluation, the asset or property tax rate is regularly mentioned in proportion. That is, the total tax which is to be paid for every hundred currency unit of the assets cost. The rate of tax is also represented in per mille where the total tax for every thousand currency unit of asset price is computed. 路 Diverse regions of the India have different models for the tax system. In recent times, the asset tax model followed by the Patna government has been admired by the UN. The city has launched the system of area based simplified evaluation of tax. 路 Tax assessment on property/asset is determined by numerous aspects. While selling the asset/property, the sum willingly to be paid by the purchaser is taken into consideration for tax calculation. The tax levied on the asset/property is also analyzed by the wide-ranging market trends, sales evaluation, price approach and earnings. 路 The tax imposed on property may vary with its market assessment. In case of addition to the asset/property, the income tax rate would also raise. As a taxpayer, it is very significant to check the whole evaluation procedure. You are forever open to formulate asset/property tax petition in case of any inconsistency concerning it. Whether you buy or sell property for a living or just a one time buyer or seller, you must have an inside out look at how tax will affect you. There are two types of tax regimes applicable on buying or selling property in India, short and long term. The short term and long term tax rate applied on buying or selling of property in India seems to be the same but the difference comes in inflation indexation that may be overlooked by a cursory glance at the buying selling process.

Legal GYAN Short term property gain tax is applicable when you have bought a property and sold it within three years of purchase. In this case you will be paying tax on profit gains after deduction of acquisition price, money spent on property improvement, and transfer cost. The gain becomes part of the taxable income and you will have to pay tax on it as per your applicable tax slab. Similarly, if buying the property and selling it in short term resulted in a loss, you can carry forward that loss to claim tax deductions for up to eight years. On the other hand, long term profit gains on property are considered different. Property sellers who owned a property for more than three years will get the usual deductions of acquisition cost and property improvement but these adjustments will be inflation adjusted thus reducing the property margins considerably down for periods extending to more than five years. For simple understanding you can calculate property tax gain using these formulae: Short Term (Less than three years) Short Term Capital Gain = Sale Price (Cost of Acquisition + Cost of Improvement + Cost of Transfer) Long Term (More than three years) Long Term Capital Gain = Sale Price (Indexed Cost of Acquisition + Indexed Cost of Improvement + Cost of Transfer) Indexed Cost = Cost Incurred X (CII* of year of transfer / CII of year of acquisition or expenditure) One drawback of having long term capital gains on property sale in India is that you cannot claim regular tax deductions. However, if you fall under the tax exemption limit, then your capital gains will not be taxed. Whenever you are making a property deal in India; calculating profits, taxes, and exemptions can make the buying selling agreement very complex. There are many companies that offer legal ready to use documents that can help overcome all this hassle. You can refer to a comprehensive property sale agreement, which covers all aspects of buying and selling properties in India. The agreement will cover all eventualities, ensuring that you do not miss onto something very important. This document covers all aspects of your protection as a buyer or seller. In case you face any problem understanding anything, all you need to do is follow up the explanatory notes. Flexibility has been added to undertake all kinds of situations that may arise due to any type of buying or selling agreement, no matter how unique it is. Above all, the document also guides you as to how you can proceed with dispute resolution and jurisdiction issues. The intricacies of the tax laws and applicability of the same needs careful understanding and implementation When you own two houses and let out one of them for rent, you receive an income for which you need to pay tax. In such a scenario, the taxable income from the total rent income received by you for that particular financial year will be computed in your tax returns. Computing Rental Income For properties let out, the gross rent needs to be the greater of the three values below: * Municipal valuation of the property: The rental value fixed by the corporation based on your locality and property value. * Actual rent received during the financial year: The rent received by you from your tenant for that particular financial year. * Fair rent: The rent of a similar property in the same or similar locality. From this gross rent, the property tax is deducted to arrive at the net annual value of the rental income. Permissible Deductions: * 30 per cent of the net annual value for repair, maintenance and rent collection expenses for the property.

* Interest paid towards any type of home loan on this particular property. * Any property insurance premium you have paid for the financial year. Here is a simple example: Actual rent received from property say Rs 15,000 x 12 = Rs 1.8 lakh Less: Municipal Tax/Property Tax paid by you say Rs 5,000. Net Annual Value: Rs 1.75 lakh. Less: (1) 30 per cent of the net annual value: Rs 52,500. (2) Interest paid on a renovation loan for the house, say Rs 30,000. Taxable rental income = Rs 92,500. The taxable rent income will be included by your auditor under income from other sources, along with other such incomes as well as your salary income and deductions you are eligible for, to calculate your final tax outgo. Capital Gains From Sale Let us now look at what happens if you decide to sell your property. Any profit that you receive by selling any asset at a price higher than at which it was acquired by you is classified as capital gains and clubbed under income from other sources. Short term and long term capital gains: If you sell your house within three years from the date of purchase you will incur a short term capital gain or loss which is included under other sources of income. In case you sell your house beyond three years then it is considered as a long term capital gain/loss. Exemptions from capital gains tax: If you choose to use the capital gains from selling your house to buy a residential property, you will not be taxed and there is no tax liability from such a sale as stated under Section 54F of the Income Tax Act. You can also be exempted from tax if the long term capital gains or profit from the sale is invested for a period of Three years in specific bonds of National Highways Authority of India or Rural Electrification Corporation Limited as stated under Section 54 EC. In case you do not choose to make any investments and opt to pay tax, the income is calculated using the indexation method which is nothing but accounting for the effects of inflation. For example, if you had purchased a house for Rs 5 lakh and then sold it for Rs 9 lakh, the capital gains would be Rs 4 lakh. However, for the sake of income tax calculation a number called indexation number is used, which is a percentage of the gain that is assumed as value addition due to inflation. Thus if indexation is 20 per cent then Rs 9 lakh minus (20 per cent of Rs 5 lakh) minus R 5 lakh, that is R 3 lakh would be taken as capital gains. A capital gain is usually charged at 20 per cent in most cases where the calculation is based on indexation. A better understanding of the tax rules can make your life easier and help you file your tax returns with clarity. It's the tax season and it's time to explore various facets of tax planning and educate yourself on the various nuances of tax on property. May 2013 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 35

BANGALURU REPORT a hot property with the land rates doubling more than ten-folds as businesses and residences came up to accommodate the people. Today, it is a well known destination to live and work. The advent of various infrastructure projects in Neo Bengaluru is helping the residents of that nearby place to commute with much ease and this in turn is fueling the prices of the property prices in those associated areas. The government recently inaugurated a BMTC bus depot built at the cost of Rs. 4.70 Crs. A new integrated satellite township with proper infrastructure has been put in place. Good road planning has taken a precedent over here. The proposed Satellite Township Ring Road (STRR) covering 284 km will connect Hoskote with important satellite towns around Bangalore. The Intermediate Ring Road (IRR) covering 188 km also connects Hoskote to the rest of Bangalore. The tremendous growth experienced the last three years has led to an increase in property prices, if reliable industry sources are to be believed. The year-on-year increase of prices is said to be about 30%. In case of Neo Bangalore, the government of Karnataka has revealed great plans for the place, including an exclusively designed Special Economic Zone, SEZ, for electronics hardware and IT at Bagur. The Aero IT SEZ is already under development at Budigere and promises to create employment for almost 98,000 people. Not only the residential projects which are upcoming in those areas but there are many industries which are springing up in Neo Bengaluru. The Karnataka Industrial Areas Development Board is seeing a high demand for the 685 acre industrial belt of Narsapur in Hoskote. This area is already home to Volvo and Honda factories and many more big industrial heavyweights are said to be getting their new address here. About 468 Japanese companies have set up shop along the Bangalore-Chennai belt and Hoskote is the starting point of this corridor. The 6-lane Super-highway to Chennai starts at Hoskote. It is being developed all the way to Sri Perambudur and that would reduce the travelling time between the two cities considerably. Locally, Hoskote has good connection to important parts of Bangalore. It is a quick drive from the Bangalore International Airport, Byappanahalli Metro Station and the K.R. Puram Railway Station. Budigere road connects Hoskote to the BIAL in 30 minutes. The railway station is 20 minutes away. Time taken to reach the Central Business District is shortened by taking the metro from Byappanahalli which will reach M.G. Road within 25 minutes without any traffic issues. Hoskote has emerge as the hot spot of the Bengaluru city with realty prices of the associated areas surrounding Hoskote in escalating mode and new residential townships which are coming up, with basic infrastructure in place, provided by the civic authorities, the area will see a major transformation in years to come.

Hoskote - A hot spot inBengaluru city With Bangalore being one of the fastest growing cities of India, several new developments have happened. Among them is the emerging of Neo Bangalore or Hoskote, an area of great promises and expectations. It is not a place where time will stand still. It is about a great ambiance, good infrastructure and fantastic connectivity. When Navi Mumbai was developed in 1972, no one imagined, even in their wildest dreams, that it would become such a bustling place. Aimed at decongesting Mumbai, Navi Mumbai became a hot property with the land rates doubling more than ten-folds. Similarly, today, the city of Bangalore is looking out for a similar satellite township that will take on its multitudes. Enter Neo Bangalore area or better known as Hoskote. The promise of Hoskote makes it another Navi Mumbai in making. A planned township, upcoming to established industries and world class connectivity that's what Neo Bangalore is all about. At Neo Bangalore it would be exactly like living in old Bangalore with swanky new facilities. “People are nostalgic about old Bangalore but they definitely want the buzz of the new. A satellite town like Neo Bangalore will combine the two elements making it a winsome solution,” says an old Bangalorean who is quite fed up of traffic and mushrooming commercial establishments in his once-upon-a-time quiet neighbourhood. Neo Bangalore will be able to extend the promise of Bangalore city without diluting its ethos or credence. As people begin to look at other cities as an alternative to Bangalore, it becomes logical to look closer home for an answer. Neo Bangalore will satisfy all those who remain true Bangaloreans. Those who have

The advent of various infrastructure projects in Neo Bengaluru is helping the residents of that nearby place to commute with much ease and this in turn is fueling the prices of the property prices in those associated areas. expressed interest in this growth area have given a number of reasons. Primarily, the attraction is to live in a place that will be well planned and has good infrastructure. As one industry player said, “Neo Bangalore should be able to distill all the good features of Bangalore city and highlight the same. The soothing greenery, the lure of managed growth and the promise of a bustling activity will be enough to attract people here.” That's exactly how it had happened in Navi Mumbai. Aimed at decongesting Mumbai, Navi Mumbai became 36 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I May 2013


