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Coffee Table Deliveries REALTYTALKS @ COFFEE TABLE - Purchasing Properties over a cup of coffee A series of property expos are organized at different corporate offices, MNCs, Central/ State PSUs, Social clubs, Coffee bars etc. This is a one to one connect programme where the builders directly explain about their projects to each employee sitting across a coffee table. Coffee Table Rates*

VENUE Campus with Less than 500 Campus with 500 1000 work force Campus with 1000 3000 work force Campus with 3000 5000 work force Campus with more than 5000 work force @ Social Clubs

RATES PER SESSION 8,000 10,000 12,000 15,000 20,000 12,000

Service Tax @ 12.36% extra. Note: Only those entities who have registered in “MEGA PROPERTY & HOME STYLE EXPO” by paying 50% of the stall cost are eligible to participate in “Realty Talks @ Coffee Table”. Please go through the Property event summary for stall costs and deliveries. DELIVERIES Logistics, Furniture & Instruments: 1. Cross Bar Stand with 2 ½ diameter glass top 2. Three chairs with each table According to the space provided by the venue owners the number of such above described sets of item 1 & 2 may be arrived at and arranged. The minimum number of such sets that shall be arranged shall not be less than 8 numbers and not more than 16 numbers. Note: There shall be no other furniture or any kind of instrument that shall be allowed and placed at the venue other than the above mentioned item number 1 & 2. The coffee preparation and serving cups shall be used as required. Feel & Look: “Realty Talks @ Coffee Table” shall have the most professional look and feel that shall match the corporate policy. The exhibitors shall present the property proposals at the coffee table in a formal appearance. Each table shall display a small uniform name plate of that particular company of the exhibitor. Note: There shall be no display any kind of Banner, Poster, Standees or any kind of publicity appearance in the space provided by the company for the coffee tables except the display of the event title. Refreshments & Food: The exhibitors shall provide a cup of coffee in adherence to this concept and some cookies to their visitors at the coffee table on their own cost. The availability of coffee and cookies shall be subjected to discussion and finalization as per the venue owner's policies of refreshments and cafeteria operations. Manpower: Each coffee table shall have a representative of the exhibiting company presenting their proposals and 2 3 persons to assist the event as required. The event shall also have the required minimum number of people to serve coffee, subject to the food and refreshments and food clause of this proposal. VENUES Due to security reasons we shall not be in a position to disclose the names of the corporate venues, where this event will be organised. However for your kind appreciation, the typical venue chosen will have around 500 workforce or more. The list of venues shall be provided one day in advance to the exhibitor providing the place for organizing the event.

Coffee Table Deliveries  

Realty Talks at Coffee Table and its Deliveries.