VIJAYAWADA - City of Victory

Vijayawada or the “City of Victory” lies about 257 kilometers from Hyderabad on the banks of Krishna River. The city is witnessing high growth in terms of its commercial and industrial aspect. The stipulated rise in real estate prices in Hyderabad have recorded a modest increase of 5-10% during the last one year were as in Vijayawada property values are up over 70%. Besides, the development is also spreading to city's outskirts, which may in turn lead to the expansion of the city itself. Vijayawada real estate market has emerged as one of the most attractive investment destinations among Tier-II cities in India. With the kind of capital floating into the market, investors have a strong notion regarding Vijayawada to become the capital city in the years to come. Since, the government has relaxed the norms for FDI in Indian property market and SEBI has given the nod for Real Estate Mutual Funds, there has been a lot of stabilization in the Vijayawada real estate market. With large investments freely flowing, Vijayawada property sector has largely become a sellers' market, leading to unprecedented prices. Vijayawada has witnessed around 30 per cent increase in the last 2 years and is likely to see at least 40-60 per cent increase in the next year and a half. The residential property segment in Vijayawada is growing both qualitatively and quantitatively. The speed of development in Vijayawada is an indication which is attributed to the emphasis laid on real estate construction and infrastructure. The city is fast embracing the new concepts in real estate such as Residential Townships. New houses promising highest quality construction are to come up at Vambay Colony, as the present houses have been found to be of inferior quality. The Vijayawada Guntur Tenali Mangalagiri Development Authority (VGTM-UDA) has plans to build more than 76,000 houses in Vijayawada and Tenali under Rajiv Swagruha scheme. The authority has identified 600 acres on land in Nidamanuru, Nunna, Kesarapalli and Kotturu Tadepalli areas on outskirts of the city. The UDA will also facilitate the development of a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) of Information Technology. The project will come over a 40 acre site at Amravati Township near Mangalagiri. Surprisingly, the spurt in the city's real estate market is also the result of a political paralysis, which if compared with any other field, is a sort of oxymoron. “The sharp rise in prices of Vijayawada has much to do with the Telangana agitation and the resultant uncertainty prevailing in Hyderabad. People who hail from Vijayawada now prefer to invest back home even if they have jobs in the capital city,” says Kukatla Srinivas, chairman & managing director of Sri Abhaya Gold Infra Tech. As such, Vijayawada retail market is moving at snail pace but can be seen to catch up the pace in future with the expected entry of brands such as Shoppers Stop and Big Bazaar among big names in shopping malls. To give a head start to the retail industry in Vijayawada, the city's Municipal Corporation has proposed a

multiplex to come over an area of 2 acres of land near Vidhyadharapuram bypass road. The project envisages serving as a hospitality and entertainment center to be executed on public private partnership basis. The corporation is likely to get 25% funding from the Centre to implement the plans for the proposed centre which will involve an investment of Rs 40 crore. Big Bazaar has already rented out an open site and begun the construction work on Bandar Road. Shoppers Stop and Lifestyle are looking out for suitable spaces along Ring Road. Upcoming mega shopping malls is definite to give a boost to improve the overall retail profile of Vijayawada and contribute to make it a modern city. The National Highway Authority of India is widening the NH5 that connects Chennai to Kolkata. Originally a part of the golden quadrilateral project, the NH5 widening will accelerate the growth of Vijayawada and its outskirts. 'The widening work to make NH5 to six lanes and it will be completed soon. There is also an outer ring road to Vijayawada. This will take away highway traffic away from the city and also makes Vijayawada-Guntur connecting part a major attraction for property buyers,” says Thota Rajesh Kumar, project director, Yugandhar Housing Pvt Ltd. Upcoming projects in Vijayawada are an IT Park is there in Vijayawada's pipeline. The project will come up on the 32-acre site at Kesarapalli opposite Gannavaram airport. Software Park: The District Administration is

The speed of development in Vijayawada is an indication which is attributed to the emphasis laid on real estate construction and infrastructure. The city is fast embracing the new concepts in real estate. considering constructing a software park in the entire land belonging to Government Polytechnic College and ITI in the city. Township: A notable project among upcoming ones here is an exclusive Township is being developed under a joint venture by Arihant Foundations & Housing Ltd. and Vijayawada Guntur, Tenali, Mangalagiri, Urban Development Authority. Involving an investment of Rs 650 crore, the Township will include approximately 4.6 million sq ft. of residential and commercial complex. It is to come up on the Guntur Road located 12 km from Vijayawada. Corridor between Hyderabad-Vijayawada: The state government has proposed to build a high speed corridor which will reduce the distance between Hyderabad to Vijayawada to just 2 hours. The project is estimated to cost Rs 3000 crore. With the best deals going ahead in Vijayawada, sky is the limit for the city's development. The unprecedented development that surged in recent years have made Vijayawada as one of the most favored destination for IT industry and many other heavy industries, fueling the growth of real estate sector in the city, with all the state government aids which are pouring in for further development, the city is truly gearing up to match with other major cities in our country. May 2013 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 37



Source: News pages & Sites..

Thane Building Collapse: 2 Builders Held, 74 deaths


wo builders of the 7-storey i l l e g a l structure that caved in here claiming 74 lives were arrested today even as rescue operations were called off after 62 people were pulled out of the debris."Builders Jamil Qureshi and Salim Shaikh were arrested from their hideouts today. Qureshi was nabbed from Uttar Pradesh, while Shaikh was apprehended from Thane, Police have registered a case of culpable homicide not amounting to murder against the builders, who were on the run since the Thursday incident. If convicted they can face life sentence. Rescue operations at Lucky Compound, where the fully occupied illegal structure

stood near Shil Phata in Mumbra in Thane district adjoining Mumbai, were called off this afternoon, over 40 hours after the illegal structure crashed. "Thane Crime Branch has taken over the investigation and those guilty will be punished," Joint Commissioner Vipin Kumar Singh told reporters at the crash scene. With the death of an injured woman at Sion Hospital in Mumbai and recovery of a child's body from the debris at the site, the death toll reached 74 this evening. According to Regional Disaster Management Control (RDMC) sources, the mishap left 74 people dead of which 33 are men, 23 women and 18 children.

Home loan market defies realty slump; to grow 20%


he housing loan market is expected to grow between 18 and 20 per cent because of rapid urbanisation, double income families, nuclearisation of families etc, while the low income housing loans would grow 20-30 per cent per annum. The share of credit for housing in overall credit rose from under five per cent in March 2001 to 12 per cent by March 2006. However, the share of housing loans to the total bank credit declined gradually to about eight per cent by March 2012 as the rate of growth slowed down in the years subsequent to the boom years of 2006 and 2007, said M. Ravindran of Markets in Motion. Outstanding loans by banks and housing finance companies amounted to Rs.6.20 lakh crore and of this two-thirds were accounted for by banks as on March 2012. Institutional financing for housing in India is dominated by commercial banks because of the large number of branches that they have. HDFC, the country's largest lender, sees growth of 18-20 per cent in housing loans though it has surpassed 31 per cent growth in the first nine months of 2012-13. In the last five years it says the real estate as an asset class has appreciated not less than 10 per cent and 90 per cent of its borrowers were first time home buyers. The demand is coming from smaller towns and from city outskirts. Harshil Mehta, the chief executive officer of Aadhar Housing Finance, a company that is registered with the National Housing Bank and is part of the Dewan Housing Group, said the growth in the low-income housing group segment (Rs 15-20 lakh) is enormous and the growth outlook for 2013-14 is 20 per cent in the segment. BOTTOM-UP APPROACH In the last five years, it says the real estate as an asset class has appreciated not less than 10 per cent and 90 per cent of its borrowers were first time home buyers. The demand is coming from smaller towns and from city outskirts. 38 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 2013 May

Spurt in villa development in Kompally, Hyderabad


ocated 10 km away from Paradise, Secunderabad and once replete with grape gardens and farm houses, the fastest growing suburb Kompally is now witnessing frenetic construction activity due to migration of people to urban areas. The 250 ft, six-lane, NH7 towards Nagpur has improved the infrastructure and connectivity to the area with the result there has been a migration of property developers to build villas and apartments. A number of schools and colleges in and around the area have convinced people to shift to the area. Besides some of the reputed schools are relocating from Marredpally to Kompally. The region is also becoming the hub for automobile showrooms with Tata Motors, Hyundai, Ashok Leyland and Maruti having already opened their outlets. Due to availability of large land parcels, villa developers are focusing on the area with a number of projects coming up in and around the area. Among them specific mention should be made about Koncept Ambience, Sanai Constructions, Prajay, Aakruthi and Aparna. Land prices which were a trickle at Rs 3 lakh Rs 4 lakh per acre during 1980s are now quoted at Rs 3 crore Rs 4 crore per acre as the area is now under the guidance of Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority, revealing the inherent potential of the area. As the area is just 12 km from the city's landmark locations, the commuting is hassle free except in the cantonment areas which has narrower roads. Apartment prices range from Rs 2,500 to Rs 3,200 per sqft and land prices are quoted at Rs 15,000 Rs 20,000 per sqyd. This again varies depending on the location, developer, specification and amenities offered in the project. Plotted development projects are few and far between and the thrust more on housing d eve lo p m e n t . T h o u gh c o m m e rc i a l development is yet to gain momentum, a retail mall on 4 acre land comprising 20,000 sqyd mall developments is coming up in Kompally and the project is awaiting the approval from the appropriate authorities.


Lingampally in Hyderabad offers affordable residential options


ingampally, a suburb in south Hyderabad, is gaining popularity among IT professionals as an affordable residential destination. The locality, situated at a distance of 5 km from Gachibowli and 8-10 km from Hi-Tech City, offers residential options in the price range of Rs 2,200-3,000 per sq ft. Localities such as Gachibowli, Hi-Tech City and Kondapur have become saturated in terms of available residential options rendering these locations expensive. The apartments in these locations are selling within a price range

of Rs 3,000-4,600 per sq ft. Once a sleepy village, the IT boom in south Hyderabad has brought Lingampally into limelight. As land was available a t l o w ra t e s c i t y b a s e d developers could purchase huge land parcels and in the long run have expanded their land banks, due to which it is possible for developers to offer projects at comparatively lower rates. Some of the developers present in the area include Legend Group, Prithvi Sai Real Estate, Abhiram Properties among others. Majority of the developers are delivering 2 and 3BHK units. The maximum

demand is witnessed for 2BHK units. Apart from lower prices other factors such as availability of well-developed social and physical infrastructure also attract home buyers. “The locality has good local connectivity. It has a MMTS train station, which is the last station for its journey from Hyderabad and S e c u n d e r a b a d ,” i n f o r m s Gautam Mohopatra, of Asterix Realfin Services. The locality is well-connected to National Highway 9 leading to Mumbai. It also offers bus connectivity to almost all parts of the city. There are several educational

institutes such as the University of Hyderabad, IIIT Hyderabad and the largest training institute for State Bank of India. The locality is growing at a slow rate. However, with more residential demand spilling o ve r f r o m n e i g h b o u r i n g localities, Lingampally is expected to develop as a residential hub in the near future. Lingampally offers affordable options to those IT professionals who are anxious about the rising prices of homes in Hi-tech City and Gachibowli. It also provides proximity to their work place.

Demand for home loans up in Hyderabad


Rs 60 lakh. According to industry sources, as the quantum of demand for housing is up across all micro markets, this has resulted in the increased demand for home loans. The demand predominantly driven by IT/ITES sector is balanced both from residents and NRIs. While demand for home loans for villa projects continues, those for developed plots are on a low key, say DSAs of home loan companies. The demand for apartments revolves mostly around western part of the city encompassing areas like Madhapur, Kondapur, Tellapur and other areas. A number of developers are focusing on the western areas with the result the cumulative demand has resulted in the need for seeking home loans for such projects.

The growing number of enquiries for home loans has also given a virtual boost to the developers to launch new projects as they are seeing positive signals from the market, say realtors. Competitive prices, home loan lending rates and multiple options while investing in housing have all made the timing ideal to enter the market, feel consultants. Improved connectivity levels and proximity to retail centres would also encourage more people to shift to suburbs and invest in housing. The proposal to expand the retail network by local and national retailers also will encourage housing development as good quality mall space is felt to be in short supply in and around the city.

Attractive prospects drive demand for plots in Ghatkesar

Sub-Registrar lands in jail for helping murder accused

ith a spurt in the number of enquiries for housing and property developers gearing up to l a u n c h n e w p ro j e c t s a f te r t h e modification of Government Order 45 from hiking the area limit from 1 acre to five acres for EWS/LIG category housing, demand for home loans is up. The home loan market size in the city has been estimated at Rs 850 crore per month and premier institutions like HDFC and LIC Housing Finance alone hold 50-60 per cent of the market share followed by other institutions including nationalised and private banks. The average loan size is said to be around Rs 25 lakh Rs 30 lakh. Apartments that are driving demand are in the price range of Rs 40 lakh


ooking for a plotted development in Hyderabad? Ghatkesar, a locality on the outskirts of the city can be a good option. While residential plots in this area along the Warangal Highway have seen a surge in prices, one can still enter considering the future prospects. “The real estate market in Ghatkesar is looking up gradually. There has been a rise of 10-15 percent in capital values of land during the Oct-Dec 2012 quarter. Transactions also went up by 10 per cent. The strong price trend can be primarily attributed to the 160km Outer Ring Road (ORR) project. The project is likely to spur development of satellite townships around Hyderabad and facilitate progress of the proposed MRTS


ub-Registrar of L.B. Nagar Madishetty Ravinder, who was accused of helping a history-sheeter to illegally occupy the house of an octogenarian -- who was eventually murdered in March this year -using fake documents while working at Chikkadpally two years ago, was arrested on Monday. The house owner, A.S. Ram Prasad, 87, was allegedly killed by Sandeep Chaudhary, who has a history sheet in Humayunnagar police station, and his aide Pavan. The senior citizen, who had retired from the State-run RTC, had no children. After his wife's death, he was living in the house spread over 500 square yards at Jawaharnagar in Chikkadpally. Meanwhile, the murder case is also being investigated into, but no arrests have been made so far. May 2013 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 39

(Mass Rapid Transit System) and BRTS (Bus Rapid Transit System). “ORR is partly functional leading to connectivity between Ghatkesar and other parts of the city. The extension of metro line to Ghatkesar is also being considered. Apart from this, IT majors like Genpact and Infosys have well established offices in and around the area. Raheja Mind Space IT Park, which has around 150 acres of land in the region, is also looking to expand due to the future prospects offered by the ORR project. The infrastructural developments have created a demand for housing. Ghatkesar was a village area but the inhabitants are now selling land to take advantage of the price appreciation.








m e Satya e, Besid v la c n ITY loor, K.V.R. E 0016. Type: F . perty 50 RNA C SUVA Address: 2ntd, Hyderabad-elopers. Pror possessioena o r v f e e e A c p . D i y r y f d i e it Of Bhum e, Ame n: Rea rden c Theatrer: Suvarna. Possessioside DLF Ga 4,83,600/-. tive : s e d Buil ntial plot shabad b rting price one: Execu Resideion: At Shamsq.yds. Sta rinivas. Ph 999. Locat : 186 to 419 Mr. G.M S 1-9000024 Rangect Person: 9677796, +9 Conta or +91-994 @suvarnab Direct : gmsrinivas Email

Office Address: 8-2-120/86/1, 4th Floor, Keerthi Pride Towers, Road No. 2, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad - 500034. Builder : Keerthi Estates. Property Type : Triplex Villas. Possession: Ready for possesion. Location: Appa junctions, Hyderabad. Area Range: 3412 to 4037 sq.ft. Bedroom: 4 BHK. Starting Price: Rs 1.55 crs. Phone: 9966603939, 040-6459282. Email ID:

erry, mulgh ial i r T d oa nt Reside Main R sq.ft. olony erty Type: 15 to 1695 5405 / O C G C T N I R 2 op 11 098490 ar, LAM ange: ers. Pr : ga Vih .com CON F 2, Dur stcon Build bad. Area R HK. Phone w.nestcon o N t NEST e w B a lo r N w 3 e :P : : / s r d e 2 s y e : it Addre o o ms Webs . Build apur, H Office derabad-15 tion: Kond sq.ft. Bed R a r n @ c Secu ments. Lo s. 3500 pe nshelters Apart ng price: R ail: nestco Starti 123462. Em 09666

NORTH EAST SNEHA ARCADE Office Address: North East Construction, Kondapur, Hyd. Builder: North East Construction. Property Type: Residential Apartments. Possession: April 2013. Location: Kondapur, Hyd. Area Range: 1502 to 1522 sq.ft. Starting price: Rs. 3100 per sq.ft. Bed Rooms: 3 BHK. Phone: 8297666555.

THE NEIGHBOURHOOD Office Address: Gundlapochampally Village, Medchal Mandal, RR Dist., Hyderabad-14. Builder: Koncept Ambience. Property Type: Residential villas and Row Houses. Possession: Ready for possession. Location: Kompally, Secunderabad. Area Range: 218 to 358 sq.yds. Starting price: Rs. 65 lakhs. Bed Rooms: 4 & 5 BHK. Phone: 08121081210, 09912335577.

40 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 2013 May






VADDEPALLY ENCLAVE Office Address: Near Sai Baba Temple, Beside Vivekananda Nagar Colony Kukatpally, Hyderabad - 72. Builder: Sumashaila Builders. Property Type: Residential Apartments and Villas. Possession: March 2014. Location: Near Vivekananda Nagar, Kukatpally, Hyderabad. Area Range: Apts.:1162 to 1637 sq. Ft. Villas: 3135 to 3167 sq. Ft. Starting price: Apts.: Rs. 3200 /- per sq. Ft. Villas - Rs. 1.50 Cr. Onwards + Rs. 3.50 Lac (Amenities). Bed Rooms: 2, 3 or 4 BHK. Phone: 8978999449.

DWARAKA TRENDS Office Address: Venkat Sai Gateway, Adjacent to Gachibowli Junction, Gachibowli, Hyderabad. Builder: Dwaraka Constructions. Property Type: Residential Apartments. Possession: Ready for possession. Location: Near Gachibowli, Hyderabad. Area Range: 1217 to 1369 sq.ft. Starting price: Rs. 3600 per sq.ft. Bed Rooms: 3 BHK. Phone: 09505289891.

HIMA SAI LAKE VIEW TOWERS Office Address: H.No.3-4-419 to 422, Kachiguda 'X' Roads, Kachiguda, Hyderabad. Builder: Sai Sree Developers. Property Type: Residential Apartments. Possession: February 2014. Location: Nallagandla, Near Gachibowli, Hyderabad. Area Range: 1380 to 2370 sq.ft. Starting price: Rs. 3000 per sq.ft. Bed Rooms: 2/3 BHK. Phone: 9246529060, 9246588118. Email ID: Website:

LANCO HILLS Office Address: Lanco Hills Technology Park Pvt.Ltd.99 LH, Manikonda, Near Gachibowli, Hyderabad - 500089. Builder: Lanco Hills Group. Property Type: Residential Apartments. Possession: 20 months from now. Location: Near Gachibowli. Area Range: 2068 to 2795 sq.ft. Starting price: Rs. 4000 per sq.ft. + Additional charges. Bed Rooms: 3 BHK. Phone: 8008494973, 7702776161

LG'S VEDA HEIGHTS Office Address: Plot No.27, Netaji Nagar, Kapra, E.C.I.L, Hyd-62 Builder: LG Constructions. Property Type: Residential Apartments Possession: A block is ready for possession. Location: Near Yapral, Hyderabad. Area Range: 1050 to 1450 sq.ft Starting price: Rs. 2200 per sq.ft. Bed Rooms: 2/3 BHK. Phone: 09440820002. Email:

May 2013 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 41



KRISTAL AMETHYST Office Address: #1,4th Cross, 29th Main, BTM II Stage, Bengaluru, Karnataka- 560 076. Builder: Kristal Group. Property Type: Residential Houses. Possession: 2015. Location: Sarjapur Road, Bangalore. Area Range: 1750 sq.ft to 1970 sq.ft. Starting price: Rs. 1.47 to 1.65 crs. Bed Rooms: 4 BHK. Phone Number: +91 9900966255.




PRAKRUTHI SOLITAIRE Office Address: #11/3, Ananth nagar, Kammasandra, Electronic City, Bangalore, 560100. Builders: Triaxis Colonnades. Possession: Phase 1 - 3rd Quarter 2013, Phase 2 - 3rd Quarter of 2014 Property Type: Multistorey Apartments Location: Electronic city,Bangalore. Area Range: 1250 to 1827 sq.ft. Prices: Rs. 2550sq.ft onwards. Bed Rooms: 2, 3 & 4 BHK. Contact person: Sindhu Suresh Phone Number:8197983557, 7760978050

Road, E ESTAT Rich Homes, Nicpee: T N O R B, Ty AKE F operty (P) Ltd.1

JA L ing. Pr n: ldings HINDU ess: Hinduja Hoer: Hinduja Holdoccupy. Locatioto 1790 sq. ft. Addr sq. ft. ady to Build Office re - 560025. ssession: Re Range: 1360 K. Bangalo tial Houses. Po ngalore. Area ooms: 2&3 BH Residenghatta Road, Ba 4 lakhs. Bed R 16029. Banner g price: Rs 59.8216028, 98802 Startin Number: 9880 Phone


y ert op r, r S, P loo TE nd F ain, A I 2 M OC , SS 18 9th 1. I A s, #3 ent 004 tta A S ter em 56 ha .ft. : g r s g . o s e sq re m na re ses nn dd Pro h Ma galo Hou : ba 2002 A n & n t l e l o a fic nt ea B tia tio t Of sulta CI W lock iden Loca 1168 s. I s B d : n Co ve IC 5th e: Re 014. nge war o gar yp il 2 Ra s on b 0 A na y T pr rea kh 66 A a t a 60 Jay per ion: re. A. 35 l . 6 K 41 o o Pr sess ngal e: Rs 3 BH : 93 s r a c Po d, B pri : 2& be s um a g o n m r rti oo e N Sta ed RPhon B

42 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 2013 May

Office Address: SNN Raj Serenity, Survey No. 40, Begur Main Road, yelenahalli Village, Begur Hobli, Bangalore - 560045. Builders: SNN Builders. Property Type: Residential Apartments. Possession: March 2015. Location: Bannerghatta,Bangalore. Area Range: 905 to 2012sq.ft. Bed Rooms: 2, 3 & 4 BHK. Phone Number: 08040222222.




NCP SKZ MEGATOWNSHIP Office Address: #13-2-24/1,1st floor, Lachhirajuvari strret, Near Chanikya Chandra gupta Theatre, Suryaraopet, Kakinada-533001. Builders: SKS Projects Pvt Ltd. Possession: Ready to occupy. Property Type: Individual villas and Duplex Villas. Location: Kakinada, Gangapalli, Andhra Pradesh. Area Range: 1250 to 1900 sq.ft. Prices: Rs.29.50 lakhs. Bed Rooms: 2 & 3 BHK. Furnishing: Semi furnished. Phone No: 9848162259, 9866162256. Email.ID:

SHRIRAM PANORAMA HILLS Offices Address: Madhuravada, Yendada, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. Builders: Shriram Properties. Possession: By 2014. Property Type: Independent houses and Villas. Bedroom: 4 bedrooms. Location: Yendada, Visakhapatnam. Area Range: 3250 sq.ft. Prices: Rs. 2 crores. Phone Number: 0891-6699222.


VIGHNESH HEIGHTS Office Address: D.NO:- 42, JD Nagar, Patamata, Vijayawada-520006. Builders: Vijaya Raja Rajeshwari Cconstructions. Property Type: Residential Apartment. Bedroom: 2 bedrooms. Location: Prabhunagar, Vijayawada. Area Range: 1265 to 1829 sq.ft. Prices: On request. Phone Number: 0866-6459999, 9440442677.

HCPL DREAM HOUSES Office Address: Kesarapalli, near NH5, Vijayawada. Builders: Sri Sai Aditya. Possession: Within 3 months. Property Type: Gated community, Residential houses. Bedroom: 4 bedrooms. Location: kesarapalli, Vijayawada near IT park. Area Range: 1900 sq.ft. Prices: 52.25 lakhs. Contact Person: Divya. Phone No: 9963213247.

Offices Address: Raintree Park Dwaraka Krishna, Opp Nagarjuna University, NH-5, Vijayawada-Guntur Highway. Builders: IJM Infrastructure ltd. Possession: Registration in process. Property Type: Apartments and Villas. Bedroom: 2 to 4 bedrooms. Location: Vijayawada Guntur Highway. Area Range: villas 198 to 336 sq.yd. Apartments - 1279 to 1744 sq.ft. Prices: Villas 10000rs per unit. Apartments 5000rs per unit. Phone Number: 7702200123, 7702200333

Vishakha gar, Pedda a N i th n a ion. ORE 4, Prash NOVAS FLress: 8-4-55, Plot Noio.2n: Immediate posserossoms. d d e ss d b e A 2 s ss o m: a. Po Office Novas Infr nity. Bedro Builders: Type: Gated commu atnam. Property Gajuwaka, Visakhap Rs. 2335 per sq.ft. Location: e: 1157sq.ft. Prices:6, 91-891-6003222. Area Rangmber: -924664433 Phone Nu



May 2013 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 43



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RETAIL (Rs/sqft) 7125 - 11400 5800 - 6800 7500 - 15000 4000 - 5000 3800 - 5400 5700 - 7100 3000 - 6000 6000 - 7000 4400 - 5000 3800 - 4800 8100 - 15750 7000 - 8500 9500 - 12350 2800 - 3000 3500 - 5000 3400 - 4200 4500 - 6500 5000 - 6500 7400 - 9500 4500 - 6000 8550 - 11400 5450 - 6800 3500 - 6200 5000 - 8000 2200 - 2800 3000 - 4200 4500 - 5400 10000 - 13000 7100 - 8550 3000 - 3600 9900 - 12600 6000 - 8500 6500 - 7400 3200 - 4500 3500 - 5000 6500 - 7800 3150 - 3800 7000 - 8500 7500 - 9000 6200 - 8250 4500 - 6000 4750 - 7600 4000 - 6000 4000 - 6000 3000 - 4500 3050 - 4100 5500 - 6200 2000 - 4000 6150 - 8550 4300 - 5850 3400 - 5000 6800 - 9450 2800 - 4000 3150 - 4000 2800 - 4500 5500 - 6000 5000 - 7800 2000 - 3000 3500 - 7000 9500 - 15200 2500 - 3500 4500 - 5800 4000 - 5200 3000 - 4500 3500 - 4600 9000 - 11000 3500 - 6600 3800 - 4800 3000 - 4000 3500 - 7000 3200 - 5800 7600 - 9500 2500 - 2800 3500 - 4500 4500 - 6400



3500 - 4700 1750 - 3000 3500 - 5200 2000 - 4200 1500 - 2000 2400 - 5500 1600 - 2900 1950 - 2700 2200 - 3500 1500 - 2500 5500 - 10100 5500 - 7400 3230 - 4750 200 - 350 1200 - 2000 800 - 1000 2800 - 3800 2500 - 3400 4700 - 5450 3500 - 4500 3600 - 6150 4700 - 5250 2200 - 2900 3200 - 7000 1400 - 2200 250 - 500 3500 - 4500 5000 - 7000 3200 - 4500 2000 - 2500 300 - 450 4550 - 5700 2450 - 2800 2500 - 4000 1800 - 2800 1500 - 3000 3000 - 4200 2500 - 4100 3500 - 5000 3000 - 3800 2100 - 2600 2500 - 3200 3300 - 5700 2200 - 3300 2500 - 3500 300 - 800 1800 - 2000 3400 - 4500 200 - 1500 4700 - 6800 2700 - 3800 2400 - 3500 4400 - 5050 1200 - 3000 1450 - 2200 1500 - 3500 2100 - 3000 4000 - 5800 1550 - 2950 2500 - 3800 3700 - 4500 200 - 1000 1500 - 3000 3800 - 4400 1800 - 3500 2500 - 3300 6000 - 7200 3300 - 5500 1200 - 2200 1200 - 2000 3400 - 5500 1800 - 3500 2750 - 4400 200 - 650 1800 - 2500 300 550

12000 2500 - 3700 6800 - 8400 4500 - 6000 1900 - 3150 4700 - 6800 3000 - 3500 2600 - 3650 3200 - 4200 3500 - 4000 7600 - 17100 6000 - 8000 4250 - 7600 300 - 600 2200 - 2800 1200 - 2800 5000 - 6800 3300 - 4000 4550 - 6650 4500 - 6000 5100 - 6650 9450 - 10500 3500 - 4500 5500 - 7500 1200 - 1500 400 - 750 4000 - 6000 9000 - 11000 5500 - 9000 2400 - 3000 400 - 600 6300 - 12600 3100 - 3450 6000 - 8000 2500 - 4000 2500 - 3200 4500 - 6000 7200 - 9000 8000 - 11000 4000 - 7000 2300 - 3150 4000 - 5500 8050 - 11400 6500 - 8500 3000 - 4500 500 - 1200 1900 - 2200 4500 - 8500 800 - 2000 5750 - 8400 4850 - 7550 3000 - 3800 5750 - 7350 2400 - 4000 1900 - 2600 3200 - 4000 2200 - 6500 5500 - 7000 1900 - 3150 3500 - 4200 9500 - 13300 800 - 1400 2500 - 4000 4000 - 7500 3000 - 4200 3200 - 3800 7000 - 7800 6600 - 8150 2400 - 3500 1500 - 2300 6500 - 8000 4000 - 6500 4750 - 11350 800 - 1600 2300 - 3800 1500 - 2100






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11850 7000 3000 6000 6800 8800 8000 9000 8600 8400

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1200 - 2000 2500 - 3800 2500 - 3500 3200 - 4500 2500 - 3600 1000 - 1300 3500 - 4000 1700 - 2800 1800 - 3500 1900 - 2400 2000 - 3500 2200 - 3500 1000 - 1800 2800 - 4500 2800 - 4000 2500 - 3800 2000 - 2700 1500 - 2200 1500 - 2200 2500 - 3000 1500 - 2200 3000 - 4200 3800 - 4500 2000 - 4500 1500 - 1800 2800 - 3700 1800 - 3000

1800 - 2200 2800 - 4500 3500 - 4000 4000 - 5000 3500 - 4500 1200 - 3000 4000 - 5300 2500 - 3500 3000 - 4500 2500 - 3200 3000 - 4000 3200 - 4000 2000 - 2500 4000 - 6000 4200 - 6000 4500 - 5500 2800 - 4000 2000 - 3000 3000 - 4500 3200 - 4000 2000 - 2800 3500 - 4800 3700 - 4500 4000 - 5000 2000 - 2500 3500 - 4000 2800 - 4000

2500 - 3000 3000 - 4000 4000 - 5500 4500 - 5200 4800 - 6000 2800 - 3500 6500 - 7500 8000 - 12000 3500 - 5000 3500 - 4000 3500 - 4200 3500 - 4500 2800 - 3200 5200 - 6200 5000 - 6200 5000 - 6000 3000 - 3500 2800 - 3500 4000 - 6000 4300 - 5000 2500 - 3000 3800 - 6000 4200 - 5000 4500 - 5200 2200 - 3000 4200 - 4500 3500 - 4200

300 - 500 400 - 650 4400 - 5500 300 - 500 4400 - 5600 500 - 1500 5500 - 6000 700 - 1500 2500 - 3700 400 - 800 1200 - 1600 1800 - 2400 4500 - 5500 1000 - 1500 5000 - 5800 3000 - 4500 1800 - 2200 1500 - 2000 5000 - 6200 300 - 500 1800 - 2800 4000 - 4500 1500 - 2500 500 - 1000 250 - 350 1800 - 2200 1000 - 1800

450 700 700 - 1000 5500 - 6800 750 - 1000 5500 - 6800 800 - 2000 6000 - 12000 1800 - 2500 3500 - 5000 750 - 1200 1500 - 2500 2200 - 2800 5000 - 6000 1800 - 2500 5500 - 6000 4600 - 5000 2500 - 3000 2500 - 3200 9000 - 12000 400 - 1000 3300 - 4500 5500 - 6800 3000 - 5500 1200 - 1500 500 - 1000 2500 - 3000 1500 - 2500

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Property buyers up in arms over new challan rule With most government institutions simplifying procedures for providing citizen-friendly services, a commercial taxes department directive to the registration and stamps (R&S) department on collecting Value Added tax (VAT) while registering properties is making people run from pillar to post. The commercial taxes department has directed sub-registrar offices to collect 1.25% VAT from citizens only through challans and not in the form of demand drafts as was being implemented till now while registering properties. Though an amendment was made to the AP VAT Act, sub rule 4 (d) through a GO (No. 33) in the last week of January, 2013, the R&S department issued a


circular to the sub-registrar offices in the last week of February. Apart from the challan rule, the commercial taxes department has asked the R&S department to send VAT challans to the respective offices in the areas every week. For registering a property, citizens have to pay 6% on all property registrations (revised charges from April 1), which includes 4% stamp duty, 1.5% transfer of duty which goes to local body and 0.5% registration charges. Since the last two years, if a transaction of property takes place with profit-motive like sale of flats, villas and independent houses by builders, the R&S department has been collecting 1.25% on every such transaction. Now, property owners are up








in arms on the new payment mode as buyers have to go to a treasury office to get a number on the challan and make payment in the designated bank of the sub-registrar office. This is resulting in abnormal delay in the registration process. For instance, if a person wants to buy a flat in Kukatpally area, he has to go Nampally to get a challan number from the treasury office and make payment at State Bank of Hyderabad at KPHB Colony. Similarly, if a person intends to purchase a plot in Malkajgiri sub-registrar office jurisdiction, he/she has to go all the way to Medchal for getting a number on the challan and then should make payment at a designated branch in Malkajgiri. "If the VAT is paid in the form of demand draft along ith other charges instead of







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May 2013 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 47

challan, how is it going to harm the commercial taxes department? This is nothing but harassing citizens, "M Ramkishan, a resident of West Marredpally, pointed out. Sources said the new rule was introduced to reduce burden (DD charges) on property buyers, but it was only helping the commercial taxes department as treasury offices were very limited. "We have been getting complaints from people over the delay in registering properties due to the new challan rule. The issue was brought to the notice of authorities of the R&S department, "R Srinivas, a sub-registrar of Rangareddy district said.








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Special drive on drive on unassessed properties by GHMC soon Buoyed with the record Rs 1,890 crore revenue collections, especially property tax, Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) commissioner MT Krishna Babu has announced a three-month special drive (April-June) to bring under-assessed and un-assessed properties into the tax net by using technologies like Google Maps. Addressing the media at a joint conference with mayor Mohd Majid Hussain here on Monday, the GHMC commissioner said priority would be given to improve civic infrastructure under the Greater Hyderabad Development Project with the additional Rs 179 crore collected over last year's revenue. He said priority would be given to localities where tax U







Safilguda, Hyderabad- 47. Tel: +91 40 27243160 / 9848024758. URL: MARCO POWER 511 Srinilaya Estate, #8-3-945, Ameerpet, Hyd – 73. Tel:- 666223941, 9391018487. URL:-

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HOUSING FINANCE Aquarius Financial Services 301, Navaratna Encl, 2-1-513/6, Nallakunta, Hyderabad-44. Tel:- 040-65547760.

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collection was high.Though the GHMC had a windfall, 4.92 lakh of the total 13 lakh assessed properties, mostly residential, had not paid property tax in the 2012-13 financial year which ended on March 31. The highest number of defaulters,76,802 properties, was in circle IV (Charminar) areas like Saidabad,Chandrayangutta,Old Malakpet, Dabeerpura, Uppuguda and Rein Bazaar followed by 46,702 defaulters in Circle VII (Khairatabad) areas like Ahmednagar, Mangalhat,Tolichowki, Vijaynagar colony and Red Hills. Another 44,588 property owners have not paid property tax in Circle V (Charminar) areas like Hussaini Alam,

TROPICAL ECOLOGY PVT.LTD (Inside & out side). Regd. Office: 24-7, Shivpuri, Malkajgiri, Sec - 47. Fax: 64513737, 64590086, Tel: 9849016209., URL:

LAND SURVEYORS GALAXY GEOMATICS PVT LTD A Complete Surveying Solution. Indian H.O: IIIrd Floor, Above Canara bank, Vijayanagar Colony, Hyd- 57. Tel: 040-65555528 / 9391085830. Branch Off: New Delhi, Dubai, Abudhabi. LANDMARK Surveyors & Engineers. #2-42/1. Flat No.201, IInd Floor, CETS Apartment Behind Petrol Bunk, Beside ICICI Bank, Chaitanyapuri, Dilsukh Nagar, Hyd - 60. Tel: 24053499 / 9000955900. URL:

MODEL MAKERS DESIGNROSE Destination Design. Interior Designers, Consultants & Turnkey Projects For Corporates, Residences, all Interior Works & Civil Construction. #70, G-IV, Excel Apts, Seshachala Coop-Society, West Marredipally, Secunderabad-26. Tel:65504151/9246174151. / LASANI INTERIOR DESIGNER Your Dream Our Creation Mural, Waterfall, Fountains, Glass Design, Land Scaping, Art Work, etc. #12-5-1/5/7, Vijaipuri Colony, Tarnaka, Sec-bad-17. Tel: 9177962768. LAXMI INTERIOR H.No.11-7/101, plot no.C51, Huda Colony, Saroornagar, Hyderabad-35. Tel: 9885619444.

48 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 2013 May

Hi Tech Models 8-2-293 A22, Indira Nagar, Main Road, Hyderabad. Tel:- 09849034657 / 27627405

PAINTING CONTRACTORS Mayuri Painting Work #3-3-591, Chappal Bazar, Kachiguda, Hyderabad. Tel:- 9160039907.

PEST CONTROL REDDORKINS PEST CONTROL Expertised Treatment for Termites, Cockroaches, Woodborers, Bedbugs, Rodents, Rats, Honeybees, Ants, House Fly's, Lizards, Spiders. #6-5-286/1A, 1st Floor, C.C.Nagar, New Bhoiguda, Secunderabad-80. Tel: 9989956152 / 9885076578. URL:

Falaknuma, Begum Bazaar, Puranapul and Shah Ali Banda, he said. "A list of top 1,000 property tax defaulters will be posted on the GHMC website () by April end after revising details. With regard to cheque bounce cases, property owners will be given time till April 5 for payment in the form of demand drafts. If they do not make payment, legal notices will be served on the property owners," Krishna Babu said. Mayor Mohd Majid Hussain said the corporation had earned Rs 1,890 crore record revenue from various wings, including Rs 779 crore property tax, Rs 515 crore from the town planning wing, Rs 158 crore from BRS, Rs 26 crore for trade license receipts and Rs 27 crore advertisement tax. "The town planning wing's revenue rose by 54% compared to the

previous financial year. This was mainly due to increase in building permissions at circle and zonal level apart from Building Penalization Scheme (BPS) and Layout Regularisation Scheme (LRS). Capital expenditure has also increased to Rs 610 crore for taking up several works like roads, bridges and flyovers and development of parks & play grounds, "the mayor said.

Time to lift the heavy-vehicle burden off flyovers Goods carriages and heavy vehicles on main roads create problems not just for other motorists but also prove to be a bane for traffic police. While each time a vehicle breaks down, it takes more than 45 minutes to clear it from the road and restore traffic, and the time doubles when a




CORPORATE REAL ESTATE Plot No.2, Sunrise Homes, Beside Shanti bagh Apts.,Opp.Country Club,Begumpet, Hyderabad-03. Tel: 9866270258 / 9949692200. URL:

CRM ENTERPRISES Pvt. Ltd. Channel partner for GUNNEBO. Safe Locker (Domestic & Corporate)-Fire Extinguisher-CCTV-Office Furniture. #3-6-690, Flat -203, D. V. Arcade, Street No.10, Himayatnagar, Hyderabad- 29. Branches: Vizag, Vijayawada, Nellor, Warangal. Tel: 66660069 / 9848170069.

NEW SUPER PROPERTY DEALERS Consultant in: Flats, Plots, Independent Houses, Bunglow & Farm Lands, Purchase & Sales. ( GHMC Work also under-taken ). S.No.8-1-523/271/6, Sabia Complex, Opp SBI Bank, Brindavan Colony, Toli Chowki, Hyderabad- 08. Tel: 9246377100, 9390009816, 9032317552. SHREE SAI SUJATHA FARMS & DEVELOPERS (an unit of tvnr group). H.No: 2-4-663/4 To 7, Prashanthi Nilayam, 1st Floor, Main Road,No.2, NewNagoleColony,Hyd-35.Tel:64564365, . 9246825365 URL: SHASHANK AVENUES PVT.LTD Venture @ Kadthal, Sri Satam Highway, DTCP Layout, Gated Community Next to International Airport. #203, 3rd Floor, Shri Datta Sai Apts, Behind TMC Showroom, Gaddiannaram, Dilsukhnagar, Hyd-36. Tel: 040-66135611/14. URL: www.shashankavenues. Com Specialized in Independent, Duplex, Row Houses.Venture Developers Prime Plot / Land Sale & Purchase 9-1-159/3, II Floor, ‘Gomez Building’, Sebastian Road, Sec-bad-03. Tel: 7799543245 / 9666606737 / 27700039., OM SREE PRUTHVI DEVELOPERSS P.No.-86, F.No.-2,3rd Floor, Kamala Nivas, Near Astalaxmi Temple, Vasavi Colony, Kothapet, Hyderabad-35. Tel: 31920768, 9393920768, 9394585615. Venture in Kadthal, Srisialam Highway, Near Rajeev Gandhi Int Airport. RUDRA SREE HOUSING PVT. LTD. 404,403,5th Floor, Shri Datta Sai Complex, Gaddi Annaram, Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad - 36.Tel: 7842642705 / 8520037077 URL:- SHATHABDI TOWNSHIP PVT. LTD. #3-5-356, 2nd Floor, Jai Bhavani Towers, Vittalwadi ‘X’ Road, Narayanaguda, Hyderabad- 29. Tel:9912156888. SRI BHARGAVI AVENUES INDIA PVT. LTD. H.No.3-11-132, Ist Floor,Opp.Big Bazar,RTC Colony, L.B. Nagar, Hyd. Tel: 9247769833. SUPER GOOD ESTATES #17-85/C/106/5 & 6, 2nd Floor, Annapurna Complex, Dilsuknagar Main Road, Hyd-60. Venture at N.H # 9, Near Ramoji Film City, Nerepally Village, Ibrahimpatnam Mandal, Tel: 040-66313455 / 9700778778.

vehicle breaks down on a flyover during peak hours. Senior police officers do acknowledge the delays and problems these heavy vehicles cause, particularly on flyovers. "There should be a restriction on heavy vehicles plying on flyovers while exempting road over bridges built over railway lines," maintains a police officer. "City roads are already choc-a-bloc and have many bottlenecks. Flyovers are built mainly to avoid such bottlenecks and to increase the average traffic speed. But the present practice of allowing heavy vehicles on flyovers defeats the very purpose of these facilities, "he points out. Avoiding a flyover could be a better option even for goods carriages and heavy vehicles as they will not be forced to undergo the strain of climbing up the flyover, he says.



LAXTEK SECURITY SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD. Super Stockist for Micro Retail Limited MIG 7/3, First Floor, 3rd Phase, KPHB Colony, Kukatpally, Hyderabad-72. Tel: 040-64559424 / 9676699424. S.S. ELECTRONICS & SYSTEMS # 5-19, Nagaram Main Road,NearECIL 'x' Road, Hyderabad - 83.Tel:32211616/ 8978441616., TECHNO I CCTV-Access control System-Fire AlarmSystem. 'A'Block, 1stFloor, 108, Suryalok Complex Abids, Hyd-01. Tel:23230236 / 9700961170. URL: KNIGHT TECHNOLOGIES # P.NO. 11,1st Floor,Public Sector Colony, New Bowenpally, Secunderabad- 11. Tel:- 32992160,/ 9948679045.

B.E.REDDY&ASSOCIATES Structural / Civil / Chartered Engineers, Town Planners Architectural Consultants & regd,Valuers & Survey & Loss Assessors. Approved Valuer For SBI, Canara Bank.Off: #105. 1st Floor, YMCA Complex, SP Road, Secunderabad- 03. Tel:-27800008,9848441307.

RAY ASSOCIATES Structural Engineers Interior Designers & Surveyors.#1-397/109/2,Plot No. 43/A, S.R. Nagar, Hyd-38. Tel: 23810311/ 9849928278. /

VENETIAN BLINDS / VERTICAL BLINDS Drapes N More 4-1-969/1/2, 1st Floor, Shankarlal Building, Abids, Hyderabad -01, Tel:-09848022900.

ION Technology Dealers for CCTV, Access control System, Fire Alarm System, Intrusion Alarm System, Vehicle Tracking system. #64/2RT, Prakash Nagar, Begumpet, Hyderabad- 16. Tel: +91 40 40202628 / 9949436096. URL:


SRI SAI VASTHU CONSULTANCY 3-2-4, Kingsway, R.P. Road, Secunderabad-03 Tel: 9885446501 / 9885449458.

FAMOUS WIRE NETTING WORKS Mfrs of:G.I.ChainLinkFencing, G.I&M.S. Welded Mesh, G.I., Barbed Wire, Perforated Sheet tec. Sale Depot : 11-166, Jamia Masjid Main Raod, Fathenagar,Hyd-18. CompanyAdd: #7-2-5/D/2, Beside Dena Bank, Sanathnagar Industrial Estate, Hyd-18. Tel: 66493539 / 9885227020.

WATER PROOFING SAMA BUILDING SERVICES WaterProofing&Epoxy applications. #6-1-1201, 2nd Floor,F-1, Opp:ShivanandaAshram, Padmaraonagar, Sec-bad-25. Branch office at VIZAG Tel: 64611759 /

Builders and Developers please send your Project details to our mail-id: Contact: 040-31000815, 95500 01900.


Flat No. 102, Bageeratha Apartments, Begumpet, Sec-bad. Ph: 040-2776 0448 / 81426 66452. E-mail:

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Property prices rise by 14 per cent on Airport Road, Bangalore As north Bangalore carves a niche for itself, Airport Road separately makes way for an excellent real estate market in the city. With the regular inflow of strong middle-income professionals coming to settle in the city, the demand for affordable and mid-range properties sees an upsurge in many parts of Bangalore. This segment has shown a keen interest to invest in locations like Nagwar, Sanjay Nagar,and Yelahanka, all along the road to the international Airport. With the rising demand, prices along these locations have also witnessed a hike in the last quarter. Data with MagicBricks. com reflects an increase in property values on the Airport Road by 14 per C







ARCHITECTS Architects Inc Architects Inc 22/5 Gangadhar, Chetty Road, Bangalore- 560042. Tel:- 080 2557 3168. URL: -

AIR CONDITIONING Aisumi India Private Limited Cabin B, 2nd Floor, Jubilee Building No. 45, Museum Road, Bangalore-560025. Tel: 080-40912974. Brosbel Engineering Pvt . Ltd. No. 309, LKS Complex, Ground Floor, 10th Main, Ist Block, HRBR Layout, Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore-43. Tel: 080-42686999.

cent in the Oct-Dec quarter of 2012. Prices in Nagwar, Sanjay Nagar and Yelahanka have risen by up to 20 per cent. Largely driven by the demand for residential property from the IT professionals, locations close to major IT hubs have seen the maximum growth in Bangalore since quite some time now. With many new IT companies coming up and older ones relocating to Devanahalli Town (15 kms from Airport Road), the trend has followed in areas along this stretch too. "Presence of IT companies and the overall prospect of the location is the major reason behind an increase in the residential demand along the Airport Road, "says S Vijay of Mahaveer Enterprises. Mass hiring by U







Kohler India Corporation Private Limited #138/6, 1st Floor, 6th A Cross, RMV Extension, Sadashiv Nagar, Bangalore - 80. Tel: 080-23616208.

GENERATOR SM Baliga & Co. #52, RV Road, Basavanagudi, Bangalore - 560004. Tel: 9845319549, smbaliga& Sri Raghavendra Generator Engineering Work # 184, R.H. Road, Basavanagudi, Bangalore - 560004. Tel: 9845429147.

HOTELS KR Inn Boutique Hotel No. 45, Old Madras Road, Krishnarajapuram, Bangalore -36. Tel: 9900018424.

BORE WELL CONTRACTORS Manasa Hitech Drilling Technologies #59/152, HBR Ring Road, Near Manyatha Tech Park, Opp. Prithvi Theatre, Nagwara, Bangalore-560045. Tel: 080-41685055. Sri Siddaganga Borewell # 15/1, Papareddy Palya, Ring Road, 2nd Stage, Nagarabhavi, Bangalore-560072.Tel: 08022754069.

The New Casablanca No. 15, 1st Left, Taverekere Road, Koramangala, B a n g a l o r e - 5 6 0 0 3 4 . Te l : 9 7 3 9 8 2 9 3 6 4 .

Mantri Developers Private Limited Mantri House, 41,Vittal Mallya Road, Bangalore - 560001. Tel: 080-41300000

ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS Associate Electrical Enterprisez #112, 16th Cross, 5th Main, RMV 2nd Stage Sanjay Nagar, Bangalore -560094. Tel: 9741708522. Sri Manjunatha Swamy Electricals #777, Chandra Mouleshwara Temple Street Hesaraghatta, Bangalore - 560088. Tel: 9900318533.

ELEVATORS Hydro Fabs 626/1, Rajiv Gandhi Nagar, Bommanahalli, Bangalore - 560068. Tel: 080-25721271. Hi Space Elevators Pvt Ltd No 79, KR Colony, Domlur, Bangalore-560093. Tel: 9731374020.

PEST CONTROL Ashok Pest Control Pvt. Ltd. 003, Parivar Pearl Apartment, Near Vijaya Bank Colony, 60ft Road, Bilekahalli, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore-560076. Tel: 09448494604.

REAL ESTATE Spurthy Enterprises #62, keshava enclave, Arjun Town , kudulu main road, Madivala Post, Bangalore -68. Tel: 8892145642. Murali Associates Patel Layout, Bahublai Nagar, 5th Main, 5th A Cross, MES Road, Jalahalli Post, Bangalore -560013. Tel: 9738143107.



NSS Security Systems Pvt. Ltd #7, Rajkumar Building, Baglur Main Road, Kattigenahalli, YelahankaKoramangala,Bangalore-64. Tel: 9945009091.

LIC Housing Finance #15/1, 2nd Floor, Hayes Centre, Hayes Road, Bangalore - 560025. Tel: 080-22960502.

Eureka Forbes Ltd. # 45, apt. 4305 , 4th Floor, High Point 4, Bangalore-06. Tel:



Alona Kitchenette & Interiors Pvt. Ltd. # 102, 2nd floor, Opp.St.Peters School, Sarjapur Road, Kaikondarahalli, Carmelram Post. Bangalore - 35. Tel: 080-25746667, 9886788378.

Arvind Fabricator No. 240, First floor, Shetty Tower, Hosur Main Road, Hebbagodi, Bangalore -99. Tel: 080 - 65468427, 9448058628.

BUILDERS Shriram Properties Ltd No 40/43, 8th Main, 4th Cross, RMV Extn, Sadashiv Nagar, Bangalore - 560080. Tel: 080-40229999.

companies such as Infosys and Wipro from across the country is leading to a large market for 2 and 3BHK configurations. With majority of these buyers being young and coming from the middle income segment, 2BHK apartments receive maximum demand. "Around 60 per cent of the buyers around Airport Road are going for 2BHK units with 3 and 4BHK getting a combined market of 40 per cent. Other infrastructural developments such as planned SEZ's and metro are also expected to make Airport Road an ideal investment destination. With the completion of the metro route and enhanced connectivity to the areas, an appreciation of almost 20-25 per cent is anticipated on Airport Road in the coming years.

LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT Integrated Design (INDE) th rd No. 698, 10 a Main, 33 cross, Jayanagar, 4 Block, Bangalore- 11. Tel: 26631398.

LAND SURVEYORS Allmark Surveys No.1635, 2nd Floor, Near Bus Stand, 40 A Cross, 22nd Main Road, 4th ‘T’ Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore - 41. Tel:66494393. Icon Cadsoft And Surveyors India Pvt. Ltd. No 329, 1st Floor, Near Jain Temple, 7th Cross, Lakshmi Road, Bangiappa Garden, Shanthinagar, Bangalore - 27. Tel: 66491083.

MODEL MAKERS Precise Engineering Models Pvt. Ltd. No.16, Premanagar, Laggere, Outer Ring Road,, Near Hotel Prakash Dreams, Bangalore-58. Tel: 65625233.



Active Fire Services No. 70, Richmond Road, Richmond Town, Opp. Classic Building, Bangalore -25. Tel: 080 22224836.

Fortune Enterprises nd nd #3, 2 Cross, 2 Stage, R.K. Layout, Padmanabha N a g a r, B a n g a l o r e - 7 0 . Te l : 9 8 4 5 0 8 8 3 7 0 .

50 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 2013 May

B. Tank Engineering Pvt. Ltd Plot No. 77, 2nd Floor, 13th Cross Anugraha , Sampige Road, Malleswaram, Bangalore -560003. Tel: 9845380007, 080-23461292. URL:-

VASTHU Astra Vasthu Consultant #8, Unnathi Apartments, 1st Floor, Malleswaram, Bangalore - 560003. Tel: 080 - 23465174. Yashvanth Vasthu Consultants #83, 32nd BMain Road, 4th Cross, Vysya Bank Colony, J.P. Nagar, 1 ST PHASE, Bglr -78. Tel: 9980638383.

VENETIAN BLINDS / VERTICAL BLINDS Srinidhi Tarpaulins Sri MMS Arcade, J.C. Road, Bangalore -560002. Tel: 26701482, 9448080671.

WIRE MESH Hindustan Wire Mesh Industries No. 5, Malavalli Rama Rao Road , Avenue Road, Bangalore -560002. Tel: 9482388368, 9986133961.

50,000 to Rs 1.20 lakh per square yard in the Realty road heads to Vizianagaram Rs heart of the city and a minimum of Rs 20,000 per Realtors are heading out of Vizag and even going to places 30 km away from the city in Vizianagaram district on NH-43(VizagVizianagaram highway) to beat the skyrocketing prices of land in the core business area of the city. A large number of people are looking at land as a long-term investment option and realtors revealed that people from various sections of society, including those from middle-income groups, high net worth individuals and entrepreneurs, are willing to look at layouts beyond the outskirts of the city. The people are particularly willing to invest in land on the highway, which is now available at Rs 3,000 to Rs 4,000 per square yard depending on the location. This is in sharp contrast to the rates of

square yard in Madhurawada area for Visakhapatnam Urban Development Authority (Vuda) approved layouts. More than 30 layouts have already been approved and several others are coming up on NH-43, said a senior Vuda official. "The demand has slowed down in the city because of high prices, whereas land is available at cheaper rates on the Visakha-Vizianagaram road. If you are looking at buying land just on the outskirts of the city it will cost at least Rs 1 crore per acre. But if you take the area after Tagarapuvalasa (on the Vizag-Vizianagaram road) you can get land for Rs 30 lakh to 40 lakh per acre, "said theofficial. Realtors have realized that as land is available cheap in these areas


VISAKHAPATNAM ARCHITECTS Nirmaan Architects 50-83-1/5 Mahura Nagar, Seethammapeta road, Visakhapatnam -16. Tel: 9704201438, 9494402204.

AIR CONDITIONING Sri Vinayaka Fancy & Home Needs Door no 35-115/1, Opposteandhra bank main road, Narsipatnam, Visakhapatnam -531116. Tel: 08932-226115, 9885326115,

BORE WELL CONTRACTORS Coastal Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd #27/32/41/1, 75 Feet Road, Near Ramakrishna Theatre, Visakhapatnam -530001. Tel: 9393264946, 0891-2579524.

BUILDERS BalaRaju Construction Co. #258, YMCA, Opp. Balaji Towers, Beach Road, Visakhapatnam -530017. Tel: 0891 - 2563565, 0891 - 2565053.

ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS AP Marine Services 65-1-118 Sriharipuram, Near State Bank of India,Malkapuram, Visakhapatnam -530011. Tel: 9848525642, 0891 - 2740554.

ELEVATORS Jukki Lifts & Escalators Flat 1,Buddha Towers , Near Srikanya Theatre, Railway New Colony, Visakhapatnam -530016. Tel: 9908833558.

FIRE PROTECTION Ahmed S Moloobhoy& Sons Pvt. Ltd. #24-4-12, Anchor House, Opp. Queen Mary Elementary School, Harbour Approach Road, Visakhapatnam -530001. Tel: 0891 - 2565227, 0891 - 2561803.

GENERATOR Abhishek Power Systems, No. 31-32-81, flat- C-8,G-II, Opp. Hotel Jupiter Ramakrishna Arcade Daba Gardens, Visakhapatnam -530020. Tel: 0891-6633910, 9848016910.

HOTELS Hotel Kinnera Comforts 31-32-40, Dada Gardens, Beside Jyothi Theatre Ladies, Visakhapatnam -530020. Tel: 0891-6666500, 9703562256.

while the city is bursting at its seams, developing layouts further from the city will benefit both the realtor in terms of margin as well as the buyer because of the price.The increasing number of educational institutions coming up in the area and a large number of people, who shuttle between the three cities of Vizag, Srikakulam and Vizianagaram, is another lure, said the official. "Even Vuda is developing a 99-acre layout under a joint venture at Dakkamari, "he said.The managing director of Swathi Promoters, Ramesh Reddy agreed that the low prices are a factor for developing these layouts. "Most of the people are looking at these layouts as a long-term investment proposition.These layouts have good connectivity because of the national highway and are also pollution free.



Bob Housing Finance Ltd #30-10-33-2,Sai Surya Complex,Dhaba gardens, Visakhapatnam -530020. Tel: 0891-2540068

VS Real Estate Consultancy #297, Anandapuram Junction, Metta Main Road, Visakhapatnam - 530016. Tel: 7799290029



Studio 4 Arch #45-5-327,96A, M.I.G.2, Sriharipuram, Visakhapatnam -530011. Tel: 9703171333.

LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT Dream Space Interiors #9-19-55, VIP road, Kajaria Studio, Visakhapatnam -530003. Tel: 0891-2792024, 9848209951.

LAND SURVEYORS Global Technological Services Door - 8-7-10/3 Neel Kamal Street, Near Latha Hospital, Old Gajuwaka, Gujuwaka, Visakhapatnam 530026. Tel: 9618181499.

MODEL MAKERS Desire interiors 49-34-15A, Akkayyapalem, Near Venugopala Swamy Temple, Visakhapatnam -530016. Tel: 9985647980.

PAINTING CONTRACTORS Desire interiors 49-34-15A, Akkayyapalem, Near Venugopala Swamy Temple, Visakhapatnam -530016. Tel: 9985647980.

PEST CONTROL Technical Pest Control Services # 50-16-14/1, Seethamma Peta, Sree Sarada Nilayam apartment, Rajendra Nagar, Vizag-16. Tel:9848266598.

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NavaradhiTechnologies Door -47, 11-8, Flat No. 2E, 2nd Floor, 1st Lane Kuppili Apartments, Dwarak Nagar, Visakhapatnam - 530016. Tel: 9885223770.

STRUCTURAL ENGINEERS Shilpa Architects & Interior Designers #5 & 6, Ground Floor, Potluri Classic, Main Road, Dwaraka Nagar, Visakhapatnam - 530016. Tel: 0891 - 2501228, 9849005499.

VASTHU Madhurima Builders & Vastu Consultant Annapurna Shoping Complex, Near Jayveri AutoTel, Teda Waltair Junction, Visakhapatnam -530017. Tel: 0891 - 6451919, 9246624248

VENETIAN BLINDS / VERTICAL BLINDS Aaron Technologies #54-11-60, Plot -14, V.S. Krishna Government College Road, Maddilapalem, Visakhapatnam -531022. Tel: 9849112328.

WIRE MESH Evershine Wire Products Pvt. Ltd. #30-15-199, Opposite Dolphin hotel, Suryabagh, Visakhapatnam - 531020. Tel: 9246169246.

SB Interior Solutions

Now in Vizag also


Flat No. 102, Bageeratha Apartments, Begumpet, Sec-bad. Ph: 040-2776 0448 / 81426 66452. E-mail:

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Miyapur & Sainikpuri record increase in apartment values Sainikpuri, in addition to completion of projects, developers have had to raise the prices of ongoing ones as the prices of raw materials have gone up remarkable. All these factors have translated into spurt in price of apartments.The price of cement has witnessed an increase of over Rs.40 per bag, while even sand has recorded a 5 per cent increase in price per load."Although places like Miyapur have witnessed the launch of several new projects, the price of apartments in these localities has risen by about 20 per cent, primarily because it is no longer viable for the developer to absorb the increase in cost of construction," states Ibrahim Sattha, Proprietor, ValueProp

The price of apartment complexes in localities like Miyapur and Sainikpuri have reported a rise in value.While Miyapur recorded about 10 per cent increase in price of some apartments, Sainikpuri witnessed a little less than 8 per cent growth in the last couple of months. Developers attribute this trend to several reasons.These include launch and completion of several projects in addition to rise in the price of raw materials like cement and iron and steel."Places like Miyapura have witnessed rise in price as several projects have neared completion, also the area has witnessed a quantum increase in new projects,''observed Sreedhar Reddy, MD,Lanar Realtors."In












Developers. "A temporary rise in price, even if it is a significant one is generally absorbed by builders, but when the price stabilizes at this level for a longer period of time, it hits the bottom line of the projects, resulting in an increase in cost of apartments. It is this rise that is being witnessed now."Others however attribute increase in price in these areas to different reasons. According to Ramesh Babu, Head of operations (Hyderabad),Metro Space,Sainikpuri is growing primarily because of two factors."Several high government officials have settled there and with several IT companies setting-up shop nearby the area is fast developing into the nearest hub," observes Babu.



ALUMINIUM INDIAN METAL Dealers for All Kinds of Alluminium Extrusions, Grills, Ladders, Fabrication Works, With Doors, Windows Partitions and Structural Glazing's. #4-7-1106/4, Rang Mahal Road, Putlibowli, Hyderabad - 95. Tel: 9246576791 / 040-65401479. LUXURY GLASS & ALUMINIUM Architectural Glass & Metal Products. #5-6-246, Near Char Khandil, Agapura, Hyd, A.P. Tel: 040 - 24806727. METAL HOUSE Stockist and Dealers In: Aluminium Sections, Sheets,Coils, Ladders, Grills, etc. A House Of Quality Aluminium Extrusion & Sheets. #7-3-706/3,Rashtrapathi Road, Sec’bad - 3. Tel: 0404-27705692 / 9246531860 / 9391012900.

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Poor facilities keeping Rajiv gruha-kalpa flats empty Due to lack of civic infrastructure and other facilities at Rajiv Gruha Kalpa colonies,many allottees are reluctant to stay in these flats. Some allottees have even sold their flats,while over 6,000 units are lying vacant. In some cases, the allottees were not coming forward to pay the escalated cost to the state government for completion of the project. In Ahmedguda Rajiv Gruha Kalpa (RGK) colony, 4,512 flats were constructe and 3,916 units were handed over to beneficiaries. However, only 2,300 beneficiaries are staying at their flats. Construction of the apartments was taken up under the RGK scheme in Nizampet, Qutubullapur, Suraram, Mailardevepally, Lakshmiguda, Almasguda, Kuntloor, Torrur,


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CHARBHUJA MARBLES # Flat No: 12, Mamtha Nagar, Ring Road, Nagole,Hyderabad-39. Tel: 9394075853. TILES GALLERY #8-16-61, Sagar Ring Road, Bairamalguda, L.B. Nagar, Hyd - 74. Tel: 040-64567834, 64547834, 9391051994. VIPULA TRADING COMPANY Distributor/ Stockist/ Dealer for Vitrified tiles. # 8 - 7 /1 / A , Sai Nagar Colony, RCI Road, BesideBank of Maharashtra,Balapur,Hyd-05. Tel: 9849737782.













Excel Tube Corporation 204, Anaya Complex, II Floor, Hill Street, Sec-bad-03. Tel:- 9848098485.

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far from the city, "an official of the RGK project said.In areas like Ahmedguda, Kowkoor and Suraram, loans were not released to over 1,000 beneficiaries as they were not coming forward to pay the escalated unit cost (between Rs 7,000 and Rs 10,000) due to rise in prices of cement and steel.The issue was raised by some MLAs and MLCs at the District Review Committee (DRC) meeting of Rangareddy. They told the administration to allot houses to people on the waiting list if allottees did not pay the amount. "Cancellation letters will be sent to the allottees if they do not pay the balance amount and occupy the flats,"J Srinivas Reddy, project officer of RGK (RR dist), said.

Annojiguda, Ahmedguda, Chandanagar and Kowkoor in June 2006. Identification of the beneficiaries was done by Hyderabad and Rangareddy district administrations and flats were constructed by the AP Housing Board at a cost of Rs 1 lakh per unit. Loans were also arranged by the administration. So far, 25,761 flats were grounded and 22,147 units were completed and handed over to the beneficiaries. However, only 16,037 beneficiaries have been residing at their allotted flats. "Allottees are not keen on staying at Ahmedguda as the area is close to Jawaharnagar dumpyard and there is no road connectivity. In Kowkoor, water pipeline was not completed due to a court case.In Torrur, the beneficiaries are hesitant as the houses are

PAINT HOUSE (Your favorite shop) # 5-1- 459/1&2, Jambagh, Hyd- 95. Tel:040-32008787 / 9394478787., URL: SREE VENKATARAMANA PAINTS & HARDWARE Dealers in: Asian Paints, Alltek Paints & Texture, Lapp am, Birla Wall care Putty, & J.K. Wall Putty, Birla & J.K. White Cemnts, Surya Cem, Sheel & Godrej, Locks Etc., Shop No. 16-10-11/A, Sri Krupa Market Bus Stop, Malakpet, Hyd - 36. Tel: 040-24547683, 9246377683. TRIVENI HARDWARE & PAINTS S.No. 9-7-86, Maruthinagar, Opp. New Santosh nagar, Hyd - 59. Tel:24534386, 9391066466.

PLATFORM TROLLEYS Pioneer Industrial Fabrication 4-20/5 E.C Nagar, Main Road, Near Railway Station, Charlapally, Hyderabad -51. Tel:-65641782.

PLYWOOD, TIMBERS BALAJI GLASS & PLYWOOD CENTRE Dealers in: 710 BWT plywood, Decolom, Venners, PVC Doors, Molding Beeding, Fancy Hardware, Godrj Locks. #8-147, Maithripuram, Gayatri Nagar, Airport Road, Karmanghat, Hyd. Tel:9490117058 / 9985521845. BHARAT PLY ZONE D.No. 7-1-237/2, Near Yellama Temple, Balkampet, Hyd-16. Tel: 040-65511155 / 9550362630. BHAVANI TIMBER DEPOT IndianTeakwood AfricanTeak wood,Sallwood, FlushDoors,DecerativeInterior Doors. PlywoodHardware & Glass. H. No: 9 -10, S.V. Nagar., Nagaram vill., Keesara Mdl.,R.R.Dist- 83.Tell: 9908648616. / D.D.PATEL&CO., PLYWOOD- HARDWARE-SANITARY Dealers in: Architectural Hardware, Decorative Laminates, Hardware, Plywood, Locks, Amar Flush Doors, Timber Etc., # 8-2-54, Sai Ram nagar colony, Ring road Karmanghat, Hyd - 79.Tel: 65555670 / 9700971304 / 9032326488. DIVYA MARKETING Mfg. Of: Membrane Doors, Lamination Doors,Frp Doors,Flush Doors,TeakWood, Salwood & Country Wood. Plot No. 72, DMRL Colony, Karmanghat, Saroornagar, Hyd - 74, R.R. Dist. Tel: 9866120033 / 9866747703. J.B. SON'S GROUP TM ADHESIVE JOYBEES DECORATION Dealers for : Joybees Decorative Laminates. Sim Ply MR / BWP/ BWR / Flexiply / Oxy Ply MR / Gurjan / Royal BondAdhesive. Off: 5 - 6 -172 / 1, New Aghapura, Near. Charkhandil,Hyd - 01. Tel: 9000353578 / 8686921888. Fax: 040 - 24805578. URL: NEW LAKSHMI TIMBERS Dealers In: Teakwood, Salwood, Country wood & Flush Doors. Plat No.141, Opp. Manda Mallamma Gardens, Near Hanuman Temple, Road, Karmanghat, Hyd - 79. Tel: 9959635888 / 9440295147. SHREE HANUMAN ENTERPRISES Plywood, Venior & Hardware # 11-1-268, Aghapura X Road, Opp. Syndicate Bank, Near Jain Mandir, Hyd - 01.Tel: 64536885 / 9494630639.

May 2013 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 53

the micro markets", said Ashwin Rao, Built units drive more demand in Hyderabad across Director, Manbhum Constructions.The last two With the confidence level slowly returning to the city's real estate market, industry sources say that built residential units in particular are driving increased demand. The cascading impact of political uncertainty over the years and the GO45 providing reservation for EWS housing had led to a virtual stagnation of the market in the past two years with many developers reluctant to launch new projects unless clarity is obtained from the appropriate authorities. This has led to a virtual shortage of housing units as well in the market. "A majority of the leading developers have clinched sales of built units lying unsold in the past with the result there is a shortage of built units today C






quarters, in particular, have seen the quantum jump in sales particularly for built units and what is significant is the level of enthusiasm among investors aided by the growing realization that prices have bottomed out. A number of developers have started launching Greenfield projects across micro markets leading to multiple options for homebuyers. However, the overriding priority is still for built units, according to property consultants monitoring the sales data. As in the past, pre launch offers and a few developers, forging strategic alliance with housing finance companies and banks continue to enable homebuyers avoid payment of preEMI interest for new projects. Rentals are U







SHREE YOGESWAR TIMBER DEPOT Dealers In Cut Size, Indian Teak & African Teak, Wholesale & Retail Suppliers.Shop No. 6-3- 356 / 4, New Bhoiguda,Sec - 03. Tel : 9440667208 / 9441231332. SHREE RAJARAM SALES Stockist for: Membrane Doors, Plywood, Hardware, Timber, Sanitary and Paints. # 8 -16 - 61,Sagar Ring Road, Bairamalguda, L.B. Nagar, Hyd-74.Tel:040-64591011,9440683748,9989244103. / SREE RAMAKRISHNA TIMBER DEPOT # 8-3-322, Mumbai Road, Ameerpet, Hyd-73. Tel:- 23733070 / 9885512131. SREE VIJAY LAKSHMI TRADERS Mfrs.: Membrane Doors, Plain Doors. Dealers In: Plywood, Hardware, Flush Doors, Laminate Doors, Beadings,Veneers & MDF. Plat No.123, OPP. Andhra Bank, Gayatri Nagar, 'X' Road Karmanghat, Hyderabad-79. Tel: 64504621 / 9908691111 / 9000003574

gradually inching high in view of the shortage of built housing units near the growth corridors. A 2 BHK unit of 1200 sqft in areas like Madhapur costs Rs 8,000 – Rs 10,000 per month whereas 3 BHK unit of 1500 sqft costs Rs 16,000 and above per month depending on the location, builder and amenities offered in the project, say realtors.As most of the developments are focused towards south western areas and eastern part of the city where SEZ clusters provide employment, rentals are firming up. According to industry sources, both demand and supply levels in the residential property market are well balanced now in view of the prolonged uncertainty leading to shortage of built units and the recent launches by several developers.



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Adithya Solar Energy Systems #209, 1st Floor, Meghana Complex, Opp: Andhra Bank, Balanagar, Hyderabad - 37. Tel: 9966139777.

PUMPS Ellen Pumps #7-3-177/A, Ghasmandi, Sec-bad-03. Tel:27705967 / 9490755585.

READYMIX CONCRETE Charminar Concrete Products Pvt. Ltd. P. No.A-28/1/B-1, Road No.15, IDA, Nacharam, Hyd-39. Tel:- 09866231247.

SCAFFOLDING Gesture Composite Tech #13-6-185/A/13, Mogal Nagar, Near Saba Hotel, Mogal-Ka-NalaRingRoad,Karwan,Hyd.Tel: 23510906.

Builders and Developers please send your Project details to our mail-id: Contact: 040-31000815, 9550001900.

54 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 2013 May

TARPAULIN Indian Tarpaulin 186/D, Plassy Lane, Beside Classic Dhaba, Bowenpally, Hyderabad - 11. Tel: 040-66048169.

WATER HEATERS, WATER TREATMENT PLANT ULTRAWATER SOLUTIONS & SERVICES PVT LTD. Manufactures of softeners, Drinking Water (RO) plants and sewage Treatment Plants. #1-24-124/5, Sri Sai Nagar, Lothukunta, Alwal, Sec -15. Tel:9550636334 / 9393153393. URL: UNIVERSAL CHEMICALS Softners, Minerial Water, R.O.Plants, Sand & Carbon Filters. #25-13/1/2, Flat-G3, Kousalya Residency, Talla Basti, East Anand Bagh, Malkagiri, Hyd-47. Tel: 65264118 /

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"Those working in IT parks and hubs in the vicinity," says Farid. As a result, investors get regular rental returns.He also sees a lot of demand from the retail and business segment since HRBR Layout houses malls, restaurants, shopping complexes and cinema halls. "Premium developers such as Aashrithaa Estate, Mantri Dwellings, Dreamz Infra India and DLF have launched several projects in the area. But Gopalakrishnan says" demand exceeds supply in the ratio of 80:20". Stage III of this layout still faces problems of lack of development and implementation of the schemes by the BDA, while other Stages have grown well. Therefore, a word of caution, do check out the area where the project you are considering is located, to maximize the returns on your investment.

HRBR Layout sees 113% increase in rental values Are you looking for a property investment that ensures high rental yields? Try the HRBR Layout. Magicbricks. com data shows that there has been an average increase of 113 per cent in rental values in the Jan-March 2013 quarter. So, what makes HRBR Layout in demand? There are many location advantages. It is in north Bangalore and has easy access to the airport and the Outer Ring Road (ORR). In addition, says Farid Ahmed,Owner,Farid Consultants,"All the growth in this area happened in the last couple of years. As it is the last development within the ORR, after this any new locality will come up beyond the ORR". This location gives it the inherent advantage of connectivity. Says Jaiwanth Gopalakrishnan, MD, Mainstay Group,

"HRBR is well connected to the airport and its surrounding areas. It is 30 km from the airport, 910 km from the MG Road. It is situated between Baghmane Tech Park, ITPL and the Manyata Tech Park, just 4 km away. It is also well connected to other established IT locations such as Whitefield and the Old Madras Road." In addition, HRBR is also a well-planned BDA layout with a mix of greenery, open space and housing. As a result there is robust rental demand. Rental values range from Rs 200-300 per sq ft per month, whereas capital prices for multi-storey apartments are between Rs 6,0008000 per sq ft."This is 15-20 per cent rise over the last quarter(Oct-Dec 2012),"says Gopalakrishnan. Who drives the demand? C

BENGALURU ALUMINIUM Alluintex #29/3, Byrappa Garden, Jalahalli Post, Jalahalli Bglr -13. Tel: - 9886550555.

BRICKS Cement & Sri Balaji Bricks #16/A, 80 Feet Road, B.S.K. 6th Stage, 11th Block, Kengeri, Bangalore -560060. Tel: - 9972438552.

CABLES, ELECTRICALS Bangalore Powers No. 3, 2nd Floor, Manju Building, Near Abhinaya Theater, B.V.K.Iyengar Road, Bangalore - 560053. Tel: 9880310997.

CEMENT DEALERS & MANUFACTURERS Teraco Marketing Consortium No. 2/4, hanumaiah reddy road, Ulsoor, Bglr - 560008. Tel: 9880832043, 65639788.

CERAMICS & SANITATION Bangalore Ceramics No. 48, 49, 50, 1st Main New Timber Yard Layout, Mysore Road, Bangalore -560026. Tel: 9845828670.

CONSTRUCTION CHEMICALS Chowgule Chemical Industries Ltd #2, 2nd Floor, Unity Building, Opp. LIC Building, Tower Block, Mission Road, Bangalore -560002. Tel: 9901146854.

DOORS & WINDOWS >> WOODEN >> FIBRE Aalfa Window Systems No. 9, Main Road, Behind Mobentick Hotel, HMR Layout Gokula, Bangalore - 54. Tel: 9341774161.















Advantage Chairs 23 Lang Ford Road, First Floor, Near Bangalore Institute of College, shanthi nagar, Bangalore -560027. Tel: 9880466940.

Yashas Engineering No. 19 & 20,Shantha Complex, Lady Curzon Road, Shivaji Nagar, Bangalore - 01. Tel: 9880090930.

GLASS A.D. Associates #16/17, Ramakrishna Nagar, 100 Feet Road Nagar, Bangalore -560078. Tel: 9986954131.


GRANITES, MARBLES Aditya Stones #17, Magadi Road, 2nd Main Road, Ranganathapura, Basaveshwara Nagar, Bglr-79. Tel: 9343718044. Ajay Marble No. 10, Anjanapura Post, Near Hanunam Temple, Ajjanahalli, Bangalore -562130. Tel: 9901823884, 8088224908.


PLYWOOD, TIMBERS AAman Plywood & Furnitures Shop #No. 244, Jeddah Complex , Main Road Devarajeevana Halli, Bangalore -560045. Tel: 080 - 25465697, 9448017191.

PRE-FAB STRUCTURE TEXSHADE PREFABS Pvt. Ltd. No. 1, survey 61/1, Opp. NSP Electronics, Avalahalli, Virgo Nagar Post, Banglore -560049. Tel: 09739995565, 08028472606.

PUMPS Gears & Gear Drives No. 585 9th A Main, 1st Stage, Indira Nagar, Bangalore -560038. Tel: 080 - 25214271, 25281306.

Tejas Play #519, 100 Feet Road Ring, 5th Block, Jaya Nagar, Bangalore -560011. Tel: 080 - 26597627.



C.R. Revanna Gurusiddappa #79, O.K. Road, Rajipet, Bangalore City H.O, Bangalore -560002. Tel: 9243122987.



Balaji Traders #1, KVN Complex, I.C. Palya Main Road, Akshaya Nagar, Bangalore City H.O, Bglr -16. Tel: 9341261989.

MATERIAL SUPPLY Teraco Marketing Consortium No. 76, A Narayanapura Main Road, Near KR Puram Railway Station, Duravani Nagar, Banglore-560016. Tel: 65639788, 9880832043. Anurag Enterprises No. 82, near shaneshwara temple, Vastu Layout, Kudlu Village, Hosur Road, Bangalore - 560068. Tel: 9845296668.


Promocamp Services India Pvt. Ltd 45-1, 5th cross, sri gandhada kavalu, industrial estate, hunumantha nagara, Sunkadakatti, Banglore: 560091. Tel: 9845075647.

Elements Kitchens Solutions Pvt. Ltd. No. 241, K.R. Road, Shastri Nagar, Beside Sarada Indian Oil Petrol Bunk, Banashankari 2nd Stage, Bangalore -560070. Tel: 9900269592, 26763031.



Rahul Enterprises #89/1, J.C. Road , Opp. SKC Complex, Next To SBH Bank, Bglr -02. Tel: 9740875554.

L.P.V. Paint Specialities Pvt. Ltd. Phase-1, 3rd Main,Peenya S.I., Near FFI Garments, Bglr -58. Tel: 9448483603.

Srinidhi Tarpaulins #48/1, Sri MMS Arcade, Near Hotel Mayuri, J.C. Road, Bglr-02. Tel: 9448080671.

PIPES & FITTINGS AI Pipe Bending Works Gangondahalli Main Road, Opp. Govt Kannada School, Rajarajeswari Nagar,Bglr-39.Tel: 9902265261

Eshwar Infratech Pvt. Ltd. No. 86/2, Nafab Compound, Thubarohalli, Varthur Main Road Varthur, Bangalore -560066. Tel: 9535346464, 080 - 28525538.

SOLAR SYSTEM Solarizer - Reddy Solar Energy #2, Sri Sesha Sai, 6th Main, 1st Block Ramamurthy Nagar, Bangalore -560016. Tel: 9886999633.

TARPAULIN M.R. Enterprises Spurthi Kalakendra Building, Near Johnson School, Sangollirayanna Road, Bomannahalli, Mangammana Palya, Bangalore -560068. Tel: 9731457540.

WATER HEATERS, WATER TREATMENT PLANT G.L. Technologies #19, 2nd Floor, 1st Main, 2nd Stage, Opp.Vijaya Bank, West off Cord Road, Rajaji Nagar, Bangalore -560086. Tel: 9379945369.

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May 2013 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 55

GVMC merger move takes a political twist The merger of Anakapalle, Bhimili and 74 other villages into the Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC) has taken a political turn with the two ministers from the district, P Balaraju and Ganta Srinivasa Rao, expressing different opinions and Union minister Daggubati-Purandeswari and city Congress president and Visakha North MLA Tainala Vijayakumar raising objections to the merger.The difference of opinion over the merger between Balaraju and Ganta has resulted in a deadlock that has been continuing for the past six months. Balaraju is pushing for the development of the 32 existing peripheral C





areas that were merged,along with the Gajuwaka municipality, into the GVMC in 2005. And Ganta is of the opinion that the merger is essential for the development of the Port City.If the proposal, which was mooted in 2010, becomes a reality, GVMC limits would go up by 240 sq km from the existing 543 sq km. The population, which now is around 20 lakh, would increase by 2 lakh.The GVMC authorities and the officials of the departments concerned have prepared a detailed report on Friday on the merger, its benefits, negative aspects and future development of the city. The report proposes merging the two municipalities of Anakapalle R








ALUMINIUM Aluminium Corner #27-32-13/1, 75 Feet Road, Vizag-530001. Tel: 9885169694

BRICKS Balaji Hydro Lifting & Hardware #27-32-98, 75 Feet Road, Opp. Madhuva Residency Hotel, Vizag -530001. Tel: 9440147162.

CABLES, ELECTRICALS Hyderabad Agencies #49-25-1/2, Madhura Nagar, Near Municipal School, Visakhapatnam -16. Tel: 9885250600, 9885036660.

CEMENT DEALERS & MANUFACTURERS Collooru Brothers #28-14-15A, Suryabagh, Beside Rajkamal Theatre, Visakhapatnam - 20. Tel: 9848114602, 0891 - 2561784

CERAMICS & SANITATION Sky Plast Surface Coatings #50-81-22/1, Main Road, Behind Central Bank, Seethammapeta Bazar, Vizag-16. Tel: 9848194594.

CONSTRUCTION CHEMICALS Hindustan Construction Chemical & Allied Products #47 Block E, Extension Autonagar, Opp. N.M.D.C. Ltd. Gajuwaka, Vizag-20. Tel:9848111680,0891 - 2514243.

FABRICATIONS, GATE/GRILLS, ROLLING SHUTTERS Sri Krishna Modern Grills NH-5, Maddilapalem, Near Automotive Company, Vizag -530013. Tel: 9346689269

FLOOR CARPETS Sai Deep Floor Decors #10-50-47, Waltair Main Road, Near CDR Hospital, Ram Nagar, Vizag-02. Tel: 9848120108.

FURNITURE Crm Enterprise D No 47-9-4, Punnami Complex, 3rd Lane, Dwaraka Nagar, Vizag -16. Tel: 9848170069.

GLASS Om Glass N Ply Industries Pvt. Ltd. D No. 50-92-35/3, Shantipuram, Near Vertex Interiors, Shankar Matam Main Road, Vizag -530016. Tel: 9440610051, 9440610052.


MATERIAL SUPPLY Rdc Concrete (I) Pvt. Ltd. #Plot No.98C, D-Block, Opp. Gajuvaka RTO Office, Auto nagar, Vizag -530012. Tel: 9989855249.

MODULAR KITCHENS CEC Projects Inc. No. 48-16-7/15, Flat No 503, Asilametta Juction, Sri Sai Paradise, Sri Nagar, Vizag -16. Tel: 9246422899.

PAINTS Ali Hardware & Paint Stores #26/24-30, Velampeta, Near Head Post Office, Visakhapatnam -530001. Tel: 9440996478.

PIPES & FITTINGS Perfect Tube Centre Pvt. Ltd. 28-13-5/2, Suryabagh, Vizag -20. Tel: 9030724021.

PLYWOOD, TIMBERS N C L Inds Ltd. #50-48-13, P&T Colony, Sithamma Dhara, Visakhapatnam -530013. Tel:- 0891 - 2543533

Marine Electronics & Navigation Systems Pvt. Ltd. #25-12-7/1, ground floor, Sri Dhanalakshmi Arcade, Godavari Street, Vizag -530001. Tel: 9848689328.



Phoenix Power Products #44/38/12/23, Akkayypalem, Near 80 Feet Road, Vizag -530016. Tel: 9848027047, 0891 - 2747225.

Kailash Hardware Corpn #27-32-47, 75 Feet Road, Near Dolphin Hotel, Vizag - 530001. Tel: 9848198486, 2569079.

DOORS & WINDOWS Alpine Doors & Plywood 49-24-30/1, Ramakrishna Nagar, Dwarakanagar, Visakhapatnam -530016. Tel: 9849819191.

and Bhimili, besides another 74 villages in five outskirt mandals of the greater city such as Anakapalle, Kasimkota, Pendurthi, Parawada and Anandapuram, according to sources.The government had reportedly asked for the detailed report of the merger areas a couple of days ago and the authorities had sent it. Now, the report is with the chief minister.The city is growing on a fast pace and it should be developed on par with other metros or cosmopolitan cities. The merger announcement would come in a couple of months before the local bodies' elections, which are to take place in the month of July. If another merger takes place, all the outskirt areas would not see any development.

IRON & STEEL Beekay Steel Industries Ltd. Plot No. 19-21, 24-26, E Block, Near Auto Nagar, Vizag -530012. Tel: 9989588025.

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56 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 2013 May

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